Moving to Clifton

Prepare yourselves, dear readers, to dive into all the delights and details about relocating to Clifton, New Jersey. The town that may seem small on the map but is huge in heart and spirit. With an abundance of eclectic neighborhoods, a rich history, a bustling food scene, and a wealth of opportunities awaiting for you, Clifton beckons. Our comprehensive relocation guide is brimming with crucial information to help you navigate through Clifton's unique tapestry. Pack your virtual suitcases and let's embark on an exciting journey to your potential new hometown!

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What to Know Before Moving to Clifton

1. Cultural Diversity at its Best!

You might spot your friendly neighborhood Spiderman in New York, but in Clifton, it's all about the globe-trotting locals! The city is a kaleidoscope of diverse cultures wrapped up in a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. Whether you're craving Polish pierogis, Turkish kebabs, or authentic sushi, the melting pot of diverse eating places will satiate your taste buds.

2. Clifton Sees All Four Seasons

If you're firmly in the camp of 'seasonal travel is the best travel', then Clifton's got you covered. From the quintessential fall foliage to the snow-kissed winter idyll, the city experiences all four seasons, with each one carrying its unique charm and appeal. The cherry blossoms in spring, the sunflowers in summer, and the starlit cool winter nights are worth experiencing firsthand.

3. Fascinating History Tucked in Every Corner

Clifton plays host to history and heritage that will make history buffs leap with joy. The Hamilton House Museum, located in the scenic surroundings of Weasel Brook Park, dates back to the 18th century and is a window to Clifton's rich past. And let's not forget the Lambert Castle that brings you face to face with the Victorian era's opulence.

4. The Mysterious Underground Tunnel

Did you know that Clifton is home to a hidden underground tunnel? Dating back to the Prohibition Era, this secret tunnel runs underneath Clifton, with its entrance in the basement of the Hot Grill. Just a bit of trivia for you, it was used to transport illegal liquor during Prohibition! Today, it's closed off for safety, but hey, how many people can claim they live above an old smuggling route?

5. A Haven for Park Enthusiasts

Clifton's green lungs invite you with open arms! For those who like to step out and breathe in some fresh air, this city has an array of public parks and gardens. The City Hall Park, Main Memorial Park, and Weasel Brook Park have lush landscapes, outdoor exhibits, and scenic walking paths making them perfect for a leisurely stroll or a brisk jog.

6. The Vintage Diner Culture

And now for the piece de resistance, Clifton's vintage diners! Tick Tock Diner and The Red Robin Diner aren't just about fab food, they're also about taking a delightful journey back in time. So, if you've ever watched a 1950s American movie and been fascinated by the classic diner culture, well, Clifton's gonna serve it up on a silver platter for you!

So there you have it, a little sneak peek into life in Clifton, NJ. One moment you're strolling through serene parks, the next you're delving into the pages of history, and before you know it, it's time for some comfort food in a vintage diner! The experiences are endless, and you could be part of it all. Here's hoping this insight into Clifton has got you packing your boxes, booking your tickets, and getting ready to call this fabulous city your new home!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Clifton

Pros of Living in Clifton

Access to Public Transportation

Clifton benefits from excellent public transportation connections, which significantly reduce the need for car ownership. Commute to NYC is also made easier with the NJ Transit system with several bus lines and convenient train services enabling commuting.

Quality Education System

The public and private schools in Clifton are highly rated, making it an excellent place for families. The city is served by the Clifton Public Schools district, guaranteeing excellent education standards and numerous opportunities for students.

Rich Cultural Heritage and Diversity

Clifton is a culturally rich city with a diversity of ethnic backgrounds and colorful festivals. Residents enjoy a vibrant cultural scene with multiple annual community events, cultural festivals, and a multitude of ethnic cuisines.

Recreational Opportunities

With a variety of parks, playgrounds, and open space, Clifton offers plenty of recreational opportunities. The city's location adjacent to the Passaic River also paves the way for several water-based activities.

