Moving to Parma

Welcome to your comprehensive guide on moving to the charming city of Parma, OH. Situated just southwest of Cleveland, this vibrant community offers a blend of small-town atmosphere and big-city amenities that's just perfect for people longing for a change of scenery. Known for its scrumptious gastronomy, friendly locals, and rich history, Parma is an alluring spot to call your next home. So kick back, relax, and let us lead you through the ins and outs of moving to and settling in Parma. Get ready, because a thrilling relocation experience awaits!

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What to Know Before Moving to Parma

1. Get Ready for Distinct Seasons!

Parma, Ohio is a place where you get to experience all four seasons in all their vivid glory. The summers are hot and sunny with a fair share of thunderstorms, while the fall is gentle, crisp, and bursting with color. Winter brings a beautiful dusting of snow and yes, you'll need a substantial coat, while spring is mild and floral. It's a great place for people who enjoy varied weather throughout the year.

2. Your Taste Buds are in for a Treat!

Parma is a foodie's paradise! This suburb of Cleveland is known for its diverse culinary scene. You'll find everything from hearty Italian and Polish dishes to contemporary fusion fare. You're never too far from a scrumptious pierogi or savory sausage. Dining local in Parma also means relishing the city's contribution to Ohio's dairy industry - a glorious selection of cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products!

3. Your Furry Friends are Welcome Too!

Parma is not just people-friendly but pet-friendly too. The city boasts numerous pet-friendly parks and trails that make it easy for residents to spend quality outdoor time with their furry friends. The Big Creek Reservation and West Creek Reservation are particularly popular amongst dog owners and offer plenty of open space for dogs to play and socialize.

4. Parma: The Tricked Out Fire Hydrant Capital!

Here's something you might not know! Parma stands out uniquely for its festively decorated fire hydrants. It's no surprise for locals to see a hydrant decked out as Santa Claus around Christmas or a patriotic Uncle Sam come Fourth of July. This charming community practice started with a local school project and has become a quirky and memorable tradition that adds an extra splash of color to this already vibrant city.

5. The People Make the Place

If you're planning on moving to Parma, be prepared for a warm Midwestern welcome. The city prides itself in being a close-knit community, where neighbors know each other and are there for one another. Annual events, community gatherings, and volunteer initiatives through the city's official services enhance this community spirit, making Parma a place where you not only live but belong.

6. Home to Ohio's Largest Selfie Museum!

Yes, you read it right! Parma is home to Ohio's largest selfie museum: the Selfie Space. This interactive exhibit features over 25 unique installations where you can snap the perfect Instagrammable photo. Whether you're swinging on the moon, lounging on a giant pizza, or walking through a rainbow tunnel, there's no shortage of fun and vibrant backdrops to strike a pose.

In conclusion, Parma, Ohio is surely an interesting place to live. With all four seasons at your doorstep, a vibrant food scene, dog-friendly parks, a quirky tradition of decorated fire hydrants, a warm close-knit community, and a unique selfie museum, Parma certainly offers far more than what meets the eye. So, are you ready to call Parma your new home?

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Pros and Cons of Living in Parma

Pros of Living in Parma

Strong Community Spirit

Parma, OH has a strong sense of community, with a lot of local events and programs. From summer concerts to seasonal festivals, these events not only provide entertainment but also build a sense of belonging among residents. This spirit is especially evident during the city's annual Polish Constitution Day Parade, a testament to Parma's rich ethnic diversity.

Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living in Parma is relatively affordable compared to other parts of Ohio and the nation as a whole. This makes the city attractive to those who want to enjoy a high quality of life without breaking the bank. From groceries to healthcare, many everyday expenses in Parma are budget-friendly.

Proximity to Cleveland

Parma's location - just a few miles away from Cleveland, offers residents the best of both worlds. They can enjoy the benefits of suburban living, with the convenience of a big city nearby. Access to Cleveland means residents can easily enjoy the city's dining scene, its arts and culture, and professional sports teams while living in a quieter residential community.

Highly-Rated Public Schools

The Parma City School District is highly rated, making it an ideal place for families. The quality education this district provides contributes to the future success of its students. Locals often highlight the dedication of the teachers and the various programs available to students.

Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

Parma offers outdoor enthusiasts plenty of options. The city features numerous parks, including the Big Creek Reservation and the West Creek Reservation, both of which provide trails for walking and biking along with other recreational facilities. This makes it easy for residents to stay active and enjoy the beauty of the area.

Cons of Living in Parma

Lack of Nightlife

For those who enjoy a vibrant nightlife, Parma may fall a bit short. The city has a more laid-back, suburban vibe and lacks a concentration of bars, clubs or late-night entertainment options. However, Cleveland's nightlife is not far away for those seeking more excitement.

Cold, Snowy Winters

Parma, like much of Ohio, experiences cold, snowy winters. If you're not a fan of snow or cold weather, this can be a significant disadvantage. However, for those who enjoy winter sports, this could actually be considered a pro.

Limited Public Transportation

Parma is somewhat lacking in public transportation options. This is typical of many suburban areas. While there are some bus lines, many residents find having a personal vehicle is often a necessity for commuting and getting around.

Modest Job Market

Compared to larger, nearby cities like Cleveland, the job market in Parma is more modest. While there are employment opportunities, the smaller size of the city means there may be less variety and competition may be higher for certain positions.

Some Areas Show Signs of Aging

As a more established city, some areas of Parma show signs of aging, with older buildings and infrastructure. This can lead to ongoing maintenance costs for homeowners. However, the city is dedicated to rejuvenating neighborhoods through various projects and initiatives.

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Is Parma a Good Place to Live?

Parma, OH is a great place to live because of its friendly community, rich history, and easy access to amenities like parks and shopping centers! Not only is it recognized for its safe neighborhoods, but it also boasts excellent schools and a low cost of living. And let's not forget those charming small-town vibes coupled with the convenience of being close to the vibrant city life of Cleveland!

What Is Parma Famous For?

Ukrainian Village

A vibrant neighborhood located in Parma, Ukrainian Village is famous for its strong ties to Ukrainian culture. With a wealth of Ukrainian churches, shops, and restaurants, the area is a highly visible representation of the city's large Ukrainian population.

General Motors Parma Metal Center

One of Parma's major economic drivers, the General Motors Parma Metal Center has been in operation since 1948. It employs thousands of people and plays a vital role in U.S car production, creating various body components for several General Motors vehicles.

The Giant Red Hand

Parma is home to one of the quirkiest landmarks in the region, a massive, giant red hand sculpture. Known locally as the "Hand of Parma," this iconic piece of roadside Americana adds a touch of whimsy and uniqueness to the city. For more attractions in Parma, check out the TripAdvisor page.

Polish Village

Parma wears its cultural diversity on its sleeve, literally, in the form of Polish Village. This area is known for its authentic Polish restaurants, markets, and delis, serving as a testament to the city's significant Polish community.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Parma, OH, the property tax rate as of 2023 is 2.28% of the assessed value. This is higher compared to the national average property tax rate of 1.07%.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Parma, OH, as of 2023 is 8.00%, which includes the Ohio state rate of 5.75%. This rate is roughly similar to the average sales tax rate across the US, which is around 7.12%.

Income Tax

Residents of Parma, OH, are subject to an income tax rate of 2.50% in 2023. This is slightly lower compared to the average American city, which generally has an income tax rate of 3-4%.

Housing Market

The Parma, OH housing market offers a blend of affordability and stability that outshines many other parts of the U.S. The median home price is significantly lower than the national average, offering potential home buyers great value. Moreover, there's a nearly even split among homeowners and renters, fostering a diverse community. Now, investors might find rental income lower than other markets but, it's counterbalanced by long-term tenant stability. Finally, property appreciation rates in Parma are above average for the U.S., making it a viable option for long-term real estate investment.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Parma, OH is considered lower than the national average, providing residents with affordable housing, utilities, and transportation. Although not as low as in some midwestern cities, the cost is significantly less than in major metropolitan areas such as New York or Los Angeles. It offers a balance between affordability and quality amenities, making it an attractive place for families and retirees. The low cost of living doesn't compromise the city's charm, making Parma a hidden gem in Ohio's landscape.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Parma, Ohio is characterized by a humid continental climate, encompassing both hot, humid summers and crisp, snowy winters. Average temperatures range from a chilly 20degF (-6degC) in January to a warm 70degF (21degC) in July, indicative of a diverse seasonal impact. The city receives around 38 inches of rainfall per year, which is slightly higher than the U.S. average. In terms of snowfall, Parma experiences an average of 54 inches per year, offering a beautiful white winter. However, this environment also exposes Parma to certain natural disasters. The region is prone to thunderstorms, particularly during the summer months, and occasional snowstorms during winter. Tornadoes, while not frequent, have also been encountered. While the risk of severe earthquakes is low in Ohio, minor tremors are not unheard of. Overall, Parma's climate can be described as a blend of seasonal charm and typical midwestern weather challenges.

