Located in the middle of America – where the Midwest meets the Great Plains – is the great state of Nebraska. Offering higher incomes, cheap housing prices, great job market, and overall high quality of life, the Cornhusker State has become one of the best places to live in the United States.

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Living in Nebraska: What to Know Before Moving to Nebraska

Moving to the Cornhusker State? If so, you’ll want to consider a few things before heading to the 16th largest state by size (77,354 square miles) and the 37th largest state by population (1.93 million).

Pros and Cons of Living in Nebraska


  • Low cost of living: Ranked in the Top 10 for affordability, Nebraska offers a lot of bang for the buck. It currently has a cost of living index of about 89 (well under the US average of 100).
  • Affordable housing: According to US News & World Report, the midwestern state is ranked #5 for housing affordability among the top states in affordability rankings. Go Nebraska!
  • Higher income potential: Want to make more money? Of course, you do! The state offers some of the highest average incomes in the country, along with a bunch of career opportunities.
  • Stellar education: Ranked as one of the Top 20 states in education, Nebraska has the 4th highest high-school graduation rate, as well as the 14th highest public-school funding in the nation.
  • Low population density: Trying to get away from the suffocating congestion of an overpopulated state or city? Literally breathe easier in one of the state’s fine towns or major urban hubs.
  • Omaha and other great cities: Omaha consistently ranks as one of the best cities in the country. It, and other NE cities, are lively and progressive hubs perfect for all types of newcomers.
  • Midwestern lifestyle: Friendly folks, delicious food, family-friendly atmosphere, plenty of great opportunities, and amenities – what’s not to love about living in the state of Nebraska?


  • Natural disasters: Located in what’s called Tornado Alley, Nebraska experiences some of the most twisters of any US state. It pays to prepare for tornadoes and other risks here.
  • Frigid winters, muggy summers: Severe temperatures are the name of the game. Summers are hot and humid. Winters can be pretty frigid, with an average snowfall of about 28 inches.
  • Location: This one’s either a big plus or a big minus for most folks. It’s removed from oceans and mountain ranges (more on that below) and offers grassy prairies and sand dunes.
  • Extremely flat: Like mountains and oceans? You might want to reconsider things. It’s flat here. Really flat. If you’re looking for elevation changes and varied landscapes, look elsewhere.
  • High crime rate: Though the state has low incidences of violent crime, it does experience high rates of petty theft and car theft, particularly in the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas.
  • Wacky laws: There are some bizarre laws in every state, including Nebraska. For example, a male can’t run around with a shaved chest. Also, bars have to brew soup to sell beer.

Is Nebraska a Good Place to Live?

Nebraska is one of the best states to live in because of its overall high quality of life, growing job market, and low real estate prices. It’s ranked among the top states for most affordable cost of living and ranked 5th in terms of housing prices. On top of these perks, the Cornhusker State also boasts one of the highest average incomes in the country. And yet it still has a low population density so you can breathe easier and not feel over-crowded at all.

Tax Rates

  • Property Tax: 1.80%. The effective real-estate tax rate is #44 lowest in the US.
  • Sales Tax: Nebraska’s base state sales tax rate is currently 5.5%.
  • Income Tax: There are four tax brackets: 2.46%, 3.51%, 5.01%, and 6.84%.

Housing Market

To Rent or Buy? Overall, it is a cheaper option to rent rather than buy a home in Nebraska. The median monthly mortgage payment is $1,315, while the median monthly rent is $773. The difference between the two is $542 per month or $6,504 per year. Homeownership, however, is very affordable.

  • Median Home Value: $175,900
  • Median Rental Expense: $656 (1BR), $839 (2BR)

Cheapest Places to Live in Nebraska:

  1. Schuyler
  2. Alliance
  3. Sidney
  4. South Sioux City
  5. Lexington
  6. McCook
  7. Holdrege
  8. York
  9. Crete
  10. Papillion

Cost of Living

According to the Cost of Living in Nebraska by BestPlaces, Nebraska has a cost of living index of 89.1. This index is lower than the national average of 100.

Using EPI’s Family Budget Calculator, we can compare the average monthly costs in three Nebraska cities. We’ll use a family of four for these examples (2 adults + 2 children).