Strong Community

Clifton has a close-knit community with numerous neighborhood associations and community groups. The sense of community encourages involvement and fosters strong relationships among residents, making it feel like a small town within a large city.

Cons of Living in Clifton

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Clifton is a bit higher than the national average. This is largely driven by the housing costs which tackle a significant part of the budget, especially for those looking to purchase homes.

Traffic and Commuting Times

Traffic within the city and the surrounding areas during peak hours can be challenging. This contributes to slightly longer than average commuting times if you're working outside of the city and traveling during rush hour.

Seasonal Weather

Clifton experiences all four seasons, with cold winters and substantial snowfall which might not appeal to everyone. While many enjoy the seasonal changes, consistent snowfall can sometimes lead to inconveniences.

Limited Nightlife

Though Clifton has several restaurants and cultural activities, it is not known for a lively nightlife. Those seeking an active nightlife scene might find the city quiet in the later hours.

Parking Difficulties

Parking in some areas of Clifton, specifically in major shopping areas and near apartment complexes can be quite challenging. This could discourage those who prefer to use their personal vehicle for commuting or running errands.

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Is Clifton a Good Place to Live?

Clifton, NJ is a great place to live because of its rich culture, diverse dining scene, and proximity to New York City. The city highlights scenic parks, offers excellent education system and hosts several cultural and community events throughout the year. With a low crime rate and top-notch health care facilities, Clifton really is a hidden gem in the Garden State.

What Is Clifton Famous For?

Botany Village

As the oldest neighborhood in Clifton, Botany Village is a charming, historic community with much to offer. You can drop by the village for its many community events and fairs, or simply soak in the unique architecture and culture this quaint area provides.

Hamilton House Museum

The historical Hamilton House Museum is a key visit for all history enthusiasts. Not only does the museum offer a deep dive into the history of Passaic County, but the house itself is a beautifully preserved example of 19th-century Dutch architecture.

Rutt's Hut

If you're a foodie, you've probably heard of Rutt's Hut. This restaurant has been serving its famous "Ripper" hot dogs (deep-fried to the point of bursting) for over 90 years and has even been featured on Food Network's list of top 5 restaurants in the country!

Lambert Castle

Perched atop the Garret Mountain Reservation, the stunning Lambert Castle stands as an iconic New Jersey landmark. The castle, built in the late 1800s by a wealthy silk manufacturer, is home to the Passaic County Historical Society and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the New York skyline.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in Clifton, NJ is approximately 2.85%, which is quite high compared to the national average of 1.07%. Residents can expect to pay around $8,550 annually in property taxes for a home with a median value of $300,000.

Sales Tax

The combined state and local sales tax rate in Clifton, NJ in 2023 is 6.625%, well below the nationwide average of approximately 7.12%. While New Jersey has a relatively low sales tax rate, it applies to a broad range of goods and services.

Income Tax

New Jersey's highest individual income tax rate is 10.75% as of 2023, but a majority of Clifton residents will likely fall in the 5.525% to 6.37% brackets. Even at those rates, New Jersey's income tax is higher than the average top bracket rate of 4.6% across the United States.

Housing Market

Clifton, NJ showcases a diverse housing market with a median home value of $348,800, higher than the US median of $217,500. A steady appreciation rate of 1.6% is observed compared to the national average of 0.9%. Clifton's median rent price stands at $1,400, slightly over the national median. Although the cost of living is higher than other parts of the US, Clifton offers excellent schools, a diverse community, and convenient access to NYC, creating a balanced environment for both renters and buyers.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Clifton, NJ is considerably higher compared to other US cities. With housing being the biggest contributing factor, the overall cost is 30.6% above the national average. Although utilities and transportation costs fall slightly below the average, other expenses like healthcare, groceries, and miscellaneous costs are significantly higher, contributing to the escalated cost of living. However, compared to other New Jersey cities, Clifton's cost of living is relatively reasonable, making it an attractive choice for those desiring to reside in the Garden State.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Clifton, New Jersey experiences a diverse range of seasons with a humid continental climate. Summers are usually warm to hot, with high humidity, reaching temperatures around 85degF, while winters are cold and can dip as low as 20degF. Spring and autumn are mild, with varying degrees of humidity. The city receives significant rainfall throughout the year, even in its driest months. On average, Clifton gets around 48 inches of precipitation per year, mostly as rainfall, with about 25 inches of snowfall. As for natural disasters, the Clifton area is susceptible to hurricanes, floods, and winter storms, though they are less frequent and typically less severe compared to coastal areas. Nonetheless, the city's effective disaster planning and response systems have managed such events commendably.

