Moving to Cary

Welcome to the gateway of your grand adventure--moving to Cary, North Carolina! Allow us to be your compass, guiding you through this exciting journey. Nestled in the heart of the Tar Heel State, Cary brims with picturesque beauty, vibrant culture, and thriving commerce. It's not just a place to live but a lifestyle to embrace. Our comprehensive relocation guide will take you through every nook and cranny of this charming town, answering every question you might have - Where to live? What to do? How to fit in? Get ready to uncork the charm of Cary, your new southern home!

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What to Know Before Moving to Cary

1. A City of Parks

Get ready to embrace your inner nature-lover because Cary, North Carolina(Link) is home to an extensive array of parks. With over 30 recreational spaces, locals and visitors alike can hike the trails at Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve, kayak in Symphony Lake, or enjoy a picnic at Fred G. Bond Metro Park. Whether you fancy a leisurely walk or a vigorous sport, there's a patch of green space with your name on it in Cary.

2. Foodie Central

Love food? Then you're going to fall in love with Cary! With a diverse range of dining options that spans the globe, you'll never run out of places to feast. Authentic Indian curries, vibrant Mexican fare, tantalizing Thai stir-fries, and sumptuous Italian pastas are just a hint of what you'll find here. A special mention goes to the locally sourced Southern barbecues - they're finger-licking good.

3. The Secret Tunnel Network

Did you know Cary has a hidden network of old iron ore mine tunnels? While available maps are not precisely accurate, and the entrances are all privately owned and generally inaccessible, knowing that you're living on top of a bit of history adds an exciting layer to your new hometown. Just don't expect to discover any leftover buried treasure - as far as we know, all the iron ore was carted off in the early 1900s!

4. A Hub for Science and Technology

For anyone interested in science and technology, Cary is a small city with big attractions. The town's Science Focus program is a nationally recognized initiative committed to preparing students for the future. Plus, Cary is right next door to the Research Triangle Park, a globally renowned research and development center that is home to several high-tech companies, including IBM, GlaxoSmithKline, and Cisco Systems. Talk about living in an innovative city!

5. An Art-Lover's Paradise

In Cary, art isn't just confined to indoors. The cityscape blends natural beauty with creativity, showcasing countless outdoor art installations and murals. The rock installation at Downtown Park and the wooden sculptures at Hillcrest Cemetery are worth a visit. Cary is also the proud host of annual film, music, and arts festivals that make the city buzz with cultural energy.

6. The Oldest Operable Cotton Gin in World

Looking for a nice little oddball fact about your new home? Check this out - Cary is home to the oldest operating cotton gin in the world! Yeah, you read that right. The Page-Walker Arts & History Center has this antique machine dating back to 1860 that's still in working order. It's a fabulous way to explore some rich southern history, right on your doorstep!

So, whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a foodie, a technology geek, an art connoisseur, a history buff or someone just looking for some adventure, Cary, North Carolina(Link)has it all! Welcome to a city vibrant with charm, rich in history, bursting with culture, and booming with modern attractions. What are you waiting for? Go out and explore!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Cary

Pros of Living in Cary

High Quality of Life

Cary, North Carolina constantly tops lists for its quality of life. With a safe, family-oriented community, top-tier schools, and plenty of recreational opportunities including parks, sports facilities, and cultural events, it offers a high standard of living that appeals to families and individuals alike.

Excellent Job Opportunities

The job market in Cary is robust, thanks in part to its proximity to the Research Triangle Park, which houses numerous high-tech companies and research institutions. The area also boasts a lower unemployment rate than the national average, proving that opportunities are plentiful for job-seekers across various industries.

Great Location

Cary's location is ideal for those who love nature and city life in equal measure. Cary is just a couple of hours away from both the mountains and the beach, offering residents easy access to diverse landscapes for weekend trips. Plus, it's in close proximity to cities like Raleigh and Durham for those seeking urban attractions.

