From baseball caps to beanies and bowlers to berets, you probably have a variety of hats to think about packing. Here’s how to pack your hats so they’ll arrive at your new home ready for new adventures.

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Moving Supplies You’ll Need to Pack Your Hats

Steps for Packing Your Hats for a Move

1. Set up your packing station

Your bed makes an ideal packing station. Collect your moving supplies and place them at one end of the bed.

2. Gather up all of your hats

Scan through your closets, your entry hall, and even the backyard patio or garage and gather your hats.

3. Purge and categorize hats by the size of the brim

Sort through your stack and weed out beat-up, stained hats that have seen better days or hats that you never wear. Put unusable hats in the trash and donate the rest. Once you’ve sorted all the hats that you want to pack, categorize them by the size of the brim. Set aside those that have original hat boxes.

4. Pack hats in the original hat boxes

If you’re a hat aficionado, you’ve probably saved your hat boxes. Often, they’re almost as special as the hats that come in them. Place your hat upside down in the box and cushion it with crumpled tissue paper. Place the hatbox on crushed paper in a moving box. Fill the sides and top with crushed paper. Then, seal the box and label it.

5. Pack everyday hats without the original hatbox

Select about six hats with the same size brim. Separate each hat with tissue paper as you nest them together upside down on a layer of crumpled paper in a moving box. Fill the remainder of the box with crumpled paper. Use the same method to pack large brimmed hats in large moving boxes. For baseball caps, stack six at a time without separating with tissue paper; wrap the entire stack with packing paper. Ski caps, beanies, and knitted caps don’t need special attention. You can use them instead of crumpled paper to fill space in the box.

6. Packing fine hats without a hatbox

If you need to pack some quality hats but don’t have the original hat boxes, be sure to give each one some extra packing care. Prepare a moving box as in step 5 above. Fill the inside of the crown with crushed tissue paper. Wrap the entire hat in a few layers of tissue paper and pack the hat by itself in the moving box. Fill spaces around the hat with crumpled tissue paper. Seal the box and label it.

7. Seal and label the box

Close the box and secure it with packing tape. Label the box ‘Hats,’ or the kind of hat, i.e. ‘Baseball Caps,’ and the destination room.

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