Typical weather in Parma, OH

Economy & Job Market

* Healthcare and Social Assistance

* Manufacturing

* Retail Trade

* Educational Services

* Accommodation and Food Services

Parma, OH has an interesting history when it comes to its major economic players. Once deeply integrated with manufacturing and automotive industries, the local economy is changing gears. Today, "Healthcare and Social Assistance is leading the way and showing the highest employment levels. Here's a fun fact, Parma Community General Hospital is one of the city's largest employers. But don't forget retail! Our bustling retail scene is a key ingredient in our economic recipe. As for our educational services, do not be fooled; they remain a cornerstone of Parma's bustling economy, setting the stage for the next generation of Parmanians to make their mark.

If you're considering moving to our fantastic city, there are definitely some things to keep in mind. Parma enjoys an employment rate that is generally in line with the national average, which is great news for job hunters like you! Jobs in healthcare and social assistance comprise the lion's share of available work, but keep your eyes peeled for positions in the robust manufacturing, retail, and educational sectors too. And if you enjoy our lovely dining options and think you can bring something new to the table, consider a career in the food services or accommodation industry - it's growing faster than our world-class zucchini at Stearns Homestead's annual contest!

Traffic and Transportation

Thus, you wish to traverse the thrilling transportation terrain of Parma, OH? Buckle up, we sure have an adventure in store for you! The average commute time for a Parma folk is around 24.4 minutes, giving you time to rock out to five of your favorite jammin' tunes. Public transportation, you ask? Hell yes! Parma is served by RTA's (Regional Transit Authority) bus service, making it charmingly convenient for daily commute - trust us, it's a breeze. Wondering about air travel? For those adventurous Parma souls soaring to new heights and distances, the nearest commercial airport is the vibrant Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. So, there you go! Whether you're air-bound, driving around or hopping onto a public bus, you've got multiple avenues to explore Parma's legendary lanes. Buckle up, the ride's gonna be fun and free-wheeling!

What is the traffic like in Parma, OH?

Best Neighborhoods in Parma

1. Ridge Road

First up on our list is the darling of Parma: Ridge Road. Brimming with old-world charm, this neighborhood offers a lovely blend of traditional and modern vibes. With its vast array of quaint bistros, coffee shops and boutiques, Ridge Road breathes life into historic Parma with a contemporary flair. Groceries, dry cleaning, and award-winning restaurants are all at arm's length, making Ridge Road an urbanite's dream come true. Whether you're an avid foodie or a vintage lover, this neighborhood wouldn't make your city life any less exciting.

2. Green Valley

Next, we head over to Green Valley, a neighborhood that's big on community spirit. Here, friendly neighbors and annual block parties aren't just ideas from bygone days, they're a way of life! Folks in Green Valley love their lush green parks and trails. Add in a nearby library, community center, and top-rated schools, and you've got a small-town feel within city limits. If you're looking for a family-friendly neighborhood that regularly hosts community events, Green Valley is your place!

3. Parma Heights

Now let's talk about Parma Heights, the neighborhood that proves that "heights" isn't just in the name. Parma Heights has towering, mature trees that line its idyllic suburban streets, affording plenty of shade for those summer afternoons and vibrant color in the fall. The bustling activity center with numerous shops and eateries at its heart keeps the community harmoniously humming along. If you're a fan of peaceful morning walks and having all the necessities within reach, you ought to grasp the heights!

