Moving to Mount Pleasant

So you're considering uprooting your life and making the move to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina? We'll bet our last sweet tea, you won't regret it! Tucked away in the heart of the Lowcountry, Mount Pleasant is a gem of the South, promising rich history, beguiling landscapes, and a hearty dollop of Southern charm. Our comprehensive guide aims to illuminate the ins and outs of relocating to this picturesque city, offering insights into local neighborhoods, schools, and much more. Let's embark on this exciting journey together, y'all. Welcome to the start of your Mount Pleasant adventure!

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What to Know Before Moving to Mount Pleasant

1. The Stunning Scenery is Second to None

Look up, around, and out, because as a resident of Mount Pleasant, you're smack-dab in the middle of Southern glory. From the iconic Ravenel Bridge to the town's natural settings like Shem Creek, beautiful views are par for the course here. It's not all about the vintage southern architecture, also brace yourself for breathtaking sunsets and eye-candy flowery displays at Boone Hall Plantation.

2. Low Country Boil is More or Less the Town Soup

One big perk of living by the ocean? Seriously fresh seafood. Mount Pleasant takes that bounty and brings it to a boil, literally. The Low Country Boil - a delightful mix of shrimp, sausage, corn on the cob, and potatoes - reigns supreme here. Many locals spice it up with Old Bay, and it's the dish of choice at many a family gathering and local restaurant.

3. You'll Have to Hone Your Ghost-Busting Skills

This might be a little-known fact, but Mount Pleasant boasts some seriously spooky history. As the home to several antebellum plantations, a few ghosts have apparently decided to stick around. The most haunted site? That's none other than the historic Boone Hall Plantation, where visitors regularly report mysterious happenings. If you're a fan of the supernatural, you'll fit right in!

4. There's a Festival for Just About Everything Here

South Carolinians love a good party and Mount Pleasant is no exception. From the Cooper River Bridge Run to the Blessing of The Fleet & Seafood Festival, there's always something to celebrate. Plus, the town also hosts a weekly Farmer's Market and holiday light festivals that just ooze community spirit.

5. Nature Lovers, Rejoice

From bird-watching to paddle-boarding, life in Mount Pleasant means capitalizing on the great outdoors. Strap on your binoculars at the Audubon Bird Sanctuary or hop into a kayak on Shem Creek for a sunset paddle. In addition, the town's public parks and quiet suburbs are a oasis for runners and cyclists.

6. Your Neighbor Might Just Be a Dolphin

And finally - the quirky part of living in Mount Pleasant: dolphins! And not just on a t-shirt or logo, but real-life bottlenose dolphins. The local waters are brimming with these friendly marine mammals, and you can regularly spot them while dining on the waterfront, or even when you're stuck in traffic over the Shem Creek bridge.

In conclusion, Mount Pleasant is not just another Southern town, it's an eclectic mix of history, tradition, festivals, seafood, and of course, friendly ghostly encounters. And while residents may debate their top picks for Low Country Boil or which festival is the best, they all concur on one thing: Mount Pleasant is not just a place, it's an experience!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Mount Pleasant

Pros of Living in Mount Pleasant

Great Weather All-Year-Round

Mount Pleasant enjoys a subtropical climate with warm, humid summers and mild winters. This is perfect for those who love outdoor activities and beach days, allowing for a wide range of pursuits from sailing to golf, and everything in between. The weather allows for year-round enjoyment of the beautiful outdoors.

Plenty of Outdoor Activities

The city's location on the South Carolina coastline means that residents have easy access to beautiful beaches, rivers, and marshes. Whether you're into water sports like kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding, love to fish, sail or just enjoy beach days, there's always something fun and active to do outdoors.

Excellent Schools

Mount Pleasant is known for its consistently highly rated schools. The quality of education in this area is superb, giving your kids access to some of the best learning environments and resources in the state. This is a major draw for families with school-age children.

Rich History and Culture

With its history dating back to colonial times, there's a lot of historical and cultural richness to explore in Mount Pleasant. Residents can easily visit historic sites, plantations, museums, and art galleries. The local culture is a fascinating mix of Southern charm and coastal relaxation.

Local Cuisine

Seafood lovers will feel at home in Mount Pleasant due to the fresh seafood readily available due to its coastal location. There's a variety of restaurants ranging from causal to fine dining that offer delicious southern cuisine and locally sourced seafood.

