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Imagine quintessential Southern charm fused with the hustle and bustle of a modern city. That's High Point, NC for you! Endearing in its allure, this city of opportunity has quickly become the choice of many looking for a fresh start. But relocating can be daunting, especially when you have to sieve through endless amounts of information. Fear not! You've just found yourself a comprehensive guide to easing into High Point, NC. We promise relocation will be less intimidating and more exhilarating as we delve into the city's rich cultural heritage, thriving commercial scene, and inviting suburban life.

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What to Know Before Moving to High Point


1. High Point: A Furniture Capital

One of the biggest things that High Point, North Carolina, is known for is being one of the world\'s furniture capitals. Twice a year, the city hosts the High Point Market, an internationally renowned furniture trade show where retailers can peruse offerings from over 2,000 exhibitors. Though these events are not open to the public, High Point year-round is brimming with unique furniture showrooms and shops that offer everything from modern to antique styles. Your home decor will never look better!

2. The Great Outdoors

Outdoor enthusiasts, rejoice! High Point offers an enormous array of parks, trails, and open spaces to be explored. Be sure to make a visit to High Point City Lake Park, an outdoor paradise complete with fishing boats, a historic carousel, and even a train for kids. Runners and bikers will enjoy Bicentennial Greenway, a 15-mile nature trail that stretches between High Point and neighboring Greensboro.

3. BBQ Heaven

Located in the heart of North Carolina, High Point is a bastion of tasty Southern cuisine and phenomenal BBQ. You'll find an array of mouthwatering pulled pork, brisket, and ribs, slathered in a unique "Lexington style" BBQ sauce that blends tangy vinegar with sweet, smoky tomato. Not only that, but the area also hosts numerous BBQ festivals throughout the year, so there's ample opportunity to indulge and explore the local food scene.

4. High Point's Unconventional Mascot

Rubber ducky, you're the one! This might surprise you, but High Point University's mascot isn't a fierce animal or mythical creature, but a rubber duck! Named "Prowler," this delightful and unconventional mascot attends sporting events, greets school visitors, and is a comforting symbol of school spirit within the university community.

5. Discover the World's Largest Chest of Drawers

High Point is also home to the "World's Largest Chest of Drawers," standing at an incredible 38-feet tall! This quirky piece of architectural novelty was initially built in the 1920s as a marketing gimmick for High Point's booming furniture industry. It's now a popular tourist destination and undeniably, a standout element of the city's unique charm.

6. Quality Education

Families considering a move to High Point should feel confident in the city's public education system. The city prides itself on its commitment to quality education, with Guilford County Schools offering a robust array of school programs. Students in High Point also have access to numerous enrichment opportunities, from international baccalaureate programs to early college high schools and career academies.

Whether you\'re a fan of high-quality furniture, delicious BBQ, or a delightfully quirky vibe, High Point, North Carolina has something for you. Its surprises only extend past its name, making it a fantastic place with enduring appeal.

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Pros and Cons of Living in High Point

Pros of Living in High Point

High Point's Furniture Market

High Point, often referred to as the "Furniture Capital of the World," hosts a semi-annual furniture market that attracts individuals from all over the world. This provides residents with exceptional opportunities to shop for unique and quality furniture.

Outdoor Recreation

The city is home to several spacious parks, recreational areas and nearby lakes. Natural attractions like the High Point City Lake Park offer various activities like boating, fishing, picnicking and more, making it an attractive location for outdoor enthusiasts.

Low Cost of Living

In comparison to several other states, North Carolina, and especially High Point, boasts a lower cost of living. While the cost of housing, groceries, and other living expenses varies, overall, living costs are generally lower than the national average.

Rich History and Heritage

High Point is brimming with history. With historic sites like High Point Museum and plenty of historic homes and gabled roofs at every turn, the city's rich heritage adds character and charm.

Local Culinary Scene

High Point flaunts a thriving food scene with an assortment of restaurants catering to varying tastes. From traditional southern barbecue to international cuisine, food lovers have fantastic options to explore.

Cons of Living in High Point

Crime Rate

High Point's crime rate is marginally higher than the national average. Though it varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, it is an important factor to consider when deciding to relocate.

Public Transportation

Public transportation options in High Point can be limited. While some bus services are available, personal vehicles are often required for daily commuting and other transportation needs, which can be a drawback for those without a car.

Job Market

Despite hosting the international furniture market, the local job market could be challenging for some. Not all sectors have a high demand, which can make it difficult for job seekers in certain fields.

Weather Conditions

High Point experiences a fair share of humid weather throughout the year and can get substantially hot in summers. Winter can also bring ice storms. Such weather conditions may not suit those accustomed to milder climates.

Lack of Big City Amenities

While High Point is the eight largest city in North Carolina, it often lacks the amenities of a big city. For instance, there are limited options for nightlife and high-end shopping, which may be a downside for some.

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Is High Point a Good Place to Live?

High Point, NC is a great place to live because of its small-town charm, thriving furniture industry, and robust education facilities. The city not only offers numerous parks for outdoor enthusiasts but also houses cultural gems like the High Point Museum and Theatre. The cost of living is affordable and the people here are known for their southern hospitality, making this friendly city a delightful place to settle in.