Affordable Living

While it maintains a high quality of life, Cary also offers relative affordability. Living costs, including groceries, healthcare, and utilities, are generally below the national average, making it a cost-effective place to live, without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Great Weather

Residents of Cary enjoy a pleasant climate, with mild winters and warm summers. The weather allows for an active lifestyle throughout the year, with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like biking, hiking, golfing, and more in the area's numerous parks and open spaces.

Cons of Living in Cary

Higher Housing Costs

While the cost of living is generally affordable in Cary, housing costs tend to be higher than the national average. This can pose a barrier for those who are looking to buy a house or rent an apartment in this desirable location.

Growing Population

Cary has seen significant population growth in recent years. While this growth has brought economic opportunities, it has also led to increased traffic and congestion, and some residents express concern about maintaining the small-town feel.

Lack of Nightlife

Compared to larger, more urban areas, Cary's nightlife can seem quite limited. If you're someone who enjoys a bustling nightlife scene with a myriad of late-night entertainment options, you may find Cary a bit quiet.

Hot and Humid Summers

Despite the generally pleasant climate, summers in Cary can get hot and humid. This can be uncomfortable for some people, particularly those who are not used to such weather conditions.

Less Diversity in Dining Options

Although Cary has a nice selection of restaurants, its dining scene could use more diversity. Compared to larger cities, Cary's culinary selections are limited, especially for those looking for more uncommon international cuisines.

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Is Cary a Good Place to Live?

Cary, NC is a great place to live because of its low crime rate, high standard of education, and abundant recreational activities. With an emphasis on community, great restaurants, parks and green spaces, and a thriving arts scene, the quality of life in Cary, NC is vibrant and captivating!

What Is Cary Famous For?

Numerous Tech Companies

Known as the 'Silicon Valley of the East', Cary is recognized by its vast array of tech companies, including the world-renowned SAS Institute. This software company's headquarters adds a notable hi-tech personality to this vibrant city. In addition to SAS, companies like IBM, Cisco, and Verizon all have significant presences in Cary.

Exceptional Schools

Education is a priority in Cary, boasting some of the highest-ranking schools in the state of North Carolina. From the Wake County public school system to a variety of private and charter schools, Cary offers top-notch education options. Come for the tech jobs, stay for the exceptional schools!

Green Spaces and Outdoor Recreation

With over 30 public parks and a plethora of greenways, Cary is an outdoor lover's paradise. Residents and tourists alike can enjoy activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and picnicking in a rustic environment. And don't forget boating on Jordan Lake, a fabulous 14,000-acre reservoir!

The Town's Unique Culture

Cary is famous for preserving a small-town ambience while offering distinct cultural experiences. From a bustling downtown with boutique shops and eclectic dining to local festivals and a vibrant arts scene, Cary is a town that celebrates its diversity and identity. Its annual Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival is not to be missed!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in Cary, NC is 0.35%. This rate is relatively low compared to the national average property tax rate of 1.07%.

Sales Tax

The combined sales tax rate for Cary, NC is 7.25% in 2023. This rate is a tad high compared to the US median combined sales tax rate which is approximately 6.9%.

Income Tax

The income tax rate for the residents of Cary, NC, as governed by the state of North Carolina, stands at a flat rate of 5.25% as of 2023. This flat rate is on the lower end compared to other states, some of which have progressive tax rates going up to 13.3%.