Omaha Metro Area:

  1. Housing = $927
  2. Food = $728
  3. Childcare = $1,584
  4. Transportation = $1,159
  5. Healthcare = $1,160
  6. Other necessities = $668
  7. Taxes = $995
  8. Grand total = $7,219 per month or $86,633 per year

Lincoln Metro Area:

  1. Housing = $830
  2. Food = $729
  3. Childcare = $1,615
  4. Transportation = $1,094
  5. Healthcare = $1,371
  6. Other necessities = $629
  7. Taxes = $991
  8. Grand total = $7,258 per month or $87,094 per year

Scottsbluff (Scotts Bluff County):

  1. Housing = $682
  2. Food = $731
  3. Childcare = $1,212
  4. Transportation = $1,204
  5. Healthcare = $1,878
  6. Other necessities = $570
  7. Taxes = $995
  8. Grand total = $7,273 per month or $87,274 per year

Weather & Natural Disasters

Lying in two regions (the Great Plains and the Midwest), Nebraska experiences two major climate zones. The western half sees a semi-arid climate, and the eastern half sees a humid continental climate.

The western portion of the state is drier than the eastern portion, but temperatures are fairly consistent across Nebraska. Overall, the state has a wide variety of seasonal weather and extreme temperature ranges. Summers tend to be hot and muggy, while winters bring cold and snowy weather.

Climate Statistics:

  1. Average rainfall – 27 inches
  2. Average snowfall – 28 inches
  3. Sunshine – 223 sunny days
  4. Summer high – 87°F (July)
  5. Winter low – 13°F (January)

Found in Tornado Alley, Nebraska sees some of the highest numbers of tornadoes in the United States (especially during spring and early summer). For more info on natural disasters in Nebraska, check out Be Ready Nebraska’s Preparation 101 – Natural Disasters resource and Nebraska Emergency Management Agency’s Spring and Summer Severe Weather Preparedness page.

Natural Disaster – Threats & Risks:

  1. Tornadoes
  2. Thunderstorms
  3. Hailstorms
  4. Drought
  5. Earthquakes
  6. Extreme Heat
  7. Flooding
  8. Wildfires

Economy & Job Market

According to Economy Rankings by US News & World Report, Nebraska is currently ranked #21 in the United States. This score is based on three subcategories: business environment (#32), employment (#10), and growth (#26). Its GDP is approximately $119.6 billion, and the median income is $30,915.

Top Industries:

  1. Agriculture (cattle production, etc.)
  2. Food Processing
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Machinery
  5. Electric Equipment
  6. Printing & Publishing
  7. Biosciences
  8. Renewable Energy
  9. Financial Services
  10. IT & Data Services

Top Employers:

  1. Berkshire Hathaway (Omaha, 367,700 employees)
  2. Union Pacific Railroad (Omaha, 42,160+ employees)
  3. Cabela’s (Sidney, 19,100 employees)
  4. Home Instead Senior Care (Omaha, 18,000 employees)
  5. Werner Enterprises (Omaha, 11,700+ employees)
  6. West Corporation (Omaha, 10,700+ employees)
  7. Valmont Industries (Valley, 10,550+ employees)
  8. Kiewit (Omaha, 10,440+ employees)
  9. Government of Nebraska (Lincoln, 8,700 employees)
  10. Lakeside Orthopedics (Papillon, 8,000 employees)
  11. TD Ameritrade (Omaha, 6,270+ employees)
  12. First National of Nebraska (Omaha, 6,200+ employees)
  13. Crete Carrier (Lincoln, 6,000 employees)
  14. Buckle (Kearney, 5,900 employees)
  15. Mutual of Omaha (Omaha, 5,400 employees)
  16. Duncan Aviation (Lincoln, 4,675 employees)
  17. C&A Industries (Omaha, 4,600 employees)
  18. Railcrew Xpress (Lincoln, 4,500 employees)
  19. University of Nebraska Medical Center (Omaha, 4,180 employees)
  20. Bryan Health (Lincoln, 4,000 employees)

Looking for work in Nebraska? Here are some useful resources:

  1. Nebraska.gov page: Find a Job – Nebraska
  2. Job search: Indeed, LinkedIn, CollegeRecruiter, CareerBuilder
  3. Resume help: Monster, TopResume, ResumeRobin

Traffic and Transportation

It’s easy enough to get around the state, with miles and miles of interstate highways (like Interstate 80), scenic byways, and country roads – but you’ll most likely need your own vehicle. The state is big and sparsely populated, and there’s virtually no public transportation between towns and cities. Don’t worry, though. There are still several ways to travel the Cornhusker State with ease.