What Is High Point Famous For?

Furniture Market Extravaganza

High Point, NC is known as the "Furniture Capital of the World," and for good reason. Twice a year, High Point hosts the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, generating a whopping $5.39 billion in revenue.

Fantastic Architecture

High Point is home to some unique and exciting architecture, most notably, the World's Largest Chest of Drawers. This fabulous piece of architecture not only stands out as a charming anomaly but also acts as an homage to High Point's furniture industry.

John Coltrane's Roots

Believe it or not, this southern city was the birthplace of none other than jazz legend John Coltrane! The city embraces its ties to the saxophone genius, and displays his life on a historical marker downtown.

HPU's Christmas Display

High Point's beloved university, High Point University, transforms into a winter wonderland each December. This event, known as "Christmas at HPU," consists of thousands of Christmas lights, numerous festive events, and even a life-size Nativity scene for all to enjoy!

Capital building of High Point, NC in artistic rendering

Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in High Point, NC is approximately 0.74%. This rate is lower than the national average property tax rate of around 1.07%.

Sales Tax

The sales tax in High Point, NC currently stands at 6.75% as of 2023. This rate is slightly lower than the median sales tax rate in the United States, which is 7.12%.

Income Tax

High Point, NC uses the statewide flat income tax rate of 5.25% as of 2023. This is lower than the national average income tax rate, currently approximately 7.02%.

Housing Market

High Point, NC, presents a promising housing market both for renters and buyers when compared to other U.S regions. Home values in High Point are generally more affordable, with a median home value well below the national average. The cost of living is also significantly lower, making it an attractive market for potential renters. The rental market is quite competitive due to high demand, however, rental rates remain relatively affordable. High Point offers a unique blend of small-town charm and city conveniences, making it a desired destination for potential homeowners and renters alike.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in High Point, NC is notably lower than in many other U.S. cities. Key factors such as housing, transportation, and grocery expenses are reported to be below national averages, making High Point an attractive place for budget-conscious individuals and families. While this affords residents a relatively comfortable lifestyle, it should be noted that income levels in the city are similarly lower than the national average. This discrepancy could balance out the seemingly low cost of living, still overall, High Point presents an economical advantage in comparison to many larger metropolitan areas.

Weather & Natural Disasters

High Point, NC enjoys a moderate climate, characterized by four distinct and mostly temperate seasons. Summers can be warm to hot, with temperatures reaching into the upper 80s, while winters are typically cool, with lows in the mid-30s. Rainfall is distributed evenly throughout the year, with occasional snowfall in winter, and High Point experiences its share of sunshine with approximately 214 sunny days annually. High Point's weather is generally predictable, although it is susceptible to a range of natural disasters due to its location. This includes thunderstorms, tornadoes, occasional hurricanes, and rare snow or ice storms. Flooding is another risk, particularly in areas close to water bodies. Despite these occasional hazards, the overall climate and weather in High Point offer a delightful balance of seasonal variations that make it an attractive place to live.

Typical weather in High Point, NC

Economy & Job Market

* Healthcare and Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Manufacturing

* Education Services

* Accommodation and Food Services

The heart of High Point, NC beats steadily to the rhythm of industries old and new, evolving with the needs and trends of today's society while honoring its storied past. Historically, High Point branded itself as the "Furniture Capital of the World" with a robust furniture manufacturing industry, a mantle it celebrates to this day but with a modern twist. While furniture manufacturing is still one of the area's most notable sectors, the city's economy has diversified significantly over the years. Today, High Point boasts a diverse range of industries from education and healthcare services to retail and food services, reflecting both the city's rich industrial heritage and its commitment to growth and innovation.

If you're packing your bags and heading to High Point, NC, get ready for a dynamic job market! The city's diverse economy makes it a great place for job hunters from various industries. As of 2020, the unemployment rate in High Point was approximately 6.6%, slightly more than the nationwide average but showing signs of recovery in the wake of the pandemic. Opportunities abound in sectors like healthcare, education, and retail trade, where job growth has been steadily on the rise. Don't forget about the furniture industry - after all, High Point didn't earn its illustrious nickname for nothing. If you've got a passion for design or a knack for sales, you might find your dream job at one of the city's many furniture showrooms or production facilities.

Traffic and Transportation

Feeling a pinch of wanderlust? Fasten your seatbelts and gear up as we explore the delightful town of High Point, NC! First off, contrary to the hustle and bustle of mega cities, commuting here is a breeze. With an average commute time of 21 minutes, High Point grants you time to sip, not chug, that morning coffee! If you're in the mood to leave the car at home, just hop on the High Point Transit System to enjoy a green and comfortable ride, taking in the picturesque sights that sprinkle the city. When looking to spread your wings, the Piedmont Triad International Airport is just a stone's throw away. Say goodbye to the hassle and stress of long-distance traveling as this hub provides non-stop flights to many domestic and international destinations. High Point, NC, definitely knows how to make your journey fun, swift, and simple!

