Moving to Durham

Are you pondering a leap into the wholesome charm of southern living? Set your sights on Durham, NC! Not just an academic powerhouse with Duke University, or merely a hub for tech start-ups and innovative cuisine, Durham is a radiant city waiting to capture your heart. This comprehensive relocation guide transforms dreams into plans with practical insights and local secrets. We'll show you why Durham is the place you'll want to call home. So, buckle up and prepare to dive into Durham's warm embrace!

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What to Know Before Moving to Durham

1. The Bull City Is Rich in History

Durham, also known as the Bull City, is a treasure trove of American history. Did you know it was a crucial part of the civil rights movement and pivotal in tobacco and textile history? Whether you're a history buff or just love the charm of a historic city, Durham won't disappoint. The town has preserved many historic buildings such as the Carolina Theater and the Hayti Heritage Center, which add a unique texture to its landscape.

2. The Food Scene Is to Die For

Fancy yourself a foodie? Durham is your new nirvana. The city has an irresistibly diverse food scene, boasting some of the most innovative and delicious eateries in the South. From tantalizing barbeque to fresh globally inspired cuisine, food tripping is a delight in Durham. Not to mention, the city also has a burgeoning craft beer scene with numerous breweries to explore.

3. Education Is a Big Deal

Part of the renowned Research Triangle (along with Raleigh and Chapel Hill), Durham is a hub for top-notch education and research institutions. Home to Duke University and North Carolina Central University, the city vibrates with an enthusiastic academic spirit. The diverse student population also adds to the vibrant culture and economy of Durham.

4. There Is a Thriving Arts Scene

Art enthusiasts, rejoice! Durham offers a veritable feast of cultural delights. From its bustling music scene, featuring everything from rock to jazz and bluegrass, to its visual art scene with numerous galleries and street murals, Durham is sure to satiate your aesthetic appetite. The city also hosts major cultural events like the annual American Dance Festival and the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.

5. It's Home to the "Largest Surrealist Art Gallery in the World"

An odd claim to fame, but a cool one nonetheless -- Durham hosts the world's largest Surrealist art gallery! This strangely delightful gem, also known as the Museum of Surrealism, is hidden in the headquarters of the Measurement Incorporated company. It features over 500 works from artists worldwide, providing an unexpectedly whimsical and magical break from reality and a godsend for art geeks.

6. The Tobacco Trail Is a Wonder

For the outdoorsy folks, Durham offers an array of parks and trail systems; among them is the American Tobacco Trail. This 22-mile rustic trail cuts through the heart of the city, following an old railroad bed once used by the American Tobacco Company. It's a great place for biking, hiking, horseback riding or just unwinding. Plus, you'll get to see first-hand why the city was once called the "tobacco capital of the world".

In conclusion, Durham, North Carolina is a city that isn't afraid to blend the old with the new. It's a place where traditional Southern charm meets modern city life, and where history, food, education, art, and outdoor activities meld to create a vibrant, diverse community. So go forth, future Durham-ites. Explore, learn, and love your new home. And remember, y'all are always welcome here in Durham! What to know before moving to Durham, NC image
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Pros and Cons of Living in Durham

Pros of Living in Durham

Abundance of Cultural Experiences

As a city rich in history, Durham offers many cultural experiences to its residents. From the Durham Performing Arts Center, which hosts Broadway shows, to various art galleries and historical landmarks, residents have ample opportunities to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of arts and culture.

Quality Educational Institutions

Durham is home to several highly regarded educational institutions, such as Duke University and North Carolina Central University. This means residents have access to quality education and continuous learning opportunities. In addition, these institutions provide a myriad of activities and events that community members can attend.

Vibrant Food Scene

Food lovers will appreciate Durham's vibrant and diverse food scene. With everything from food trucks to high-end dining establishments, there is a broad array of culinary choices. The city is particularly known for its farm-to-table restaurants and regional Southern fare.

Diverse Economy

Durham boasts a diverse economy with growing sectors in technology, healthcare, and academics. Therefore, job opportunities are relatively abundant, making it a good place for those seeking career advancement or job security.

Nature and Outdoor Activities

With a number of parks, trails, and the nearby Eno River, Durham offers plenty of options to nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you love hiking, fishing or simply enjoying the serene beauty of nature, Durham provides the environment for it.