Major Forms of Transportation:

  1. Air Transportation (including Eppley Airfield)
  2. Nebraska State Highway System (9,942 miles)
  3. Public Transportation (Amtrak, local bus, etc.)
  4. Motorcoach (Greyhound, etc.)
  5. Taxis and Car Rentals

Primary Interstate Highways:

  • Interstate 76: I-76 travels from the Colorado state line to I-80 in Deuel County.
  • Interstate 80: At 455 miles long, I-80 runs from Pine Bluffs, WY to I-80 in Omaha.
  • Interstate 80S: I-80S goes from the Colorado state line to I-80 in Deuel County.
  • Interstate 129: At 3.21 miles long, I-129 runs from South Sioux City to Sioux City, IA
  • Interstate 180: I-180 travels from US 34 in Lincoln to I-80/US 34/US 77 in Lincoln.
  • Interstate 280: I-280 is the northern bypass of the Omaha-Council Bluffs metro area.
  • Interstate 480: I-480 connects I-80 in downtown Omaha with I-29 in Council Bluffs.
  • Interstate 580: I-580 runs for 3.21 miles from I-480 in Omaha to Lake Street in Omaha.
  • Interstate 680: At over 13 miles, I-680 travels from I-80 in Omaha to the IA state line.

According to Best and Worst States to Drive In by WalletHub, Nebraska comes in at #9 in the country. This ranking is based on four subcategories: cost of ownership & maintenance (#16), traffic & infrastructure (#7), safety (#34), and access to vehicles & maintenance (#32).

Things to Do

Looking for fun in Nebraska? Whether you’re a history buff, car enthusiast, nature lover, foodie, or a lover of the odd & obscure, there’s an All-American attraction for everyone in the Midwest state.

Tourist Destinations:

The Cornhusker State is home to rich American history and natural attractions.

  • Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium: This must-see is home to three amazing spaces: the world’s largest indoor jungle, largest indoor desert, and the world’s largest nocturnal exhibit.
  • Strategic Air & Space Museum: Fan of aviation technology and aircraft? First opened in 1959 as the Strategic Air Command, it houses 300,000 square feet of aircraft, spacecraft, and more.
  • The Sandhills Region: This may be surprising, but a quarter of the state of Nebraska is covered in grass-stabilized sand dunes. This feature makes the state extremely popular with nature enthusiasts.
  • Haymarket District in Lincoln: Want to enjoy an energetic atmosphere? Grab a bite at a great restaurant? Shop? At the Haymarket District, there’s always something fun going on.
  • Scotts Bluff Monument: Used as a landmark by Native Americans and 19th-century pioneers, Scotts Bluff structure is one of many reasons to visit this 3000-acre national monument.

Food & Drink:

Nebraska has some great food, drinks, and treats! Here are the top picks:

  • Top All-You-Can-Eat: Valentino’s Grand Italian Buffet (Various Locations)
  • Top Bar: The Homy Inn (Omaha)
  • Top Beer: Black Betty, Nebraska Brewing Company (Papillion)
  • Top Brunch: Saddle Creek Breakfast Club (Omaha)
  • Top Burger: Block 16 (Omaha)
  • Top Farmers Market: Omaha Farmers Market (Omaha)
  • Top Chocolate Shop: The Cordial Cherry (Omaha)
  • Top Coffee Shop: Culprit Cafe & Bakery (Omaha)
  • Top Donuts: Olsen Bake Shop (Omaha)
  • Top Food Truck: Dos de Oros (Omaha)

State Parks:

Want to explore Nebraska’s natural beauty? Consider these popular state parks:

