Moving to Carrollton

Are you envisioning a new life in Carrollton, TX? Well, you've made a thrilling choice! This vibrant city thrives with its warm community, high-quality living standards, and an array of recreational options. Like a well-crafted novel, each neighborhood tells its own enchanting tale, awaiting your discovery. Our comprehensive guide will have you navigating Carrollton with the ease of a local within no time. Prepare for your journey to this exceptional town as we tour through its lush parks, nationally accredited schools, diverse dining, and trend-setting shopping destinations. Welcome to the beginning of your intriguing Carrollton adventure!

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What to Know Before Moving to Carrollton

1. Experience the Diverse Food Scene

Who doesn't love a city with a robust food scene? Well, in Carrollton, you can expect to dine in a variety of mouthwatering restaurants offering Korean BBQ, southern comfort food, Vietnamese, Mexican, and much more. The diversity in culinary delights is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters!

2. Have Fun with Abundant Outdoor Activities

For outdoor enthusiasts or anyone seeking a breath of fresh air, Carrollton does not disappoint. With its sprawling parks, open spaces, and an impressive hike and bike trail system, there's plenty to keep the active types busy. Don't forget to visit the Elm Fork Nature Preserve for an amazing day of birding, hiking, or a blissful picnic under the Texas sky.

3. Hop into History

Did you know that Carrollton is steeped in history? For history buffs, this is what makes Carrollton unique. Explore the A.W. Perry Homestead Museum and the historic downtown square for a trip down memory lane. And here's a rare gem - did you know the city was once home to Texas' second oldest Bible college? Now you can impress your friends with this little unknown fact!

4. Enjoy the High Quality of Life

One of the key attractions of Carrollton is its high quality of life. The city's safety, excellent school system, top-notch healthcare, and affordability make it an ideal place to live for families, young professionals, and retirees alike. Carrollton's commitment to the quality of life is responsible for its continuous growth and high rate of happy citizens.

5. Expect a Warm Texas Welcome

Texas is known for its southern hospitality, and Carrollton is no exception! Residents are known for their warmth, openness, and friendly demeanor. Expect genuine smiles, friendly chats, and lots of neighborly love. It's one of the reasons why people fall in love with this lovely town, and it ensures newcomers feel at home right from the start.

6. Be Part of the Dot Festival

Dots? Yes, dots! Carrollton hosts an annual Festival at the Switchyard that celebrates the downtown area's rich history as a railway switchyard. Here's a fun unknown fact - the design of the festival logo including the dots is a reference to how rail workers used to communicate in the olden days, they would 'dot' or mark individual rail cars. It's an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Carrollton's community spirit while enjoying plenty of music, food, activities, and of course, dots!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Carrollton

Pros of Living in Carrollton

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to many other urban areas in Texas, Carrollton provides a notably affordable cost of living. The general pricing for services and goods, including groceries, health, transportation, and utilities, is slightly below the national average. This can make it easier for families and individuals to manage their budgets comfortably.

High Safety Levels

Carrollton is known for its relatively low crime rates, making it a safe place to live, especially for families. The city's law enforcement is efficient, and there's an overall sense of security when walking around, even at night.

High Quality Education

Carrollton boasts a highly-rated school district, including Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District and Lewisville Independent School District. The schools here have good overall ratings and provide a variety of programs, making it a great place for families with kids.

Outdoor Recreation Options

For those who love outdoor activities, Carrollton has numerous parks, hiking trails, and a beautiful nature preserve. The options for outdoor entertainment are abundant and allow for various recreational activities for all ages, including hiking, biking, and playing sports.

Easy Transportation

Carrollton enjoys a convenient location in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, with easy access to major roads, highways, and the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. There is also a good network of public transportation, making commuting hassle-free.

Cons of Living in Carrollton

Peak Traffic Hours

Despite the efficient transportation system, Carrollton still deals with congestion during peak traffic hours. Rush hour can be quite busy, particularly for those who travel frequently within the Dallas-Fort Worth area for work or other purposes.

