Moving to Beaumont

Are you considering a move to the Lone Star State? Allow us to introduce Beaumont, Texas -- the east Texas charm that combines the alluring simplicity of small-town living with the dynamic energy of metropolitan growth. Intriguing history, captivating parks, and engaging entertainment venues make Beaumont a delightful relocation destination. This comprehensive relocation guide makes your decision-making as easy as a Texas breeze. Get ready for a fascinating glimpse into what life in Beaumont looks like as we explore its neighborhoods, markets, schools, and more. Welcome to your Beaumont, TX -- departure point to the rest of your life.

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What to Know Before Moving to Beaumont

1. There's a Lot More Than Oil Here

Beaumont, Texas, might be known for oil, but that's not all it has to offer. From diverse cultural events to the peaceful tranquillity of the city's botanical gardens, Beaumont offers a mix that balances the hustle and bustle of city life with a touch of nature. Not to mention the city's rich history to explore, with Thomas Edison's influence still detectable within its borders.

2. Southern Comfort Food Awaits

If you're a fan of southern comfort food, Beaumont will be a veritable paradise for you. Dive into some mouthwatering gumbo or chow down on some authentic Texas-style barbecue to discover the wealth of flavors Beaumont has to offer. Don't forget to try the boudin, a local sausage that's a common cuisine fixture in this part of Texas.

3. Life is a Festival

Beaumonsters (yes, that's what they're called) love to party. The festival season never really ends here. From the Beaumont Blues Festival to the South Texas State Fair, there's always something festive in the pipeline. These gatherings provide endless opportunities to interact with the locals, sample local fares, and soak in the vibrant culture of the city.

4. The Humidity Can Be a Bit High

Prepare yourself for humidity. Lots and lots of humidity. Beaumont is known for its hot and humid summers, which can take newcomers by surprise. Make sure your AC is in good working order and don't forget to hydrate often!

5. This City's Got Spirit and It's Got Beer Too!

This one might be a bit unexpected, but Beaumont has a thriving craft beer scene. And by thriving, we mean you can spend your weekends hopping from one brewpub to another tasting some of the best craft beers in Texas. From the Neches Brewing Company to the Pour Brothers Brewery, the city does not disappoint those who appreciate a well-pulled pint.

6. Spindletop Is a Must-Visit Historical Site

Lastly, your Beaumont journey would not be complete without paying a visit to Spindletop. As the birthplace of the Texas Oil Boom, it's one of the most significant historical sites in the area with museums and an oil derrick that helps you relive the day the world saw its first blowout on January 10, 1901. Spindletop captures an integral part of Beaumont's--in fact, the world's--economic and cultural history, and it promises an enriching experience for history buffs and casual visitors alike.

In conclusion, moving to Beaumont, Texas, is like embarking on a journey filled with Southern charm, historical significance, delicious food, and of course, a friendly community. Remember this list, and you'll be well-equipped to make the most out of your exciting new life in Beaumont!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Beaumont

Pros of Living in Beaumont

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Beaumont, TX, is said to be lower than the national average, which is a significant attraction for individuals or families seeking for a more affordable place to live. This includes everything from groceries to healthcare, as well as housing.

Cultural Exposure

Beaumont presents a rich blend of culture, history, and nature. The city has several museums, theaters, historic houses, and outdoor attractions like the Beaumont Botanical Gardens, guaranteed to keep residents entertained and cultured.

Job Opportunities

Beaumont has a strong economy with a diversity of industries including petroleum, healthcare, and education providing plenty of job opportunities. Large companies like Exxon Mobile and healthcare facilities like the Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas offer employment options across a range of sectors.

Outdoor Activities

The city offers a range of recreational outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing and hiking thanks to its parks, lakes, and rivers. Birdwatching is even possible at the Cattail Marsh, a popular spot for nature enthusiasts.


The city has a variety of quality education facilities, from pre-school right up to tertiary education. Notably, Beaumont is home to the Lamar University, which offers more than 100 programs of study in the most dynamic career fields.

Cons of Living in Beaumont


Beaumont experiences a subtropical humid climate meaning it has hot, humid summers and mild winters. This might not be appealing to everyone, particularly those not accustomed to such sticky and hot weather.

