Moving to St Joseph

So, you've decided to shake things up and pivot towards the heartland, eyeing St. Joseph, MO as your next home base. We'd like to extend a warm welcome to this delightful patchwork of rolling landscapes, bustling downtown, and rich historical flavor. Renowned for its friendly folks, enticing cultural scene, and economic opportunities, you're not just securing a new address, but a lifestyle unlike any other. Start packing up, because our comprehensive St Joseph relocation guide is primed and ready to make your shift as smooth as those Midwest sunsets!

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What to Know Before Moving to St Joseph

1. Say Hi to Neighbors - St. Joseph is a Friendly Place!

For those looking for a small-town vibe with a community spirit, then St. Joseph, MO is for you! Known for its hospitality and friendliness, living here means you're not just moving into a new house - you're becoming part of a tight-knit community. So, don't be surprised if you get a friendly knock from your neighbor welcoming you to the neighborhood or spontaneous invites for community gatherings.

2. Art and History Buff? St. Joseph is Your Paradise

Home to more than 13 museums, including the nationally known Pony Express Museum and the Glore Psychiatric Museum, St. Joseph offers history buffs plenty to explore. The city also boasts a thriving arts scene, with regular art walks, music festivals, and an amazing local theatre scene. So why not make the most of your weekends by immersing yourself in the rich culture and history that St. Joseph has to offer?

3. Embrace the Outdoors

With over 26 parks and 48 miles of parkways that pass through beautiful natural settings, outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in a variety of activities. From hiking and biking along the parkway to camping at Krug Park, there's an outdoor adventure waiting for you at every corner in this beautiful Midwest city.

4. Home to the Windiest Place in America

Here's a little-known fact about St. Joseph: The National Weather Service has dubbed Browning, an area in Northwest St. Joseph, as the windiest city in America. Well, now you know why those wind chimes are so popular around here. It's wasn't for style - it was the city's unique way of acknowledging its uncontested blowy title. But hey, who doesn't like a cool breeze, right?

5. Barbecue, Steaks and Everything Delicious

St. Joseph has a rich and diverse food scene that's waiting to be explored. Being in Missouri, BBQ is a must-try. But besides the local BBQ joints, St. Joe's also got a variety of delicious eateries, from upscale dining to international cuisine and a surprisingly bustling coffee scene. Make sure to come with your appetite!

6. It Has Its Very Own Vocabulary

Last but certainly not least, St. Joseph has a set of phrases and words all its own - a bit of local 'lingo' if you will. For instance, words like "the Belt" and "the Parkway", which are fundamental to understanding directions in the city. "The Belt" refers to the Belt Highway and "the Parkway" is an essential network of roads, paths and parks. But don't worry, you'll pick up on these and more local catchphrases quite fast. It's all part of the fun and charm of becoming a true St. Joer.

Intrigued yet? Moving to St. Joseph, MO, isn't just about changing your ZIP code. It's about embracing a new lifestyle, steeped in history, food, community spirit, and let's not forget - a lot of wind! Happy moving!

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Pros and Cons of Living in St Joseph

Pros of Living in St Joseph

Affordable Cost of Living

Living in St Joseph, Missouri, can be relatively affordable in comparison to many other U.S. cities. This affordable cost of living extends to a variety of everyday essentials like groceries, utilities, transportation and health care, making it easier to manage daily living.

Rich in History

The city is filled with historical sites and museums, providing both a great educational opportunity and a way to explore the city's history. From the Jesse James Home Museum to the Pony Express National Museum, there are plenty of historical sites to visit.

Nature and Outdoor Activities

St Joseph is located near the Missouri River and is home to several parks, making it ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Whether it's fishing in one of the local lakes, hiking along a nature trail, or going for a scenic bike ride, there are numerous options for outdoor enthusiasts.

Strong Sense of Community

St Joseph is known for its strong community bonds. There's a friendly and welcoming vibe to the city, with plenty of community events, parades, festivals, and local farmers' markets.

Lower Traffic Levels

Compared to major cities, St Joseph experiences relatively low levels of traffic. This can lead to shorter commute times, less congestion, and generally a less stressful travel experience whether you're heading to work or just running errands around town.

