Moving to Killeen

Step right into the heartland of Texas as we explore the tantalizing possibility of relocating to Killeen. With its vibrant blend of natural beauty and urban charm, this city opens its arms wide to those with a spirit for adventure. In our comprehensive guide, you'll delve into every facet of life in Killeen--from enticing food scenes, to robust job opportunities and, of course, true Texas hospitality. So, all you road-trippers and dreamers yearning to embrace a new home, prepare for an exciting journey--a deep dive into the enticing mosaic of moving to Killeen, TX.

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What to Know Before Moving to Killeen

1. Affordable Living and a Growing Job Market

One of the biggest perks of moving to Killeen, TX, is the cost of living. Compared to national averages, housing, transportation, and groceries are considerably less expensive. A further plus is the growing job market. The city saw an annual job growth of 1.9% according to the latest statistics, with health care, retail, and education among the leading industries.

2. A Scenic City with Endless Outdoor Fun

If you're a nature lover, Killeen is the place to be. It's home to two beautiful lakes and numerous hiking trails, offering residents countless opportunities to enjoy Texas's unique landscape. Just imagine, paddle-boarding under the wide Texas skies or picnicking amidst iconic bluebonnets, sounds like a dream, right?

3. It's a Military Town

Located just outside of the city, Fort Hood is one of the largest military bases in the United States. That being the case, you'll find that Killeen has a strong military presence, with many retired and active-duty military personnel calling the city home. This also gives the city a unique, deeply patriotic culture that sets it apart from other cities in Texas.

4. A Hub for Unique Festivals

Ok, get ready for an unexpected twist. Killeen goes big when it comes to and blues! Yes, you read that right. Every year, Killeen hosts the annual Rodeo Killeen and Central Texas State Fair featuring traditional rodeo events. Not to forget the annual Blues Under the Stars Concert! These unique celebrations tie the community together and enliven the local scene, offering you a slice of authentic local culture.

5. Education and Community Spirit

Killeen is home to more than 50 public schools, two four-year colleges and a technical college, making it a great place for students. The community also takes pride in unifying events like city clean-ups and charitable marathons. When you move here, you are not just relocating, but becoming a part of a community.

6. Transport Might be Tricky

Now, as bright as it all seems, there is one aspect you should be prepared for - public transportation. Truth be told, getting around Killeen without a personal vehicle can be a bit tricky. But fear not - the city has been expanding its public transit system. Also, ride-sharing services are there to save the day. Besides, who wouldn't love a scenic drive around the Texan landscapes, right?

In conclusion, Killeen, with its affordable living, job opportunities, scenic beauty, and vibrant community, is quintessentially Texan and comfortably modern--an incredibly friendly place to start a new chapter of life. All it asks from you is to come prepared, embrace the outdoor spirit, and maybe...just maybe...get ready to rodeo a little.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Killeen

Pros of Living in Killeen

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Killeen is significantly lower than many other parts of Texas and the United States. This means that most residents can afford decent housing, utilities, groceries, and other necessities without straining their budgets too much.

Military Roots

There's a strong sense of community in Killeen, cultivated by its military roots. Thanks to the nearby Fort Hood, there's a large military presence in the city, fostering a culture of respect, discipline, and camaraderie.

Recreation Opportunities

Killeen offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities at local parks, green spaces, and nearby natural spots like Belton Lake. Whether you're into hiking, fishing, camping, or just enjoying a peaceful day outdoors, you'll have plenty of options here.

Lower Crime Rate

Although no city is completely crime-free, Killeen boasts a lower crime rate compared to many other cities of its size. This makes it a safer place to settle down, particularly for families with children.

Job Opportunities

Due to the presence of Fort Hood, as well as several local schools, healthcare facilities, and other businesses, Killeen offers numerous job opportunities in a variety of sectors.

