Moving to Everett

Welcome to the charismatic city of Everett, Washington--a hidden gem nestled along the west coast full of picturesque landscapes, vibrant culture, and endless opportunities. Our comprehensive relocation guide takes you on a thrilling expedition through Everett's dynamic neighborhoods, its industry-leading job market, and its avenue of endless adventures. It's more than just a move; it's your journey towards embracing a distinctive lifestyle. So, pack up your curiosity and let's begin our journey into the heart of Everett to uncover what makes it a splendid city to call home.

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What to Know Before Moving to Everett

1. Say hello to the great outdoors!

If you're moving to Everett, WA, you'd better be prepared for a wild adventure. Nestled on the shores of Puget Sound with the Cascade Mountain Range marking the skyline, this city is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. Whether you are into kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, or just a simple picnic amidst nature, Everett has got you covered.

2. Aircraft Geeks, buckle up!

Everett is home to the largest building in the world by volume - the Boeing Assembly Plant. Now, how cool is that! Tours are available to the public for an insider peek into the process of plane crafting. And if the size of Boeing doesn't wow you enough, maybe its illustrious residents like the 747, 777, and 787 Dreamliners will.

3. Seaside Serenity with a City Vibe

With its unique blend of a bustling cityscape and tranquil waterfront, Everett provides the best of both worlds. Enjoy a fun-packed day in town and then retreat to the peaceful seashore for a picturesque sunset. If you're looking for a city that caters to both your fast-paced lifestyle and your tranquil retreat needs, Everett is the place to be.

4. Art and Culture Abound

Everett might seem like all sea and sky, but it's also got a hearty dash of culture added into the mix. With a plethora of local art galleries, theaters, and the popular Schack Art Center, Everett caters to every art lover's palette. It even has a dedicated Arts District filled with galleries, street art, and studios; all set to kindle the artist in you.

5. A Hidden Military History

Everett is home to the largest public marina on the west coast of the United States. But did you know it also houses a hidden gem? The USS Turner Joy, a decommissioned Navy destroyer docked nearby, and open for tours. It's a fascinating way to soak in some naval history, making a move to Everett a worthwhile venture for history buffs.

6. Funko, your favourite Pop Culture experience

Here comes a genuine surprise! Everett hosts the headquarters of Funko - the brand behind those adorable pop culture collectibles known as "Pop!" figures. The flagship store downtown is more than just a store - it's an immersive pop culture experience. Walk around life-sized "Pop!" figures, see recreations of iconic movie scenes, and of course, shop for that perfect addition to your collection, or start a new one!

So there you have it, a glimpse into Everett, Washington. While this list may have sparked your interest, it certainly does not capture the all-encompassing charm of this city. Everett offers a blend of vibrant city life, outdoorsy camaraderie and a sprinkle of offbeat fun -- making it a captivating place to call home. From the boisterous to the serene, from the contemporary to the historic, Everett has a knack for leaving an indelible impression that will make your move nothing short of 'Pop!ping' fun.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Everett

Pros of Living in Everett

Close Proximity to major cities

Everett is conveniently located near several larger cities, like Seattle and Vancouver, allowing residents easy access to a larger metropolis while also offering a more laid-back lifestyle. This puts a wider selection of career opportunities, entertainment options, and diverse cultural experiences within a reasonable driving distance.

Beautiful Natural Scenery

With stunning views of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains, as well as proximity to the Puget Sound, Everett offers an abundance of natural beauty. Outdoor activities are abundant, with opportunities for hiking, fishing, and boating plentiful in and around the city.

Lower Cost of Living Compared to Nearby Cities

While still offering many of the same amenities and advantages as larger, more expensive cities nearby, Everett typically has a lower cost of living. This can make it a more affordable alternative for those who want the benefits of city living without the typically accompanying high costs.

Diverse Recreational Opportunities

From the city's thriving arts scene, replete with galleries, theaters, and festivals, to its abundance of parks and waterfront activities, Everett offers a broad array of recreational opportunities. There's truly something for everyone's interests and hobbies.

Vibrant Community

Living in Everett usually means being part of a generous and inclusive community. The city is known for its community-focused events such as the annual Salty Sea Days Festival and the Everett Farmers Market, creating a warm and welcoming environment.