Cons of Living in Mount Pleasant

Cost of Living

Mount Pleasant is generally more expensive than the national average, particularly in terms of housing. While the increased cost may be offset by higher than average incomes, it is still a consideration for those evaluating a move to the area.

Heavy Traffic

Larger population growth over the years has led to increased traffic congestion, particularly during rush hours. It can be quite challenging and time-consuming to travel to and from popular spots, especially during the peak tourist season.

Summers Can Be Hot and Humid

The subtropical climate in Mount Pleasant means that while winters are mild, summers can be hot and extremely humid. This may not be comfortable for everyone, and it may limit outdoor activities during the peak of summer.

Hurricane Risk

Being located on the coast, Mount Pleasant does carry a risk of hurricanes. While the town has measures in place for such events, the potential for storm damage and necessary evacuations can be stressful and disruptive.

Tourist Crowds

With its beautiful beaches, historic sites, and favorable climate, Mount Pleasant is a popular tourist destination especially in the summer and holidays. This means dealing with increased crowds and busier than usual amenities.

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Is Mount Pleasant a Good Place to Live?

Mount Pleasant, SC is a great place to live because of its picturesque coastal views, top-rate schools, rich history, and delightful southern hospitality. The town also offers a variety of recreational activities like fishing, water sports, and lush parks, along with a vibrant food scene that caters to the culinary adventurers. For those who love a balance of small-town charm and modern conveniences, Mount Pleasant is indeed a delightful mix.

What Is Mount Pleasant Famous For?


Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum

This breathtaking museum houses an awesome collection of war aircraft, weapons, and naval vessels. One of the key attractions is the USS Yorktown, a huge aircraft carrier that played a key role in the Pacific offensive that defeated Japan. It\'s a phenomenal spot for any history or maritime buff!

Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park

A gorgeous gem in the heart of the city, this park provides stunning views of the Cooper River and the Charleston Harbor. It\'s also home to a 1,250-foot-long promenade and a war memorial - a picturesque place to take a relaxing stroll or spend a lazy afternoon with a picnic.

Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens

Boone Hall is one of America's oldest working plantations and a must-visit for any fan of history or horticulture. Apart from the well-restored plantation house and the iconic "Avenue of Oaks", there's a butterfly pavilion and a maze to tackle. This place certainly gives history a refreshing green touch!

The Old Village Historic District

One of the oldest communities in South Carolina, this quaint district is packed with picturesque 18th and 19th-century homes. The characteristic southern charm of the Old Village, replete with its fine dining restaurants, artisan boutiques, and antique shops, makes it a delight to explore.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Mount Pleasant, SC as of 2023, the property tax rate is approximately 0.57%, which is lower than the national average of 1.07%. Among South Carolina's regions, Mount Pleasant has one of the highest property tax rates.

Sales Tax

The combined sales tax rate in Mount Pleasant, SC as of 2023 is 9%, which is higher than the national average of 7.12%. This higher rate is primarily due to a 2% Charleston county tax that is added to the 6% South Carolina sales tax.

Income Tax

As of 2023, South Carolina's income tax rates range from 0% to 7%. This range is similar to the overall US range, but the average taxpayer in Mount Pleasant pays a slightly lower rate due to the area's median income level.

Housing Market

In Mount Pleasant, SC, the housing market is dynamic but relatively more expensive compared to other US regions. The median home value is around $450,000, significantly higher than the national average of $227,000. Renters can also anticipate higher costs with average lease price nearly $2000 per month. However, the area offers strong property value appreciation and high quality of life, making it an attractive place for long-term investment. Ideal for buyers and renters who prioritize premium living and potential returns for the long haul.