Typical weather in Clifton, NJ

Economy & Job Market

* Health Care and Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Manufacturing

* Educational Services

* Accommodation and Food Services

The economy of Clifton, New Jersey boasts a rich tapestry of diversity woven through time. This picturesque city transformed from a textile and manufacturing hub in its early years to an economy powered by a variety of modern industries. Today, the Health Care and Social Assistance sector serves as the largest industry, touching lives in more ways than one. Retail Trade comes in as a close rival, adding to the life's buzz in 'The City That Cares.' Other prominent sectors contributing to Clifton's vibrant economy include Manufacturing, Educational Services, and Accommodation and Food Services - a tasty tribute to the city's diverse culinary culture.

If you're planning a jaunt across states and planting roots in Clifton, NJ, buckle up for a fun ride through the job market! The city's employment rate is quite promising, regularly matching or beating the national average rate. The best hunting grounds for jobs can be found in sectors such as Health Care and Social Assistance, and Retail Trade, where opportunities are as plentiful as city's iconic hot dogs. Additionally, the city's strategic location provides easy access to nearby metropolises, making it a dynamic hub for job-seekers who enjoy variety and thrive in a vibrant environment. So, welcome to Clifton, where finding a job might just be a walk in the park!

Traffic and Transportation

Are you ready to navigate Clifton, NJ, traffic? Then buckle up! Here in Clifton, the average commute time is a breezy 25.8 minutes. That's quicker than the U.S average of 26.4 minutes, but don't be too quick to rev up your engine! We prefer to take things slow and steady, just like our public transportation. Convenient NJ Transit buses are always ready to whisk you away to spectacular destinations. Prefer soaring high? Fear not! You can take off from any of the three major airports nearby: Newark Liberty International, LaGuardia, and John F. Kennedy International. Talk about choices, right? Whether you're more of a grounded bus buff or an aspiring pilot, Clifton, NJ, keeps your commute easy and breezy. So, grab your navigation gear and let's hit the road - or the air!

What is the traffic like in Clifton, NJ?

Best Neighborhoods in Clifton

1. Montclair Heights

Lights, camera, action! Montclair Heights is our first contender in the list of top five neighborhoods in Clifton, NJ. Smilingly referred to as the "Hollywood of the East", it's a go-to spot for filmmakers, which makes this area an exciting, lively place to live. With a blend of suburban tranquility and urban buzz, the neighborhood showcases sprawling parks and a vibrant arts scene. If getting cultured is your thing, the Montclair Art Museum and Montclair State University's Theater are at arm's length. Street fairs, film festivals, and vintage car shows are regular features, earning it a warm place in the hearts of residents and visitors alike.

2. Albion

Whisk yourself away to Albion and be truly amazed. It's a charming neighborhood that incredibly marries nature with convenient city living. With rich ties to the land, it's not a surprise that Mother Nature has been so generous. The Albion Memorial Park is a community centerpiece, showing off lush green hues and beautiful walking trails. Plus, it's close to Clifton's excellent schools, shopping centers and public transportation - yep, we're talking about versatility. To top it off, a great sense of community makes living in Albion like being part of one big happy family.

3. Rosemawr

Pack your bags and welcome to Rosemawr, where quaint, tree-lined streets and beautiful architecture will sweep you off your feet. It's an old-world charm meets modern sophistication kind of place. The heart and soul of Rosemawr is its community spirit - locally owned shops, public art, farmers' markets make it a people's paradise. The proximity to New York City without the hustle-bustle? Pure gold. You'll feel like you've stepped into the perfect blend of Mayberry and Metropolis; think friendly neighbors and Saturday barbecues, but with more to-go bagels and less apple pie!

