Moving to Bend

Brace yourself to embark on a journey of relocation that promises both charm and adventure. We present to you, Bend, Oregon. This city is not just a geographic location, but a lifestyle that artfully combines the vibrancy of city living with the serenity of nature. As we unravel the details of what's to come, prepare to walk through verdant trails, paddle along crystal clear rivers, savour local brews, and bask in the camaraderie of a tightly-knit community. Yes, moving to Bend may just be one of the best decisions of your life. Welcome to our comprehensive guide that will make your transition seamless.

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What to Know Before Moving to Bend

1. Bend: A Haven for Outdoor Enthusiasts

First and foremost, Bend, Oregon, is a paradise for those with an itch for nature. The vast landscapes make it great for hiking, fishing, biking, and even skiing in the impressive Cascade Mountains. The city offers a magnetizing mix of snow-capped peaks and scenic trails, not forgetting the charming Deschutes River, for those who love water-based activities.

2. Americana at Its Best

Get a real taste for Americana in Bend with the city's classic Fourth of July festival, the Pet Parade. Started in 1932, it still welcomes all pets walking, wiggling, swimming, or slithering to participate! This tradition is only one of many that make Bend stand out from other cities, enhancing its hometown, welcoming vibe.

3. Beer Galore for Craft Enthusiasts

If you love indulging in a frothy pint of artisanal gold, Bend will not fail you. With over 20 different breweries, this city has more breweries per capita than any other city in Oregon. The Bend Ale Trail is an iconic and unique beer journey, offering unforgettable tastes and fascinating brew stories.

4. Educational Delight with Lava River Cave

Now, here's something you probably didn't know - nestled in the heart of this city, there is a secret underground world waiting to be explored. Bend is home to the largest continuous lava tube in Oregon, the Lava River Cave, reaching a length of about 5,211 feet. A trip to Bend would be incomplete without a thrilling expedition into this volcanic wonder.

5. Fast-Growing Housing Market

If you're planning to settle down in Bend, be prepared for a competitive housing market. The city's real estate is sought-after, with its median home price significantly exceeding the national average. As a fast-growing city , the population influx is reflected in its busy housing market. Thus, if buying a house is in your plans, you might want to make your move quickly.

6. An Unexpected Host of Cultural Experiences

Last but not least, Bend is a leftfield hotbed for the arts. The city is teeming with art galleries, theatrical performances, and live music events. It hosts the well-acclaimed BendFilm Festival every year, attracting filmmakers and enthusiasts from all over. If you're a lover of the arts, Bend will cater to all your cultural cravings.

In conclusion, Bend, Oregon is full of surprises and experiences that go way beyond the surface level. From its natural beauty to unexpected cultural offerings, this city truly offers something for everyone. Despite its growing popularity, it still maintains its small-town charm and community warmth. Moving to Bend would certainly be a compelling journey for anyone looking forward to a life full of adventure, nature, and creativity.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Bend

Pros of Living in Bend

Proximity to Outdoor Activities

Residents of Bend enjoy easy access to a variety of outdoor activities. With its stunning natural attractions including the Deschutes River, Mount Bachelor, and numerous hiking and biking trails, Bend is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

County-Wide Events and Festivals

Bend hosts a wide range of events and festivals throughout the year. Whether you're into music, craft beer, or art, Bend's vibrant community has got you covered. These events can be a fun way to meet new friends and get involved in the community.

A Relaxed Lifestyle

Life in Bend is generally less hurried and more relaxed compared to bigger cities. The pace of life here tends to be slower, which can reduce stress and create a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

High Quality Healthcare Facilities

Bend is home to St. Charles Medical Center, which is the largest medical provider in Central Oregon. They offer comprehensive healthcare services ensuring residents have access to high quality medical care.

A Foodie's Paradise

Bend's burgeoning food scene is diverse, innovative, and delicious. From local farmers markets to award-winning restaurants, there's something for every palate, whether you're a gourmet or just someone who loves to eat.