Cons of Living in St Joseph

Job Opportunities

The city's job market might not be as diverse or vibrant as in larger cities. While businesses exist, if you are in a highly specialised field, job opportunities may be limited.

Weather Extremes

St Joseph experiences extremes in weather, with hot, humid summers and cold winters. If you're not a fan of extreme weather, living here could be a challenge.

Limited Public Transportation

The public transportation in St Joseph could be a con for some as it is not as comprehensive or reliable as that in larger cities. This can make navigating the city more challenging without a personal vehicle.

Limited Nightlife

If you prefer a bustling nightlife, St Joseph might not live up to your expectations. While there are bars and restaurants available, the city doesn't offer the same variety or number as you would find in larger towns.

Lower Availability of Cultural Amenities

While there are some theaters and galleries, St Joseph does not have as many cultural amenities like concerts, theaters, or high-end restaurants compared to big cities. If you're looking for a very lively arts and cultural scene, you may find St Joseph somewhat lacking.

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Is St Joseph a Good Place to Live?

St Joseph, MO is a great place to live because it's a blend of historical charm and modern convenience with its rich history and beautiful parks cascading against the Missouri River backdrop. You can enjoy its small-town feel, while also appreciating great amenities such as unique local dining, a thriving arts scene, and a low cost of living. Furthermore, its wholesome community vibe and excellent educational resources make it a fantastic place to raise a family.

What Is St Joseph Famous For?


Pony Express

Ain't no horsin' around here! St. Joseph is recognized as the starting point of the Pony Express back in 1860. It was this city that first connected the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States with fast mail service.

Jesse James Home Museum

Did you know the infamous outlaw Jesse James kicked the bucket while cleaning a dusty picture? The Jesse James Home Museum in St. Joseph is the very spot where this notorious figure met his end, attracting history buffs and wild west enthusiasts alike.

Patee House Museum

Once a fancy hotel turned mail depot turned school for girls, the Patee House Museum oozes history from every nook and cranny. It served as the HQ for the Pony Express for a time hinting back at St. Joseph's mail delivery heyday.

Glore Psychiatric Museum

The slightly spooky and utterly fascinating, St. Joseph's Glore Psychiatric Museum presents the history of mental healthcare in a way you've never experienced before. Not for the faint-hearted, this museum takes you on a journey through the evolution (and sometimes shocking practices) of psychiatric treatment!

' Capital building of St Joseph, MO in artistic rendering

Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in St. Joseph, MO is approximately 1.32%. This rate is slightly below the national average property tax rate of 1.07%.

Sales Tax

The sales tax in St. Joseph, MO stands at 8.35% in 2023, which includes the state rate of 4.225% and local tax rates. This sales tax rate is higher than the average US sales tax rate of around 7.12%.

Income Tax

Missouri has a progressive income tax system with rates ranging from 1.5% to 5.4%. Therefore, St. Joseph residents pay income taxes according to where their incomes fall within these brackets. This is quite competitive compared to many other states as the US average income tax rate is roughly around 4.6%.

Housing Market

The housing market in St Joseph, MO is considerably more affordable compared to the national average in the US. The median home cost in St Joseph is $99,000, well below the national median of $231,200. Rent prices are also below average, with a median rent of $650, compared to the US median of $1,023. The lower housing costs make St Joseph ideal for first-time homebuyers or renters seeking budget-friendly options. However, prospective buyers should note that home appreciation in St Joseph has been slightly slower than the national average.

Cost of Living

Currently, the cost of living in St. Joseph, MO is significantly less compared to other cities in the U.S. Factors such as housing, groceries, and healthcare are comparatively lower. For instance, housing is about 66% lower than the national average while healthcare is around 5% lower. However, local transportation costs tend to be slightly higher. Despite this, St. Joseph provides significant value with its combination of low living costs and reasonable amenities making it an attractive option for potential residents seeking affordable living standards.

Weather & Natural Disasters

St. Joseph, MO, experiences a humid continental climate with moderate to heavy seasonal variations. Winters are typically cold, making way for warm, humid summers with temperatures often exceeding 80degF. A notable amount of precipitation falls throughout the year, with May being the wettest month and January the driest. Severe weather events, such as thunderstorms, can occur especially during spring and early summer. Known as part of "Tornado Alley", St. Joseph witnesses the occasional tornado, typically from April to June. Despite such weather extremes, the beauty of autumn is undeniable as the city reveals a picturesque landscape of radiant fall colors. Forays of blizzards and hailstorms can also present a natural spectacle in St. Joseph, making it a place of unique weather charm.