Cons of Living in Killeen

Public Education Concerns

While there are some good schools in Killeen, the overall quality of public education in the city has been somewhat inconsistent. If you're considering moving to Killeen with children, you may want to compare schooling options carefully.


Killeen's subtropical climate means that it can get extremely hot in the summer. If you're uncomfortable with intense heat, the weather may pose a challenge during certain parts of the year.

Limited Nightlife

Despite its size, Killeen doesn't offer the vibrant nightlife one might expect in bigger cities. While there are bars and restaurants, those seeking a more varied after-dark entertainment scene may find the options here somewhat limited.

Public Transportation

While Killeen does have a public transportation system, it isn't as extensive or reliable as those found in larger metropolitan areas. Depending on where in the city you live, you may find it necessary to have a private vehicle for commuting or running errands.

Healthcare Access

Although Killeen is home to a few hospitals and clinics, the city's healthcare resources can feel limited compared to those in larger cities. This is especially so for those requiring specialized care, who may need to travel to larger cities like Austin for certain services.

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Is Killeen a Good Place to Live?

Killeen, TX is a great place to live because of its safe neighborhoods, friendly community, and warm weather. It's also home to a wealth of exciting outdoor activities, such as hiking and fishing, and you're sure to enjoy the diverse and delicious local cuisine. Plus, with its low cost of living and high job growth rate, Killeen is a city where you can truly thrive.

What Is Killeen Famous For?


Fort Hood

Arguably one of the most famous military bases in the United States, Fort Hood is actually based in Killeen. This 340 square mile facility is one of the largest in the world and it greatly contributes to the city's economy as it is the main source of employment in the area.


Travel to Killeen in October and you'll find locals celebrating in German style. As part of their Oktoberfest, the city brews up a variety of events like a beer garden, arts and crafts vendors, food, and live entertainment creating a festive community atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Vive Les Arts Theatre

In the heart of Texas, Killeen is home to the Vive Les Arts Theatre which prides itself on enriching the local culture. Offering a range of plays, musicals and concerts year-round, this community jewel is a must-visit for any theatre buff or anyone in need of some quality entertainment during their stay.

The Mayborn Science Theater

Located on the Central Texas College campus, the Mayborn Science Theater offers a stunning look into the cosmos above. Running fun and educational shows daily, it's a must-see for any space enthusiasts and families visiting Killeen, making it a fascinating place for having a stellar time!

" Capital building of Killeen, TX in artistic rendering

Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in Killeen, TX is approximately 2.4385%, which is one of the highest in the country. It's significantly higher compared to the average property tax rate in the US, which is about 1.03%.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Killeen, TX is 8.25% as of 2023, in which includes the Texas state sales tax of 6.25% and Killeen's city tax of 2%. This is marginally higher than the national medium sales tax rate, which is roughly 7.3%.

Income Tax

Texas, including Killeen, doesn't impose a state income tax on its residents as of 2023. This contrasts sharply with the US average state income tax, which is around 4.6%.

Housing Market

The Killeen, TX housing market presents a favorable landscape for both renters and buyers. With median home values well below the national average and stable appreciation rates, Killeen offers affordable homeownership opportunities. Prospective renters can also find value with median rental prices also significantly lower than the national median. Despite its affordability, Killeen's housing demand remains consistent, supported by low unemployment rates and a robust military community. Prospective residents would also appreciate the city's low cost of living, expanding job opportunities, and quality of life amenities.