Cons of Living in Bend

Rapid Population Growth

The city's recent influx of newcomers has led to challenges. Rapid population growth might make the city more crowded and may potentially strain public services and infrastructure.

High Cost of Living

With its growing popularity, the cost of living in Bend has been increasing. Especially the cost of housing, which could be a considerable factor for those considering a move to the area.

Difficulties in Finding Employment

While Bend has a robust economy, it might be challenging for new residents to find a job. The local job market tends to be competitive especially for specific industries.

Severe Winter Weather

Winters in Bend can be harsh. With heavy snowfalls and chilly temperatures, winter is a season that can prove challenging to those unaccustomed to such conditions.

Lack of Cultural Diversity

Bend's population is relatively homogeneous. For some people, this lack of cultural diversity might make the city feel less cosmopolitan or exciting than larger, more diverse cities.

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Is Bend a Good Place to Live?

Bend, OR is a great place to live because of its natural beauty, thriving arts community, and abundance of outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and fishing. Not only does it offer an excellent quality of life with its high-performing schools and approachable cost of living, but it also has a booming culinary scene added with locally-brewed beer for foodies and craft drink lovers alike. Plus, with its friendly inhabitants and vibrant downtown, Bend truly lives up to being a real-life haven in the heart of Oregon.

What Is Bend Famous For?

Outstanding Outdoor Activities

Framed by the stunning Cascade Mountains, Bend is a playground for the adventurous. World-class skiing, scenic hiking, thrilling white-water rafting, and year-round fishing are just some of the outdoor activities that make Bend famously irresistible to nature enthusiasts.

Craft Beer Capital

Bend is widely recognized as a paradise for beer lovers, boasting one of the highest number of breweries per capita in the US. Home to the famous Bend Ale Trail, it invites visitors and locals alike to explore over 20 unique craft breweries and tantalize their taste buds with a roster of award-winning brews.

The Spectacular High Desert Landscape

Bend is nestled in the heart of Oregon's High Desert and offers awe-inspiring landscape views. The city is well known for its crystal-clear rivers, snow-capped mountain peaks, ancient lava flows, and vast, golden high desert plains which provide a beautiful backdrop to city life.

Art and Cultural Scene

Bend proudly boasts a thriving arts and cultural scene. With numerous galleries, music venues, festivals and theaters, the city is renowned for promoting a rich tapestry of creativity that is enjoyed by both locals and visitors alike.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the average property tax rate in Bend, OR is approximately 1.1% of the home's assessed value. This is moderately higher than the national average property tax rate of 1.07%.

Sales Tax

Oregon, including Bend, does not levy a sales tax. This makes it one of only five states in the US without a state-wide sales tax.

Income Tax

Oregon has a progressive income tax system, and as of 2023, Bend residents pay between 4.75% and 9.9% based on income brackets. This top rate is one of the highest in the country.

Housing Market

The housing market in Bend, OR is currently robust, with a median home price of $669,000, higher than the national average. Due to the increasing demand driven by a surge in remote work and Bend's appealing lifestyle, it's a seller's market with inventory moving quickly. Renters may face steeper prices with the median rent for a single-family home increasing over the past year. However, they gain access to Bend's outdoor amenities and growing tech sector. The risk of higher long-term interest rates should be a consideration for potential buyers. Comparatively, other regions may offer more affordable options but with different lifestyle trade-offs.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Bend, OR is notably high compared to many other cities in the United States. Housing is the primary factor contributing to this inflated cost, with median home prices significantly above the national average. However, other essential expenses like groceries, healthcare, and transportation are relatively comparable to national averages. Despite higher living costs, many are drawn to Bend for its high-quality life, beauty, and various outdoor activities. Comparatively, while more affordable cities exist, Bend's appeal lies in its unique blend of lifestyle and natural amenities.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Bend, OR, nestled high in the eastern Oregon mountains, experiences a high desert climate marked by two distinct seasons. Summers are warm and dry, with high temperatures averaging in the 80s and cool evening lows in the 50s. In contrast, winters are cold and often snowy, with temperatures typically hovering in the 40s and dipping to low 20s. Precipitation peaks from November through February, primarily as snow, contributing to Bend's reputation as a winter sports haven. Despite the chilly winters, Bend enjoys an abundance of sunshine, boasting an average of 300 sunny days per year. The city is generally spared from severe natural disasters, but it does face occasional challenges such as forest fires in the dry summer months and the rare earthquake. However, Bend's overall climate and weather offer a unique mix of seasonal beauty, making it an attractive destination year-round.