Hot Summers

Like many parts of Texas, Carrollton experiences hot summer temperatures that can be quite intense for those not used to such weather. The region is popular for its heat, which can go as high as 96degF in July--the hottest month of the year.

High Property Taxes

While the overall cost of living is relatively low, Carrollton has a high property tax rate compared to other cities in Texas and the nation overall. This high tax rate can increase total homeownership costs.

Limited Nightlife

Carrollton's nightlife scene is limited, especially compared to nearby cities like Dallas. For those who enjoy an active nightlife, this could be a con, requiring them to travel to other areas for a more vibrant night scene.


Carrollton is in a region known for high pollen counts, especially in the spring. For those susceptible to allergies, this could be a significant disadvantage as it may affect their comfort and overall quality of life during peak allergy seasons.

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Is Carrollton a Good Place to Live?

Carrollton, TX is a great place to live because of its dynamic culture, excellent school system, and plenty of recreational opportunities such as parks and community events. Known for its friendly neighborhoods and diverse cuisine ranging from BBQ to Korean, Carrollton has a charming small-town feel with all the conveniences of a big city. What's more, it's conveniently located, so you are just a quick drive away from major attractions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Living here genuinely feels like scoring the best of both worlds!

What Is Carrollton Famous For?

The Historic Downtown Carrollton Square

The Carrollton Square is a focal point for the community, known for its thriving independent businesses, art galleries, and specialty shops. With a charming, retro-style atmosphere, it creates a delightful experience reminiscent of simpler times. It's the perfect place for a leisurely stroll or an afternoon coffee while appreciating the quaint architecture.

The A.W. Perry Homestead Museum

Capturing the essence of life in North Texas from 1857-1921, the A.W. Perry Homestead Museum is an invaluable treasure of Carrollton. Set in a beautifully restored home, it offers a glimpse into the early years of settlers in the area, complete with original furnishings and a vibrant cultural history. This is a must-visit for both history buffs and those just longing for a taste of the past.

The Elm Fork Nature Preserve Trail

Carrollton's pride and joy, the Elm Fork Nature Preserve Trail presents a splendid experience of nature's untouched beauty. The 40-acre preserve is a haven for hikers, bird watchers, and nature lovers alike, boasting a forest, prairie, and wetland habitats. Visit for a refreshing day-out, take a scenic walk, or participate in one of the guided tours.

The Indian Creek Golf Club

The Indian Creek Golf Club is known far and wide as one of the most beautiful and challenging golfing venues in Texas. With two distinct championship courses, "The Creek" and "The Lakes", and fantastic facilities to match, it's the ultimate place for golf lovers. Bask in the lush landscape and give your golfing skills a test while enjoying Carrollton's perfect weather.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

The property tax rate in Carrollton, TX as of 2023 is approximately 2.23%, which is considerably higher than the national average of about 1.07%. This high rate reflects widespread trends across Texas, as the state does not levy an income tax and thus often compensates with higher rates in other areas.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Carrollton is about 8.25%, aligning it closely with the average rate across Texas' other cities and towns. Compared to the nationwide average sales tax rate of circa 7.12%, Carrollton's rate is a bit higher, which could impact the cost of living for some residents.

Income Tax

As of 2023, Texas is still one of the seven states across the US that does not levy a state income tax, meaning Carrollton residents are only subject to federal income taxes. This can equate to substantial savings for residents, particularly those in higher income brackets, compared to those living in states with high income tax rates such as California or New York.

Housing Market

The Carrollton, TX housing market presents a competitive landscape, marked by a median home value of $290,857, above the national median. Prices have been on the rise, at approximately 4% year over year. The rental market is also robust, with the median rent at $1,490 per month. When compared to the national median rent, Carrollton offers slightly higher rates. The city has a homeownership rate of 63%, indicating a fairly balanced divide between owners and renters. Buyers and renters alike should be prepared for a busy market reflective of Carrollton's growing popularity.