  • Smith Falls State Park: Home to a wonderful 63-foot waterfall (the highest in NE), this park’s also great for camping, kayaking, canoeing, tubing, hiking, and more. Located in Valentine.
  • Fort Robinson State Park: This is considered Western Nebraska’s best state park. Fort Robinson State Park in Crawford sits on 22,000 acres of gorgeous Pine Ridge land.
  • Arbor Lodge State Historical Park: Formerly the Nebraska City home of the J. Sterling and Caroline Morton family, the estate includes both a majestic mansion and arboretum.
  • Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park: This popular historical park in North Platte consists of 16 acres that house barns, outbuildings, and the home of the famous Buffalo Bill.
  • Eugene T. Mahoney State Park: Offering a multitude of activities, this Ashland park is a fun year-round destination (with an aquatic center, indoor playground, and much more). 


There are some great All-American museums here. Here’s our top 5 selection:

  • Museum of American Speed: Dedicated to the need for speed in America.
  • Classic Car Collection: Houses one man’s collection of 200+ automobiles.
  • Lincoln Children’s Museum: Learn, discover, and create through play here.
  • The Durham Museum: Showcases the beauty of art deco architecture.
  • Joslyn Art Museum: Collects, preserves, and interprets the visual arts.

Cool & Unusual:

Looking for something different in Nebraska? Check out:

  • Carhenge: Located in Alliance, Carhenge offers visitors a most curious take on Stonehenge. The experimental artist Jim Reinders conceived this Americanized car version of the British landmark.
  • Chimney Rock: Standing tall and erect above the Oregon Trail in Nebraska, it used to have a less family-friendly name, Elk Penis, given to it by settlers of the American West that passed it.
  • Toadstool Geological Park: Found in the Oglala National Grasslands in Harrison, this sparse desert is the location of ancient fossils and some rather other-worldly sandstone formations.
  • World’s Largest Ball of Stamps: Yep, Nebraska has the world’s largest ball of stamps. What started as a simple pastime in 1953 eventually grew into a 600-pound round wonder.
  • Monowi, Nebraska: Dubbed America’s smallest town, Monowi has a population of just one. Elsie Eiler wears many hats in the community, including citizen, mayor, librarian, and bartender.

Schools and Universities

Ranked #19 among states with the best schools by USA Today, Nebraska has the 14th highest public-school funding in America (at $14,028 per pupil). It also boasts the 4th highest graduation rate at 89.3%. As for higher education, most colleges and universities are in Lincoln and Omaha.

Top NE Colleges:

  1. Creighton University (Omaha)
  2. University of Nebraska – Lincoln (Lincoln)
  3. Nebraska Wesleyan University (Lincoln)
  4. Union College (Lincoln)
  5. York College (York)
  6. University of Nebraska – Kearney (Kearney)
  7. University of Nebraska – Omaha (Omaha)
  8. Concordia University (Seward)
  9. College of St. Mary (Omaha)
  10. Hastings College (Hastings)

Top NE Public School Districts:

  1. Elkhorn Public Schools (Elkhorn)
  2. Millard Public Schools (Omaha)
  3. Westside Community Schools (Omaha)
  4. North Bend Central Public Schools (North Bend)
  5. Chadron Public Schools (Chadron)
  6. Lincoln Public Schools (Lincoln)
  7. Papillion-La Vista School District (Papillion)
  8. Chambers Public Schools (Chambers)
  9. Bancroft-Rosalie Community Schools (Bancroft)
  10. Pender Public Schools (Pender)

How to Become a Nebraska Resident

Becoming an official resident of Nebraska holds several benefits, particularly when it comes to tax filing, college tuition, and financial aid.

Here are some steps to establish residency in Nebraska:

  1. Obtain physical address in Nebraska (and receive mail here)
  2. Sever ties with previous state or US territory
  3. Spend more than 183 days here during the tax year
  4. Obtain a Nebraska driver’s license
  5. Title and register out-of-state vehicle here
  6. Register to vote in the state (and vote, if inclined)
  7. File state taxes in Nebraska
  8. Set up a bank account in the state

As for college tuition and financial aid, we suggest you carefully research the residency requirements of each institution in which you’re interested. Colleges and universities typically use their own criteria.