Typical weather in Bend, OR

Economy & Job Market


Healthcare and Social Assistance

Outdoor Recreation


Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Education Services

Oh, the lovely city of Bend, Oregon! Known for its stunning outdoor beauty, this charming city has a vibrant economy to match! Bend's economical roots trace back to its sawmill industry, but today, it's a diverse hub of bustling industries. The healthcare and social assistance sector leads the pack, employing tons of Bend's residents. But there's more! Bend is also the landing spot for professionals in scientific and technical services and education services. Now prepare to pack your ski boots and binoculars because the outdoor recreation and tourism industries are massive in this city. In fact, beatniks, nature lovers, and snow sport enthusiasts often fuel Bend's economy with tourism being one of the major revenue generators!

Are you dreaming of making Bend your home sweet home? Fantastic! Here's the 411 on Bend's job market. The city boasts an impressively low unemployment rate, generally lower than the national average. You definitely won't feel like a fish out of water here as jobs are pretty accessible if you're looking in the right places. Healthcare and social assistance sector is on a hiring spree, creating opportunities for do-gooders and caregivers. Professionals geared towards scientific, technical services, or education services will find a haven here. And if your heart lies with Mother Nature, the outdoor recreation and tourism sectors may just be your playground. So grab your resume, Polish your skills, Bend is waiting to welcome you to its workforce!


Traffic and Transportation

If you're headed to the go-with-the-flow city of Bend, OR, expect an average commute time of 14.6 minutes; that's right, in Bend, you'll get from A to B faster than you can down a locally brewed IPA! Local transportation comes in the form of Bend's Community Connector bus service, making every corner of the city approachable without the need for a personal vehicle. And about air travel? Holler! Bend is served by the Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM), only a 20-minute drive away, connecting you to major hubs like Portland, Seattle, Denver, and beyond. So, whether you're traveling by land, air, or simply biking around, Bend makes it a breeze!

What is the traffic like in Bend, OR?

Best Neighborhoods in Bend

1. Old Mill District

Imagine living in a neighborhood where you have endless options for dining, shopping, and entertainment, all with a stunning riverfront view. That's the Old Mill District for you! This vibrant, high-energy district is perfect for anyone who thrives in an environment loaded with activity. Take a leisurely walk along the tranquil Deschutes River, visit the exciting Les Schwab Amphitheater for concerts or festivals, or simply enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many local restaurants. Plus, the Old Mill District hosts numerous community events all year round, bringing a true sense of community to the area.

2. Northwest Crossing

If living in a masterfully planned community complete with incredible amenities to boot is more your style, then say hello to Northwest Crossing. This neighborhood is all about bringing folks together. The heart of this area is Compass Park--a lush, green space where neighbors gather for picnics, games, or simply a nice chat. Get to know your neighbors better through various community events like the weekly Farmer's Market. Top it all off with an array of fantastic eateries, unique retail shops, and excellent schools, and you have a neighborhood that really ticks all the boxes.

3. Drake Park Neighborhood

With charming craftsman-style homes, meandering tree-lined streets, and plenty of history, Drake Park Neighborhood is the epitome of small-town charm. The area has a close-knit community feel with easy access to downtown. The real gem, though, is Drake Park, a beautiful 13-acre park with a stunning view of Mirror Pond. Here, you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities like picnicking, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Plus, the neighborhood is home to some critically acclaimed restaurants. If charm with a side of activity is your thing, Drake Park Neighborhood might be your perfect fit!

