Packing up most things in your home can be time-consuming, but the methods are pretty straightforward. You pack books in book boxes, pack clothes in wardrobe boxes, and wrap your furniture in blankets. But, moving a flat-screen TV can be a bit more complicated. These electronic devices are not only cumbersome but are also extremely susceptible to damage if not packed properly. However, with a little planning and some helpful tips, you can pack your television like a pro.

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Moving Supplies You’ll Need to Pack Your Television

  • TV moving box kit or the original TV box
  • A soft blanket or other padding
  • Tool kit
  • Zip-top plastic baggies
  • Movers’ wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent black marker

Steps for Packing Your TV for a Move

1. Take photos

Before you do anything else, take photos. If the television is mounted to the wall, you’ll want to see how to repeat the process. And you’ll want to know how the various cables connect devices to the TV. Photos will be invaluable in jogging your memory when you go to remount the TV and reconnect everything.

2. Unplug cables and accessories

One at a time, unplug each accessory, like your  DVD player, video game console, or Roku. Wrap each cord with a twisty tie, then place the bundle in a zip-top baggie. Label the baggie with the name of the accessory (i.e., ‘AUX cord DVD Player’). Place the baggie on the device and secure using movers’ wrap. Wrap the entire bundle in a few sheets of packing paper. Label the paper package with the name of the accessory, for example, ‘DVD Player.’

3. If applicable, remove the TV from its wall mount

Many people mount their flat screens to the wall. Get help with this step, as it can be unsafe to do this by yourself. Lay a clean moving blanket on the floor.

  • If the TV slides onto the mount: Lift it off the mount and carefully place it right side up on the blanket.
  • If the TV screws into the mount: Have one person hold the TV while the other removes the screws from the wall or mount. Gently lower the television to the blanket. Place the screws in a zip-top baggie and label them. Tape the bag of mounting screws to the back of the mounting device, so you don’t lose them.

4. Box it up

Your boxing strategy will depend on what box you decide to use for packing:

The original box:

If you have the TV’s original box, use it. Hopefully, you kept the manufacturer’s padding, which will provide the best protection for your television.

TV moving box kit:

If packing it in a TV moving box kit, follow the kit steps and use the moving kit’s protective cover for the screen.

Regular box:

If you’re using a large moving box, carefully wrap the moving blanket around your TV, secure the blanket with packing tape or movers’ wrap, and gently place it upright in the box.

No matter how you pack your television, always keep your TV upright to avoid damaging the screen.

5. Seal and label the box

Seal the box with packing tape and label it with ‘TV’ and the destination room such as ‘Family Room,’ ‘Living Room,’ or ‘Master Bedroom.’ Be sure to also clearly label the box as “FRAGILE” and draw arrows pointing up, so movers know to be extra careful and to keep the television upright.

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