Cost of Living

Living in Carrollton, TX typically costs less than residing in major US cities. Its cost of living is marginally above the US average, but significantly lower than cities like New York or San Francisco. Key factors such as housing, healthcare, and groceries are more affordable here. Despite being part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Carrollton maintains a reasonable cost of living, offering an appealing choice for those wishing to balance economic considerations with the vibrancy of city life.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Carrollton, Texas, boasts a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. Summers often reach highs in the mid-90sdegF, while winter months see temperatures rarely dropping below the mid-30sdegF. The city experiences the majority of its rainfall during May, although precipitation is relatively well-distributed throughout the year. Carrollton is also placed within Tornado Alley, and hence can be susceptible to severe weather phenomena, including tornadoes, particularly in spring and early summer. Other natural disasters that can impact the region are flash floods and severe thunderstorms. Despite these challenges, residents typically enjoy over 230 days of sunshine each year, making Carrollton a generally pleasant and inviting environment.

Typical weather in Carrollton, TX

Economy & Job Market

Manufacturing Industry

Healthcare and Social Assistance

Professional, Scientific, Technical Services

Educational Services

Retail Trade

Taking a look at Carrollton, Texas, you'll find that the city's economy is a diverse and lively one, much like its population of over 133,000 people. It's got roots in manufacturing, but these days you're more likely to find people working in healthcare and social assistance, professional services, or education. Indeed, the city is a major player in the state's healthcare industry, with Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Carrollton employing hundreds of local residents. The professional, scientific and technical services sector is boosted by the presence of numerous software and IT companies.

If you're considering Dancing the Two-step all the way to Carrollton, Texas for a new start, you'll be happy to hear that the employment scene is as warm as a southern welcome. The unemployment rate here is below the national average, which is music to our ears! If you're looking for the best places to hang your hat, make sure to explore opportunities in the healthcare, professional services, and education sectors - they've got loads of jobs that are waiting to be snagged. And don't forget about the city's burgeoning technology sector. So, get ready to saddle up and ride into the land of opportunity that is Carrollton, Texas!

Traffic and Transportation

Alright, all you Carrollton, TX commuters, let's talk transportation! If you're a resident of our lively city, you know we're always on the move. The average commute time? About 27 minutes behind the wheels. Not bad, right? But why drive when you can explore public transit options. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) operates the rail line that crosses through Carrollton, providing easy access to the entire metroplex. Now, for those with a knack for jet-setting, Carrollton is nestled between both Dallas Love Field and DFW International. With two airports in the vicinity, you're spoilt for choice for your next flying adventure! So whether you're road tripping, train hopping, or jetting off, Carrollton, TX has got you covered!

What is the traffic like in Carrollton, TX?

Best Neighborhoods in Carrollton

1. Castle Hills

If you're looking for a neighborhood that might as well be its own charming small town, look no further than Castle Hills. With its master-planned community, beautifully manicured lawns, and unique architecture, this neighborhood exudes charm and elegance that most newcomers find impossible to resist. Aside from guest-wowing aesthetic, this tight-knit community offers a diverse calendar of events and outings that keep the neighborhood well-connected and fun-filled. The area also features well-regarded schools, lush parks, and an impressive selection of retail and dining selections making it perfect for families.

2. Josey Ranch

If lifestyle and recreation get your heart racing, then Josey Ranch should top your must-visit list. The neighborhood sits conveniently near Josey Ranch Lake Park, which gives residents easy access to walking trails, a library, senior center and even a sports complex. It's also known for its idyllic views and peaceful ambiance. Residents love the mature trees, well-kept yards, and spacious homes. The community is friendly, active, and offers a range of homes that accommodate various family sizes.

3. Oak Creek Estates

Discover a melting pot of cultures in Oak Creek Estates. This desirable neighborhood attracts culturally diverse mix of residents who enjoy a well-organized Homeowners Association, top-rated schools, and easy proximity to major highways. Oak Creek Estates also stands out for its robust neighborhood watch program, exuding a sense of safety and camaraderie. The mature trees, rolling hills, and expansive lots give a unique serene and countryside feel in the midst of bustling city life.