Moving to Nebraska DMV

Acquiring a new driver’s license:

After moving to the state, new residents have 30 days to get a new driver’s license.

Steps to getting a new license:

  1. Move to Nebraska
  2. Visit local Driver’s Licensing Office
  3. Present following: proof of US citizenship or lawful status, principal address in Nebraska, valid social security number (see Document Verification Form for more details)
  4. If the license is expired for more than one year: must take written and driving tests
  5. Surrender valid out-of-state driver’s license
  6. Pass vision test
  7. Have photo taken
  8. Pay applicable fees

Vehicle registration:

New NE residents must transfer the title and register of an out-of-state vehicle within 30 days.

To title your vehicle in Nebraska, present the following to the County Motor Vehicle Office in your area: 1) current certificate of title 2) Completed Application for Certificate of Title 3) Proof of insurance 4) registration certificate (pink slip) 5) Payment for applicable taxes and fees.

A vehicle inspection will also be required. Most motor vehicle office locations in Nebraska have an inspection station (except for Douglas County, which only has one station).

Once titling is complete, you can register the vehicle. Present the following at a County Motor Vehicle Office: 1) Registration cert 2) Signed lease agreement, if applicable 3) Proof of insurance 4) Payment.

To qualify to vote, you must be:

  1. A United States citizen
  2. A resident of Nebraska
  3. 18 years or older on election day
  4. Not under felony conviction or sentence
  5. Not disqualified due to a court order

Nebraska allows online voter registration, early voting, and no-excuse absentee voting. The state, however, does not allow same-day registration. Voters in Nebraska are not required to present ID at the polls. Citizens can register to vote on the same day they become residents of Nebraska.

IMPORTANT: A felon in Nebraska regains his or her voting rights two years after completing probation.

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Best Places to Live in Nebraska


Population: 5,700
Median Home Value: $136,400
Region: Western/Central Nebraska

We begin our journey in Chadron. Located in the northwestern corner of Nebraska, the small town of 5,700 is the county seat of Dawes County. It’s considered one of the Top 10 overall places to live in the entire state. About 52% of residents own their homes, and public schools are ranked high.

Active, close-knit, and family-friendly, the town of Chadron is ideal for raising kids. And unlike many parts of the state, it offers access to green outdoors, including the Nebraska National Forest. Add low unemployment, great schools, low crime, and higher median incomes, and you get one of the best small towns around. So much so, it’s currently ranked by Niche as the #1 place to live in Nebraska.

Have a family or planning on raising one? Top public schools serving Chadron, NE include Chadron Middle School, Chadron Senior High School, Chadron Intermediate School, and Chadron Primary School. As for higher education, the town is home to Charon State College.

In search of a fantastic small town in the Great Plains region? Chadron is a great pick!


Population: 33,000
Median Home Value: $222,800
Region: Western/Central Nebraska

Next, we take a look at Kearney, NE. Considered another Top 10 overall place to live in the state, Kearney is in the central portion of Nebraska. It serves as the county seat of Buffalo County. About 57% of residents are homeowners, and the public schools rate above average.

Home to 33,000, Kearney is a solid community. It’s strong in several industries: agribusiness, manufacturing, business, healthcare, and tourism. The city also offers diversity (economically and culturally), low crime, good schools, and fun hangouts like Fanatics Sports Bar & Grill. It’s also located on Interstate 80, providing easy access to major hubs like Omaha, Lincoln, Kansas City, and Denver.

Top public schools serving Kearney include Meadowlark Elementary School, Windy Hills Elementary School, Park Elementary School, Buffalo Hills Elementary School, and Central Elementary School. Top private schools are Kearney Catholic High School and Zion Lutheran School. As for higher education, Kearney is home to the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Those in search of city life outside of Omaha or Lincoln should give serious consideration to Kearney.


Population: 14,900
Median Home Value: $130,900
Region: Western/Central Nebraska

Scottsbluff, situated in Scotts Bluff County, is the largest city between Nebraska’s Western Panhandle and South Dakota’s Black Hills. The city of about 15,000 is considered the most charming place to live in the state. Here, 58% of residents own their homes, and the public schools rate above average.

