Moving to South Jordan

Welcome to South Jordan, UT, a treasure box of serenity and magnificence nestled in the heart of Utah. Moving here is not just a change of address, but a leap into an extraordinary lifestyle. Our South Jordan Relocation Guide is your key to unlock this vibrant suburb's secrets - from its awe-striking landscapes and unparalleled outdoor activities, to its thriving business scene and family-first culture. Let's take you further down the rabbit hole into your enchanting soon-to-be home, and who knows, you just might find your wonderland in South Jordan.

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What to Know Before Moving to South Jordan

1. The Sense of Community is Strong Here

South Jordan, affectionately known as 'SoJo' by the locals, is a city that firmly believes in fostering a sense of community. Various festivals feted throughout the year celebrate this bond. Some of the most widely known ones are Summerfest and Country Fest where you can witness Utah's rich culture, music, and food. So if you plan on moving to South Jordan, be prepared to immerse yourself headlong into an active, friendly, and welcoming neighborhood.

2. There's an Incredible Outdoor Recreation Scene

One of the best things about South Jordan is arguably its outdoor offerings. The city is littered with hundreds of acres of parks and natural spaces. A particular standout is the Oquirrh Lake, which is a whopping 67-acres of glistening water, ideal for canoeing or paddleboarding. South Jordan is also enveloped by the stunning landscape of Utah, making it just a stone's throw away from numerous hiking trails and campsites. If you're an outdoor enthusiast, get ready to unpack your hiking boots!

3. The South Jordan Lifestyle May Just Add Years to Your Life

South Jordan ranks as one of the healthiest cities in the U.S. With numerous fitness centers, wellness clinics, and a food landscape that accommodates the health-conscious -- SoJo is all about embracing and fostering a quality lifestyle. Moreover, Utah ranks as one of the happiest states in the country. A blend of low stress, a strong sense of community, and plenty of opportunities for physical activity might just be the perfect recipe for a long and content life!

4. A Hidden Art Haven

Here's something you may not know -- South Jordan is a secret haven for art enthusiasts. The SoJo Summerfest is not just about feasting and music, it also sets the stage for a highly anticipated art show, featuring local and regional artists. For the chocolate lovers, there's even an annual event called The Art of Chocolate, where chocolatiers showcase their skills combined with an art exhibit. All you aesthetes considering the move, this city's for you!

5. Gig Speed Internet is the Norm

One of the unique things about South Jordan is that the entire city is serviced by UTOPIA Fiber, offering gig speed internet to all homes and businesses. So whether you're a remote worker in need of fast internet, a gamer, or simply someone who binge-watches Netflix -- SoJo's got you covered!

6. Extraterrestrial Landscapes Hoax!

Now here's something fun and mostly unknown. Ever laid eyes on those stunning extraterrestrial landscapes on your favorite sci-fi movies and wondered where they were shot? Well, some of those alien scenes might have been shot here, in South Jordan's barren lands -- or so goes a local urban legend. While these stories have been widely debunked, they do add a unique, albeit fun, charm to this delightful city. Just something amusing to tell your friends at the next trivia night!

So there you have it! South Jordan, with its strong sense of community, awesome outdoors, healthy lifestyle, secret art haven, gig speed internet, and amusing legends, is indeed a delightful place to call home. Yes, moving to a new city can be daunting, but knowing what to expect can make the transition smoother. From what it looks like, SoJo seems to blend charisma and charm with modern amenities, offering an inviting package that's hard to resist. Happy moving!

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Pros and Cons of Living in South Jordan

Pros of Living in South Jordan

Access to Outdoor Recreation

South Jordan offers residents a bounty of natural beauty and outdoor recreational activities. From hiking and biking on the Jordan River Parkway to boating at Oquirrh Lake, there's always something to do outside. The city's location nestled against the Oquirrh Mountains also provides stunning scenery and numerous hiking trails for stunning views.

Strong Sense of Community

In South Jordan, there's a constant sense of community. The city regularly organizes local events like the Summerfest, farmers markets, and holiday celebrations, encouraging residents to connect with each other. South Jordan also has numerous neighborhood communities, further fostering a strong sense of belonging.