4. River West

If you want to live where Bend's buzz is felt most prominently, River West is the place to be. Nestled along the Deschutes River, this neighborhood is a stone's throw away from downtown and the Old Mill District. Enjoy access to some of Bend's most popular restaurants, shops, and breweries. The area's main appeal is its proximity to outdoor recreation--Bluebird Day, a local favorite for snow sports, as well as Sawyer Park with trails, play areas, and a picnic spot by the river. If you want an energetic, urban feel with an emphasis on recreation, River West will certainly deliver!

5. Aubrey Butte

For those who cherish a sense of exclusivity and luxury, Aubrey Butte provides an exquisite mix of natural tranquillity and opulence. This neighborhood is known for its stunning homes with panoramic views of the Cascades and the city. Beyond the views, its miles of hiking and biking trails will make nature lovers feel right at home. The neighborhood offers easy access to shopping and dining options, yet maintains a quiet, peaceful ambiance, offering the best of both worlds.

In conclusion, Bend, OR, boasts an array of neighborhoods each with a distinctive character that is sure to cater to a variety of lifestyles and preferences. From the urban buzz of River West to the tranquil luxury of Aubrey Butte, the city truly offers a unique living experience. Welcome to Bend, we're sure you'll find yourself right at home!

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Things to Do

Bend, Oregon - a charming city nestled right in the bend of the Deschutes River, aptly named for its heritage - offers an appealing mix of outdoor adventure, lively arts culture, and divine culinary experiences. Its craft beer scene is second to none and the dramatic landscapes are an adventurer's dream. From ancient caves to top-notch farmers markets, check out the top seven things to do in Bend, Oregon!

1. Explore the Lava River Cave

Adventure into the depths of the earth at the Lava River Cave in Bend, the longest continual lava tube in the state. The Cave stretches for an impressive mile underground - so don't forget to bring a torch! Here you'll find various interpretive displays making your subterranean exploration not only adventurous but also educational.

2. Sip and Socialize in the Bend Ale Trail

No visit to Bend would be complete without a sampling of the city's famous craft beer scene. The Bend Ale Trail offers a fun and engaging way to visit many of the most loved breweries in town. Embark on the self-guided tour and earn prizes for visiting a certain number of breweries. It's a great way to discover the city and enjoy some top-notch brews along the way.

3. Visit Tumalo Falls

Just a short drive from downtown Bend you'll find the awe-inspiring Tumalo Falls. A hiking path ascends the side of the waterfall giving you an amazing view both down into the falls and across the massive forest expanse. Combine this with a picnic or hike to get the most out of this natural beauty spot.

4. Wander through the Old Mill District

For a dose of culture and history, head to the Old Mill District. Once housing one of the largest pine lumber sawmill operations in the world, it's now an iconic and popular shopping hub. Alongside quirky boutiques and high-end shops, you'll find art galleries, breweries, music venues, and restaurants to while away your time.

5. Attend a Concert at Les Schwab Amphitheater

Embrace Bend's vibrant music culture at the Les Schwab Amphitheater. The concert venue routinely hosts big-name bands and musicians performing against the stunning backdrop of the Deschutes River. Do check the event calendar ahead of time and snag those tickets for a concert under the stars!

6. Soak in the McMenamins Turkish Baths

An unexpected gem nestled within Old St. Francis School, the McMenamins Turkish Baths offer a delightful way to unwind after a busy day of exploring. These incredibly ornate, subterranean saltwater soaking pools are open to both hotel guests and visitors, and they are guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and recharged.

7. Visit Bend Farmers Market

Bend's Farmers Market is a gathering place for locals and visitors to shop, mingle and taste the bounty of the area. With a spotlight on local, sustainable, and organic growers, you'll feel at home amidst the colorful mix of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meat, flowers, and much more. The Market runs from May through October--don't miss it.

End your day by gazing out at a breathtaking Bend sunset and welcoming the hope of another day of Oregonian adventures. From thrilling outdoor escapades to cozy cafes and a buzzing nightlife, Bend has a unique blend of attractions that captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest. No matter what your interests, it's easy to see why this notable city is gaining so much attention as a new place to call home.

Things to do in Bend, OR?

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