4. Rosemeade

Rosemeade is like an enticing painting that combines the best colors and features of suburban and urban living. This neighborhood is a stunner, offering a picturesque mix of nature parks, tree-lined streets, cozy coffee shops, and vibrant retail outlets. Nature lovers will be thrilled by the Rosemeade Rainforest Aquatic Complex and Rosemeade Recreation Center, both perfect spots for fun outdoor activities. If comfort, convenience, and activities are your thing, you'll feel right at home here.

5. Country Place

Looking for a neighborhood that feels like an everyday vacation? Country Place may just be the perfect place for you. This serene, countryside-inspired community is known for its towering trees and waterways which add to the laid-back, resort-style atmosphere. The neighborhood even showcases a 9-hole par three golf course, swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, and fishing ponds. Country Place definitely hits all the buttons for those seeking a community with a strong focus on recreational activities and the love of outdoors.

There you have it, the five best neighborhoods in Carrollton, TX, each one with its unique charm and appeal. Be it for the tight-knit community feel, the robust outdoor activities, the scenic landscapes, or the vast dining and shopping selections, Carrollton definitely has an enclave perfect for your needs. Welcome to your new hometown!

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Things to Do

Welcome to Carrollton, Texas - a friendly city full of charm, delightful culture and bustling life. As you cozy up to your new city, here's your bucket list, covering 7 of the top things to do in Carrollton. Grab your boots and cowboy hat, and let's get started - texan style!

1. Soak in Nature at the Elm Fork Nature Preserve

Tucked away from the urban hustle, the Elm Fork Nature Preserve offers 40-acres of serene walking trails through forest and prairies. You'll often spot deer, birds, and even armadillos! There's no better way to get closer to Carrollton's heart than through its untouched beauty.

2. Uncover Hidden Treasures at the A.W. Perry Homestead Museum

Experience Carrollton's rich history at this charming 19th-century farmhouse. The A.W. Perry Homestead Museum gives a glimpse into rural life in the 1900s. The architecture alone is a sight to behold, and the vibrant gardens make great picnic spots.

3. Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit at Sandy Lake Amusement Park

Nothing shouts fun louder than the Sandy Lake Amusement Park. From dizzying rides, kiddie pools, mini-golf to paddle boats - it's a world of amusement all packed in one place. It's sure to unleash the thrill-seeker in you!

4. Dive into the Unknown at the Maridoe Golf Club

This isn't on every Carrollton guide, but it's a favorite amongst locals. The Maridoe Golf Club not only boasts world-class golfing facilities but is also home to an abundance of wildlife. You never know what you might just stumble upon on your golfing day out.

5. Indulge at the Historic Downtown Carrollton

Delve into Carrollton's history by wandering the charming streets of Historic Downtown. It's packed with unique shops, delicious eateries, and even has a winery. The town hosts fun seasonal events guaranteed to make you feel at home in no time.

6. Meet the 'Carrollton Chupacabra'

Okay, this isn't really a 'thing to do', but more of a local legend to get to know. The mysterious creature, known as the 'Carrollton Chupacabra', is reportedly sighted now and then. While some believe it to be a mythical animal, others argue it could just be a coyote. You might not spot the elusive Chupacabra (or do you?) but this urban myth sure adds a certain mystique to your new city.

7. Be a Part of Vibrant Festivals

Carrollton is known for its warm community and festive spirit. There's the annual Festival at the Switchyard with live music, fun games, and loads of food. Not to forget, the Carrollton Summer Concert Series, where you can groove on local and international beats all summer long.

While Carrollton offers an array of experiences, these 7 things will help you warm up to the city's atmosphere and connect with its heart. Whether you're outdoorsy, a history buff, or someone who loves to have a good time, Carrollton is sure to win you over. After all, there's nothing quite like experiencing the magic of a place and becoming a part of its story. Welcome home!

Things to do in Carrollton, TX?

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