Highly welcoming and accepting, Scottsbluff is both family-friendly and LGBTQ-friendly. It’s also home to several educational institutions, including Western Nebraska Community College (WNCC) and a nice selection of highly-rated public and private K–12 schools. In 2018, Reader’s Digest named Scottsbluff as the #1 pick in Nebraska among the most charming small town in every state. As for drawbacks, Scottsbluff has room for improvement when it comes to crime rates.

  • Top public schools: Longfellow Elementary School, Scottsbluff Senior High School, Westmoor Elementary School, Lincoln Heights Elementary School, and Bluffs Middle School.
  • Top private schools: Community Christian Elementary/Middle School, St. Agnes Catholic School, and Helping Hands Preschool.
  • Top colleges: Western Nebraska Community College, Fullen School of Hair Design, and Regional West Medical Center School of Radiological Technology.

Are you looking for the best city in Western NE with an award-winning small-town feel? Scottsbluff is it!

La Vista

Population: 17,100
Median Home Value: $206,300
Region: Eastern Nebraska

Moving on over to Western Nebraska, we stop for a view of La Vista. Located in Sarpy County, the community of approximately 17,000 is one of the top suburbs in the Omaha area and the entire state. 56% of residents are homeowners, and the public schools are highly rated.

As one of the best suburbs in Nebraska, La Vista is a popular choice for millennials. The city is bordered by Papillion, Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, and Interstate 80. This proximity provides super convenient access to major areas. Offering extremely low crime rates, stellar schools, low unemployment, affordable housing costs, and more, no wonder it ranks #1 among the best places to live in Nebraska for 2020 by HomeSnacks!

Top public schools serving La Vista, NE include Papillion La Vista South High School, Patriot Elementary School, Portal Elementary School, Papillion La Vista Senior High School, and Bell Elementary School.

The cozy, conveniently located community of La Vista is possibly the best suburb to live in Nebraska.


Population: 280,000
Median Home Value: $194,700
Region: Eastern Nebraska

Lincoln, the capital and second-largest city in Nebraska, is the country seat of Lancaster County. It’s considered the #1 place to live in the Lincoln area. About 57% of residents own their homes, and the public schools are highly ranked.

Toted as the most developed city in the state, Lincoln is also known as one of the most livable cities in America. Simply put, it does an amazing job at offering a blend of modern urban living and small-town atmosphere. According to CNBC, Lincoln is also of the Top 15 cities for affordability housing, especially for first-time buyers. The city currently has a median selling price of approximately $188,000.

As for downsides, Lincoln does have fairly higher crime rates compared to other parts of the state. One might expect this, however, as crime is the main issue with almost any major urban area. Overall, the city is a safe place to live, particularly compared to other major US cities.

  • Top public schools: Lincoln East High School, Rousseau Elementary School, Adams Elementary School, Southwest High School, and Pyrtle Elementary School
  • Top private schools: Pius X High School, Lincoln Christian School, Lincoln Lutheran Middle/High School, Parkview Christian Schools, and North American Martyrs School
  • Top colleges: University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Bryan College of Health Sciences, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Southeast Community College, and Union College (Nebraska)

Top neighborhoods to check out include Family Acres, Country Club, Yankee Ridge, Crown Pointe, Amber Hills, Bicentennial Estates, Highlands, Colonial Hills, Bishop Park, and Yankee Hill.

Want to experience all the benefits of living in a capital city, as well as one of the best metropolitan areas in Nebraska? Look no further than Lincoln, NE!


Population: 465,000
Median Home Value: $191,900
Region: Eastern Nebraska

Omaha, nestled along the Missouri River in Douglas County, is the most populous city in the state. 58% of residents are homeowners, and the public schools are ranked high.

As a major city in the middle of America, Omaha preserves its heritage – it gets its name from the Native American word meaning “upstream people” – while moving forward with change. The city offers many options for attractions (including Lied Jungle, the largest indoor rainforest in the US), historical sites, delicious food, great music, and much more. The cost of living is refreshingly cheap here, too.