South Jordan is known to be a safe city, with crime rates significantly lower than national averages. Residents frequently report feeling safe and secure, thanks to an involved community and a committed police department. This makes the city an ideal place for families and individuals looking for a peaceful environment.

Excellent School System

South Jordan boasts an excellent school system. The Jordan School District operates the public schools and has a reputation for providing high-quality education to its students. For parents, the community offers reassurance knowing that their children have access to great educational resources.

Booming Economy

South Jordan has a strong local economy with a low unemployment rate. The city has been attracting more businesses, leading to an increase in job opportunities across various sectors. It's home to the headquarters of many notable companies, offering residents various job prospects.

Cons of Living in South Jordan

Cost of Living

One significant drawback of living in South Jordan is the relatively high cost of living. Expenses for things like housing, groceries, and healthcare tend to be above national averages. Prospective residents should factor this into their decision-making process when considering a move to the city.

Limited Public Transportation

Public transportation within South Jordan is somewhat limited. Residents usually rely on private vehicles for their commutes. For people who prefer or require public transportation, the limited options might be a drawback.

Smog and Air Quality

The air quality in South Jordan is a concern, especially in the winter months when the "inversion" phenomenon can trap smog and pollutants in the valley. This can impact the health of residents, particularly those with respiratory issues.

Limited Nightlife

South Jordan is a predominantly family-oriented city, which means that it doesn't offer much in terms of nightlife. For those who enjoy a robust night scene with a wide array of bars, clubs, and late-night entertainment, the city might leave a bit to be desired.

Urban Sprawl

As South Jordan continues to grow, many residents have expressed concern about urban sprawl. Increasing development can lead to longer commutes, traffic congestion, and the potential loss of open spaces. This rapid growth and expansion could be a con for those who prefer a more small-town atmosphere.

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Is South Jordan a Good Place to Live?

South Jordan, UT is a great place to live because of its beautiful scenery, safe neighborhoods, and excellent school system. With countless recreational activities, from standalone parks to a massive outdoor shopping center, there's never a lack of things to do. Plus, the tight-knit community and friendly residents make it ideal for both families and single professionals!

What Is South Jordan Famous For?

Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple

South Jordan plays host to the sacred and beautifully designed Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple. Known as one of the largest Latter-Day Saints temples, it offers a serene atmosphere and breathtaking views of the Salt Lake Valley, making it a must-visit religious site for the locals and tourists alike.

The Living Planet Aquarium

Home to Utah's only aquarium, South Jordan boasts of a variety of marine and freshwater species in The Living Planet Aquarium. With interactive exhibits to engage kids and a plethora of aquatic creatures, it adds a touch of the underwater world to the city's landlocked location.

Salt Lake County Equestrian Park and Event Center

For those seeking an adventure, South Jordan houses the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park and Event Center. The sprawling park offers a wonderful mix of rodeos, horse races, entertainment shows, and community events, immersing visitors in a dramatic and exciting world of cowboy culture.

Daybreak Community

The city is also famous for the award-winning Daybreak community, a highly planned residential community known for its distinct architecture, beautiful parks, and a man-made lake. This eco-friendly neighborhood promotes a multi-generational and diverse living environment that is hard to find elsewhere.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in South Jordan, UT is typically around 1.07% of the property's assessed fair market value. This rate is lower compared to the national average property tax rate, which is about 1.2%.

Sales Tax

In 2023, the total sales tax rate in South Jordan, UT is approximately 7.25%. This is slightly above the average combined sales tax of about 7.12% in the United States.

Income Tax

The income tax in South Jordan, UT is a flat state tax rate of 4.95% as of 2023. This is roughly similar to the average state income tax across the US (around 4.6%), though each US state has different state income tax laws and regulations.

Housing Market

In South Jordan, UT, the housing market is strikingly competitive. The median home value is around $508,500, significantly higher compared to the US median of $287,148. About 82% of residents own their homes, so potential home buyers might face fierce competition. The average rent in South Jordan stands at approximately $1,659 per month, in contrast to the national average of $1,062. While the area's housing market is robust, an overall cost of living 27% higher than the national average should be factored into your decision-making process.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in South Jordan, UT is relatively higher than the national average in the United States. Expenses like housing, transportation, and healthcare contribute significantly to this disparity. Compared to cities like Salt Lake City, UT, and Albuquerque, NM, living in South Jordan is more expensive. However, the quality of life, infrastructure, amenities, and safety in this city justify the living cost.