4. Dutch Hill

Up next is Dutch Hill, a neighborhood that exudes a small-town charm while still being right up there with the best of the best. If you're all about the foodie scene, you're in the right spot. From eccentric food trucks to quaint, family-owned spots, Dutch Hill is bursting with culinary gems. Its easy access to schools, parks, and public transportation mixed with a lively community make it an absolute crowd pleaser. And did we mention the picture-perfect view of the skyline? Talk about (Dutch) hill-top living!

5. Athenia

Last but certainly not least, we gallantly present Athenia. Known for its cultural diversity, this neighborhood is one where every day is a celebration of togetherness. Famed for its diversity, you'll find a smorgasbord of international cuisines, music, and community-led events. This vibrant, inclusive neighborhood also offers quick trips to Weasel Brook Park, Clifton Public Library, and Athenia Reformed Church. In this corner of Clifton, unity and respect shape the community vibe. It's a slice of the global village, right here in New Jersey.

So there you have it, five sparkling neighborhoods in Clifton, NJ, each with their unique vibe and flavor. From art havens to foodie paradises to nature's getaways - there's something for everyone in this jewel of a city. As for which is the best? That's a story only you can write. So go forth, explore, experience, and embrace the beautiful journey that is moving to a new place.

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Things to Do

Clifton, New Jersey, is a city that's filled with character, charm, and a treasure trove of little-known secrets waiting to be discovered. Whether you're a resident on the hunt for a unique weekend excursion or a tourist visiting for the first time, this comprehensive list has got you covered! Navigate your way through Clifton's character-filled corners with these top seven things to do.

1. Stroll around the Clifton Arts Center and Sculpture Park

Start your journey by visiting the Clifton Arts Center, a true testament to the city's love for the arts. Beyond the stunning gallery, the center is surrounded by eight acres of picturesque gardens speckled with sculptures. Simply strolling around and admiring the fusion of nature and art is a pleasure to the senses.

2. Tantalize your taste buds at Rutt's Hut

If you're a die-hard foodie, then a visit to Rutt's Hut is a must. This age-old eatery, founded in 1928, is renowned for their "Ripper", a deep-fried hot dog that's delightfully crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Bon Appetit Magazine even named it the best dog in America!

3. Trek the trails of Garret Mountain Reservation

Garret Mountain Reservation is a haven of outdoor fun, offering a host of different trails for hiking and horseback riding. From the peak, you'd get a glimpse of New York City's skyline, making the trek worth the sweat!

4. Hit a hole in one at the Upper Montclair Country Club

For the golfing enthusiasts, the Upper Montclair Country Club is a paradise. Boasting a 27-hole championship course that's played host to several PGA events, it's a golfing experience that is second to none in Clifton.

5. Discover hidden gems at Antique Loft

Now for something off the beaten path. The Antique Loft is a time machine filled with nostalgic treasures. From vinyl records, vintage clothing, to antique furniture, hunting for your own unique keepsake is an adventure itself in this unique shop.

6. Imbibe in a hidden speakeasy, The Vanguard

This one's for the secret seekers. Beneath the streets of Clifton, a classic speakeasy named The Vanguard has been serving up artisanal cocktails since the Prohibition Era. The entrance might be hard to find, but once inside, you'll be transported back into a bygone era of glamour and sophistication.

7. Conquer the Clifton Skate Zone

Whether you're a seasoned skater or a complete newbie, Clifton Skate Zone is the perfect place to show off your skating moves. With a dedicated skate park equipped with ramps, railings, and jumps, it's the perfect spot for inline skating, scootering, and BMX activities.

In conclusion, there's absolutely no dearth of things to do in Clifton, NJ. Each corner of this vibrant city offers a unique experience that melds vintage charm with modern vibes. Head out, explore, and make your own Clifton story!

Things to do in Clifton, NJ?

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