Moving to Murfreesboro

Imagine a place where Southern charm meets a vibrant, growing city--welcome to Murfreesboro, Tennessee! This charming city nestled in the heart of Tennessee is a captivating blend of historic heritage and a lively, modern scene. Murfreesboro, fondly known as 'The 'Boro', is recognized for its top-notch schools, booming economy, and a warm sense of community. Our comprehensive guide is designed to help you navigate your move to this dynamic city and transition effortlessly. Ready to have a blast exploring your new hometown? Let's dive into uncovering the charm of Murfreesboro!

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What to Know Before Moving to Murfreesboro

1. Small Town Vibe with Big City Perks

While Murfreesboro, TN may not be as well-known as its neighbor, Nashville, it doesn't mean it is any less charming! This lovely city strikes the perfect balance between small-town tranquility and big-city amenities. Growing steadily over the past decades, Murfreesboro still manages to maintain a warm, community-oriented environment while offering easy access to a variety of shopping, dining, and recreational options. Plus, Nashville's bustling hub is just about a 40-minute drive away, letting you experience the city buzz whenever you feel like it!

2. College Town Vibes

Home to the Middle Tennessee State University, the largest undergrad university in the state, Murfreesboro thrives with youthful energy. Sports enthusiasts can catch entertaining college games, while culture vultures can explore a vibrant arts scene. The university also contributes significantly to the town's economic health, providing a robust job market and fostering innovative business ventures.

3. Amazing Parks and Recreation

In the mood for some outdoor fun? Murfreesboro has you covered! There are a whopping 23 greenways and parks here, including the fabulous Barfield Crescent Park. Want to engross yourself in nature? The Wilderness Station offers a myriad of nature programs and boasts an array of wildlife. For history buffs, there's the Stones River National Battlefield that commemorates a major Civil War battle.

4. Education is Big Here

A standout feature of this city is its commitment to quality education. Aside from the excellent MTSU programs, the town is served by a highly regarded public school system, including nationally recognized Central Magnet School. Additionally, there are various private and alternative schools available, ensuring that every family can find a perfect educational fit for their children.

5. The Traffic is (Probably) Lighter Than You Are Used To

This may not be widely known - but traffic in Murfreesboro is generally blissfully light! While it has its peak hours like any city, residents usually enjoy quick and easy commutes. It's a refreshing change from the crazy hustle and bustle of larger cities, and another testament to its allure of being a small town with big-city advantages. This however does not mean that it lacks in public transportation - quite the contrary, it offers various green, economical, and efficient transport options.

6. Murfreesboro Has Its Own Local TV Station

Definitely a less-known fact - but oh so usually appreciated by people after they move in. The City TV department operates the CityTV channel, broadcasting City Council and other city meetings - connecting residents to local happenings and getting a real sense of the community spirit. It also offers the latest city news and high-quality documentaries about Murfreesboro's history and life.

Whether you're looking for a vibrant college town, a place with exceptional education, an active outdoors community, mild traffic, or a strong local identity, Murfreesboro, TN has something for everyone. So pack up, move in, and get ready to fall in love with your new home in this fantastic Tennessee gem!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Murfreesboro

Pros of Living in Murfreesboro

Proximity to Nashville

Murfreesboro is located just about 34.4 miles southeast of Nashville, making it quite convenient for people to enjoy the city life while still residing in a peaceful small town. This close proximity provides easy access to major amenities such as professional sports events, art centers, concerts, and a wider range of dining and entertainment options available in Nashville.

Quality Education

Murfreesboro is home to the Middle Tennessee State University, which is the largest undergraduate university in the state of Tennessee. The city's public schools are part of Rutherford County School District, known for its impressive graduation rate and quality programs, making it an ideal destination for families with children prioritizing education.

Rich Historical Significance

Murfreesboro oozes with history. It was Tennessee's capital from 1819 to 1825 and has several historical sites like the Stones River National Battlefield and Oaklands Historic House Museum. These sites make the city an interesting place for history enthusiasts and those who appreciate a city with a robust historical background.

Affordable Cost of Living

On average, the cost of living in Murfreesboro tends to be lower than both state and national averages, considering factors like housing, groceries, and healthcare. This makes it an attractive city for people looking for reasonable living costs without sacrificing on the quality of life.