Cons of Living in Durham

High Levels of Traffic

Durham residents consistently report dealing with heavy traffic, especially during rush hours. While the city offers multiple forms of public transportation, those who rely on a personal vehicle for commuting can expect to spend significant time stuck in traffic.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Durham generally tends to be higher, particularly in regard to housing. Although there are neighborhoods with affordable housing options, the overall cost can be a financial strain for some potential residents.

Weather extremes

Durham experiences hot, humid summers and fairly cold winters, which might not appeal to everyone. It also has a certain degree of vulnerability to hurricanes and tropical storms, leading to potential weather-related inconveniences.

Crime Rate

While not all areas are affected equally, Durham as a whole has a higher crime rate than some comparable cities. Community and city initiatives are in place to improve this, but it's something potential residents should be aware of.

Lack of Professional Sports Teams

While Durham hosts a minor league baseball team (the Durham Bulls), it's not a destination for major professional sports. For dedicated pro sports fans, this could be a downside, although collegiate sports, primarily basketball and football, have a huge following in the area.

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Is Durham a Good Place to Live?

Durham, NC is a great place to live because it's a hub of education and research with the famous Duke University, an exciting food scene with a mix of classical and innovative cuisines, and a vibrant arts and culture scene with numerous galleries, theaters, and festivals. Additionally, it's an outdoor lover's paradise, as it's close to state parks and has miles of trails for walking and biking. An added cherry on top is the friendly people of Durham who are always welcoming and warm.

What Is Durham Famous For?

Duke University

At the heart of Durham lies Duke University, a prestigious institution known for its rigorous academics and top-tier sports teams, especially in basketball. Walk through its stunning gothic-style campus, catch a thrilling basketball game, and feel the energy of the Blue Devils!

ECHL's Durham Bulls

The ECHL's Durham Bulls are a must-see for any baseball fan. With their iconic 'Snorting Bull' as the field's backdrop, this Triple-A minor league baseball team delivers top-notch sports entertainment in Durham, since it became the subject of the classic film, "Bull Durham".

Nasher Museum of Art

As Duke University's art museum, the Nasher Museum of Art showcases impressive collections of contemporary art and masterpieces from the ages. It provides incredible opportunities for visitors to lose themselves in inspiring exhibitions and artistic diversity.

Tobacco History

In Durham, the city's rich tobacco history is celebrated - not in promoting the use of tobacco, but acknowledging its role in shaping the city's past. The renovated American Tobacco Historic District, with its charming red-brick factories, now hosts thriving businesses, restaurants, and live events, representing Durham's successful transformation from a tobacco powerhouse to a vibrant community center.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in Durham, NC is 0.817 per $100 of assessed value. Compared to the national average of around 1.1%, Durham's property tax is relatively low.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Durham, NC is 7.5% as of 2023. While this is higher than the US average sales tax rate of around 5.77%, it is comparable to other cities in North Carolina.

Income Tax

The income tax rate in North Carolina is 5.25% for both single and joint filers as of 2023. This rate is considerably lower than the average US state income tax bracket, which ranges from 0% to 13.3%.

Housing Market

Compared to many US cities, Durham, NC boasts an affordable housing market. The median home price sits around $275K, significantly cheaper than the national average. While annual appreciation rates are above the national average, high rental yields make it lucrative for investors. Renters enjoy affordability too, with median rent below the US average. Durham's growth in population and job opportunities contribute to an active real estate market. However, the market also holds challenges with intense competition and decreasing inventory. Understanding this landscape ensures both renters and buyers make informed decisions.

Cost of Living

With relatively affordable housing, cost of living in Durham, NC remains generally lower than in other cities. Durham's overall index stands at 95.3 making it lower than the US average of 100. However, sectors like utilities and transportation cost are marginally higher. While some expenses are less manageable, comparatively low costs in major areas like housing contribute to an advantageous cost of living in Durham.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Durham, North Carolina, enjoys a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are typically warm and humid with temperatures peaking in the high 80s (Fahrenheit), while winters are relatively moderate with periodic snowfall and temperatures down to the low 30s. The city gets significant rainfall throughout the year, however, autumn tends to be the driest season. Durham's spring and fall are particularly delightful with milder temperatures and vibrant foliage. The city is also susceptible to natural disasters due to its location in the Atlantic Seaboard. Severe thunderstorms are common, occasionally spawning tornadoes. In addition, Durham, lying inland, can still feel the impact from hurricanes and tropical storms, primarily in the form of substantial rain and high winds. Consequently, residents need to be prepared for diverse weather conditions and the potential for natural disasters.

