Moving to North Charleston

Are you planning a move to the gem of South Carolina's Lowcountry - North Charleston? A thriving region intricately woven with countless opportunities for business, superb neighborhoods, and a rich culture that draws on deep roots in Southern tradition. We've got you covered! This comprehensive North Charleston relocation guide ventures beyond the standard logistics. Combining practical know-how with the color and character of local-life, you can anticipate an in-depth exploration that's as enchanting as the city itself. So, let's take an intriguing journey into the heart of your upcoming adventure!

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What to Know Before Moving to North Charleston

1. It's a Little Big Town

North Charleston may be South Carolina's third-largest city, but it maintains a small-town charm that is irresistible. Residents appreciate the city's warm, inviting community atmosphere blended perfectly with metropolitan conveniences. North Charleston offers an array of leisure activities from beautiful parks, historical sites, to shopping districts. In addition, locally-owned restaurants serving Southern staple foods are sprinkled across the city, earning it a reputation for hospitality and scrumptious cuisine.

2. Location, Location, Location

Situated just a stone's throw from the historic city of Charleston, residents of North Charleston enjoy quick and easy access to all surrounding areas. Day trips to the world-famous beaches of the South Carolina coast are a simple affair, while the glimmering lights of downtown Charleston's night-life are just a short drive away. The location also gifts it with a robust economy, focusing on the aerospace and automotive industries, ideal for anyone on the hunt for job opportunities.

3. The Weather is (Mostly) Lovely

If you're moving from a place with frigid winters, North Charleston will feel like paradise. The weather is generally warm and pleasant, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor activities almost year-round. However, the southern heat and humidity can be intense during the peak of summer, so do make sure your air conditioning unit is well-maintained. And don't be too surprised if frosty mornings are considered a severe winter condition on the local news!

4. Step into the Past

One of the lesser-known facts about North Charleston is its wealth of history waiting to be explored. Visit the H.L. Hunley Submarine, a Civil War-era vessel that was the world's first successful combat submarine. Or take a stroll through the Charleston Naval Shipyard Officers' Houses Historic District, filled with beautifully preserved antebellum homes. The city is rife with intriguing venues to satiate your history cravings.

5. Craft Brews and Local Produce Galore

Proving that it's more than just Southern fried food, North Charleston hosts a Farmer's Market and Craft Brew Scene that'll leave foodies salivating. Summer months bring weekly Farmer's Markets with vendors selling the freshest local produce, cheeses, and artisan crafts. The area is also home to many craft breweries and distilleries, so beer enthusiasts can indulge in pint after pint of local suds. It's a lesser-known fact that North Charleston is a food and drink paradise waiting to be discovered.

6. Park Circle is the Place to Be

At the heart of North Charleston lies the neighborhood of Park Circle. With a quaint and quirky vibe, it has plenty of unique shops, delicious dining options, and a sprawling park to enjoy. It is also known for its strong sense of community and has often been described as North Charleston's 'hidden gem'. So make sure to add this charming place to your list of areas to explore in your new city.

Clearly, North Charleston, South Carolina, is more than just an ordinary city in the South. It's a charming blend of history, southern hospitality, vibrant food scene, and appealing balmy weather that makes it a desirable place to call home. No wonder once people move here, they're tempted never to leave!

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Pros and Cons of Living in North Charleston

Pros of Living in North Charleston


North Charleston boasts a vibrant economy with diversified sectors including aerospace, military, healthcare, and tourism. Companies like Boeing and the Naval Complex provide ample job opportunities, making the job market in the city fairly healthy.

Attractions and Activities

The city is a hub of cultural activities and scenic attractions including historic plantations, parks, and art festivals. Rivers Avenue is a bustling place with numerous shopping outlets, while Riverfront Park is ideal for a peaceful retreat with stunning views of the Cooper River.

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in North Charleston is lower than the US average. Housing is reasonably priced and healthcare and grocery costs are generally affordable, making it a suitable location for those looking to maintain a comfortable standard of living.

Great Dining Scene

North Charleston is famous for its food scene, notably seafood and southern cuisine. There are a variety of restaurants offering diverse cuisines to satisfy every palate, making the city a delight for food enthusiasts.