Great Outdoor Spaces

Murfreesboro offers many outdoor recreational spaces including parks, greenways, and sports facilities. Barfield Crescent Park and Old Fort Park are just some examples of some beautiful parks you can enjoy. These open spaces make the city ideal for those who appreciate outdoor activities and nature.

Cons of Living in Murfreesboro

Traffic and Commute Times

As Murfreesboro has grown, so has the issue of traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours. Proximity to Nashville also means more residents commuting daily, hence higher commute times, which may be a frustrating experience for some.

Rapid Population Growth

Murfreesboro has seen a significant influx of people over the last few years, leading to rapid population growth which might lead to overcrowding and increased competition for resources and job opportunities.

Lack of Public Transportation

Public transportation in Murfreesboro is limited. Most residents rely on private vehicles for their day-to-day commuting needs. This could be a deterrent for people who are reliant on public transport, or those seeking to reduce their reliance on private cars for environmental reasons.

Hot, Humid Summers

While some people might enjoy the hot summer climate, in Murfreesboro, it can get particularly hot and humid during peak summer months. This may not be preferable to people who enjoy cooler climates or are sensitive to high temperatures.

Limited Nightlife

Nightlife in Murfreesboro is more low-key when compared to larger cities like Nashville. While there are some bars and music venues, the options are relatively limited. For those who enjoy a bustling nightlife scene, this might be a drawback.

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Is Murfreesboro a Good Place to Live?

Murfreesboro, TN is a great place to live because of its friendly community, affordable living, and rich history including the famous Civil War site, Stones River Battlefield. This booming Tennessee city also offers excellent schools, a variety of dining options, shopping, and outdoor recreational opportunities, making it a comfortable and enjoyable place to call home. So pack your bag, Murfreesboro awaits!

What Is Murfreesboro Famous For?


Home to Middle Tennessee State University

Murfreesboro is proud to host Middle Tennessee State University, the largest undergraduate university in the state of Tennessee. Known for its incomparable educational programs and vibrant campus life, MTSU is a hub for innovation and learning that attracts students from around the world.

The Stones River National Battlefield

The Stones River National Battlefield, a key site from the American Civil War, is right in the heart of the city. It offers visitors an accountable history lesson while strolling through its well-kept grounds. Plus, it's a great spot for picnics and peaceful reflection!

The Uncle Dave Macon Days Festival

As a nod to its cultural roots, Murfreesboro annually hosts the Uncle Dave Macon Days Festival, a vibrant music and dance festival that honors old-time music and dance. Each year, the festival illuminates the city with infectious rhythms, unforgettable performances, and authentic southern charm.

The Discovery Center at Murfree Spring

Positioned on a 25-acre wetland, The Discovery Center at Murfree Spring is a nature center, children's museum, and a space for community engagement. It provides a hands-on, feet-wet exploration of science, nature, and culture that engages children and adults alike. A perfect destination for family fun!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in Murfreesboro, TN is around $1.2894 per $100 of assessed value, which is comparatively lower than the national average. U.S median property tax rates usually go up to $2.0801 per $100 of valuation.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate for residents in Murfreesboro, TN is currently 9.75%, with a sales tax rate of 7% coming from the state and the remaining 2.75% coming from Rutherford county. This is relatively high in comparison with other U.S states, as the average combined sales tax rate for all states is estimated at 7.12%.

Income Tax

Tennessee is one of the few states in the U.S that do not have an income tax on salaries and wages. Therefore, residents of Murfreesboro, TN, have a 0% income tax rate, unlike the majority of the states which typically have a rate that ranges from 0% to over 9% depending on income brackets.