Cons of Living in Everett

Traffic and Commute Times

With its close proximity to Seattle comes the challenge of traffic, particularly during peak rush hours. Commute times can be lengthy for those traveling to and from larger surrounding cities, and the infrastructure occasionally struggle to keep pace with the city's growth.

Crime Rates

While crime rates vary depending on the specific area of Everett, the city's rate is generally above the national average. Safety can be a concern in some parts of the city, creating a need for vigilance and awareness.

Lack of Nightlife

Compared to larger metropolitan areas, Everett's nightlife offerings can be somewhat limited. While there are several local bars, breweries, and restaurants, those seeking a more vibrant and diverse nightlife might find the selection lacking.

Weather Can Be Dreary

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Everett shares the region's reputation for long, rainy winters. This can be a disadvantage for those who prefer a lot of sunshine or a more varied seasonal climate.

Air Traffic Noise

Everett is home to the Paine Field, and significant air traffic can result in regular noise. This might be a con for those seeking a quieter living environment, and something to consider when choosing where in the City to live.

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Is Everett a Good Place to Live?

Everett, WA is a great place to live because it has a plethora of outdoor activities, excellent schools, and a robust job market in aerospace and technology. This city is a mix of small-town charm and big city amenities, with a vibrant art scene, delicious cuisine, and friendly neighborhoods. Plus, the scenic views of the Cascades and the Puget Sound are simply stunning!

What Is Everett Famous For?


Boeing\'s Largest Manufacturing Site

In the heart of Everett, you\'ll find the biggest building by volume in the world - Boeing\'s enormous assembly plant! This factory is the birthplace of Boeing\'s jumbo jets, including the famous 747, 767, 777, and the 787 Dreamliner. Tourists often drop by at the Future of Flight Aviation Center to take a fascinating tour around this manufacturing magic.

Amazing Outdoor Activities

Everett is renowned for its wide range of outdoor activities available throughout the year! From hiking and biking in the nearby Cascade and Olympic Mountains, sailing on the Puget Sound or simply taking a lovely stroll in the city\'s broad green parks, outdoor lovers are spoilt for choice. The city\'s marina, the largest on the West Coast, operates daily to meet all your sailing needs.

Funky Frog Statue

Having fun is \'ribbiting\' in Everera, thanks to its well-loved symbol, a lucky frog statue affectionately known as \'Froggy\'. Froggy is situated at the Visitor Information Center, grinning and waving to passersby. The city folk believe touching Froggy\'s head brings good luck, making it a must-visit spot!

Everett Silvertips Hockey Team

The city is fanatically passionate about its local men\'s ice hockey team, the Everett Silvertips, who have quite a reputation in the Western Hockey League. The games take place at the Angel of the Winds Arena, and they are a thrilling and incredibly charged experience. Don\'t miss a chance to watch a game and cheer along the devoted fans!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

For residents in Everett, WA, as of 2023, the average effective property tax rate is approximately 0.93%. This is somewhat lower than the average national property tax rate of around 1.07%.

Sales Tax

The combined sales tax rate for Everett, WA, in 2023 is about 9.8%. This includes both state and local sales taxes, and is higher than the average sales tax rate across the US, which is approximately 7.12%.

Income Tax

In Washington State, including Everett, there is no state-level income tax as of 2023. This contrasts with the majority of states in the US, which do levy a state income tax in addition to federal income tax.

Housing Market

The Everett, WA housing market presents a unique proposition for both buyers and renters. Median home values in Everett rest at around $446,600, comparing favorably to the national median of $277,700. Renters in Everett face a median rent of approximately $1,769, slightly higher than the national median of $1,650. Everett offers less expensive housing options than the neighboring Seattle area, providing an attractive alternative for individuals and families. However, home values have been increasing, signifying a potentially rewarding investment for home buyers considering a purchase in this area.