Accessible Location

The city is conveniently located with easy access to highways and the airport, making commuting relatively straightforward. It's just a short drive to downtown Charleston or the beaches, making weekend trips an easy option.

Cons of Living in North Charleston

Traffic Congestion

The city experiences notable traffic congestion during rush hour, which can lead to longer travel times. Commuting can be especially challenging on major highways and during peak tourism seasons.


The weather in North Charleston can be quite hot and humid during summer, which some people may find uncomfortable. Additionally, the city is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms, which can occasionally create disruption.

Crime Rates

While efforts are ongoing to improve safety, North Charleston has a crime rate that is slightly higher than the national average. It's important for residents to be aware of their surroundings and take necessary precautions.

Public Schools

While there are some great educational institutions in North Charleston, the overall performance of public schools in the city is below the state and national average. This could be a concern for families with children.

Lack of Urban Vibrancy

Despite its growth, North Charleston still lacks the urban vibrancy and diverse cultural offerings of larger cities. For individuals used to living in bustling metropolitans, the lifestyle here may feel a bit limited.

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Is North Charleston a Good Place to Live?

North Charleston, SC is a great place to live because it is filled with the charm of the South; boasting rich historic sites, beautiful parks, and a vibrant arts scene. It also provides tasty local cuisine, friendly neighborhoods, and easy access to beautiful beaches. With a thriving job market and great schooling options, it certainly makes for an excellent living choice!

What Is North Charleston Famous For?

The Hunley Submarine

The city of North Charleston is home to the H.L. Hunley Submarine, the first combat submarine to sink an enemy warship. The historic Civil War submarine, which is now a prime tourist attraction, provides visitors with an insightful look into the past, particularly about naval history and technology.

Charleston Southern University

Charleston Southern University, located in North Charleston, is one of the top universities in South Carolina. Known for its academic excellence and a wide array of programs, the university attracts students from all over the world. Visitors can explore the vibrant campus, attend events, and even cheer on the Buccaneers at sporting events.

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park in North Charleston is a must-visit for nature lovers. The park offers a beautiful view of the Cooper River, a performance pavilion, a boardwalk for peaceful strolls, and plenty of space for picnics. It's also the host to many of the city's popular events like concerts and festivals.

The North Charleston Coliseum

The North Charleston Coliseum is a well-known venue for various big-ticket events, from chart-topping concerts to league sports. With a seating capacity of more than 13,000, the Coliseum has hosted names like the Rolling Stones and Elton John, and is home to the South Carolina Stingrays hockey team.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In North Charleston, SC, the property tax rate is approximately 0.57% of a property's assessed fair market value as property tax per year, which is fairly low compared to the national average of 1.07%. Charleston County also ranks within the top 25% of all counties in the United States in terms of property taxes collected.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in North Charleston, SC, is set at 9%, which includes the South Carolina state sales tax of 6% and Charleston County's 3% tax rate. This is slightly higher than the average combined sales tax rate of 7.12% across the United States.

Income Tax

For 2023, the income tax in South Carolina, including North Charleston, ranges from 0% to a top rate of 7% on taxable income over $15,400. While the state has a relatively high top marginal tax rate, it falls near the average when compared to the rest of the United States when considering its progressive tax brackets.

Housing Market

In North Charleston, South Carolina, the housing market is relatively affordable compared to other parts of the US. As of 2022, the average home value here is around $200,000, significantly lower than the national average. Renters can expect to pay a median rent of approximately $1,000 per month. The market is competitive with a steady increase in home values and rental prices. Though costs are rising, compared to larger metropolitan areas, North Charleston presents a cost-effective housing option for both buyers and renters looking for southern charm and lower living expenses.

Cost of Living

Living in North Charleston, SC, offers a more affordable lifestyle compared to many U.S cities. The overall cost of living index here is 89.4, significantly lower than the national average of 100, primarily due to its reasonable housing costs. While groceries and healthcare align closely with national averages, transportation and utilities are also relatively less expensive. However, like any city, costs can vary significantly depending on lifestyle choices and specific neighborhoods. Despite these factors, North Charleston is generally an economical choice for those contemplating relocation.

