Moving to a new home is an exciting adventure. However, safely packing an entire household of stuff is quite the buzzkill. It can feel overwhelming and chaotic to find all the right moving supplies, sort through what to keep or toss, organize and wrap everything, and pack and label all those boxes. Packing can just seem like too much – especially when you’re trying to manage all your other moving chores.

To ease the difficulty of packing, we’ve developed this comprehensive packing guide full of helpful tips and pointers that will make your packing experience more efficient and far less intimidating. We’ve organized it by the room in your house so you can easily reference the guide at any stage of your packing progress. Equipped with the knowledge of how to pack for moving, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of your moving adventure.

General Packing Tips

How to Pack a Kitchen

How to Pack a Living Room

How to Pack a Closet

How to Pack a Bedroom

How to Pack a Bathroom

How to Pack an Office