Housing Market

Murfreesboro's housing market offers competitive property values compared to the more costly markets across the U.S. The median home value in Murfreesboro is about $285,000, appreciating nearly 5% during the past year. Renters, meanwhile, can expect to pay around $1,488 monthly, relatively affordable compared to national figures. With an attractive mix of urban and suburban lifestyles, Murfreesboro offers various housing options, from single-family homes to downtown condos. It also boasts a thriving real estate environment, making it an excellent consideration for both prospective homeowners and real estate investors.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Murfreesboro, TN is generally lower than the national average and significantly lower than in other major cities. Housing, groceries and utilities are quite affordable, contributing to a favorable quality of life. A lower property tax rate and Tennessee's lack of a state income tax further reduce financial burdens. Although health care costs are slightly above average, the overall cost of living is appealing for both individuals and families. This affordability matched with the city's Southern charm and vibrant community make Murfreesboro a commendable place to live.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Murfreesboro, Tennessee enjoys a temperate climate with distinct seasons. Summers can be hot, with July's average high at around 90degF, while winter see lows averaging in the 30sdegF. The area experiences a significant amount of rainfall annually, even in its driest months, with an average of 51 inches per year. Spring is particularly notable for rain and thunderstorms. Combined with its geographical location in the southeastern United States, the city is susceptible to severe weather phenomena such as tornadoes, particularly in the spring and summer months. Despite occasional challenges by natural disasters, Murfreesboro's generally mild climate is one of its appealing aspects, offering inhabitants and visitors alike a chance to enjoy all four seasons throughout the year.

Typical weather in Murfreesboro, TN

Economy & Job Market

* Automobile Manufacturing

* Healthcare Facilities and Services

* Education and Research Institutions

* Retail

* Accommodation, Food Services, and Tourism

Lazing around the center of the Volunteer State is charming Murfreesboro, TN, with its economy churning and thriving as robustly as ever. Once pigeonholed as an agriculturally based town, its economy has diversified and matured over the years like fine wine. Nissan North America's production plant skipped and hopped to Murfreesboro back in the 80s, revving up the manufacturing sector. Healthcare followed suit, contributing significantly to the job market boogie with top employers like Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital. Education-wise, Middle Tennessee State University has more plots than a novel and likewise contributes to the local hubbub by employing a significant percentage of the local population. And of course, let's not forget the glitzy sectors of retail, hospitality, and food services, sparked by steady local and tourist traffic.

Now, what if you're planning on joining the Murfreesboro melange? Here's what you need to know - the city shows off an unemployment rate lower than the national average, a delightful testament to its flourishing job market. Top areas to flash those job hunt superpowers are sectors with steady job growth like healthcare and manufacturing. Don't forget education, too, especially if you have a knack for shaping young minds. And if you've got the personality of a salesperson or a concierge, the retail and hospitality sectors might just welcome you with open arms. Just like a hummingbird at a feeder, there's always something to sip in Murfreesboro's diverse economy, and rest assured, there's a something for everyone on its vibrant job market stage.

Traffic and Transportation

Living in Murfreesboro, TN means you get to enjoy a stress-free, breezy commute! With an average commute time of just about 22 minutes, you get a lot more time to enjoy your morning coffee or listen to your favorite music! Plus, public transportation? We've got you covered! Rover - our friendly public transit system, shuttles happy commuters around key spots in our city all through the week. But if you ever want to stretch your wings and fly away, the Smyrna/Rutherford County Airport and the Nashville International Airport are just a hop, skip and jump away for your convenient air travel. Murfreesboro - where traveling to work is almost as fun as not going to work (almost!). Join us and add a whole lot more 'vroom' to your life!

What is the traffic like in Murfreesboro, TN?

Best Neighborhoods in Murfreesboro

1. Barfield

Begin your journey to settling in Murfreesboro by exploring the laid-back vibes of the Barfield neighborhood. Known for its lush green walking trails that wind through Children's Discovery Playhouse and Barfield Crescent Park, this area is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike. In the summertime, the community comes alive with the annual Barfield Bluegrass Bash! Despite its peaceful atmosphere, the area also boasts easy access to other thriving parts of Murfreesboro, making it both a tranquil retreat and a convenient living choice.

2. The Avenue

If shopping and dining out are in your DNA, The Avenue neighborhood should be your sanctuary. Located near some of the best shopping spots in Murfreesboro, including The Avenue Murfreesboro and Stones River Town Centre, this area is a shopper's paradise. For foodies, the area offers an eclectic mix of restaurants offering everything from down-to-earth Southern cuisine to tempting Asian fusion. Also notable in this neighborhood is its stunning contemporary-style architecture, a sight to behold for design enthusiasts.

3. North Murfreesboro

On the hunt for that perfect balance of culture, history, and modern amenities? North Murfreesboro fits the bill. This neighborhood is home to Middle Tennessee State University, renowned for its vast campus, eye-catching architecture and vibrant student life. The neighborhood seamlessly ties in the past and the present, with historic sites such as the Oaklands Mansion standing strong amidst the modern infrastructures. Top it off with a brilliant selection of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, and North Murfreesboro becomes a charismatic neighborhood to reside in.

