Moving to Arlington

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey as you consider relocating to Arlington, TX. Nestled playfully between Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington is more than just a stepping stone; it's a melting pot of unique culture, invigorating adventure, and unrivaled Southern charm. Envisage a city where weekdays are filled with thriving business activity, and weekends echo with the roars from a passionate sports crowd. Allow this comprehensive Arlington relocation guide to serve as your compass, guiding you through everything you need to know about this captivating city.

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What to Know Before Moving to Arlington

1. Get Ready to Join a Sports-crazed Community

If you are moving to Arlington, you'd better start brushing up on your sports trivia! Known for being home to the NFL's Dallas Cowboys and MLB's Texas Rangers, sports are a big deal here. From catching a game at the Globe Life Park or AT&T Stadium, joining an adult amateur softball league or attending a high school football game, sports are a significant part of the local culture. No worries if you're not into sports yet, Arlington will have you cheering on the home team in no time!

2. Taste the Mouthwatering Tex-Mex Cuisine

Get your taste buds ready, because one of Arlington's biggest delights is its fabulous Tex-Mex food! Moving here means you join a community of die-hard Tex-Mex lovers. From sizzling fajitas, tantalizing tacos, to chile con carne - you're about to embark on a culinary adventure that's truly one of a kind. And don't get me started on those frozen margaritas!

3. Embrace the Bountiful Outdoor Activities

Arlington isn't all about sports and food, it's also home to a vast range of outdoor activities. The city boasts numerous parks, walking trails and Lake Arlington for boating and picnicking. The River Legacy Park, a 1,300-acre urban oasis, offers trails for hiking and biking, picnic spots, a science center, and even a paddling trail. So, grab those running shoes and get ready to explore Arlington's green spaces.

4. Rich Culture and Arts Scene-

Surprise! Arlington isn't all Cowboy hats and hot sauce. This vibrant city is a hub for culture and arts. It hosts a lively music scene with performances ranging from country, rock, and jazz. In Downtown Arlington, you'll find Theatre Arlington, one of the largest community theatres in the nation. Art lovers can also enjoy a visit to the Arlington Museum of Art. So go on, feed your cultured side in Arlington.

5. Home to the Largest Bowling Alley

Here's a unique tidbit that might surprise you: Arlington is home to the International Bowling Campus which houses the United States Bowling Congress, the Bowling Proprietors Association of America and the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. It also features the "world's largest" bowling pin standing at 17 feet tall. Who's to say that you won't be the next bowling superstar?

6. It's a College Town, Too

Last but not the least, Arlington houses the world-class University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). UTA has a strong influence on the city's culture and demographic, making it a vibrant and diverse college town. From lively on-campus events and concerts, to a buzzing nightlife with unique pubs and bars, youthful energy is palpable.

In conclusion, Arlington has so much to offer: rich sports culture, delectable Tex-Mex cuisine, lively outdoor activities, a thriving arts scene, hidden gems like the world's largest bowling alley, and the charm of a modern college town. Every day is a new adventure in Arlington. From the sounds of cheering fans at a Cowboys game, taste of refreshing margaritas, to sights of vast green parks, welcome to your new hometown, Arlington, Texas!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Arlington

Pros of Living in Arlington

Outstanding Recreational Opportunities

Arlington, TX, is home to some of the most popular attractions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Six Flags Over Texas and AT&T Stadium - home to the Dallas Cowboys. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or enjoy family entertainment, there's no shortage of fun activities to enjoy.

Excellent Educational Opportunities

The city is home to the University of Texas at Arlington, providing strong education opportunities, and Arlington's public schools are recognized for their quality. This makes it a great location for families and those pursuing higher education.

Strong Economy

Arlington has a thriving economy with many employment opportunities in diverse industries. Major employers in the area include General Motors, Texas Health Resources, and the University of Texas at Arlington.

Great Location

Strategically located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington residents have easy access to resources and attractions in both major cities. Its central location means shorter commutes and ample opportunities for city exploration.