Housing Market

The housing market in Cary, NC is currently highly competitive, boasting residents' premium quality of life and prosperous economic growth. Housing prices here are significantly higher than both the national and state averages--with a median home value of around $382,900, compared to the national average of $219,700. Renters also face steep costs, with a median rent of approximately $1,400 per month. However, Cary offers excellent education and safety ratings alongside lower-than-average job unemployment rates, attracting families and professionals alike despite higher living expenses. Renters and buyers alike should consider these elements when planning to move to Cary, NC.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Cary, NC is relatively moderate compared to other cities in the United States. While slightly higher than the statewide average, Cary's cost of living is offset by high median household incomes, great educational opportunities, and low crime rates, making it an attractive place to live. However, when compared to cities like New York or San Francisco, Cary is considerably affordable, particularly in housing costs. Therefore, despite being a little expensive than other North Carolina cities, Cary offers a valuable quality of life within a reasonable budget.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Cary, North Carolina, experiences a moderate subtropical climate characterized by four distinct seasons with hot, humid summers and cool to mild winters. The average summer temperatures generally hover around 80degF, while in winter, they're often in the mid-40s. Cary's location means it gets abundant rainfall, averaging about 47 inches per year. The city occasionally experiences severe weather conditions including thunderstorms and even hurricanes, although the latter is relatively rare. Winter ice storms and snowfall, while not common, can occasionally disrupt daily life. Earthquakes and tornadoes are extremely rare in Cary. The city is also not immune to heatwaves in summer and spontaneous cold fronts in the winter months. Despite these weather hazards, Cary's climate is generally considered pleasant and inviting most of the year.

Typical weather in Cary, NC

Economy & Job Market

* Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industry

* Information Technology and Software Services

* Education and Educational Services

* Healthcare and Social Assistance

* Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Once known as the quaint little farm town on the outskirts of Raleigh, Cary, NC has grown in leaps and bounds, both in population and productivity. The town has always had a competitive economy, starting with the agricultural and textile industries in the past. Now, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries hold the fort, substantially contributing to the local and national economies. Employees at Cary's vast IT and software services firms like SAS Institute and Verizon are responsible for innovations that are shaping our technologically driven world. The city is also home to an incredible range of educational and healthcare organizations, as well as numerous professional, scientific, and technical service industries.

If you're planning a move to Cary, you're in for quite a treat! The town's unemployment rate remains below the national average, making it one of the best places for job seekers. The fastest-growing job sectors are in professional and business services, education and health services, and trade, transportation, and utilities. Also, Cary's tech hub status means anyone with a knack for all things digital will be spoilt for choice. But it's not all work and no play; this bustling city offers an eclectic mix of leisure activities, ensuring you're never bored. So pack those bags, sharpen your skills, and get ready to embark on an exciting new journey in one of the fastest-growing towns in the United States.

Traffic and Transportation

Chug along on this journey as we explore traffic and transportation in Cary, NC! First stop, commute times: the average worker in Cary spends less than 23 minutes traveling to work - that's 25% less than the national average! Who even needs that extra coffee now?

Next station, public transpiration: dubbed the Triangle region, Cary offers you the GoCary, GoTriangle, and Amtrak services - all less noise, more joy! GoCary runs six local fixed routes while GoTriangle makes regional connections a breeze. Prefer rail? Amtrak station located downtown has your back!

Final destination, air travel: travelers, buckle your seatbelts! The Raleigh-Durham International Airport is just down the road, providing over 400 flights daily. Whether you're jet setting for a business trip or embarking on an adventure, Cary's location is just plane perfect!

There you have it, folks! In Cary, NC your commute's shorter, your options diverse, and your next destination is always just around the corner (or up in the clouds). So kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

What is the traffic like in Cary, NC?

Best Neighborhoods in Cary

1. Preston

This affluent neighborhood is perfect for those who appreciate manicured lawns and a country club lifestyle. With the Prestonwood Country Club right in the center, you're never too far from a great golf game or social gathering. Besides being home to the swanky residence, Preston also has an array of walking trails, parks, and easy access to local amenities. Its prime location gives residents quick access to the best of Cary.

2. Lochmere

Water lovers, we've found your paradise! Known for its beautiful view of Lochmere Lake, this community offers the serene atmosphere you often crave after a long day of work. Waterside walking trails, tennis courts, and swimming pools are all part of the amazing amenities for the neighborhood residents. If the nature-scape doesn't win you over, Lochmere's beautiful classical home designs and friendly community will!