4. Pleasant Valley

As the name suggests, Pleasant Valley truly is... well, pleasant! This neighborhood has a homey, restful feeling that's sure to woo you. Here, well-maintained houses stand proudly amidst spacious lawns, while local parks beckon you and your family for a weekend of fun in the sun. It's a slice of serene suburban life tucked away in bustling Parma, which makes it a perfect place for those seeking a quiet refuge in the midst of city life. Pleasant Valley also boasts a golf course and a nearby nature reservation for the outdoor enthusiasts.

5. Seven Hills

Last but not least, Seven Hills is what might just be Parma's best-kept secret. This neighborhood offers a perfect blend of peace and energy. Its quiet, leafy streets are home to a mix of both seniors and young families. Offering proximity to bustling downtown Parma while maintaining a cozy and detached feel, Seven Hills brings together the best of both worlds for its residents. With its wide range of recreational settings--parks, trails, and recreational centers--Seven Hills makes it hard to pick any other corner in Parma to call home.

In conclusion, Parma, with its rich history and colorful palette of neighborhoods, is a city that offers something beautiful for everyone. Each neighborhood has its unique vibe and soul that is waiting to be discovered by you, and what better way to get a feel of the city than by exploring its quintessential neighborhoods! Happy moving! Best neighborhoods in Parma, OH image

Things to Do

Welcome to Parma, OH! A city with natural charm and a myriad of hidden gems to explore. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or someone who loves spending time outdoors, this city has something to offer. To help you in your quest, here are seven of the top things to be done in Parma:

1. Visit The James Day Park

This recreational spot, also known as "Nike Site Park", is a local favorite. It offers baseball, football, and soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, and a children's playground area. In addition, it also has a pretty cool trail which is perfect for biking, jogging, or a casual stroll. If you're looking to enjoy some greenery and fresh air, this is where to go.

2. Take a Peek at Parma's History in Stearns Homestead

This 48-acre historical farm hosts two museums, farm animals, and a country store. The Stearns House, built in 1855, paints a vivid picture of Parma's past. The Gibbs House, on the other hand, is a log cabin housing artifacts from the simpler farming life back in the day. Whether you're a history buff or a family with little ones, this site offers an interesting snapshot of yesteryears.

3. Catch a Show at Cassidy Theatre

If you enjoy theatrical productions, this local theatre is a must-visit. From entertaining plays to captivating musical productions, this spot has something to offer everyone. The Cassidy Theatre aims to inspire a love for the performing arts and make them accessible for the local community. As an added bonus, it also hosts art exhibitions from local artists.

4. Grab a Slice at Antonio's Pizza

Nothing caps off a day of exploration like a delicious slice of pizza. Antonio's Pizza, a community staple since the 1960s, is renowned for its mouth-watering menu. While the pizza is the star of the show, the menu also features pasta, subs, and an array of sides and desserts. This joint is perfect for those cheesy cravings you might have.

5. Explore Ukrainian Heritage

Right in Parma, you'll find U.S's largest Ukrainian community. Check out the Ukrainian Museum-Archives for a dose of unique culture and history. You can also visit the impressive gold-domed St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral and shop for traditional Ukrainian goods at the Ukrainian Gift Shop.

6. Visit the West Creek Reservation

Hidden off the beaten path, the West Creek Reservation is a nature-lover's dream. Tap into some bird-watching or trek through miles of lush trails. Walk on the Overlook Bridge for a stunning view of the creek and surrounding scenery.

7. Embrace Your Sweet Tooth at Colozza's Bakery

A "hole-in-the-wall" spot that's a bit of a local secret. Colozza's Bakery is known for its divine pastries and cakes. Have a sweet start to your day with a cannoli or a cupcake, or order a custom cake for any special occasion. For anyone looking to satiate their sweet tooth, this bakery makes a perfect pit stop.

There's plenty more to uncover in Parma, OH, but we believe this list is a great start. As you soak in the sites and the flavors of the city, you'll soon discover that Parma, OH is not just a place to live, it's a place to call home. So, put on your adventure shoes and embrace this delightful Midwestern gem.

Things to do in Parma, OH?

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