From an espresso machine to the statement Kitchen Aid stand mixer, you likely have more than a few small appliances in your kitchen. Find out the best way to protect and pack these potentially fragile appliances during your move with these step-by-step packing tips.

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Moving Supplies You’ll Need to Pack Your Kitchen Aid Mixer and Other Small Appliances

  • Sturdy, medium-size packing boxes (or the original appliance boxes)
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent black marker

Steps for Packing Your Kitchen Aid Mixer and Other Small Appliances

1. Gather all your small appliances

Be sure you have the appropriate cords and detachable parts for each appliance. These pieces include beaters for hand mixers, blades for food processors, and such. Check your drying rack and dishwasher for any missing parts.

2. Make sure each appliance is thoroughly dry

Before wrapping, make sure each appliance and its parts are completely dry.

3. Pack in the original box

If you have the original appliance boxes, use those first. Wrap the cord prong so it won’t scratch the appliance. Insert the appliance and its parts into the original box and fill any empty spaces with crumpled packing paper. Seal the box with packing tape. Then insert this box into another larger moving box with other small appliances.

4. Prepare the moving box

Tape the bottom seam of the moving box closed. Fortify the seam with a second layer of tape – remember, appliances can get heavy. Cushion the inside bottom of the box with crumpled packing paper.

5. Prep electric cords and prongs

Fold the electric cord of each appliance and secure it with a twisty tie. Wrap the prongs with some packing paper and tape the paper to ensure the prongs don’t scratch anything. If a cord is removable, wrap it with paper and label it, so you’ll know which appliance it belongs to.

6. Remove major detachable parts

Remove parts, then wrap each one separately with packing paper and label the item. For example, remove trays from the toaster oven, the carousel dish from the microwave, bowls from the stand mixer, the carafe from the coffee maker, and so on. Fill the cavity of glass items, such as a carafe, with crushed packing paper to provide additional support.

7. Wrap each appliance in several layers of packing paper

Tape the paper, so it stays closed and protects the appliance. Label the package so you’ll be able to access it quickly after your move.

8. Place each appliance upright in the moving box

Leave about two inches between each appliance and fill the air space with crushed packing paper. Cover the tops of the appliances with plenty of crumpled packing paper before you close the box.

9. Seal and label the box

Tape the box closed and label the contents, ‘Kitchen,’ along with the specific appliances in the box such as ‘coffee maker’ or ‘toaster oven.’ If you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll definitely want to be able to find your coffee maker immediately after you move.

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