Cost of Living

Killeen, TX, often enjoys a cost of living below the national average. Housing, utilities, and groceries commonly appear as more affordable compared to other U.S. cities. This attractive cost of living makes Killeen an appealing choice for many individuals and families. However, as in most areas, personal expenses can fluctuate based on lifestyle and income. Regardless, Killeen stands as an economically friendly location within the Lone Star state.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Killeen, TX enjoys a moderate subtropical climate characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. The average high temperature in the summer is around 95degF, while the average low in winter dips to 32degF. Killeen receives approximately 34 inches of rainfall annually, more than the US average of 28 inches, resulting in a pleasant green landscape. Over the year, Killeen experiences an average of 229 sunny days, attracting outdoor enthusiasts to its parks and recreation areas. Killeen is located outside the Tornado Alley, hence tornadoes' occurrence is rare, but not unheard of. Its central location in Texas keeps it well-protected from the severe windstorms faced by the coast. However, instances of drought and occasional wildfires are the primary natural disasters. While these incidents can impose attributes of unpredictability, the overall climate in Killeen offers a good balance of sun and rain throughout the year.

Typical weather in Killeen, TX

Economy & Job Market


* The Military Industry


* The Health Care Industry


* The Education Industry


* The Retail Trade Industry


* The Hospitality and Food Service Industry


Like a sizzling pot of Texas chili, Killeen's economy is hot and hearty! Historically, the city's bread and butter has been the military industry, thanks to the presence of Fort Hood, one of the largest military bases in the world. This soldier-spiked economy has given rise to a diverse and vibrant mix of other industries. Today, health care and education sectors have taken center stage, with major employers like AdventHealth Central Texas and Killeen Independent School District. The retail trade industry, with a hearty helping of chain stores, local boutiques, and the Killeen Mall, buzzes with activity. Let's not forget about the hospitality and food service industry! Nothing says Texas quite like mouth-watering barbecue joints and welcoming hotels ready to serve the city's visitors.


For the future Killeen-ite planning their job hunt, strap on those boots and gear up for a frolicking ride through a bullish job market. During recent years, the employment growth has steed steady, surpassing the national average. The city maintains a lower-than-average unemployment rate, meaning job opportunities are fairly ripe. If you're looking to pick the best job fruits, keep your eyes peeled on health care, education, and the retail trade sectors, which are some of the city's largest employers. In Killeen, the job market is hotter than a Texas summer and ready to welcome you with wide-open, working arms.


Traffic and Transportation

Hey there, adventurer! Are you ready for a trip to Killeen, TX? Let's talk travel and transport. Did you know that the average commute time in Killeen is only 24 minutes? That's less than half an episode of your favourite podcast! If you'd rather avoid driving, hop on board the HOP! Hill Country Transit District provides affordable, reliable public transportation options. Want to fly high above the Lone Star state? Killeen is your gateway! With Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport conveniently located nearby, you're all set for cloud cruising. And as the saying goes in Killeen, who needs a car when you have cowboy boots and a strong sense of direction? Whether you're on the road, on a bus, or above the clouds, getting around in Killeen is a breeze!

What is the traffic like in Killeen, TX?

Best Neighborhoods in Killeen

1. Harker Heights

Top of the list is the friendly Harker Heights! Known for its vibrant spirit, Harker Heights perfectly captures the essence of the Texan way of life. A dimension apart from the bustling city center, this neighborhood is a sensational blend of peace, comfort, and colorful Texan traditions. Harker Heights offers a well-rounded community experience, with scenic parks, family-friendly events, and epic BBQ joints. The school system is solid, and the neighborhood is loved for its endless recreational opportunities. From dog festivals to annual picnics, there's much to love about Harker Heights!

2. Timber Ridge

Timber Ridge is like the live-in garden of Killeen! With lush parks, winding trails, and a penchant for outdoor activities, this neighborhood screams 'nature lovers' paradise'. It's peaceful and safe, boasting well-kept homes, stunning views, and a friendly, close-knit community. Take your pick from biking, hiking, picnicking, or simply basking in the beautiful Texas sunshine. Timber Ridge is definitely the place to be for that natural, easy-going Texan lifestyle.

3. Copperas Cove

Next up is the wholesome and charming Copperas Cove. It has a bit of everything: impressive local schools, walkable streets, easy commute, and plenty of shopping and dining options. It's a diverse community with an unshakeable spirit of unity and camaraderie. With events like the annual Rabbit Fest and Summer Run Series, Copperas Cove is a neighborhood that offers plenty of fun and excitement while staying committed to its family-oriented ethos. Move here, and you move into a vibrant community that truly celebrates life.