Friendly Community

Known for its southern charm and hospitality, Arlington has a friendly and welcoming community. People moving to Arlington often find it easy to settle in and become part of the community.

Cons of Living in Arlington

Hot Summers

Arlington experiences hot temperatures during summer, which can go above 100 degrees. If you are uncomfortable in high heat, this could be a factor to consider.


Like many thriving cities, Arlington can have heavy traffic, especially during peak hours. This can increase commute times and requires residents to plan their journeys accordingly.

Lack Natural Beauty

While Arlington has many attractions, it's not known for its natural beauty. If you prefer living near mountains, beaches, or lush green spaces, you may find Arlington's urban focus lacking.

High Property Taxes

One downside of living in Arlington is the relatively high property taxes. This is something to consider if you are planning on buying a house in the city. However, this doesn't affect you if you decide to rent a home.

Lack of Public Transportation

The public transportation system in Arlington isn't as comprehensive as in other cities. This means residents often rely on cars for commuting, which might be an inconvenience if you prefer public transport.

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Is Arlington a Good Place to Live?

Arlington, TX is a great place to live because it boasts a lively sports scene, enjoyable recreational areas, and top-notch educational institutions. It houses the world-famous AT&T Stadium for football fanatics, while nature lovers can rest easy with the tranquil River Legacy Park. Furthermore, residents get to benefit from the educational opportunities offered by the renowned University of Texas at Arlington. With a family-friendly environment and diverse food culture, it is certainly a fantastic place to call home!

What Is Arlington Famous For?

Arlington's Thrilling Amusement Parks

Home to two major amusement destinations - Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Arlington entices tourists with its intense thrill rides and refreshing water slides. These parks create an exciting environment for all ages, offering a fantastic mix of adrenaline, entertainment, and family-friendly fun.

The Heart of American Sports

Arlington is the place to be for die-hard sports fans. The city houses the AT&T Stadium, a massive marvel of engineering where the Dallas Cowboys NFL team plays, as well as the Globe Life Field - the home base of the Texas Rangers baseball team. These iconic sporting arenas organize numerous thrilling games and unforgettable concerts throughout the year.

The Inspiration to Vehicle Enthusiasts - The General Motors Assembly Plant

A haven for auto buffs, the General Motors Assembly Plant in Arlington is renowned for its pivotal role in the American auto industry. The plant - one of the most productive General Motors locations globally, is known for assembling automobiles such as the Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon, and more.

Exquisite Downtown Art Scene

As the creative soul of Texas, Arlington showcases an impressive expression of art in its downtown area. From intriguing murals and sculptures to a multitude of galleries and live performance venues - the city has carved itself a niche for leading an incredibly vibrant, accessible, and inclusive art scene. Check out the University of Texas at Arlington downtown campus for information on exhibitions, performances, and other local artistic events.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in Arlington, TX, is 2.32%. This happens to be rather high when compared with the US average, which hovers somewhere around 1.07% of a property's assessed fair market value.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Arlington currently stands at 8.25% as of 2023. This figure is slightly higher than the US average of around 7.12%. It's important to note that this rate applies to most retail purchases within city limits.

Income Tax

Texas, including Arlington, does not charge residents an income tax. This is markedly different from the rest of the U.S., where the average state income tax rate is approximately 4.6%.

Housing Market

In comparison to other U.S cities, the housing market in Arlington, TX offers enticing affordability. With a median house value of $220,200, which is lower than the national average, homeownership becomes achievable. The majority of homes fall within the $126,000-$252,000 price range, making the market accessible for first-time homebuyers. For renters, the average monthly cost is $1,096. While the rental prices have witnessed a 3% increase over the past year, they are still significantly below the nation's mean. These traits make Arlington, TX, a compelling option for both renters and buyers seeking optimal value.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Arlington, TX currently trends below the national average, making it more affordable than many U.S. cities. Housing costs are the biggest contributor to this variance, with median home prices lower than the national median. However, healthcare costs are slightly higher than the national average. Compared to nearby Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington offers a similar cost profile, with slightly lower housing costs. Overall, Arlington's lower-than-average cost of living, balanced with its economic opportunities and amenities, make it an attractive option for many individuals and families.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Arlington, Texas, enjoys a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. Average high temperatures in the summer months reach the low to mid-90s Fahrenheit, while winter temperatures typically range from the mid-30s to the mid-60s. Precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year, with May being the wettest month. The city is located in the Tornado Alley and thus faces the risk of severe weather and tornadoes, particularly in spring and summer. Occasionally, hail storms and flooding may also occur. Despite these challenges, Arlington's climate generally affords plenty of sunny days and mild winters, much to the pleasure of its residents and visitors.