Cost of Living

Mount Pleasant, SC features a cost of living that is relatively higher compared to other cities in South Carolina, largely due to housing costs. However, compared to national averages, the overall cost is still moderately less expensive. Costs like groceries, healthcare, utilities, and transportation are just above or around the national average. It's important to consider these factors when planning a move to Mount Pleasant or any other city, to ensure you're making a financially viable decision.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Mount Pleasant, SC is endowed with a subtropical climate characterized by hot, humid summers and cool, mild winters. This coastal town experiences average summer highs in the upper 80s to lower 90s (degF), with winter lows in the mid 30s to lower 40s. Rainfall is plentiful, averaging around 50 inches a year, with the major bulk falling during summer thunderstorms. The town occasionally experiences tropical cyclones, typically during the Atlantic hurricane season from June to November. Despite its vulnerability to hurricanes, Mount Pleasant's desirable climate generally showcases a plethora of sunshine days. Seasonal variations in temperature, combined with its coastal breezes, provide a notably comfortable climate overall. Potential natural disasters include hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, flooding, and, to a lesser extent, certain seismic activities. However, the town's beauty certainly outweighs these occasional threats, making it a continually attractive destination.

Typical weather in Mount Pleasant, SC

Economy & Job Market

Healthcare and Social Assistance

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Retail Trade


Accommodation and Food Services

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina borders the historical and charming city of Charleston, and shares in its rich history of prominent industries. Historically, industries such as retail trade, healthcare, and manufacturing have been staple players in the local economy. However, in recent years, there's been a significant shift. The town's economy is now a melting pot, with a mix of professionals contributing to diverse sectors such as healthcare and social assistance, professional, scientific, and technical services, as well as the ever-present retail trade. Construction and accommodation and food services also hang their hats in this charming southern town, draping a commercial tapestry that is as diverse as it is vibrant. In addition, Mount Pleasant is also home to numerous headquarters for businesses, further bolstering its economy.

If you're considering a move to Mount Pleasant, it's a pretty exciting time! The town's employment rate is often better than the national average, indicating a vibrant job market. Employment opportunities are ample in the healthcare and social assistance, and professional services industries. The concentration of tech start-ups and established companies alike also mean there are growing opportunities for those in the realm of IT. For those with a customer service tilt, a pulsing retail sector and a flourishing food and accommodation scene offer a range of potential job prospects. And let's not forget construction - with the town's growth comes a perpetual need for new infrastructure, so it's always a good look for construction pros! In this town, the job market is as warm and inviting as the southern sun itself.

Traffic and Transportation

Strap yourselves in folks, we're going for a jaunt through transportation central, also known as Mount Pleasant, SC! Did you know the average commute time here is only 24 minutes? Yep, that's 5 minutes less than the national average. Pretty sweet, right? Now, if you're the kind who'd rather trade the steering wheel for a bus ticket, CARTA and the East Cooper Transit are your faithful chariots. They'll whisk you away through the most scenic routes in the city. Now, for the flying aficionados looking to soar the skies, 'fly' on over to Charleston International Airport, just 15 miles away for those long distance journeys. Oh, Mount Pleasant, with your seamless veins of asphalt and buzzing bus routes, you truly flirt with our transportation hearts!

What is the traffic like in Mount Pleasant, SC?

Best Neighborhoods in Mount Pleasant

1. Old Village

If you crave charm and history, Old Village is your perfect match. Nestled just along the Charleston Harbor, this quaint, established neighborhood boasts vibrant, centuries-old oaks and picturesque waterfront views. It's a small town within a town, where neighbors know each other and children play freely in the parks. The close-knit community truly sets it apart. Spend a leisurely afternoon in Alhambra Hall park, or go fishing off the pier. In Old Village, everything you need is just a walking or bike ride away, from excellent schools to local boutique stores, and a variety of eclectic eateries.

2. I'On

This award-winning neighborhood draws inspiration from local architecture and the lively social culture of downtown Charleston. I'On's homes are charmingly adorned with porches that foster a strong sense of community and Southern hospitality. This neighborhood is centered around an impressive network of canals and lakes, offering waterfront serenity right in your backyard. Residents here enjoy access to the I'On Club, with its swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness center. To top it all off, I'On hosts community events that keep the neighborhood vibrant and connected.

3. Dunes West

Dunes West is the place for you if you're seeking resort-style amenities, providing a daily lifestyle that feels like a permanent vacation. With an 18-hole golf course, competitive tennis facilities, a fitness center, two swimming pools, and a public boat ramp to the Wando River, you'll never be bored. It's also home to some of the best schools in the Charleston area. Dunes West is a large gated community with a diverse housing mix - from townhomes to custom-built estates, offering both natural beauty and convenience.

