Neckties can range from everyday standard issue to very expensive silk designer editions. Most people have a selection of both, which you can pack one of several ways. Hanging, rolling, folding, and packing in tie cases are all viable options to prevent ties from becoming damaged, tangled, or creased during the move. It’s up to you how you’d like to pack your ties, but your choice may depend on how you currently store them.

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Moving Supplies You’ll Need to Pack Your Ties

  • Small or medium size moving box
  • Tie case (optional)
  • Pieces of cardboard the same size as your moving box
  • Utility knife
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent black marker

Steps for Packing Your Ties for a Move

1. Set up your tie staging area and gather your packing supplies

Your bed is an ideal place to stage your ties and organize them for packing. Gather your moving supplies at one end of the bed.

2. Purge

You probably have favorite ties that you wear more than others. And you have some special occasion ties. But it’s time to donate the ones you never use or toss the ones decorated with spaghetti sauce and wine stains. Now that you know which ties you’ll be packing, and how many, choose one of the packing options below.

3. Choose a packing option

  • The hanging option: If you store your ties on a rack that hangs on your closet pole, simply hang this rack on the metal rod in a wardrobe box with other clothing.
  • The rolling option: Some people prefer to keep their ties rolled for storage. If that’s you, fold each tie in half, leaving about three inches of the wide end longer than the narrow end. Starting at the fold, with the skinny side of the tie facing up, begin rolling. Place the rolled tie on its edge in a small box. Keeping the rolls together will prevent them from unraveling.
  • The folding option: Slide the narrow end through the loop on the back of the tie. Pull through and line up the tips of the wide end and small end together. The necktie is now essentially folded in half. Take the narrow end and slide it through the self-loop again. Line the bottom of a small moving box with packing paper. Lay the tie flat in the moving box. Once all of your ties are in the moving box, cover them with a layer of packing paper and seal the box closed.
  • A tie case option: One of the easiest ways to pack and move your ties is to use a tie case. A case will completely protect your ties, and it makes them super easy to pack. Just place the filled tie case on top of some folded clothes in a moving box, and that’s it. Investing in a tie case for moving is worthwhile because you can also use it to protect ties when traveling.

4. Seal up the box and label it

Seal the box closed with packing tape, then use your permanent black marker to label the box with the contents and the destination room.

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