  • Top public schools: Millard North High School, Elkhorn South High School, West Bay Elementary School, Manchester Elementary School, and Spring Ridge Elementary School.
  • Top private schools: Brownell Talbot School, Creighton Preparatory School, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart, and V.J. & Angela Skutt Catholic High School.
  • Top colleges: Clarkson College, Creighton University, Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health, College of Saint Mary, and the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Top neighborhoods in Omaha that are worth exploring include Aksarben/Morton Meadows, Blackstone District, Downtown, Dundee, and Benson.

Are you looking for possibly the best city in the Midwest? Omaha is a strong contender!

Are you looking for that quintessential Midwestern lifestyle in one of the top cities in the nation? Omaha is a strong contender for the best city in the Midwest!


Population: 19,500
Median Home Value: $267,000
Region: Eastern Nebraska

We now make our way to Papillion. This city of less than 20,000 is the county seat of Sarpy County and part of the Omaha metro area. It’s currently ranked as the best place to raise a family in Nebraska. The majority, or 68%, of residents own their homes, and the public schools are highly ranked.

Offering a nice mix of small-town living and urban amenities, Papillion easily captured the #1 spot among the 15 best places to live in Nebraska by The Crazy Tourist. Folks have been flocking to this desirable suburb in recent years, but it still maintains low unemployment, high incomes, low crime, and a close-knit community. Top spots include Nebraska Christian College, Halleck Park, and Midlands Hospital.

  • Top public schools: Papillion La Vista South High School, Patriot Elementary School, Portal Elementary School, Papillion La Vista Senior High School, and Bell Elementary School.
  • Top private school: St. Columbkille School.
  • Top college: Nebraska Christian College.  

Having a hard time picking where to live? If you’re undecided between Omaha and Lincoln, you should seriously consider this amazing suburb, particularly if you have a family or plan on raising one.


Population: 7,200
Median Home Value: $194,300
Region: Eastern Nebraska

Last but definitely not least, we end our tour of Nebraska in Seward. As the county seat of Seward County, the community of 7,200 is ranked the #1 suburb to buy a house in the state. Around 64% of residents are homeowners, and the public schools are ranked high.

Established in 1867 (and incorporated in 1870), Seward is named after President Lincoln’s Secretary of State. When it comes to convenient commuting and upward mobility, Seward scores high. This community is highly appealing to both young professionals and families. Residents also enjoy an assortment of other benefits: low rent/mortgage, great public schools, health facilities, and outdoor recreation. As for downsides, Seward does have a higher cost of living compared to the national average. However, the median income of approximately $64,180 certainly makes up for the slightly higher expenses.

Are you raising kids? Top public schools serving Seward, NE include Seward Middle School, Seward Elementary School, and Seward High School. Top private schools are St. John Lutheran School and St. Vincent de Paul School. As for higher education, Seward is home to Concordia University – Nebraska.

Looking for a great little commuter town? Seward should definitely be at the top of your list!

How to Move to Nebraska State

Moving to or from Nebraska can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid plan. Follow this interstate moving checklist for a smooth relocation in the Cornhusker State.

Begin Early:

  • Rule #1: don’t procrastinate! We recommend planning a move 8 to 12 weeks in advance.
  • Have some helpers? Awesome. Get everyone together. Discuss the plan and delegate duties.
  • Create a timeline and weekly task schedule. Place on the fridge or another highly visible spot.
  • If feasible, plan a visit to your new city or town. Have fun and explore what it has offer!

Notify Folks:

  • Own your place? Reach out to a local real estate pro for a smooth sale or rental process.
  • Rent your place? To protect your reference and deposit, give the landlord a heads up ASAP.
  • Have employees? Service providers? Give at least one month’s notice so that they can adjust.
  • No one wants to be that person. Don’t forget to tell your family, friends, and neighbors.

Book NE Moving Company:

  • To start, compare at least 3 to 5 companies. Be sure each one is licensed and insured.
  • When ready, book moving services ASAP for lowest rates and convenient availability.
  • Are you looking to save even more money? Plan on moving during the off-season (fall/winter).
  • Great Guys makes hiring interstate movers super easy. Request free estimates today!