Weather & Natural Disasters

South Jordan, UT, located in the Salt Lake Valley, presents a semi-arid climate highlighted by cool winters and hot, dry summers. This region experiences annual temperatures ranging from around 22degF in the frosty months to approximately 94degF during summer. Precipitation is sparse, as South Jordan only receives about 15 inches annually. The city witnesses its peak rainfall during spring, while the mid-summer heat often invites thunderstorms. Snowfall is most common in winter and early spring, giving the city an average of 38 inches per year. In terms of natural disasters, South Jordan lies within an earthquake-prone area linked to the Wasatch Fault; thus, seismic activities and related hazards are potential threats. Moreover, high wind events can occasionally occur, giving rise to damaging gusts. Overall, the city's climate reflects a classic continental pattern interspersed with unique regional elements.

Typical weather in South Jordan, UT

Economy & Job Market

* Information Technology and Services

* Health Care and Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Accommodation and Food Services

* Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

South Jordan, UT is a city with a rich historical background and a vibrant economy that's set to gallop into the future with its digital spurs jingling. Back in the day, the city thrived on farming and mining but, you know what they say, time changes things! Nowadays, South Jordan's main economic drivers are a blend of tech, health care, retail, food services, and professional services. From Silicon Slopes startups to bustling health care facilities, South Jordan is brimming with diverse opportunities.

Lookin' to saddle up and ride into the job market of South Jordan? Well, hold on to your cowboy hats folks! First up, the city boasts a delightfully low unemployment rate of 2.9% -- that's lower than the national average, y'all! The biggest industries offering the best job prospects include IT, healthcare, and retail. However, if you fancy the vibes of a bustling cafe or the thrill of solving complex business problems, fret not! The food services and professional services sectors are also growing, ready to welcome you with open arms. It's also worth mentioning, that South Jordan is located in the heart of Silicon Slopes, which means tech jobs are as plentiful as tumbleweeds in a western flick!

Traffic and Transportation

Living in South Jordan, UT is a breeze, especially when it comes to zipping down the road! The average commute time clocks in at loves-to-sleep-in-friendly 24 minutes, quicker than the national average! But don't worry if driving doesn't tickle your fancy, the Utah Transit Authority provides reliable public transportation options, including buses, light rail, and commuter trains. For those feeling a tad more adventurous and international, the Salt Lake City International Airport is just a short drive away providing an gateway to anywhere your heart desires. So buckle up, grab your ticket, or pack your suitcase, South Jordan, UT has transportation covered with its swift commute times, efficient public transit, and convenient access to air travel. Isn't it just route-iful?

What is the traffic like in South Jordan, UT?

Best Neighborhoods in South Jordan

1. Daybreak

Daybreak is all about community living. If you love the idea of a cohesive neighborhood where block parties and summer concerts are commonplace, Daybreak might just be your dream come true. The neighborhood is incredibly walkable, replete with meandering trails, lakes, docks, and even a faux beach for residents to enjoy. Kids and teens will love their easy access to the schools in the area, and adults can enjoy the variety of shops and restaurants nearby without ever having to battle city traffic.

2. Sunstone Village

Sunstone Village delivers on that quintessential suburban American dream with a unique South Jordan twist. A newer development, it offers beautifully designed homes and a palette of lifestyle amenities that are sure to satisfy outdoor lovers and social butterflies alike. Here, you can find parks, playgrounds, sports courts, and beautifully landscaped trails for biking or jogging. It's the perfect place for families and anyone else who loves a friendly, welcoming environment.

3. Riverfront

Coveted for its scenic beauty and tranquil community vibe, Riverfront is a neighborhood beloved by locals. Home to a number of parks, including the popular Bingham Creek Regional Park, this region is a lap of nature that's still within the city's reach. School-aged children have easy access to quality education in surrounding schools, and residents can enjoy quick and hassle-free commutes to the city's business districts. All in all, Riverfront promises a harmonious balance between city and suburban life.