Typical weather in Durham, NC

Economy & Job Market

* Healthcare and Medical Research

* Education and Academia

* Information Technology and Telecommunications

* Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

* Financial Services and Banking

Durham, NC has a history steeped in bright blue azure-sky dreams and grounded in strong tobacco roots. Decades ago, this tobacco town reinvented itself as a hub for innovation and knowledge, making a seamless segue from cigarettes to cybernetics. Today, numerous educational institutions, including the world-renowned Duke University, and a swath of tech and biotech companies, have created a bustling economy that embraces technology, telecommunication, and top-tier healthcare services. The city is also home base to a number of key players in the banking and financial services industry. Durham is not just your everyday run-of-the-mill city; it's a vibrant mix of academia and industry, where innovation bubbles up like a fizzy soda, and opportunities are as ripe and plentiful as peaches in the summer sun.

If you're contemplating a move to Durham with job hunting penciled in your to-do list, you'll be thrilled to know that Durham boasts a lower than average national unemployment rate. The city's job market has been repeatedly applauded for its resilience, even during economic downturns. So, where should you dust off your resume and put your best foot forward? The Research Triangle Park, fondly dubbed as the "Silicon Valley of the East", is a veritable jackpot of opportunities. This high-tech research and development hub hosts a myriad of top-notch companies, ranging from information technology to biotech. And let's not forget the thriving academic and healthcare fields - Duke University and Duke University Health System are among the city's top employers. Oh yes, in Durham, the job market isn't just a vending machine, it's a full-on banquet!

Traffic and Transportation

Oh, the thrill of navigating Durham, NC! While the average commute time might have you in your car for about 22 minutes, there's never a dull moment as you cruise along the Bull City roads. But hey, why limit your fun to driving? Durham offers a variety of public transportation options like GoDurham and GoTriangle buses. These environmentally friendly buses give you a tour around the city and its suburbs, adding to the fun of your commute. And for the global trotters among us, the Raleigh-Durham International Airport is your portal to the world. Imagine soaring above the clouds after zipping through the city - delightful, isn't it? So, whether you're a pro at avoiding peak hour traffic or an enthusiast seeking greener commute options, Durham, NC keeps the journey as fun as the destination. Get ready, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

What is the traffic like in Durham, NC?

Best Neighborhoods in Durham

1. Brightleaf

First up on our Durham neighborhood tour is Brightleaf, the sweet spot you've been looking for. This historic district is oozing charm. Think quaint, tree-lined streets, rows of restored tobacco warehouses turned apartments, and of course, the Brightleaf Square--two former tobacco warehouses that now house restaurants, boutiques and art galleries. Plus, Brightleaf is highly walkable. Stroll over to the American Tobacco Campus or hop on a bike and enjoy the city's extensive trail system. It's history meets hipster in the perfect blend!

2. Trinity Park

Next, wander into Trinity Park, situated right between Duke University's East Campus and downtown Durham. This neighborhood is characterized by its beautiful variety of homes--from stunning historic houses to contemporary apartments. Its cultural richness is reflected in the community vibe--lively, eclectic and brimming with intellectual energy. Plus, the Trinity Park itself--a delightful green space makes it a great neighborhood for families. Prepare a picnic, pack a frisbee, and you're all set for a sunny afternoon!

3. Old North Durham

Moving further north, you'll find Old North Durham, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. This neighborhood is a diverse mix of long-standing residents and new arrivals. Its old-world charm is punctuated by newer, trendier additions like coffee shops, gastropubs, and food trucks. Every second Sunday of the month, the neighborhood comes alive for the Durham Food Truck Rodeo, a feast for the taste buds. Old North Durham also provides easy access to the city's Farmer's Market, making fresh local produce just a walk away!