Natural Disasters

The location of Beaumont makes it susceptible to various natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding. It's important to weigh the potential risks and consider the need for disaster insurance before moving.


Public transportation in Beaumont can be somewhat lacking. While they do have a bus system, service isn't widely distributed, which can make movement hard for those without their own transportation.

Slow Pace of Life

While some people may enjoy the slower pace of life in Beaumont, others may find it too slow or quiet, especially if they're more accustomed to the hustle and bustle of a big city.

High Crime Rate

According to various crime statistics, Beaumont does have a higher crime rate compared to other cities of similar size. Prospective residents should consider level of safety and crime when deciding to move to this location.

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Is Beaumont a Good Place to Live?

Beaumont, TX is a great place to live because of its year-round warm climate and low cost of living. Furthermore, it offers a rich history and unique culture with plenty of outdoor activities due to its location near the Gulf- a fantastic place for seafood lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Its community-oriented atmosphere and southern charm make Beaumont, TX a truly charming place to call home.

What Is Beaumont Famous For?

Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum

This unique museum commemorates the birth of the modern petroleum industry. In 1901, a big oil discovery at the Spindletop Hill revolutionized the industry and this museum recreates the era with a collection of fifteen replica buildings filled with artifacts. Burst of excitement guaranteed! You can check more info about the Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum here.

Fire Museum of Texas

Did you know kids can slide down a fire pole at the Fire Museum of Texas? Yes, you heard it right! It has a two-story fire station, and it's home to a large number of exhibits witnessing fire service history and educating about fire safety. Plus, they have the world's largest working fire hydrant outside!

The Beaumont Botanical Gardens

The Beaumont Botanical Gardens is a flora paradise. l Spread across 23.5 acres, it's home to a diverse collection of plant species in themed areas. Call a day-off, stroll around the Warren Loose conservatory, and indulge your senses in the beauty of nature. It's mesmerizing! Learn more about Beaumont Botanical Gardens here.

Gator Country Adventure Park

Get ready for some wild adventure at Gator Country Adventure Park! With over 450 American Alligators, crocodiles, and other reptiles, it offers up close and personal encounters. Become one of the courageous souls and hold a baby alligator or stand next to Big Al, a gator measuring over 13 feet long!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, residents of Beaumont, TX have a property tax rate of around 2.11%, which is significantly higher than the national average property tax rate of 1.07%. This makes Beaumont one of the cities with the highest property tax rates in Texas, and indeed the whole of the US.

Sales Tax

The current total local sales tax rate in Beaumont, TX is 8.25% as of 2023. This tax rate is equivalent to the average sales tax rate in the state of Texas and is considerably higher compared to the US median sales tax rate of 7.12%.

Income Tax

Beaumont, like the rest of Texas, does not levy any state income tax on its residents as of 2023. This is quite favourable compared to the national median state income tax rate, which is approximately 4.6%, and therefore attracts many professionals and families to the state.

Housing Market

The Beaumont, TX housing market offers a cost-effective option for both renters and buyers, compared to the national average. As of 2021, the median home value in Beaumont is about $123,000, significantly lower than the US median of $281,370. Rent averages around $858 per month, also below the US average of $1,062. Despite lower costs, Beaumont boasts stable year-over-year growth in home values, proving its market viability. However, prospective buyers should note Texas's generally higher property tax rates.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Beaumont, Texas is considerably lower than in many other US cities. A significant factor contributing to this is affordable housing, with median home prices well below the national average. Additionally, costs for healthcare and utilities are also relatively low. This makes Beaumont an attractive option for individuals and families seeking a more economical standard of living without sacrificing the amenities of a city. However, it's important to note that these costs can fluctuate based on economic factors, and individuals should look at their own financial positions when considering relocation.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Beaumont, TX, enjoys a humid subtropical climate characterized by hot, humid summers with high temperatures often exceeding 90degF, and mild to cool winters with low temperatures averaging in the 40s. Rainfall is plentiful throughout the year, making Beaumont one of the wettest locations in Texas, with thunderstorms being a common occurrence. It's not unusual for the city to receive occasional tornadoes, although severe ones are less common. Additionally, due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Beaumont is prone to tropical cyclones and hurricanes, a serious natural disaster risk. These hurricanes and cyclones not only bring destructive winds and deadly surge, but also heavy, often catastrophic rainfall, causing significant flooding. Despite these challenges, Beaumont displays an inherent resilience, weathering even the harshest of storms.

