Moving to Layton

Whisked away by the allure of the West? Cast your exploratory eye towards Layton, Utah - a city dressed in mountains, graced by a friendly community, and bubbling with opportunities. This comprehensive relocation guide is your trusted ally for planning your move to this diverse wellspring of culture and commerce. Get a taste of life in Layton, bask in its lively recreational scene, plug into its thriving economy, groove to its rich history, and navigate its real estate landscape, all while experiencing the warmest of welcomes. So, are you ready to move to Layton? Let's start this incredible journey together!

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What to Know Before Moving to Layton

1. Layton Is for Nature Lovers!

Do you feel most alive when surrounded by nature? If so, then moving to Layton, Utah, will fill your heart with joy. Located approximately 25 miles north of Salt Lake City, Layton is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Barricaded by the Wasatch Mountain Range to the east and the Great Salt Lake to the west, you have endless options to immerse yourself in hiking, mountain biking, bird-watching, and skiing. Welcome home to your new playground!

2. The City Is Bursting with History

Layton is not just about awe-inspiring natural surroundings; it's also a city rich in history. It boasts the Heritage Museum where you can delve into the city's history, culture and way of life. But here's the fun twist I bet you didn't know - Layton also has its own legendary sea monster, akin to Scotland's Loch Ness Monster, known as the Bear Lake Monster.

3. It's a Foodie's Heaven

If you are a food fanatic, then Layton is the place to be! From mouthwatering Mexican cuisine at Los Cucos Mexican Cafe to delectable BBQ dishes at Holy Smoke BBQ & Grill, Layton caters to every palate. If you fancy cooking for yourself, the local farmers' markets provide a bounty of fresh, locally grown produce that will inspire your culinary adventures!

4. The Secret Sunsets

Many cities boast beautiful sunsets, but have you ever watched the sunset over a salt lake? It's a sight to behold! One of the best kept secrets in Layton are the breathtaking sunsets over the Great Salt Lake. The colors that dance across the sky and are mirrored in the lake create an unparalleled sight. Get ready to up your Instagram game!

5. Family Friendly Community

Layton lays claim to some of the most striking scenery in Utah, but it's not just about the eye candy. Known for its safe neighborhoods and top-notch education system, Layton is the perfect place to raise a family. The city even hosts a variety of family-friendly events throughout the year, making it a vibrant community for both young and old.

6. The Love for Sports

This may be more well-known to Utahns, but for those moving from out of state, it's time to charge up your team spirit! Utahns love their sports, and Layton is no exception. While it doesn't have its own professional team, it is a short drive to catch the Utah Jazz (NBA) in action, or support the Real Salt Lake (MLS). If college sports are more your thing, the University of Utah and BYU never disappoint. Touchdown!

Moving to a new city always comes with its fair share of discovery, excitement, and a side of apprehension. However, when that city is Layton, Utah, you can leave most of your apprehensions behind. Armed with fantastic food, outdoor adventure, spectacular sunsets, family-friendly vibes, sports craze and even its own resident 'monster', Layton is a city that welcomes you with open arms and endless opportunities for fun!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Layton

Pros of Living in Layton

Being Close to Nature

Layton is nestled amidst the natural beauty of Utah, surrounded by mountains, rivers, and parks. This provides ample opportunities for enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing and camping.

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to other cities in the U.S., Layton has a more affordable cost of living. This makes it a great option for those looking to get more value for their dollar, including affordable housing, transportation, and groceries.

Amazing Ski Resorts

Being located in Utah, Layton has easy access to some of the best ski resorts in the world. In the winter, the snow-covered mountains nearby offer an excellent venue for skiing and snowboarding.

Safe Community

Layton is recognized as a safe city with a lower crime rate than the national average. This makes it a great place to raise a family.

Rich Cultural Experiences

Layton offers residents a vibrant cultural scene with a variety of museums, historic sites, music festivals, and performing arts venues. There are plenty of options for entertainment and learning for people of all ages.

