Probably one of your most-used kitchen essentials, silverware requires careful packing. Fork tines can poke and scratch other items if not properly wrapped, and knives – well – knives are in a category by themselves when it comes to causing damage. Your everyday flatware is quite simple to pack, but if you’re packing sterling silverware, you definitely need to give it an extra dose of TLC. Pack sterling in its dedicated box or in silver cloths. All cutlery (sterling or not) is heavy, so it’s best to pack it in a small box. Keep reading for easy step-by-step instructions on packing your silverware for moving.

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Moving Supplies You’ll Need to Pack Your Silverware

  • Small moving box
  • Silverware tray
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent black marker

Steps for Packing Silverware for a Move

1. Clear a counter or table and prepare the box

Create a clean, cleared-off space to pack and gather all of your supplies. Seal the bottom of a small box with packing tape and line the inside bottom with crushed packing paper.

2. Be sure your silverware is clean and dry

Check the dishwasher and drying rack to make sure you have your entire set. If any silverware is wet, carefully dry each piece before packing it.

3. Gather all pieces in categories

Start with your everyday flatware. Stack all your forks together and wrap them tightly with packing paper. Place the forks back in the silverware tray. Do this with each category of cutlery: salad forks, teaspoons, soup spoons, butter knives, knives, and so forth. If you are packing sterling silver pieces, these should never be stacked and wrapped. Instead, place these pieces individually in the dedicated sterling silver box or the separate pouches of a sterling cloth.

4. Place crushed paper in the open spaces

Prevent the rolled packs of silverware from moving and shifting by packing tightly around them with crumpled paper.

5. Wrap the silverware tray

Place the silverware tray on the stack of packing paper and wrap several layers of paper around it. Use packing tape to secure the packing paper. Alternatively, you can wrap several layers of movers’ plastic wrap around the silverware tray to secure the contents.

6. Place the wrapped silverware tray in the moving box

Set the tray face up in the box. Don’t put it in on its side or face down.

7. Separately wrap larger pieces

Some pieces, such as serving spoons and cake servers, will be too large to fit in the silverware tray. Wrap them individually and place them on top of the serving tray.

8. Fill any gaps

Use crushed paper to fill any empty spaces.

9. Close and seal the box

Tape the box closed and label the contents: ‘Kitchen: Silverware.’

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