4. Belle Hall

Belle Hall is one of Mount Pleasant's most sought after family-friendly neighborhoods. You can easily find beautifully maintained homes set on quiet, tree-lined streets. The playground and community pool are the neighborhood's heart and soul, where you can frequently see children playing and families lounging. A plus point - It's within walking distance of Belle Hall Shopping Center, providing convenient access to grocery stores, shops, and dining options. Belle Hall is a community that truly caters to the suburban lifestyle dream.

5. Park West

Encompassed by stunning natural beauty, Park West is a lifestyle haven designed to embrace the great outdoors. Residents enjoy access to an extensive system of walking and biking trails winding through the neighborhood, alongside ponds, creeks, and lush greenery. Community amenities include swimming pools, volleyball and tennis courts, a town recreation complex, and a clubhouse. The neighborhood enjoys an excellent location, close to top-rated schools, shopping, dining, and beautiful beaches. Park West is truly a place where one can live, work, and play.

In conclusion, each of these neighborhoods in Mount Pleasant brings its unique charm, amenities, and community vibe. Your choice will largely depend on your lifestyle preferences. Is it rich history and a strong sense of community you're after? Perhaps you'd prefer luxe amenities to help unwind after a long day? Or maybe outdoor activities and a love for nature draw you? Regardless, you're spoiled for choice in Mount Pleasant, SC. Happy neighborhood hunting!

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Things to Do

So, you're moving to Mount Pleasant in South Carolina? Lucky you! Mount Pleasant is one of South Carolina's fastest-growing areas, known for its lowcountry charm, picturesque views, and vibrant community. This place is alive with history, culture, and fun activities. Here are the top seven things to do in Mount Pleasant that you really shouldn't miss. Hop in and delve into the lowcountry lifestyle of the never-boring Mount Pleasant!

1. Visit the Boone Hall Plantation

This spectacular estate offers the chance to step back into the grandeur of the Old South. With sprawling grounds, a bucolic plantation house, and a stunning avenue lined with live oaks, Boone Hall Plantation is one for history buffs and nature lovers. Embark on a guided tour, explore beautiful gardens, and get an insight into the Gullah culture of the South Carolina Lowcountry.

2. Relax at Shem Creek

If you love seafood and amazing water views, you can't miss a visit to Shem Creek. Located right in the heart of Mount Pleasant, this vibrant spot is flanked by restaurants and bars. Grab a paddleboard or a kayak and navigate your way down the creek, spotting dolphins and enjoying the sunset as you go.

3. Explore Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum

If you love maritime history, Patriots Point is the place to be. Here, you can tour the WWII aircraft carrier Yorktown, a submarine, and a destroyer. The venue also hosts a Vietnam experience exhibit, which is incredibly immersive.

4. Experience the Old Village Historic District

No visit to Mount Pleasant would be complete without visiting the Old Village Historic District. With its picturesque, tree-lined streets and beautifully preserved old houses dating from the 18th century, Old Village is a sweet escape to the past. Take a leisurely stroll or bike ride through this serene, postcard-like neighborhood.

5. Stroll along Pitt Street Bridge

The Pitt Street Bridge is not well-known, even by locals, but offers some of the most breathtaking views of the Charleston harbor. It's the perfect place for a quiet morning walk, run, bicycle ride, or an evening picnic while watching the sunset over downtown Charleston.

6. Embark on Hidden Adventure at Palmetto Islands County Park

This nature's playground is tucked away from the usual tourist trudge. It is a paradise for outdoor lovers offering picnic sites, a network of walking and biking paths, and birdwatching spots. You can rent paddle boats to explore the park's lagoon or take a refreshing dip at its Splash Island Waterpark.

7. Get a Taste of Lowcountry at a Farmers Market

The weekly Mount Pleasant Farmers Market is a delight for foodies. Here you can interact with local farmers who sell fresh, locally grown products. Indulge in exquisite food and enjoy live music, while your children participate in fun activities. Make sure to try unique lowcountry specialties like boiled peanuts or zucchini bread.

In conclusion, if you're seeking a place with a mix of historical charm, delicious cuisine, and outdoor activities, Mount Pleasant won't disappoint. So, step out and experience the very best this unique Southern city has to offer, and before you know it, you'll feel right at home!

Things to do in Mount Pleasant, SC?

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