4. Elk Run

The community of Elk Run is all about tranquillity and convenience. Nestled away from the city's hustle and bustle, Elk Run residents enjoy the calm and quiet of their gated community but still have easy access to major highways, making daily commutes or weekend adventures a breeze. With a notably lower crime rate, plus access to an array of top-rated schools nearby, it's the perfect space for families with children or retirees looking for peace and safety.

5. Oquirrh Park

In Oquirrh Park, life is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace. As one of South Jordan's most established neighborhoods, its wide, tree-lined streets and expansive yards give it an almost nostalgic vibe. The Oquirrh Lake is the heart of the neighborhood, inviting everyone to fish, canoe, or simply admire its serene beauty. With close proximity to the city's shopping, dining, and recreational facilities as well as schools, you don't have to sacrifice convenience for a laid-back lifestyle in Oquirrh Park.

So there you have it! Five of the best neighborhoods South Jordan has to offer. Whichever one you choose, you are certain to be charmed by the friendliness of the community, the beauty of your surroundings, and the wealth of amenities that come with living in this fabulous city. Here's to new adventures and feeling right at home in South Jordan!

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Things to Do

South Jordan, Utah is a charming city that offers an assortment of activities for new residents to explore. Nestled in the Salt Lake Valley, this town boasts a medley of natural beauty, thrilling adventures, heritage experiences, and laid-back leisure spots. Here's a list of the top seven things you should check out when you move to South Jordan.

1. Trek the Jordan River Parkway Trail

Kick-start your adventure with a thrilling venture into Mother Nature's bosom on the extensive Jordan River Parkway Trail. Spanning over 40 miles from Utah Lake in North Provo, through Salt Lake City, and ending at the Great Salt Lake, this trail offers you unlimited biking, hiking, and jogging opportunities amidst picturesque landscapes.

2. Experience History at Gale Center of History and Culture

Delve into the rich heritage of South Jordan at the Gale Center. The center prides itself in conserving and exhibiting the fascinating agricultural, pioneer, and Native American history of the South Jordan area. It will give you the unique chance to familiarize yourself with the city's origins, narrated through an array of engaging exhibits.

3. Visit the South Jordan Farmers Market

For a unique immersion in local culture and to indulge in a delightful culinary journey, visit the South Jordan Farmers Market. Treat yourself to the freshest local produce, delicious homemade delights, and unique local crafts. A trip to this market guarantees a wholesome community experience.

4. Drive around Equestrian Park

Saddle up for a fun-filled ride at Equestrian Park. This expansive facility boasts stunning horse trails and arenas where you can enjoy equestrian events, or simply watch the beautiful creatures. You can also learn horseback riding if you're up for a challenge.

5. Unwind at the SoJo Summerfest

Experience the festive spirit of South Jordan at SoJo Summerfest. This annual event includes live concerts, fun carnival games, food stalls, a parade, and an epic firework display. It's the perfect occasion to mingle with locals, understand their culture, and create unforgettable memories.

6. Dabble in Disc Golf at Mulligans

An often overlooked but thoroughly enjoyable affair, disc golf at Mulligans is one of South Jordan's hidden gems. This is not your traditional golfing, but a flying disc sport that combines the best elements of golf and frisbee into an exciting game perfect for family and friends. Mulligans offers an enchanting 9-hole course set amidst beautiful landscapes.

7. Marvel at the Migratory Bird Haven in East Riverfront Park

Another lesser-known gem is the East Riverfront Park. It provides a home to various species of migratory birds, becoming a haven for bird lovers and enthusiasts. Walking trails and observation points allow you spectacular views. Pack a picnic, grab your binoculars, and get ready to lose yourself in feathery serendipity.

South Jordan, Utah brims with activities so diverse that you'll never run out of places to explore or thrilling adventures to embark on. Admire nature, stroll through history, join the town's merry festivities, or just relax amidst beauty - South Jordan never ceases to awe and inspire. So welcome to South Jordan, your splendid adventure awaits!

Things to do in South Jordan, UT?

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