4. Watts Hospital-Hillandale

Next up is Watts Hospital-Hillandale, or as locals call it - 'Wahill'. Known for its community spirit and distinctive local traditions like the Fourth of July parade, here, neighborly is an understatement. Gorgeous 1910-style bungalows line up the streets like little masterpieces in a row. The area hosts a large park and golf course, so plenty of fresh air is guaranteed! Not forgetting, it's only a stone's throw away from Ninth Street--a vibrant shopping and nightlife scene.

5. Southpoint

Finally, we float into Southpoint. This southern gem is a modern suburban dream; it's one of the newer neighborhoods in Durham. It's known for the Streets at Southpoint, an upscale shopping destination attracting people from all around the region. But it's not all shopping; there's also plenty of recreational spots with a total of eight parks. Plus, it's well situated for easy commutes to RTP, Chapel Hill, and downtown Durham. It's chic, it's convenient, it's Southpoint!

In conclusion, Durham is a diverse mosaic of neighborhoods, each with its own unique vibe and appeal. Each offering their own version of Southern comfort and charm, there really is a neighborhood for everyone. Whether you migrate towards the historic charm of Brightleaf, the cultural buzz of Trinity Park, the blend of old and new in Old North Durham, the community spirit of Watts Hospital-Hillandale, or the modern comfort of Southpoint, you're sure to find your sweet spot in Durham, NC. Welcome home, y'all!

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Things to Do

Welcome to Durham, NC! This bustling city nestled in the heart of North Carolina is full of Southern charm, advanced innovation, delectable food and rich history. Famed for its robust tech scene and hallowed educational institutions, Durham is also brimming with countless fun activities to discover. Let's dive into 7 of the top things to do in Durham for someone new to the city.

1. Duke University and Duke Gardens

No trip to Durham is complete without a visit to Duke University, one of the world's premier institutions of higher education. While you're here, marvel at the Gothic-style architecture of the Duke Chapel, or immerse yourself in the peaceful serenity of Duke Gardens. The garden houses over 55 acres of landscaped and woodland gardens, making the area a wonderful place for a leisurely stroll or morning jog.

2. Visit the Museum of Life and Science

Whether or not you have children in tow, the Museum of Life and Science is a must-visit. With numerous interactive exhibits, live animals, and a fantastic butterfly house, this place is perfect for a day of exploration and delight in the wonders of science and nature.

3. Explore the American Tobacco Campus

Once the home of the Lucky Strike cigarette factory, the American Tobacco Campus is now a collection of repurposed warehouses filled with top-notch restaurants, trendy bars, and uniquely local shops. With its picturesque waterways and seasonal outdoor concerts, this bustling district perfectly blends Durham's historical charm with contemporary vibrance.

4. Indulge in the Durham Food Scene

Durham's food scene is among its brightest highlights. From food trucks to high-end dining, there's plenty of culinary delights waiting to be discovered. Head over to Saltbox Seafood Joint for some fresh, North Carolina seafood, or find comfort in a plate of warm biscuits from Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen. Then, wash it all down with a visit to Fullsteam Brewery for a taste of local craft beer.

5. Cycling at the American Tobacco Trail

If you're after some fresh air and exercise, give the American Tobacco Trail a go. This 22-mile trail stretches from downtown Durham to Wake County, offering a safe and scenic route for biking, jogging, and horseback riding. It's a great way to appreciate Durham's scenic beauty while getting in a solid workout!

6. Bull City Laughs

For a hidden gem of local humor, check out Bull City Laughs. This quirky, local comedy tour takes you on a hilarious journey through Durham, highlighting the city's unique history and culture with a comic twist. It's a laugh-out-loud way to learn your way around your new home.

7. Eno River State Park

This lesser-known gem offers the perfect escape from the busy city life. Just a short drive from the city center, Eno River State Park features miles of hiking trails along the beautiful Eno River. Pack a picnic, bring your fishing rod, or just enjoy the peaceful surroundings. You might even spot some local wildlife!

So there you have it, a peek into the eclectic and exciting world of Durham. Whether you're a foodie, a nature buff, a fervent scholar, or just intrigued by the local charm, Durham has something unique to offer everyone. Here's to creating unforgettable memories in your new city!

Things to do in Durham, NC?

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