What is the traffic like in High Point, NC?

Best Neighborhoods in High Point

1. Emerywood

First on our list is Emerywood, a neighborhood that screams charm and timeless appeal. Its tree-lined streets and stunning architecture, including beautifully restored historic homes, make Emerywood a treat for the eyes. The neighborhood is sprinkled with parks, providing a peaceful outdoor escape for residents. You'll find a tight-knit community here that regularly organizes social events, perfect for those looking to get involved. Plus, Emerywood is just a stone's throw away from Uptown High Point, where you can indulge in shopping, dining, and entertainment.

2. Westchester

Warm, welcoming and family-friendly, Westchester embraces classic suburban living. It boasts an abundance of green spaces, including Westchester Park, a favorite spot for picnics, dog walks, and outdoor games. The neighborhood is renowned for its excellent schools, both public and private, making it a top choice for families. Winding walkways conducive for biking and strolling lend Westchester a village-like feeling that's hard to resist.

3. Old Towne

Old Towne is a pocket of history and culture in High Point. This neighborhood features beautifully preserved Victorian homes resting alongside quaint boutiques and charming eateries. The area also hosts seasonal art and food festivals showcasing local talents, making it an exciting place for those who appreciate community events. Old Towne's allure lies in its perfect blend of historical charm and vibrant local culture.

4. Oakview

Looking for something a little more laid back? Enter Oakview, a tranquil neighborhood that captivates with its natural beauty and small-town feel. This neighborhood features thriving greenery, from its areas of dense woodland to well-kept gardens. A huge draw is Oak Hollow Lake, providing opportunities for fishing, boating, and bird-watching. Despite its quieter pace, Oakview is conveniently located near local shops and eateries, allowing residents the best of both worlds.

5. Uptowne High Point

Last but not least, Uptowne High Point offers an electric dynamic that caters to those craving an urban lifestyle. This lively neighborhood is filled with unique boutiques, art galleries, and an array of delightful restaurants. Uptowne High Point is home to the city's main business district, making it perfect for career-oriented individuals. It's also the heart of the city's famous Furniture Market, drawing in crowds twice a year with interior design showcases.

In conclusion, these five neighborhoods paint a delightful picture of High Point's residential landscape. From the serene greens of Oakview to the bustling streets of Uptowne High Point, this North Carolina city has a neighborhood for every preference. Embrace your next adventure, and consider these fantastic communities in your upcoming move. High Point, North Carolina, is ready to welcome you home.

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Things to Do

Welcome to High Point, NC, fondly known as the "Furniture Capital of the World". This charming city, steeped in Southern culture and tradition, perfectly blends urban accessibility with suburban charm. Whether you're a fan of outdoor activities, history, arts, or unique activities, High Point has something to tickle your fancy.

1. Visit High Point Museum

No better place to start your exploration than High Point Museum, which captures the history of the town and its people. Unique historical artifacts and engaging exhibits make it a must-visit for history buffs or anyone who wants to get to know their new hometown better.

2. Hike the High Point City Lake Park

Ready to enjoy North Carolina's natural beauty? High Point City Lake Park is the place to go. Packed with beautiful walking trails, picnic spots, and a charming lake, it's ideal for a relaxing day outdoors. Go hiking, rent a paddleboat, or simply enjoy a picnic amidst the lush scenery.

3. Discover local art at Theatre Art Galleries (TAG)

For the art-enthusiast, visiting the Theatre Art Galleries is a must. Showcasing the best talents of local artists across a variety of mediums, this gallery offers an exciting and enriching experience. You'll be left in awe by High Point's thriving arts scene!

4. Have a Nostalgic Amusement Park Experience at Kersey Valley Attractions

If you're looking for a thrill, look no further than Kersey Valley Attractions. From zip lines to escape rooms, haunted houses, and more, Kersey Valley has something for every adrenaline junkie. It's a unique, lesser-known gem that's sure to be a hit for the whole family.

5. Fancy a 'Barrel Ride' at High Point Bowling Center

Not your average bowling alley, High Point Bowling Center is a family-oriented entertainment zone that has earned a spot on this list. The highlight? The unique 'Barrel Ride', a custom-made ride where you roll down a track while inside a barrel. It's an experience you probably wouldn't get at a regular bowling alley!

6. Shop till You Drop at High Point's Furniture Showrooms

Given High Point's reputation as the furniture capital, a visit to the world-renowned Furniture Market/Showrooms is a must. You can find fantastic deals here, whether you're decorating your new home or just a fan of beautifully-crafted furniture.

7. Unwind at Brown Truck Brewery

Nothing beats the end of an adventurous day like a relaxing evening at the local brewery. The Brown Truck Brewery, an award-winning, locally-owned microbrewery, serves a wide array of delicious beers on its pet-friendly patio, which features live music on weekends.

In conclusion, your new life in High Point, NC has a wealth of experiences waiting for you. Embrace the city's warm southern charm while you explore its parks, museums, galleries, attractions, and shopping venues. Enjoy the journey!

Things to do in High Point, NC?

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