Weather & Natural Disasters

North Charleston, SC experiences a humid subtropical climate characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters. Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year, with summertime thunderstorms common and occasional winter snow. Average high temperatures range from 59degF in January to 91degF in July. Natural disaster risks in this region vary. The Atlantic hurricane season, from June-November, poses a significant threat given North Charleston's coastal location, potentially bringing powerful storms and flooding. Additionally, occasional seismic activity originates from the nearby Middleton Place-Summerville seismic zone. Despite these risks, the vibrant change in seasons and warmth of southern weather are a mainstay in North Charleston.

Typical weather in North Charleston, SC

Economy & Job Market

Aerospace industry

Manufacturing industry

Tourism industry

Healthcare industry

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services industry

North Charleston, the third largest city in South Carolina, cherishes a rich history of economic diversification and growth. Rooted in a past blooming with textile and railroad industries, it today stands proud with a diverse and dynamic industrial landscape. Whooshing into the spotlight is the Aerospace industry, thanks to the Boeing facility manufacturing the Dreamliner aircraft. The city flaunts a robust Manufacturing industry, hosting several major manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz Vans, and KapStone, among others. Winding its way into the picture is the Tourism industry, engrossing the splendid culture and natural beauty of North Charleston. Also leaving its mark is the Healthcare industry, employing a large chunk of the population, along with the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services industry, offering a myriad of opportunities.

So, you're packing your bags for North Charleston and scouring through the job market, huh? Buckle up, because you're in for a pleasant surprise. This vibrant city is a hub of opportunities with an unemployment rate lower than the national average. Owing to the blossoming Aerospace industry, engineers and technicians might find themselves particularly lucky. The manufacturing sector is constantly on the lookout for skilled hirings and healthcare, evergreen as it is, throws open a pool of opportunities. If you're an enthusiast of the arts, culture, or nature, the tourism industry might have your dream job tucked in somewhere close. North Charleston has something in store for everyone. Just roll the dice, and seize the joy of finding the perfect job in this energetic hub.

Traffic and Transportation

Are you ready for a ride through North Charleston, SC? Strap in, folks! A typical commute here is a modest 22 minutes - how's that for quick? Even NASCAR can't beat that! Public transportation may not have racing stripes, but it sure gets the job done. Our CARTA buses are regular lifesavers connecting every nook and cranny of the city. Catch a bus for a breezy journey with scenic views of the city. Fancy something more high-flying? The Charleston International Airport's just a hop, skip, and a jump away, connecting North Charleston to the rest of the world faster than you can say 'pack your bags'. Whether you're placing a bet on ground or air, the matchless speed and convenience is undeniable. So, get on board with us in North Charleston and experience transportation like never before. It's one smooth ride.

What is the traffic like in North Charleston, SC?

Best Neighborhoods in North Charleston


1. Park Circle

If you\'re seeking a buzzing neighborhood with a blend of old-school charm and a vibrant food scene, look no further than Park Circle. Brimming with locally owned boutiques, craft breweries, and eclectic eateries, Park Circle is a foodie's paradise. It's also host to a multitude of festivals throughout the year, ensuring there's always something exciting going on. Add in beautiful green spaces like the namesake Park Circle and Riverfront Park, and you have a neighborhood that's jam-packed with character and community spirit.

2. Hanahan

Hanahan is your quintessential family-friendly neighborhood. Primarily residential, the neighborhood boasts several fantastic schools and a bevy of parks -- making it perfect for families. The local recreation department keeps the community calendar full with sports leagues and various community events, ensuring there's always something to fill your schedule. Plus, its prime location gives residents easy access to both downtown Charleston and the airport.

3. Downtown

For those who love urban life, Downtown North Charleston is the place for you. Rich with history and diversity, Downtown is home to an abundance and variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, not to mention numerous art galleries and theaters. The neighborhood's wave of renovations and redevelopments have brought a collection of stylish condos and apartments, catering to urbanites seeking a walkable lifestyle.

