Most of us count on a quality mattress for a good night’s sleep. Taking care of your mattress and box spring during a move is as crucial to its health as a good night’s sleep is to yours. No doubt, mattresses are floppy and unwieldy, and they can be a challenge to pick up, pack, and carry. If you’d like professional help moving your mattress and box springs, get immediate free quotes from Great Guys Moving. We’ll connect you with top-rated moving companies who are experts at packing and moving mattresses and box springs.

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Moving Supplies You’ll Need to Pack Your Mattress and Box Spring

  • Mattress bag or box
  • Box spring bag or box
  • Long webbed moving straps (optional)
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent black marker

Steps for Packing Your Mattress and Box Spring for a Move

1. Find someone to assist

Mattresses are unwieldy and cumbersome. Plan to have someone help you move it off the bed frame and pack it.

Note that regular mattresses and box springs can be carried and transported on their sides. The methods of packing and moving a foam mattress are controversial. Some experts recommend that a foam mattress remain flat during transport, and others say it can sit on its side for up to about two weeks before the foam layers start shifting. Contact your foam mattress manufacturer for their packing and moving recommendations.

2. Remove all linens and bedding, including the mattress cover

Start by stripping the mattress of any linens. You’ll pack your bedding separately. See How to Pack Pillows and Bedding in the previous section.

3. Remove the mattress from the bed frame and wrap it in a mattress bag

Always place your mattress in a mattress bag or box to protect it from damage, dirt, and pests.

Seal the bag or box securely with packing tape. Mattress boxes are especially beneficial if you’re worried the mattress bag may get ripped or torn.

If you’re moving more than one mattress and box spring, be sure to label the bag or box with its room destination.

4. Remove the box springs from the bedframe and wrap in a mattress bag

Next, place your box spring, or two box springs in the case of king size beds, in a mattress bag or box to keep it clean and protected. Seal the bag or box securely with packing tape.

5. Tip for carrying mattress and box springs

Most mattresses don’t have carry handles. And once the mattress or box spring is covered with a plastic bag or box, how can you move such a big unwieldy thing? Some people stand the mattress on its side and then push or slide it across rooms and through doorways. Although this seems like the easiest way to move such a bulky item, it can cause the bag to rip, resulting in dirt and damage to the side of your mattress.

One solution is to use a long moving strap that you wrap underneath the mattress. A person at each end will use one hand to lift the strap holding the bulk of the weight while the other hand is used to balance the mattress on the strap.

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