Typical weather in Arlington, TX

Economy & Job Market

* Tourism and Hospitality

* Healthcare and Life Sciences

* Manufacturing

* Education

* Retail and Dining

Ever wanted to time travel to explore the economic past and present of Arlington, Texas? Well, hold onto your Stetsons because you're in for a ride! Historically, Arlington was all about agriculture, but as the city has grown and advanced, the economy has evolved quite dramatically. Today, the city is a booming and diverse economic hub. We've got everything from tourism and hospitality (thanks to top national attractions like the Texas Rangers' Globe Life Park and the Dallas Cowboys' AT&T Stadium), to healthcare and life sciences. We even have a strong presence of manufacturing industries. And let's not forget about education, supported by the presence of the University of Texas at Arlington. Last but not least, there's the retail and dining industry serving the city's growing population and tourists alike.

If you're planning to pack your bags and mosey on down to Arlington, keep this in mind: you're heading towards an economically vibrant city with a low unemployment rate to boot. The employment rate, in fact, typically lingers below the national average. Talk about job opportunities galore! Looking for work in healthcare? Try the Texas Health Resources. If education is your arena, the Arlington Independent School District is one of the top employers. And what about you manufacturing buffs? Apply at General Motors Arlington Assembly or Vought Aircraft Industries. Now, tighten your bow tie, put on your cowboy boots, and get ready to dive into a wealth of career opportunities in Arlington, Texas. Yee-haw!

Traffic and Transportation

Good-Bob, So you want to talk about traffic and transportation in Arlington, TX? Traffic? What's that? Just kidding, folks! We all know Arlington is no stranger to traffic - after all, we're nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth! The average commute time here is around 25 minutes, a smidge lower than the national average. Now, heads-up, Arlington is a little shy on the public transportation scene. But hey, we're home to the experimental self-driving shuttle service, Milo. Isn't that futuristic?For longer trips - the ones that take you up, up and away from our charming traffic - DFW International Airport is just a quick hop, skip, and a jump away. So, hang on to your cowboy hats, and let's enjoy the ride on this wild-west Texas transit frontier!

What is the traffic like in Arlington, TX?

Best Neighborhoods in Arlington

1. Pantego

If you love the balance of small-town charm and city accessibility, Pantego is your slice of heaven. This cozy neighborhood features peaceful residential streets, numerous parks, and a tight-knit community that regularly hosts exciting events like food festivals and art fairs. Foodies will be delighted with the selection of eateries, ranging from delicious BBQ joints to delectable bakeries. Plus, with its central location, you're a stone's throw away from the hustle and bustle of larger Arlington areas.

2. Dalworthington Gardens

For those who appreciate a slice of history with their hometown, Dalworthington Gardens is the perfect pick! It maintains a dedicated Historical Committee due to its fascinating origins as a "model colony" during the Great Depression. Today, this serene neighborhood shines with a bounty of beautiful homes, lush gardens and its show-stopper-- Pappy Elkins Park, the quintessential spot for family picnics and serene strolls. For lovers of tranquility and the great outdoors, this neighborhood is a stunning choice and offers an appealing contrast to Arlington's lively urban environment.

3. West Arlington

West Arlington fuses vibrant suburban living with enviable closeness to nature. Lake Arlington anchors this neighborhood, offering residents activities from sailing and fishing to picturesque hiking and biking trails around the lake's perimeter. For sports enthusiasts, the neighborhood is home to a multitude of sporting complexes and parks where you can lose yourself in the thrills of community sports. And with its variety of shopping and dining options, you can spend your free time exploring new flavors and local stores without venturing far from home.