Cost of Living

Living in Everett, WA typically presents a more economical cost of living compared to larger cities like Seattle or Bellevue. However, it's slightly higher than the national average. Housing is the most significant factor in this difference. Despite this, utility costs are lower in Everett, providing some balance. Healthcare, groceries, and transport costs are roughly on par with national averages. As such, Everett offers a realistic option for those seeking a balanced cost of living without conceding the lifestyle and opportunities offered by Washington State.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Located in western Washington State, Everett experiences a temperate oceanic climate characterized by cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The city's average annual precipitation is approximately 35 inches, largely concentrated in the late fall and winter months. Everett's long hours of daylight in the summer make it very pleasant, with temperatures ranging from mid-50s to high 70s (Fahrenheit). Winter temperatures typically range from the mid 30s to the mid 40s. The city is relatively insulated from extreme natural disasters; however, it's not immune to occasional seismic activities. Everett is in an area prone to earthquakes due to its proximity to several tectonic fault lines. Additionally, the city could experience poor air quality because of regional wildfires, although this is sporadic and dependent on the state's fire season severity. Despite these, Everett remains a charming city with a climate highly conducive to outdoor activities.

Typical weather in Everett, WA

Economy & Job Market

Aerospace and Defense

Healthcare and Social Assistance

Education Services

Professional and Technical Services

Retail Trade

Taking a walk through the intriguing economic streets of Everett, Washington, you can't help but notice it's adorned with grand industries that offer the promise of an engraving of your name on the golden list of success. Historically, Everett was home to several lumber and shingle mills, thanks to the abundance of timber in the region. Fast forward to the times of today, this picturesque city has diversified impeccably. Currently, the city has its chest puffed out in the awe of the huge Aerospace and Defense industry, largely because of Boeing's assembly plant in the city, spurring dreams in everyone that sets foot in this city. Alongside this giant, industries such as Healthcare and Social Assistance,Education Services, Professional Services, and Retail trade also make the city shimmer with economic prowess, offering a lucrative charm for everyone.

Now, if you've set your sails towards moving to Everett, WA, buckle up to be thrilled! With an unemployment rate lower than the national average, the city screams employment opportunities at every corner. You might want to consider setting your job hunting radar primarily towards the Aerospace and Defense sector or the Healthcare sector. These two industries alone employ a significant portion of Everett's workforce and continue to grow. Tack onto that the thriving Education Services and Retail trade sectors, and you have a veritable smorgasbord of employment opportunities. In a nutshell, embrace yourself for a compelling journey accompanied by enchanting sunsets over Possession Sound and promising mornings in the career market of Everett!

Traffic and Transportation

Are you curious about traffic and transportation in Everett, WA? Well, buckle up! On average, commuters in Everett enjoy a breezy ride time of around 29 minutes. If you're on the road between 6:30-8:30 AM or 4:30-7 PM, be prepared to join the "peak hour" traffic party!

Not a fan of driving? No problem! Everett has a rich public transportation network. Everett Transit runs convenient buses, including the trusty Route 7, perfect for downtown explorations. You can also catch the Sounder Commuter Train or Swift Blue Line for longer distance adventures!

For those of you with a taste for altitude, Everett can satisfy your sky-high needs. The city is home to the bustling Paine Field, also known as Snohomish County Airport, which offers commercial flights to a bouquet of U.S destinations. So, from ground to sky, Everett keeps you moving!

What is the traffic like in Everett, WA?

Best Neighborhoods in Everett

1. Lowell

Fondly known for its rich history and natural beauty, Lowell is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Everett. The vibrant place is known for its colorful cityscape that blends contemporary architecture with charming historic homes. If you're the outdoorsy type, you will adore its abundant parks and trails. Lowell Riverfront Park, with its stunning river views and an abundance of wildlife, is a favorite among locals. You'll fit right in if you love community-focused living, as this neighborhood also hosts several events throughout the year, including Lowell Days, a family-friendly celebration of the area's history.

2. Historic North Everett

No rundown of Everett's best neighborhoods would be complete without mentioning Historic North Everett. Known for its eye-catching Victorian-era homes, families have thrived in this neighborhood for generations. Here, community spirit is strong with frequent block parties and the annual Historic Everett Home Tour. For those who love a touch of the past alongside the conveniences of modern living, Historic North Everett offers the perfect mix with its quaint streets and cafes, alongside top-rated schools and a swift commute to downtown Everett.

3. Silver Lake

If you're after tranquil suburban living, meet Silver Lake! This neighborhood, named after the picturesque lake it surrounds, offers a serene, family-friendly environment. The centerpiece, Silver Lake Park, is perfect for sunny picnics, leisurely boat rides, and even a refreshing swim. This relaxing lakeside community also offers a great selection of shopping and dining venues, ranging from cozy coffee shops to lively nightspots. Best of all, it's just a quick drive from Everett's bustling city center if ever you miss the city vibes.