4. Coosaw Creek Country Club

If golfing is your thing, then you will love Coosaw Creek Country Club. Admired for its meticulously landscaped grounds, this gated community serves up stunning homes alongside an award-winning 18-hole golf course. The neighborhood is also home to an active homeowners association, which organizes community events and maintains common areas -- fostering a tight-knit community. Besides, you're only a short drive away from Charleston's historic sites and beautiful coastline.

5. Taylor Plantation

Taylor Plantation offers the best of suburban living. The houses here are larger, making it a great place for larger families, plus it's packed with extensive amenities including miles of walking trails, a community pool, and sports fields. Located on the Ashley River, many homes offer beautiful views of the water or surrounding marshes. And all this natural beauty doesn't mean sacrificing convenience; Taylor Plantation is only minutes away from schools, shopping, and restaurants.

So there you have it -- a guide to five intriguing, vibrant neighborhoods in North Charleston, SC. Each has its unique vibe, from the cultured urbanity of Downtown to the leisure-loving community of Coosaw Creek Country Club, making sure there\'s a perfect fit for everyone. Move to North Charleston and experience Southern charm combined with a modern atmosphere that is sure to captivate you.

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Things to Do

Goodbye boring, hello North Charleston, South Carolina! If you're new in town, you're in for a thrilling ride of adventure, art, nature, and historical wonders in this bustling southern city. Don't know where to start? Don't fret! We've curated a list of seven top things to do that promise to make your stay here nothing short of unforgettable. Buckle up, here we go!

1. Visit the H.L. Hunley Submarine

Here is your golden chance to visit the first successful combat submarine in the world. The H.L. Hunley Submarine sunk a Union warship back in 1864, then disappeared. It was later recovered and conserved with tactful diligence. Today, this historical marvel offers guided tours that shed light on the operations of this vintage vessel. It's a rare plunge into maritime history!

2. Stroll down Park Circle

There is no better way to get the pulse of North Charleston than by walking through Park Circle. Lined with charming local shops, vibrant restaurants, and cozy coffee houses, this spot is beloved by locals and tourists alike. Don't forget to unwind in the central park and catch an outdoor movie at the park's film series.

3. Explore the North Charleston Fire Museum

Ever been inside a firefighting museum? Have fun while learning about the rich history of the fire service at the North Charleston Fire Museum. It's home to America's largest collection of professionally restored American LaFrance fire apparatus. Kids absolutely love the interactive exhibits, and adults can't resist the adrenaline rush of exploring antique fire engines.

4. Immerse Yourself in the Beauty of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Dating back to 1676, the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is America's oldest public garden. Take a peaceful walk through the lush, blooming gardens, or go on a guided tour of the historic plantation house. Nature lovers, be sure not to miss the Audubon Swamp Garden where you'll spot many types of birds and wildlife.

5. Let Loose at the Hot Wheels Skating Center

Ready for some roller-skating fun? The Hot Wheels Skating Center is one of North Charleston's lesser-known gems. There's something for everyone here - a large skate floor, games for the kids, plus a lounge area and snack bar when you need a quick break. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, strap on a pair of skates for an exhilarating spin!

6. Enjoy Fresh Produce at the North Charleston Farmers Market

Eat local and fresh at the North Charleston Farmers Market. Not your average market, this one's brimming with fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods and crafted items by local artisans. Open every Thursday from May to October, it often features live music, food trucks, and a kids' area. It's a real taste of North Charleston culture!

7. Discover Hidden Art at The Citadel

Scattered across the campus of The Citadel, are unique pieces of public art that not everyone knows about. You can find everything from a sculpture of a Spartan warrior, hidden murals, and intricate wrought iron gates. Spend an afternoon strolling through this campus, you'll be surprised by how many beautiful artworks you'll discover!

In conclusion, North Charleston is a vibrant, cultural treasure chest, bursting with things to do and sights to see. Whether you're a history buff, nature enthusiast, foodie or arts lover, this friendly city has something to offer everyone. North Charleston, welcome to your town!

Things to do in North Charleston, SC?

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