Secure a Storage Service:

  • Renovating? Traveling? Between homes? You probably could use a storage solution.
  • Our Nebraska moving partners provide both short-term and long-term storage options.
  • Contact Great Guys today to book the perfect storage fit for your budget and needs.

Declutter Current Place:

  • Decluttering (or purging) can free up a ton of space while saving money.
  • To start, tour your home. Take note (mentally or written) of what’s in every space.
  • During this inventory step, keep in mind what items you want to pack or get rid of.
  • Once you’ve finished the previous step, it’s time to sort through all your possessions.
  • To keep things organized, you can label items, place things in bags, or make piles of stuff.
  • Finished sorting? Disused items can be sold online, donated to charity, or recycled.
  • Don’t forget to properly dispose of aerosol cans, gasoline, and other hazardous items.

Start Packing Process:

  • Packing yourself? If so, give yourself plenty of time (3–4 weeks) to pack properly.
  • Get your hands on plenty of packing supplies: boxes, tape, packing peanuts, etc.
  • Handy tip #1: place heavier items at the bottom of boxes — pair items of similar size.
  • Handy tip #2: with really heavy stuff, pack in smaller boxes for easier handling.
  • Handy tip #3: fill empty spaces in the box with packing material for improved rigidity.
  • Finished filling a moving box? Don’t forget to tape thoroughly and clearly label it.
  • Need help packing? Have fragile or valuable items? Check out our pro packers!

Prep Kids, Pets, and Yourself:

  • Moving is stressful for everyone, but it can be particularly disruptive for kids.
  • To explain the change, use playtime or a story. Be kind and patient with them.
  • As much as possible, try to maintain normal routines during the moving process.
  • This tip goes for everyone: make sure to visit physicians, pediatricians, dentists, etc.
  • Transfer important records like medical records, school transcripts, and prescriptions.
  • Speaking of prescriptions, make sure that you have more than enough on hand during your move.
  • As for pets, take them to the vet. Also, don’t forget to check Nebraska’s pet laws.
  • It’s easy to get distracted on moving day: schedule childcare and pet care.

Make Travel Arrangements:

  • Planning on flying? Purchase flight tickets ASAP for the best rates and availability.
  • Are you planning on driving? Have vehicle inspected and serviced (i.e., oil and tires).
  • If doable, plan it so that you arrive at your new place ahead of the moving crew.
  • Reminder: New drivers in Nebraska have 30 days to get a NE driver’s license.

Hire Cleaning Service:

  • Own your home? For a great showing, have pros perform a thorough deep cleaning.
  • Rent your home? Booking a cleaning service can safeguard your reference and deposit.
  • Along with deep cleaning, consider other services (such as repairs, painting, and so on).
  • The best time to schedule a cleaning service is right after the movers have finished up.

Take Care of Utilities and Services:

  • Have current utilities scheduled for disconnection the day after you move everything.
  • A month out, schedule new services to be active by the time you get to your new home.
  • While you’re at it, change your address. Go online to USPS.com or local visit post office.
  • This transition is also a good time to update info for box subscriptions and any online services.

Commemorate Your Move:

  • Things have probably been pretty hectic lately. Take the time to hang with loved ones.
  • Remember, emotions can run high. Be present and focused on keeping things positive.
  • Some ideas: throw a barbecue, schedule a group outing, or plan one-on-one hangouts.
  • Activities can plan spread out over one day or several weeks – whatever works best.

Moving Week Has Arrived:

  • Yes! Moving week is finally here. Make sure to touch base with your moving company.
  • Create a ‘first-night’ box. Fill with prescriptions, meds, toiletries, tools, toys, and so on.
  • Fridge or pantry filled with food? Donate or offer it to neighbors, family, and friends.
  • Remember to clean and sanitize the fridge and other appliances for mold-free delivery.
  • It’s the night before moving day. Stay in, relax, eat healthy, hydrate, and sleep well.
  • Moving day has come! If doable, meet up with movers and double-check instructions.
  • Has the moving crew loaded everything up? Take one last walkthrough in your old place.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to focus on the journey. Make some great memories!

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