4. Nolanville

The easygoing and serene neighborhood of Nolanville is hard not to fall in love with. Its picturesque streets, coupled with a genuine sense of community, create a truly enticing environment. It is fairly small compared to other neighborhoods, yet incredibly lively. Its charming, family-friendly atmosphere is complemented by local mom-and-pop shops, neighborhood gatherings, and town-wide celebrations. With the slow-paced living and calm surroundings, Nolanville successfully captures a small-town feel within the busy city of Killeen.

5. Pershing Park

Rounding out our list is the dynamic Pershing Park. It's known for its accessibility and urban conveniences while managing to retain a unique suburban charm. With a shared emphasis on safety and community, you would find the neighbors here walking their dogs, jogging along the trails, or enjoying a relaxing picnic in the park. Schools here are impressive, and several homegrown restaurants and shops give Pershing Park a true local flavor. It's undeniably one of the best picks for experiencing genuine Texan hospitality amidst an active city life.

So there you have it! Five fantastic neighborhoods offering a rich tapestry of life experiences for newcomers to Killeen. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a lover of small-town vibes, or someone seeking an active city life while relishing the spirit of a close-knit community, Killeen offers a neighborhood to match every expectation. Just remember, no matter where you choose to hang your hat, it's the Texan spirit of camaraderie and love for the community that makes any neighborhood in Killeen truly feel like home.

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Things to Do

Hey there, future Killeenite! You're about to join our vibrant, friendly community based around Fort Hood in Central Texas. Got your boots 'n' hat ready for that dash of Texan lifestyle? Good. You're in for some unique experiences in this little piece of paradise. Here are the top seven things to do when you get here!

1. Explore the Great Outdoors at Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area (BLORA)

First things first, those looking to soak in the natural beauty of Texas should head to BLORA. Covering 89 acres of terrains filled with lush greenery, the park offers a plethora of outdoor activities, including boating, picnicking, camping, and fishing.

2. Get to Grips with Local History at Bell County Museum

Learn about the fascinating history of Killeen and its environs at the Bell County Museum. Educational and interactive exhibits about early Texas life will fill you with a wealth of knowledge about your new home.

3. Tread the Boards at Vive Les Arts Theatre

There's a thriving arts scene in Killeen, and the Vive Les Arts Theatre is the heart of it. From musicals to dramas, this community theater offers an eclectic mix of shows performed by talented locals.

4. Catch a flick at the Coming Attractions Theatres

In the mood for popcorn and a silver screen experience? The Coming Attractions Theatres is a perfect choice. Known for showing new releases, they also have a beautiful 80s retro-themed atmosphere that movie-lovers will adore.

5. Stretch Your Legs in Dana Peak Park

Dana Peak Park is a slightly hushed gem perfect for folks who enjoy long hikes, mountain biking, or horseback riding. The surrounding views of the lake and the wildlife are nothing short of inspirational. Go find your zen there!

6. Dine Out at Stillhouse Wine Room

Beat those moving-in blues at Stillhouse Wine Room, a cozy, little-known spot where you can sip on fine wines and sample tantalizing gourmet appetizers. There's also live music to complete the experience.

7. Hunt for Treasures at Trimmier Estates Sales

Here's a distinctive experience! Instead of grabbing your decor and furniture from corporate stores, why not hunt for beautiful, previously-loved items at Trimmier Estates Sales? You also find some genuine Killeen memorabilia there!

In conclusion, Killeen offers a great mix of Texan-style fun, natural beauty, and some tucked-away attractions for you to discover. Moving to a new city can be a significant upheaval, but hopefully, with these seven things to do in Killeen, you're starting to feel more at home already. Welcome, y'all!

Things to do in Killeen, TX?

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