Cons of Living in Layton

Heavy Winter Snowfall

While the snow-covered landscape in Layton can be stunning, the heavy snowfall can make commuting difficult during the winter months. This might pose a problem for residents who are not accustomed to driving in such weather conditions.

Smaller Airport

The nearest airport to Layton is the Ogden-Hinkley Airport, which is smaller and offers fewer direct flights than some might prefer. To access larger airports with more flight options, residents of Layton would need to drive to Salt Lake City.

February Inversion

Layton experiences a weather phenomenon known as inversion, most commonly in February, leading to trapped pollutants and poor air quality. This could pose potential health risks for those with respiratory issues and also limit outdoor activities.

Limited Nightlife

If you are a night owl who enjoys trendy clubs, unique bars and late-night entertainment, Layton might disappoint you as it doesn't offer much in terms of a vibrant nightlife. Most establishments tend to close early, making nighttime entertainment options rather limited.

Lack of Diversity

While Layton is growing and developing, it still lacks the cultural diversity found in larger cities. Some residents feel this leads to fewer opportunities to experience a variety of cuisines, festivals, and cultural events that represent different cultures.

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Is Layton a Good Place to Live?

Layton, UT is a great place to live because of its stunning mountain views, low crime rates, and friendly community vibe. The city also boasts of a high quality of education with renowned schools and is surrounded by a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities like hiking, skiing and fishing. Coupled with a moderate cost of living, Layton embraces the perfect blend of city life amenities and natural beauty.

What Is Layton Famous For?

Antelope Island State Park

Just a stone's throw from Layton, this stunning state park is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake. Famous for its breathtaking panoramic views, abundant wildlife (including free-roaming bison), and beautiful trails to hike, Antelope Island is a must-visit spot for every nature enthusiast!

Gourmet Food Scene

Who says small cities can't have big flavors? Layton is widely recognized for its wide array of irresistible cuisine, with a food scene that features everything from local mom'n'pop joints to sophisticated sushi parlors. Come for the delightful scenery, stay for the mouthwatering meals!

Hill Aerospace Museum

Hill Aerospace Museum is something of a hidden gem, located close to Layton, within the boundaries of Hill Air Force Base. Showcasing hundreds of aircraft, missiles, and fascinating military history exhibits, the museum excites and educates visitors about the world of aviation and its significance in human history.

Cherry Hill Water Park

Famous for its cool summertime fun, Cherry Hill Water Park offers refreshing excitement against the backdrop of Layton's sizzling summers. With thrilling waterslides, relaxing river floats, and mini golf, the park provides wholesome leisure activities for families and friends who are young at heart.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the average property tax rate in Layton, UT is approximately 0.6%. Compared to the national average, which sits at about 1.1%, residents of Layton have a property tax burden that is significantly lower.

Sales Tax

The sales tax in Layton, UT as of 2023 is around 7.85%, which is slightly higher compared to the national average of 7.12%. Thus, consumers purchasing goods or services in Layton would generally pay a little more in sales tax.

Income Tax

Residents of Layton, UT, as of 2023, are subject to Utah's state income tax rate of 4.95%. This rate is flat across all income levels, and is relatively low when compared to other states with income tax, offering a competitive taxation environment for individuals and businesses.

Housing Market

Layton, UT, while smaller than many US cities, presents a thriving housing market. Property values have steadily increased in recent years, with a median home price of approximately $345,600, higher than the national average, creating solid investment opportunities for buyers. However, it still holds affordability, particularly when contrasted with larger cities. Renters can expect an average monthly rent of around $1,275. Despite the upward trend, Layton offers a lower cost of living relative to many parts of the US, contributing to its appeal for both renters and buyers.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Layton, UT is relatively low compared to major cities in the U.S. Housing expenses here are significantly lower, contributing to its affordability. However, it's slightly higher than the average Utah cost of living. Despite this, compared to cities such as New York or San Francisco, it's considerably more affordable. This, combined with a commendable quality of residential life, makes Layton, UT an attractive option for many.

Weather & Natural Disasters

The city of Layton, Utah, experiences a semi-arid climate characterized by hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters, with seasonal high temperatures ranging from around 90degF in July to approximately 37degF in January. As a part of the larger Utah region, the city is susceptible to a variable weather pattern which can include severe thunderstorms, winds, and heavy snowfall depending on the time of year.

Naturally laid in the Great Basin Desert, Layton is not impervious to dust storms, especially in dry summer months. However, the most significant natural disaster risk in Layton is earthquakes, due to its positioning along the Wasatch Fault. Major earthquakes are infrequent, but the possibility prevails. Conversely, a rather unique climate aspect of Layton is the 'lake effect' storms, generated by the Great Salt Lake, creating locally heavy snowfall events during the winter.

Typical weather in Layton, UT

Economy & Job Market

* Aerospace and Defense Industry

* Healthcare

* Education

* Retail Trade

* Food Services

Layton, UT proudly embraces its rich past while charging full-speed ahead into the new-age economy. Historically, Layton's economy was primarily driven by farming and fruit production. Today, the scene has shifted to a more diversified economy. The city has attracted key players in the aerospace and defense industry, with Hill Air Force Base being the largest single-site employer. The healthcare industry also has a strong presence with a number of medical facilities providing numerous jobs. The city also benefits from being a regional hub for retail trade, education, and food services which contribute significantly to its economic stability.

Planning a move to Layton, UT? Well, you're in for a treat! Layton boasts an unemployment rate that's lower than the national average - job prospects are bursting at the seams! Aerospace and defense and healthcare are the big job creators here, so if you're in these fields, you're in luck. However, if you serve the public in retail or education, or if your talents lie in cooking up a storm, you'll find plenty of opportunity too. Layton's welcoming attitude and economic versatility make it a charming place to live, work, and play. So start packing, your dream job awaits you in Layton!

Traffic and Transportation

Hey there, Layton wanderers! Commuting here is way faster than national average. It only takes about 21 minutes to zip around. Isn't that super cool? If driving's not your style, no problem! The Utah Transit Authority got you covered - with buses and the FrontRunner commuter rail sweeping through the city. Your gas-guzzler can take a break! Need to go further? Hill Air Force Base is next door, but civilians aren't allowed. Instead, hit up Salt Lake City International Airport, just a mere jaunt down I-15. So, whether you drive, ride, or fly, Layton's got you all sorted in transportation department. Happy travels, folks!

What is the traffic like in Layton, UT?

Best Neighborhoods in Layton

1. Adams

Let's kick off with Adams, Layton's treasure trove of family-friendly vibes and communal personality. This neighborhood is all about outdoor recreation and family activities. With multiple parks and a sprawling golf course, the green spaces in Adams invite you to savour the tranquility. Just imagine mornings with birds chirping as the backdrop, high-fives with neighbors during evening jogs, or cozy nights out with family at local restaurants. Adams gives you the classic, nostalgia-tinged suburbia, just the right antidote for a fast-paced life. The warmth of this neighborhood is sure to charm your socks off!

2. Ellison Park

Ellison Park: quintessential American suburb mixed with some zest and spice! This neighborhood is named after the massive park that serves as the hub for its residents. From weekend farmers' markets to summer concerts, expect the park to always be abuzz with activity. The houses here are surrounded by mature trees, giving the area a lush, leafy cloak. If you like the idea of a tight-knit community with all modern conveniences within arm's stretch, Ellison Park is the place to set up your hammock.

3. King Clarion

Welcome to King Clarion, where tradition meets modernity. What distinguishes this neighborhood is its enchanting blend of architecturally significant homes with contemporary buildouts. The locals here are an eclectic mix too - established families, professionals, and creative souls. Stroll around the neighborhood, don't be surprised if you stumble upon an art pop-up, or a porch potluck. King Clarion is the kind of community you don't just live in but become a part of!

4. Swan Lakes

If you're a fan of quiet corners and natural beauty, Swan Lakes is worth checking out. Nestled against the mountain, it's Layton's piece of undisturbed haven. Punctuated by a beautiful lake and abundant greenery, the landscapes here can make any poet giddy. Wildlife spotting, hiking, boating, or just soaking in the picturesque canvas -- Swan Lakes has it all. It strikes the perfect balance with its tranquil spots and just enough urban comforts.

5. Vae View

Last, but not the least, welcome to Vae View -- a serene throwback to the good old days of communal living. This area is known for its friendly residents and old-world charm. Strikingly handsome homes, neat lawns and kids playing in the streets, Vae View has the air of a storybook neighborhood. It's safe, intimate, and perfect to raise a family. Plus, the top-rated schools here are a sweet bonus!

So there you have it, folks! Moving to Layton, UT would not be complete without experiencing these five neighborhoods. They're unique in their own right, holding whispers of history, notes of modern living, and an infectious friendliness that'll make your heart warm. It's not just the home you live in, but the community that makes all the difference, right?! And these neighborhoods in Layton are eager to welcome you with open arms. So step on the gas, move those boxes, and start your adventure in this beguiling city!

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Things to Do

Welcome to Layton, Utah. This growing city, nestled in the gorgeous mountainscape, offers an abundance of activities for all ages. Our local guide of seven top things to do in Layton will ensure your exploration is rich with memorable events, places, and experiences. So, let's dive in!

1. Exploring the Great Outdoors at Antelope Island State Park

If you call yourself a lover of nature, then Antelope Island State Park is one place you can't miss. Only a few minutes away from Layton, it offers not just mesmerizing views of the Great Salt Lake but also an unforgettable close encounter with wildlife like bison, mule deer, and of course, antelope. Don't forget your hiking boots or your camera!

2. Visit the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

Experience the magic of underwater life at the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium. This isn't just a watch-and-observe type of aquarium. SeaQuest lets you feed and interact with hundreds of species from rainforests, deserts and the depths of the seas. It's a breathtaking experience that takes learning and fun to a whole new level.

3. Time travel at the Heritage Museum of Layton

Immerse yourself in Layton's rich history at the Heritage Museum. From intricate pioneer artifacts to capturing the city's growth and changes, the museum presents an impressive collection. It's a great chance to appreciate the city from a historical perspective.

4. Hidden Treasure: Hobbs Reservoir

This spot might be unknown to many, but it's a gem for outdoor enthusiasts. Hobbs Reservoir is a peaceful retreat for those who love hiking, running, or just sitting by the water. The trail around the reservoir is perfect for a family outing or a quiet moment of solitude amidst nature.

5. Treat Your Taste Buds at Taste of India

If you're a foodie at heart, or even if you're not, a trip to the Taste of India restaurant is a must. This highly-rated local favorite promises an authentic taste of Indian Cuisine, with each plate oozing with exotic spices and flavor. It's culinary diversity at its finest.

6. Unwind at the S&S Bowling

No, it's not just for kids. Unleash your competitive spirit at S&S Bowling. With 32 lanes, a fun-filled arcade, billiard tables, and even a snack bar, it's an entertaining haven for people of all ages. Who knows, you might become the king or queen of strikes!

7. An Insider's Pick: Layton F.E.S.T

The final recommendation is a lesser-known town treasure: Layton F.E.S.T. - Farmers, Entertainment, Shopping & Trucks. Regularly taking place in Layton Commons Park during summer months, you get to mingle with locals while enjoying fresh farm produce, local crafts, food trucks, and live music. It's the perfect way to wrap up a summer evening.

Layton, UT is a vibrant city, rich with culture, diversity, and history. With compelling indoor and outdoor activities, great food, and hidden town gems, there's always something to do and discover in Layton. Happy exploring!

Things to do in Layton, UT?

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