Typical weather in Beaumont, TX

Economy & Job Market

Petrochemical and refining





Historically, Beaumont, TX, has been dominated by the petrochemical and refining industry. The city is home to some of the largest oil refineries in the United States, contributing significantly to not just the local, but also to the national economy. Apart from this, in recent years, Beaumont's economic profile has notably diversified. Today, it also heavily features healthcare, education, government, and construction as part of its industrial mix. On any given day, you could be working side-by-side with seasoned oil rig workers, enthusiastic educators, committed healthcare professionals, or diligent construction crews, leading to a truly unique and engaging work environment!

If you're planning a move to Beaumont, there's fantastic news for job seekers. The city has a lower unemployment rate than the national average and its job market increases by 1.8% each year. On top of that, in the next decade, the future job growth is predicted to be 35.8%, outpacing the US average of 33.5%. So dust off that resume and start applying! Reaching out to the largest employers like ExxonMobil, Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital, and the Beaumont Independent School District could be a great way to start your job hunt. Meanwhile, skilled tradespeople are in high demand in the construction field. So, whether you're an academic, a healthcare professional, a veteran oil worker or a bona fide fix-it wizard, Beaumont's economy is ripe with opportunities just waiting for the right candidates.

Traffic and Transportation

Beaumont, TX, city of oil discoveries and pioneer spirit, is also a surprisingly smooth city for commuters! On average, our Beaumont brethren can expect their daily commute to be a swift 20-minute ride, faster than the US average. Whether navigating the Neches or trailblazing on the highway, there's always an efficient route.

An adventurous soul hankering for freedom can hop on the Beaumont Municipal Transit for a public ride. This fleet of funky buses routinely scroll popular routes, waiting for eager passengers to board for a new journey. If you're travelling further afield, the adventure continues at Jack Brooks Regional Airport. It's Beaumont's hidden gem for air travelers; a streamlined, stress-free experience that leaves those big city airports in the dust! So, are you ready to explore Beaumont in a whole new way?

What is the traffic like in Beaumont, TX?

Best Neighborhoods in Beaumont

1. West End

Known as Beaumont's golden nugget, West End sits tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The vibe here is warm, friendly, and leisurely. The West End boasts impressive green spaces such as the Cattail Marsh Scenic Wetlands & Boardwalk and Beaumont Botanical Gardens. In addition, the neighborhood showcases a range of dining options from charming local cafes to refined established restaurants. Rain or shine, West End proudly hosts a variety of annual street fairs and music festivals as well.

2. Calder Place

With its tree-lined avenues and beautifully preserved vintage homes, Calder Place offers a picturesque vision of Beaumont. Here, you'll find a sense of tight-knit community with a laid back pace of life. Calder Place hosts intriguing art festivals and open-air markets throughout the year, offering families and singles alike with delightful diversions. Also, for those who prize education and culture, the neighborhood is in close proximity to the Art Museum of Southeast Texas and the Beaumont Children's Museum .

3. Old Town

Charming and full of character, Old Town stands as Beaumont's historical heart. Here you'll find beautifully restored heritage homes, color-splashed murals and a rich blend of architectural styles. The vibe is artsy, vibrant and inclusive, making it a hot spot for creatives and culture enthusiasts. Quaint coffee shops, eclectic antique stores, and hip boutiques line the streets, providing plenty of local flavor. Plus, you're never far away from live music and performance art, often hosted at the historic Jefferson Theatre.

4. Dowlen

Luscious greenery, peaceful landscapes, and inviting homes accentuate the affluent neighborhood of Dowlen. Its manicured lawns and quiet, cozy ambiance make it an ideal spot for families and those seeking a slower pace of life. With top-rated schools, lovely parks and family-friendly activities readily available, Dowlen is loved for its combination of tranquility and convenience. The neighborhood also features some high-end restaurants, offering residents plenty of quality dining options.