Typical weather in St Joseph, MO

Economy & Job Market

* Healthcare and Social Assistance

* Manufacturing

* Retail Trade

* Education Services

* Accommodation and Food Services

Historically, the economy of St Joseph, MO was largely characterized by manufacturing, particularly in the meatpacking and cereal industries - we're not "cereal" killers, promise! Stetson Hat Company also originated here, proving we know a thing or two about style. While manufacturing still plays a significant role today, the industry scene has since diversified extensively. Healthcare, social assistance, and education services have taken on starring roles in our economy's current performance. Our world-class healthcare facilities attract patients and professionals from far and wide, while respected educational institutions ensure the steady production of a skilled workforce. The retail trade also plays a pivotal role, providing a myriad of jobs and supporting daily living essentials for the community. Lastly, do not forget the accommodation and food services sector - because who doesn't love a good meal after a hard day's work?

Planning to pack up life and move to our lovely city, St Joseph, MO? Well, darling, you're in for a treat! While countrywide employment rates can go up and down like a rollercoaster, our city maintains a fairly steady rate. If you're looking to plunge into the job market right after your move, sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, and education are sure bets. With a variety of job opportunities ranging from nurse practitioners to school teachers, you're bound to find your niche. Or perhaps you have a penchant for retail or a passion for the food service industry? We've got avenues in those sectors too! Plus, our city is studded with both large companies for the ambitious career-climber and small businesses for those who prefer a cozier work environment. Just remember, patience paints a masterpiece - take your time to find the job that's the right fit for you!

Traffic and Transportation

Zip, Zoom, Zing! Across the city of St Joseph, MO, prepare to be swept off your feet by the swift transportation services and incredible commute times. Strapped for time? Fear not! The average commute in this dynamic city lasts a mere 16.4 minutes. Quicker than it takes to finish one episode of your favorite sitcom! Roll daily with our St. Joseph Transit, fondly nicknamed "The Ride." It's a public transportation gem with four fun lines: Blue, Green, Red, and Gold that cater to all your travel needs. Up for some air time? Rosecrans Memorial Airport serves the city by ensuring a silky smooth flight experience! So pack those bags, lace-up those sneakers and let the St. Joseph transport system carry you on one whirlwind journey!

What is the traffic like in St Joseph, MO?

Best Neighborhoods in St Joseph

1. Ashland Avenue Historic District

Get your daily dose of architectural beauty in the Ashland Avenue Historic District. This neighborhood, steeped in history and character, showcases preserved Victorian-style homes that evoke the grandeur of the past. It evokes a sense of calm, reminiscent of times long gone, with its canopy of mature trees and groomed gardens.

Despite its historical appearance, the community offers a vibrant lifestyle. You'll find vibrant murals, delightful boutiques, and artisan bakeries adorning the locality, creating a perfect confluence of the old and new. Plan a stroll along the historical pathways and immerse yourself in the charm of this uniquely captivating neighborhood.

2. Museum Hill

For history buffs and art aficionados, Museum Hill is the perfect abode. This neighborhood hosts several museums that span a wide spectrum of interests, including art, natural history, and local heritage. Rich in culture and diversity, Museum Hill is known for the tightly-knit community and frequent cultural events.

With plenty of tree-lined sidewalks, beautiful parks, and local restaurants to sample regional cuisine, living in Museum Hill offers a slice of the good life. It's not uncommon to find neighbors bonding over a morning walk or at a community-run event. It's an idyllic spot to call home!

3. Hyde Park

Hyde Park resonates with a bustling city life vibe, set against a picturesque backdrop of lush parks and gentle hillsides. The heart of the neighborhood is Hyde Park itself, where residents enjoy various outdoor activities like jogging, barbeque parties, or simply a quiet afternoon picnic with family.

The neighborhood is dotted with popular eateries and cafes, perfect for those lazy Sunday brunches or catching up with friends over a cup of coffee. With an active community that promotes diverse cultural events throughout the year, Hyde Park provides an engaging living experience.

4. Midtown

Want to live where the action is? