Moving to Mesquite

Welcome to the heart of Texas! When you make the distinctive decision to move to Mesquite, you're signing up for an adventure packed with Southern tradition, authentic BBQ, mesmerizing rodeos, and heartwarming neighborly love - all encapsulated in a thriving economy. Our comprehensive Mesquite relocation guide offers a complete overview of the Mesquite experience with professional yet playful insight. Get ready to embrace the charm and opulence inherent to Texas living, especially in the vibrant, inviting city of Mesquite! Let's navigate this exciting journey together.

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What to Know Before Moving to Mesquite

1. Living Large in the Rodeo Capital of Texas

Like rodeos? Then Saddle up, partner, because Mesquite, known as the "Rodeo Capital of Texas," will put a real giddyup in your step! Home to the Mesquite Championship Rodeo, the city accommodates thousands of spectators lured by the thrill of the chaps, lassos, and so-much-more. Being part of this quintessentially Texan tradition is a must when calling Mesquite home!

2. A Shopaholic's Paradise

Shopping till you drop in Mesquite isn't a joke. It's serious business, and boy, are there options! The Town East Mall is one of the largest in the region, boasting over 200 stores. And if you're still craving more, the historic downtown district is filled to the brim with eclectic shops, boutiques, and specialty stores.

3. When We Say Friendly, We Mean Mesquite-Friendly

Texas hospitality is a well-known gem, but in Mesquite, it's cranked up a notch. The community here is tight-knit and welcoming, always ready with a warm smile or a helpful hand. And it doesn't stop at the residential level. The local government is approachable and responsive; emphasis on community improvement and resident welfare are always high on the agenda.

4. The Scent of Wildflowers and the Best Bee-Watching Spot in North Texas

Something you might not know about Mesquite: it's one of the best places for bee-watching in North Texas. The city runs a bee-conscious program, nurturing wildflower fields to support local bee populations. Not only does this add a colourful canvas to the city landscape, but it also makes for a bee-utiful (see what we did there?) spot for nature walks or tranquil picnic outings.

5. A Fair Share of the Arts

Art lovers will be pleasantly surprised by Mesquite's vibrant arts community. From the historic Mesquite Arts Center, which hosts a range of musical, theatrical, and visual arts events, to the numerous murals around town that lend a splash of color and creativity to everyday life - there's always an artful adventure waiting around the corner.

6. Year-round Mesquite Powder Is a Perk Few Know Of

Here's a juicy tidbit that only the locals would tell you: the city's namesake Mesquite tree, in addition to providing shade during hot Texan summers, also is a source of Mesquite powder. Rich in protein, fiber, and a low glycemic index sweetener, it's a culinary secret that chefs and healthy eaters around the world are just starting to discover. But in Mesquite, it's been part of the local cuisine for some time now, and residents relish it year-round.

See, moving to Mesquite, TX, is like opening a treasure chest full of new adventures, from rodeo experiences and retail therapy to arts exploration and bee-watching escapades. And with a food secret thrown into the mix, how could you resist? With its unique blend of Texan charm, big-city advantages, and small-town friendliness, Mesquite waits to offer you the sweetest of welcomes. So, are you ready to become a Mesquitean?

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Pros and Cons of Living in Mesquite

Pros of Living in Mesquite

Strong Sense of Community

Mesquite, Texas offers a strong sense of community among its residents. Small town charm combined with city convenience creates an atmosphere where neighbors know each other. Yearly events, parades, and neighborhood get-togethers foster a close-knit community experience.

Access to Recreational Activities

Mesquite provides a wealth of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Between various parks, walking/biking trails, and a municipal golf course, options for outdoor recreation are plentiful. The city also hosts numerous festivals and community events for entertainment.

Economic Stability

The economy in Mesquite is quite stable, with numerous industries and businesses operating in the area. The city personnel work hard to attract diverse industries for steady job growth, offering residents a range of career opportunities.

Education Opportunities

Mesquite has a well-regarded education system with many top-rated schools. The city also has several higher education institutions, including Eastfield College, which offers a broad range of degree programs.

Great Shopping and Dining Options

Residents of Mesquite enjoy an excellent selection of shopping and dining options. The city hosts a range of both local and chain establishments, and its proximity to Dallas allows for even more choices.

Cons of Living in Mesquite


Like many growing cities, Mesquite can suffer from heavy traffic, especially during peak commute times. Depending on your commute, this can add extra time to your daily travel.

Potential for Severe Weather

Mesquite, like much of Texas, is prone to severe weather conditions, especially in the spring and summer months. This includes extreme heat, thunderstorms, and the occasional tornado.

Accommodation Cost

While still affordable compared to many urban areas, the cost of living, particularly housing, in Mesquite can be high. This could make it challenging for people on tight budgets to find suitable accommodation.

Limited Public Transportation

Mesquite does not have an extensive public transit system, which means residents typically need a personal vehicle to get around. For residents who prefer public transportation, this can be a disadvantage.

City Noise

As with any growing city, Mesquite has its share of noise pollution. The ever-increasing traffic and ongoing construction projects may be disruptive to those who prefer quieter surroundings.

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Is Mesquite a Good Place to Live?

Mesquite, TX is a great place to live because of its lively barbecue scene, diverse recreational opportunities, and excellent quality schools. This charming community also has a lower cost of living than the national average, making it a highly affordable place to call home. Additionally, with its favorable climate and close proximity to Dallas, you can enjoy plenty of sun and city perks without the big city stress.

What Is Mesquite Famous For?

The Mesquite Championship Rodeo

Talk about the heart of Texas! Since 1958, the Mesquite Championship Rodeo has been at the forefront of the city's famous traditions, attracting cowboy and cowgirl enthusiasts from around the world. Come for the bucking broncos, stay for the delicious BBQ and genuine Texan hospitality!

Devil's Bowl Speedway

If you're a major fan of motorsports, then Mesquite, Texas has exactly what you need! The Devil's Bowl Speedway, originally opened in 1947, is a half-mile dirt track that hosts a variety of racing events throughout the year. From midgets to IMCA Modified, there's something for every speed enthusiast.

Historic Downtown Mesquite

Step back in time as you take a stroll through downtown Mesquite. Lined with historic buildings, mom-and-pop diners, and friendly locals, there's a certain charm that's hard to resist. Come and experience the true originality of Texas right here in Mesquite.

Opal Lawrence Historical Park

Spend a day in the past at the Opal Lawrence Historical Park. Comprised of several 19th-century structures, the site is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history of Mesquite. And here's an exciting twist - with plots based on real-life events and figures, the park offers interactive experiences for visitors of all ages.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Mesquite, TX, the property tax rate for 2023 is 2.65%, which is significantly higher than the national average of 1.07%. This reflects the higher property values and the funding needs of local governments in that region.

Sales Tax

Mesquite, TX has a combined sales tax rate of 8.25% in 2023, which includes the Texas state tax of 6.25% and the Mesquite local tax of 2%. This rate is moderately higher than the average combined sales tax rate in the US of approximately 7.65%.

Income Tax

In 2023, residents of Mesquite, TX continue to benefit from Texas being one of the few states in the US that does not impose an individual income tax. This is significantly lower compared to the national average income tax rate of around 7%.

Housing Market

In comparison to other regions, Mesquite, TX tends to offer affordable housing options for both renters and buyers. The median home price in Mesquite is $149,700, lower than the national median of $231,200. Moreover, the average rent is around $1,036, also significantly below the national average. While the property appreciation has been somewhat slower than the national average, the low cost of living and strong job market make Mesquite a desirable place for potential homeowners and renters alike. Always considering your personal circumstances and local market fluctuations is crucial when making real estate decisions.

Cost of Living

Living in Mesquite, Texas, is relatively affordable compared to many other cities in the U.S. This city has a cost of living index around 5% less than the national average, making it more attractive for residents. Housing, being the biggest contributor to the cost of living, is significantly cheaper in Mesquite. However, other factors like healthcare, groceries, and transportation are somewhat similar to other parts of Texas. Enjoying a suburban lifestyle while benefiting from economic advantages makes Mesquite a smart choice for many.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Mesquite, Texas, boasts a subtropical climate characterized by hot, humid summers and generally mild to cool winters. Average summer temperatures soar to the mid-90s, while in winter they rarely dip below 40 degrees. The city receives moderate rainfall, mainly in May, the wettest month. Additionally, Mesquite experiences sunshine for about 229 days a year, higher than the US average, allowing residents plenty of bright days. Despite the fair climate, Mesquite is not immune to natural disasters. Positioned in Tornado Alley, it is susceptible to tornadoes with the spring months seeing the highest occurrences. Flooding also poses a risk, primarily due to heavy rainfall. However, the city has rigorous safety measures, ensuring resident's safety remains paramount amidst any weather pattern or natural disaster. Altogether, the climate in Mesquite, TX makes for both hot, sunny days and the odd bout of excitement with its tumultuous weather events.

Typical weather in Mesquite, TX

Economy & Job Market

* Trade, Transportation, and Utilities

* Manufacturing

* Professional and Business Services

* Educational and Health Services

* Leisure and Hospitality

Mesquite, Texas is a city rich in economic activity, brought to life by a colorful mix of historical and contemporary industries. Historically, Mesquite was an agrarian economy with a strong focus on farming, but it has since evolved into a bustling metropolis, showcasing a well-rounded portfolio of trade, transportation, and utilities; manufacturing; professional and business services; educational and health services; and leisure and hospitality sectors. This dynamic blend of old-world charm and contemporary hustle speaks for the city's adaptability and potential for growth, impressing both tourists and job seekers alike.

Considering a move to Mesquite, Texas? Great choice! Mesquite offers an abundance of job opportunities with an employment rate that frequently outstrips the national average. If you are looking to seek employment post-move, sectors such as trade and transportation, as well as utilities, would be a great place to start, given that these are some of the city's leading sectors. Or, if you have an affinity for nurturing minds or healing hearts, the educational and healthcare services sectors are also robust and welcoming. Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking to level up or a newbie ready to make your mark, there's a spot waiting for you in Mesquite.

Traffic and Transportation

Getting around in Mesquite, TX is always an adventure! Behold the average commute time - a swift 25-30 minutes, certainly a breeze compared to those big city jams. When you ask, "What about public transportation?" we're happy to report that Mesquite's got you covered! The 'COMPASS' bus service whisks through the city Monday through Friday, and light rail services also connect you to the greater Dallas area. And those eager for a little air time? Mesquite Metro Airport caters to private and corporate aircraft, while Dallas-Fort Worth International, the world's third busiest airport, is just a skip and hop away. So in Mesquite, whether you've got a need for speed on the highway, prefer the steady rhythm of public transit, or have a penchant for soaring the skies, your ride will be smooth and your options plenty!

What is the traffic like in Mesquite, TX?

Best Neighborhoods in Mesquite

1. Creek Crossing Estates

Let the charm of Creek Crossing Estates cast a spell on you. This neighborhood boasts beautifully maintained parks offering playgrounds and hiking trails. You'll find a strong sense of community here, with plenty of family-friendly events throughout the year like outdoor movie nights and holiday parades. It's also a favorite among fitness enthusiasts due to its close proximity to various recreational spots. Welcome to a haven that feels like a small town within a city.

2. Lawson

The Lawson neighborhood is ideal for those who crave a suburban lifestyle but still want to be connected to city life. This close-knit community, located in a thriving part of Mesquite, offers a serene, warm ambiance and stunning houses that range from modern designs to charming ranch-style homes. Access to excellent schools, shopping centers, and a myriad of restaurants are all additional perks of living in the deliciously quaint Lawson neighborhood.

3. Paschall Park

If you're fond of wide-open green spaces, Paschall Park neighborhood is your dream come true. It is named after the adjacent park, which offers a beautiful duck pond, miles of trails, a butterfly garden, and even a disc golf course. The neighborhood itself is filled with striking landscapes and neatly kept homes. The residents' pride in their community is apparent, making Paschall Park a desirable place to live.

4. Northridge

There's always something exciting happening in Northridge! This beautiful neighborhood is a bustling center of activity, with a vibrant community atmosphere. The local schools are known for their excellent academic standards, and there's much to do with a variety of shopping centers and tasty food establishments. Northridge is where urban sophistication merges with a cozy community vibe making it a remarkable place to call home.

5. Edgemont Park

Edgemont Park is a neighborhood that stands out due to its unique architectural styles, from mid-century modern homes to contemporary gems. This neighborhood blends a suburban feel with urban convenience, as it's close to downtown Mesquite. Notably, the area is home to an active neighborhood association that strives to maintain the area's quality and vitality. Edgemont Park presents a lovely sense of community, making it a desirable destination in Mesquite.

And there you have it, the top 5 neighborhoods in Mesquite. Whether you are looking for a community that throws block parties, one that promotes green living, a neighborhood filled with scenic parks or one that offers an array of dining options, Mesquite has a home for you. Moving to a new city is an adventure in itself, but finding a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle makes the journey all the more exciting. Happy house hunting!

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Things to Do

Welcome to Mesquite, a vibrant city in northeastern Texas that thoroughly captures the heart and soul of the Lone Star State. Mesquite is full of western charm, traditional Texan hospitality, exciting outdoor activities, and a thriving arts and culture scene. Here are seven fantastic things to do in Mesquite, two of which may well be hidden gems you hadn't yet heard of!

1. Experience the Thrill at the Mesquite Championship Rodeo

Established in 1958, the Mesquite Championship Rodeo has been delivering heart-stopping entertainment to locals and tourists alike for over six decades. What could be more Texan than live rodeo events, featuring barrel racing, bronco riding, and bullfighting? For rodeo newbies and aficionados, it's a quintessential Mesquite experience you won't want to miss.

2. Connect with Nature at the Audubon Park

This serene park, spread over 50 acres, is home to winding trails, a peaceful duck pond, and lovely picnic spots. Whether you wish to keep fit, catch a few fish, or unwind with your favorite book under a shady tree, this park is an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

3. Explore The Rows of Texas

Are you a shopaholic? Then "The Rows of Texas" - Mesquite's unique shopping, dining, and entertainment district - is for you. With over 160 retailers and a host of dining and entertainment options, it promises an exciting shopping experience. Make sure to don your comfortable shoes for this one!

4. Dive into History at the Florence Ranch Homestead

Get a dose of local history at this preserved pioneer and ranching family's home. The Florence Ranch Homestead provides a fascinating peek into 19th-century ranch life, with original furnishings and family artifacts all adding to the authenticity of the experience.

5. Embark on a Culinary Adventure at the Marketplace Mesquite

Food connoisseurs, brace yourselves! The Marketplace Mesquite is a melting pot of global flavors with over 20 food stalls ranging from Texan-style barbecue to authentic Italian cuisine. Covering a vast array of international and local delicacies, it promises a culinary adventure that's simply hard to resist.

6. Enjoy a Round of Golf at the Mesquite Golf Club

Bring out your inner golfer at the Mesquite Golf Club - a local treasure that very few people know about. With a practice driving range, a well-stocked golf shop, and a challenging 18-hole course, it's a hidden gem that's sure to delight golf enthusiasts.

7. Discover Local Art at the Mesquite Arts Center

Another local secret, the Mesquite Arts Center, is a vibrant space where art, culture, and community come together. With regular exhibitions, theatrical performances, workshops, and community events, it's a place where you can immerse yourself in the local arts scene and perhaps even awaken the artist in you!

Whether you're an outdoor adventurer, a history buff, a food lover, or an arts aficionado, Mesquite, Texas, has something just for you. Experience the adventurous rodeos or quiet natural beauty, engage in a shopping spree or historical exploration, please your palate with sumptuous food, indulge your passion for golf, or explore the vibrant arts scene. Mesquite invites you to embrace its unique charm and dive wholeheartedly into the Texan way of life!

Things to do in Mesquite, TX?

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