4. Port Gardner

Port Gardner is the beating heart of Everett, combining the vibrancy of downtown city life with the comfort of a close-knit neighborhood. A stroll through Port Gardner may lead you to discover local boutiques, art galleries, or hidden gourmet gems among its walkable, tree-lined streets. Here, the spectacular views of the Puget Sound just add to the splendid urban living experience. On weekends, locals love to visit the Everett Farmers Market or enjoy an open-air concert at Boxcar Park - leisurely experiences that make this the ultimate neighborhood for the urban dweller cum nature lover.

5. Boulevard Bluffs

Imagine calling a neighborhood home where breathtaking sea views greet you every day! Boulevard Bluffs is such a place. This coastal, upscale Everett neighborhood runs along the bluff overlooking the sweeping views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. The neighborhood character is defined by expansively planned homes, lush greenery, and quiet, winding lanes. The unparalleled access to scenic beauty adds that dash of tranquility to the everyday urban life, making Boulevard Bluffs the epitome of Pacific Northwest Living.

These five neighborhoods each offer their own unique charms and character, making Everett a diverse city that caters to various preferences and lifestyles. If you're considering a move to Everett, this rundown should give you a feel for what to expect from its different areas. Happy house hunting, and welcome to the charm that is Everett!

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Things to Do

Welcome to dazzling Everett, the largest city in Snohomish County, Washington! Nestled in the heart of the Puget Sound, you'll discover a blend of natural wonders and urban delights that'll have you wondering why you didn't move sooner. But don't be overwhelmed by the prospects of things to do. We've curated a charming list of seven top things to do in Everett for the wandering newcomer. So lace up those adventure boots, and let's embark on a journey to uncover the gems of your new city!

1. Savor the Sight at Jetty Island

If you're a nature enthusiast or a beach lover, you'll fall in love with Jetty Island. This man-made island provides a fantastic view of the surroundings and houses over 45 species of birds. Pack a picnic, soak up the sun and enjoy a game of frisbee while the sea breeze plays with your hair. You can also indulge in kiteboarding if you're up for some adventure.

2. Explore the Historic Everett Theatre

Built in 1901, the Historic Everett Theatre resonates with the enchanting charm of its old-timey architecture. The theatre regularly hosts vibrant performances including plays, concerts, and film festivals. Get your dose of culture, history, and entertainment all under one fabulously ornate roof!

3. Visit the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum

A treasure trove for history buffs, this museum boasts an impressive collection of World War II aircraft and military vehicles. Thrill as you get up close to fully operational war machines, restored to their former glory. Not many people get to witness these warbirds in flight, making the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum a must-visit.

4. Embark on a Tour of the Boeing Factory

Earn some serious cool points by bragging about your tour of the world's largest building by volume! Home to the Boeing Everett Factory, you'll discover how airplanes are made and watch the future of aviation unfold before your eyes.

5. Wine and Dine at Bluewater Organic Distilling

Experience the best of local flavors at the Bluewater Organic Distilling, a hidden gem in the Port of Everett Marina. Sip on award-winning gin and vodka, carefully crafted using sustainable practices. Their inviting bar & kitchen offers thoughtfully paired food and beverage menus that will make your taste buds sing.

6. Catch a Game at the Angel of the Winds Arena

Everett is home to the Silvertips, a major junior ice hockey team in the Western Hockey League. Catching a game at the Angel of the Winds Arena is an immersive local experience that is thrilling and unforgettable.

7. Traverse the Secret Art Alley

In the heart of downtown Everett, shrouded in a bit of mystery, lies an alley like none other. The Secret Art Alley, originally an urban art project, now serves as a rotating canvas featuring the work of local artists. Step into this other-worldly space and let your thoughts wander free.

In conclusion, Everett is much more than just a taste of the Pacific Northwest. It's a city brimming with spirit, thriving arts, and deep-rooted tradition. From natural havens to urban hotspots, Everett offers something for everyone. So grab your adventure spirit and get ready to discover the best of the Evergreen City!

Things to do in Everett, WA?

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