3. Downtown Cary

There's nothing like living in the heart of a city, and Downtown Cary is no exception. If you love the bustle of urban living combined with the charm of a small town, this is the neighborhood for you. Amidst a recent revitalization, downtown is now a thriving hub of arts, eateries, shops, and more. Bonus: It's highly walkable, so residents can easily wander to parks, concerts at the local amphitheater, or the weekly farmer's market


4. West Cary

If you're searching for that close-knit community feel, look no further than West Cary. With its diversity, top-rated schools, and superb parks, West Cary is a paradise for families. The neighborhood encourages community engagement with its regular social events, so it's easy to feel a part of the community. Plus, it's conveniently located near Research Triangle Park, making your commute a breeze.

5. Cary Park

Last, but certainly not least, we present Cary Park. As the name suggests, this neighborhood is known for its 28-acre lake and various recreational amenities. Residents have access to walking trails, play areas, swimming pools, and sports courts. Cary Park offers a range of housing styles and sizes, making it a suitable choice for both families and single professionals. Did we mention the gorgeous lake views?

It's obvious, whether you're a metropolitan marvel, an outdoor enthusiast, or a neighborhood gatherer, Cary has got a neighborhood that will make you feel right at home. These five communities, each with their unique charm and characteristics, are what makes Cary one of North Carolina's most loved cities. So, put your moving worries aside and get ready for the vibrant lifestyle ahead!

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Things to Do

Relocating your life to Cary, NC? You're in for a treat as the city boasts a tantalizing array of activities to suit any taste. Voted as one of the best places to live in the United States, Cary captivates the heart with its southern charm and vibrant urban setting. Whether you're a food enthusiast, an outdoor junkie, or a culture aficionado, there's certainly something waiting for you here. Without further ado, let's dive into 7 top things to do in Cary, NC.

1. Steep in Cary's history at the Page-Walker Hotel

Fancy a trip down the memory lane? Visit the Page-Walker Arts & History Center, a beautifully restored 1868 hotel that now serves as a glimpse into Cary's fascinating past. With rotating exhibitions, intriguing artifacts, and educational programs, stepping into Page-Walker is like stepping into a time machine.

2. Connect with nature at Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve

Disappear into the tranquil beauty of Hemlock Bluffs, a 140-acre nature preserve right in the heart of Cary. Be wowed by the towering hemlocks that are usually found in the mountains, hike through picturesque trails, and enjoy the charming Stevens Nature Center filled with interactive exhibits.

3. Stroll through downtown Cary

There's nothing like a light walk downtown to familiarize yourself with your new city! Cary's Downtown is a tapestry of sparkling restaurants, eclectic shops, and vibrant street art. You can also stroll through Ashworth Village and Academy Street for a peek into Cary's thriving arts scene.

4. Get sporty at Cary Tennis Park

Slide on your sneakers and hit the courts at Cary Tennis Park, one of the biggest public facilities of its kind in the Southeast. Boasting state-of-the-art courts and year-round programs and clinics for all ages and skill levels, it's a sporting haven for tennis enthusiasts.

5. Taste the world at the Chatham Street Commercial Historic District

Cary's food scene mirrors its diversity. Your culinary journey isn't complete without a visit to the Chatham Street Commercial Historic District. It's a melting pot of different cuisines, from authentic Korean, Nepali, and Greek to your classic American comfort food. Yum!

6. Discover a labyrinth at Lazy Daze Playground

Here's a local secret. Inside the Fred G. Bond Metro Park, lies the enchanting Lazy Daze Playground. Apart from interactive playground features, it is home to a hidden labyrinth. A maze of colorful circles embedded in the ground that makes for not only an unexpected adventure but also a delightful photo op.

7. Revel in the sunset at Jordan Lake

A little outside the immediate Cary area, but worth a mention is Jordan Lake. This haven for water lovers and birdwatchers is also a host to some of the most mesmerizing sunsets. Make sure you have your picnic blanket and camera ready!

There's no shortage of things to do in Cary - a city that seamlessly blends Southern hospitality with modern urban living. So whether you're in the mood for a historical quest, a gastronomic adventure, or a relaxing hideout, you'll never run out of things to explore. Welcome to Cary, your new home!

Things to do in Cary, NC?

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