In addition to their convenience, lamps add character and warmth to a room. You may have lamps in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as those with shades – those do pose a packing problem, don’t they? Follow these easy lamp packing tips, so you won’t be left in the dark when you arrive at your new home.

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Moving Supplies You’ll Need to Pack Your Lamps

  • Medium, large, and tall moving boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent black marker

Steps for Packing Lamps for a Move

1. Count how many lamps you’ll be packing

Knowing how many lamps you’re packing will help you figure out the number and size of packing boxes you’ll need. Use large boxes to accommodate lampshades, and consider buying special boxes to accommodate tall lamps.

2. Set up your packing station

Gather your supplies and place a stack of packing paper on a table.

3. Disassemble each lamp

Unscrew the lampshade, remove the bulb, harp, and any other removable parts. Wind the cord and secure it with a twisty tie or rubberband.

4. Wrap the lamp base

Place the base on its side at the corner of a stack of packing paper or bubble wrap. Pull several layers of paper up around it as you gently roll the base away from you. Tape the paper securely with packing tape.

For large glass or ceramic lamps, you’ll overlap several layers of packing paper. Set the lamp base in the middle of the overlapping sheets of packing paper. Then, pull the paper up and around the lamp. Again, you’ll use packing tape to secure the paper.

Wrap floor lamps in their standing position. Starting at the base, use several layers of packing paper and tape the paper as you wrap the lamp, working your way to the top. If the lamp is especially valuable, you can make a box to protect it.

5. Pack wrapped lamps in moving boxes

Prepare a box by taping the bottom seam securely; use several layers of tape for boxes that will hold heavier lamps. Layer crumpled packing paper in the bottom of the box. Unless an individual base is hefty, you can pack several lamps per box. Be sure to allow at least two inches of space between lamps and pack that area with crushed packing paper. Wrap the lamp’s harp and bulb in packing paper and add these to the box.

6. Pack the lampshades

Nest lampshades together in a large box. Make sure your hands are clean, so the shades don’t get soiled. Place the largest shade upside down in the box. Place a layer of packing paper over the shade and nestle smaller shades into the larger shade, separating each shade with packing paper.

7. Tape the boxes closed with packing tape and label

Label the contents ‘lamps’ and the destination room. Also, write ‘fragile’ in large lettering on all sides and the top of the box.

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