We love jewelry because it’s beautiful, but we also appreciate it for its sentimental value. Professional moving companies highly recommend that you keep valuable jewelry with you throughout your move – do not put it on the moving van. While packing, tuck your fine jewelry away in a secure box or bag along with cash, important documents, passports, and such. Take that bag or box with you in your car or on the plane when you move.

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Moving Supplies You’ll Need to Pack Your Jewelry

  • Jewelry boxes and rolls
  • Tissue paper
  • Scotch tape
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Small moving boxes
  • Permanent black marker

Steps for Packing Your Jewelry for a Move

1. Set up a packing station

Clear off a table or dresser and gather your moving supplies. Jewelry has many tiny parts, so you’ll want to work on a space where you have plenty of room to see all the small pieces.

2. Layout all of the jewelry that you’ll be packing

Remember, don’t include your valuable jewelry in boxes that will go on the moving van. Gather stray pieces from the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and other rooms and lay everything out on the packing station.

3. Purge

If you only have a solo earring or a necklace with a broken clasp, now is the time to set aside pieces for repair or donation. Don’t throw jewelry in the trash. Some artists love to recycle jewelry into crafts and repurposed pieces, so be sure to donate unwanted pieces to a charity or place an ad online.

4. Box or wrap each piece

  • If you can, place all loose jewelry in jewelry boxes, cases, or fabric jewelry rolls. Pack tissue around pieces in your jewelry box so they won’t shift.
  • Don’t have jewelry box? Try keeping your rings, earrings, and other small jewelry items organized in a pill box.
  • If you have too many pieces to fit in boxes and rolls, wrap each piece with tissue paper. Lay the item at one end of a piece of tissue and roll the paper. After several rolls, add another item and continue rolling until you get to the end of the paper.
  • It may be tempting to put chains in a pretty jewelry pouch or even in zip-top baggies, but chains quickly become tangled, so wrapping in tissue is your best bet for keeping jewelry untangled.

5. Wrap jewelry boxes and rolls

Wrap your jewelry boxes and jewelry rolls individually in several layers of packing paper and tape securely closed. Label the package.

6. Prepare a small moving box

Tape the bottom seam securely with packing tape. Fill the inside bottom of the box with crumpled packing paper. Place the wrapped jewelry boxes and rolls in a moving box and place crumpled packing paper around and on the top of the jewelry packages.

7. Seal the moving box and label it

Seal the moving box closed with packing tape. Use your permanent black marker to label the box, ‘jewelry,’ and write the destination room on the box, so the movers or your helpers will know where to deliver the box.

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