4. Salem

Characterized by its friendly, tight-knit community vibe, the Salem neighborhood is perfect for those looking for a suburban atmosphere. It's a neighborhood brimming with appealing amenities including inviting parks, serene walking trails, and even a golf course! In addition to its many recreational venues, Salem is known for its unmatched community spirit and frequent neighborhood events, offering a sense of belonging and camaraderie that's hard to find elsewhere.

5. Siegel

Surrounded by top-rated schools, beautiful green spaces, and a range of delightful eateries, Siegel is undoubtedly a favorite among families. The neighborhood is named after the popular Siegel Schools Complex, making it a desirable place for those focused on education. Bursting with parks and sporting venues, Siegel is not just about studying. It offers plenty of family-friendly activities, including picnics by the lake and football games at Siegel High, making it a well-rounded and family-focused neighborhood.

Each of these unique neighborhoods offers its own blend of charm, character, and convenience, making Murfreesboro a dynamic and appealing city to call home. No matter where you choose to settle in this flourishing city, these neighborhoods promise a vibrant lifestyle drenched in a perfect mix of urban appeal and Southern comfort.

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Things to Do

Welcome to sweet, southern Murfreesboro, Tennessee! With its charming atmosphere, thriving social scene, and abundant historical heritage, there's always something to see, do, or explore here. Whether you're a history buff, an outdoorsy type, an art lover, or a food enthusiast; you are sure to find your own piece of paradise here! So, buckle up, hold on tight, and let's embark on an adventure to discover the top seven must-do activities in Murfreesboro!

1. Step Back in Time at the Stones River National Battlefield

Right off the bat, if you're a history aficionado, the Stones River National Battlefield is a must-visit site. The battlefield is a memorial site of the Battle of Stones River, a crucial battle of the Civil War. Embark on a journey into the past with guided tours and live reenactments, or just walk around at your own pace soaking in the history. A very somber, but thought-provoking sign of Murfreesboro's past.

2. Hike & Bike the Murfreesboro Greenway System

A highlight for nature lovers, Murfreesboro Greenway System is a comprehensive network of trails for biking, jogging, or just strolling around with your furry friends. The trails offer magnificent views of the Stones River and gorgeous wildflower meadows. It's both a great place to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors.

3. Indulge in Divine Deserts at Julia's Homestyle Bakery

Activate your sweet tooth! Julia's Homestyle Bakery whips up what are probably the best sweet treats in all of Murfreesboro. From the utterly divine cupcakes to the sinfully delicious pastries, every sugary morsel is baked to perfection! And it's not just dessert, they also have mouth-watering lunch and breakfast options.

4. Go Ghost Hunting at Stones River Paranormal

Ready for an offbeat adventure? Get the chills at Stones River Paranormal. This may not be the typical tourist hotspot, but if you fancy a spooky, hair-raising adventure in the heart of Murfreesboro, this hidden gem offers ghost tours of some renowned haunted sites. Ghostbusters, assemble!

5. Enjoy the Arts at Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts in Murfreesboro is a cultural haven for those who appreciate the performing arts scene. From musicals to dramas and art exhibitions, there's always something going on here. Get lost in the vibrant display of Murfreesboro's thriving art scene.

6. Wander the Earth Experience Natural History Museum

For a truly unique experience, head to the Earth Experience, Tennessee's first natural history museum. Alongside the terrific dinosaur displays, there are also brilliant fossil and mineral collections from around the world. It's a great place for fun learning, both for adults and kids!

7. Sip Local Brews at Mayday Brewery

Wrap up your exploits with a locally brewed beer at Mayday Brewery. It's not just about the beer, Mayday Brewery is also a vibrant community gathering spot, known for hosting fantastic live music, trivia nights, and yoga events. Drink, relax, and soak in the local vibe!

So, there you have it folks, seven amazing activities that define what living in Murfreesboro is all about. Between going back in time, catching ghosts, indulging in culinary delights, enjoying nature, and soaking in culture, it's easy to see why this wonderful city is such a delight to live in. So get out and start exploring your new hometown!

Things to do in Murfreesboro, TN?

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