4. Southwest Arlington

If you're a sports fan moving to the city of Arlington, you might just want to call Southwest Arlington home. This neighborhood is a home run with the Texas Rangers' Globe Life Park and the Dallas Cowboys' AT&T Stadium anchoring the area. Beyond sports, Southwest Arlington boasts a swath of entertainment options including the thrilling rides of Six Flags Over Texas and the immersive underwater experiences of the SEA LIFE Aquarium. Safe streets and excellent schools also make this an inviting neighborhood for families.

5. Entertainment District

No, that's not a misprint! There's a neighborhood in Arlington known as the Entertainment District, and it lives up to its name. Nestled between Six Flags Over Texas and AT&T Stadium, this vibrant neighborhood keeps your social calendar full year-round. From thrilling theme parks to pro sports, music concerts and shopping, there's always something happening here. Plus, with mouthwatering eateries and cocktail bars along every street, your culinary journey will be just as exciting as the neighborhood's events.

Whether you love slow-paced living, are steeped in sports fandom or a lover of all things fun-loving and exciting, Arlington has a neighborhood that fits the bill. So go ahead, explore these neighborhoods and enjoy the thrill of picking your new home. One certainty, no matter where you pick, you're bound to make memories worth cherishing forever in Arlington.

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Things to Do

Are you planning to move to Arlington, Texas, or have you just arrived? This lively, cozy metropolis is jam-packed with thrilling attractions and hidden gems just waiting to be explored. Let's dig into some of the finest, some famous, others lesser-known, spectacles that A-Town (as locals like to call it) has to offer. So, ready, set, explore!

1. Adventure World at Six Flags Over Texas

No mention of Arlington is complete without a shout out to Six Flags Over Texas. This beloved theme park is the perfect place to twist, turn, and spin your day away on a dizzying array of rides and roller coasters. Don't forget to check out the Adventure world - an interactive children's area, which is criminally underrated but countless fun-bags crammed into one.

2. Delve into History at Knapp Heritage Park

Time travel to see the humble beginnings of Arlington at Knapp Heritage Park. Nestled downtown, this slice of history offers visages of the initial log cabins, schoolhouse, and even a blacksmith shop that characterized Arlington's early days. This unassuming treasure is often overlooked, but well worth the detour.

3. Lose Yourself in The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame

Yes, you read it right! Arlington is home to a museum that offers a one-of-a-kind journey through the history of bowling. The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame boasts everything from retro bowling kitsch to interactive exhibits. It's undoubtedly a unique excursion!

4. Go for a Spin at the Arlington Skatium

Lace up your inline skates or classic quads, and hit the rink at Arlington Skatium for some fun-filled, energizing skate time. Whether you're an experienced roller or a floundering first-timer, this rink offers joyous hours of leisurely, active entertainment.

5. Immerse in the Visual Spectacle of Arlington Museum of Art

Art connoisseur or not, visiting the Arlington Museum of Art is an absolute must. Besides stunning exhibitions from established and emerging artists, the museum also hosts teen art camps, mural painting projects, and special educational programs.

6. Trek the River Legacy Parks

If you're a nature lover, the 1,300 acres of River Legacy Parks should be at the top of your list. This lush paradise offers trails for biking, hiking and bird spotting. The lesser-known but equally amazing Living Science Center within the park hosts a variety of environmental education programs for kids and adults alike.

7. Be a Part of Festivals at Levitt Pavilion

For free outdoor concerts and festivals, Levitt Pavilion is the place to be. From pop and rock to country and jazz, this vibrant music hub offers something for everyone. It's the perfect spot to unwind with a picnic as you immerse yourself in live music under the starlit Texas sky.

In conclusion, moving to Arlington, Texas grants you a golden ticket to enjoy a delightful blend of thrilling amusement parks, unique museums, natural beauty, culture, wholesome family fun, and quiet historical corners. So dive in, and let Arlington show you a good time!

Things to do in Arlington, TX?

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