Kitchens are full of lurking dangers, and when it comes to packing, knives are among the most dangerous items to wrap and pack. If packed incorrectly, knives could cut through other items during transport, or their blades could get bent and ruined. Additionally, it’s crucial to properly pack and label your knives to protect you and your helpers from getting sliced or stabbed when unpacking. Here’s what you need to know to pack your kitchen knives for an upcoming move.

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Moving Supplies You’ll Need to Pack Your Knives

  • Small boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent black marker

Steps for Packing Knives for a Move

1. Establish an area to pack

Clear a counter or work on your dining table, so you have a clean, uncluttered space for sorting, wrapping, and packing your knives.

2. Prepare the box

Tape the box closed along the bottom seam. Fortify it with a second layer of tape. Cushion the inside bottom of the box with crumpled packing paper.

3. Pack knives in a cutlery block

You can keep a set of knives in their cutlery block. Wrap a sheet of packing paper over the top of the handles and down the sides of the block. Tape around the paper to secure it in place. This paper will keep the knives from moving or falling out of the block. Then, place the block on several layers of overlapping packing paper. Roll the block, pulling the paper as you roll to cover the block completely. Run a band of packing tape vertically and horizontally around the block to additionally secure.

4. Group individual knives by size

If you aren’t using a cutlery block, you’ll need to pack your knives individually. If your knives have sheaths, insert the knife into the sheath. Then, group the knives by their size. Place all of your steak knives in one pile, paring knives in another, and so forth.

5. Wrap the knives

Place a stack of packing paper on the counter or table. Roll the first knife in two layers of paper. After a few rolls, add another knife, making sure the blade is in the alternate direction to the first blade. Fold the outside edges of the paper over the knives as you roll. Continue rolling one or two more knives. Seal the bundle with tape.

6. Wrap the knife bundle in a second sheet of packing paper

Roll the entire first bundle in another layer of packing paper for extra protection. Label the bundle ‘knives,’ so those who help you unpack will know to be extra careful as they unwrap the paper. Continue the process until you have wrapped all of your knives.

7. Place the bundles in your prepared moving box

Layer the bundles in the box. Place a layer of crushed packing paper on top of the bundles.

8. Seal and label the box

Tape the box closed and label the contents, ‘Kitchen: Knives,’ and in large lettering ‘Sharp.’

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