5. South Park

Carrying a dynamic blend of urban living and serene landscapes, South Park is a hidden gem in Beaumont. The neighborhood is packed with recreational parks like Rogers and Magnolia, promoting an active lifestyle. Homes here are diverse in style, from mid-century modern to ranch-style homes. South Park fosters a fun-loving culture, hosting many sports events and family festivals throughout the year. Additionally, the neighborhood's shopping district along College Street offers amazing possibilities thus, keeping things exciting for those residing in this lively nook of Beaumont.

And there you have it, five fantastic 'hoods in the wonderful city of Beaumont, TX. Each with its own unique charm, these neighborhoods remain sure to offer you a sense of belonging and a place to call home. Whether you're a lover of history and culture, tranquility, or urban vibrancy, Beaumont has a spot for you. Happy house hunting!

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Things to Do

Beaumont, Texas, the city known for oil, history, and natural beauty, is brimming with attractions. You won't sit idle in this town that beautifully combines southern hospitality, vibrant cowboy culture, and a rich historical past. Whether you're a Beaumont veteran or a brand-new resident, there's always something new and exciting to explore. Let's dive into the top seven things to do in Beaumont, TX.

1. Explore the Beaumont Botanical Gardens

Take a breath of fresh air amidst Mother Nature at the Beaumont Botanical Gardens. Here you can witness an array of beautiful plants and flowers from around the world. The Warren Loose Conservatory is the second-largest of its kind in Texas, and houses tropical rainforest plants, orchids, and bromeliads. A stroll through the gardens is an excellent way to start your day in Beaumont.

2. Visit the Spindletop Gladys City Boomtown Museum

Step back in time at the Spindletop Gladys City Boomtown Museum. This museum captures Beaumont's emergence as an oil town in the early 1900s. While here, you can explore the oil field equipment, reconstructed buildings, vintage vehicles, and other artifacts from the period.

3. Delve into Gator Country

Reveal your adventurous side at Gator Country where you can experience what it's like to wrangle a live alligator! Home to over 450 American alligators, crocodiles, and various reptiles, Gator Country offers a real, wildlife adventure. Be brave and try the "Big Al Experience", holding the 14-feet long, 1,000 pound beast in your hands!

4. Revel in the Art Museum of Southeast Texas

Experience an artistic rush as you explore an extensive collection of regional and contemporary art. The Art Museum of Southeast Texas hosts numerous exhibits throughout the year, interweaving painting, photography, sculpture, and folk art. Art lovers would surely find this eye-opening adventure worthwhile.

5. Discover Beaumont's Hidden Gems--The Underground Skate Park

Adrenaline junkies, here's one of Beaumont's best-kept secrets--the one and only indoor skate park in Southeast Texas! Whether you're a skateboard pro or a beginner, the Warehouse Skateboards Park has a place for you. It's an exceptional place to stay active while having a blast.

6. Chow Down on Cowboy-style steak at Willy Burger

Foodies out there, you should not miss having a cowboy-style steak at Willy Burger. Known for its vintage look and incredible burgers, this restaurant is a must-visit for everyone satisfying their palate in Beaumont.

7. Roam Around on the "Cattail Marsh" Trail

Another hidden gem, the "Cattail Marsh" trail spanning 900 acres is nestled within Tyrrell Park. With 8 miles of trails, you can enjoy birdwatching, cycling, jogging, or simply watching the day go by against a beautiful backdrop of scenic wetlands.

In conclusion, Beaumont, Texas, holds a myriad of exceptional experiences that are sure to make your time in the city unforgettable. From exploring beautiful botanical gardens and getting a taste of history, immersing yourself in contemporary art, savoring cowboy-style meals at Willy Burger, to embarking on thrilling adventures with alligators at Gator Country and hidden skate parks at Warehouse Skateboards Park--you'll be realizing soon enough, just how charm-packed Beaumont truly is. So get those boots moving and start ticking off this list!

Things to do in Beaumont, TX?

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