Unless you’re a minimalist, the list of your bathroom toiletries is probably varied and long. Packing all these items can be somewhat daunting unless you know how. Get ready to gather the suggested supplies and follow the helpful steps – packing your toiletries will be a cinch.

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Moving Supplies You’ll Need to Pack Your Toiletries

  • Small and medium moving boxes (find info on choosing moving boxes here)
  • Quart and gallon-size zip-top baggies
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent black marker

Steps for Packing Toiletries for a Move

1. Set up your packing station and prepare your moving boxes

Find a convenient workspace and gather your packing supplies. Working with one box at a time, be sure to seal the bottom seam securely and place crumpled packing paper inside the bottom of the box.

2. Set aside essentials

Throughout your move, you’ll need your usual daily products like shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, soap, hairbrush, toilet paper, clean towels, prescription medications, and so forth. Set them aside in an ‘essentials’ box that will stay with you during the move. You may want to add a first-aid kit, allergy, and painkiller meds too. Clearly label the box, ‘essentials,’ ‘DO NOT SHIP.’

3. Purge your toiletries

A move provides an excellent opportunity to clean out your toiletries. Throw away expired or damaged products. After tossing unusable products in the trash, recycle any glass and plastic bottles. Do not pack aerosols such as deodorants and hairsprays, flammables like nail polish and remover, and items containing alcohol like mouthwash and astringents. Most moving companies will not transport these items. Either take them with you or give them to friends, along with other useful things you don’t want.

4. Sort items

After you’ve decided what you’ll purge and what you’ll keep, categorize everything for packing. Separate liquids like shampoos and lotions; dry products like powders, cotton swabs, and pads; small appliances; medicines; dental products; shaving products, and so on.

5. Pack!

Once categorized, you can pack items accordingly.

  • Dry products: Place dry items in zip-top bags or wrap them individually in packing paper.
  • Liquids: For liquids, like your lotions, unscrew the lid, then place a piece of plastic wrap over the opening, and screw the lid back on. Place these bottles upright in zip-top baggies. Double-check to make sure the caps and lids are secure. Because most liquids are heavy and will be pricey to ship, you may prefer to donate them, then replace them after your move. Place the baggies with liquids right side up in the moving box.
  • Electronics: Pack small electronics separately from liquids. Wrap each electronic in packing paper, label, and place in a cushioned moving box. If a cord is removable, make sure you pack it with the item. You can pad your electronics with rolls of toilet paper and filled baggies of dry toiletries.

6. Seal and label the box

Seal the box with packing tape and label both the contents and the destination room for each box, for example, ‘Toiletries – Kids’ Bathroom.’

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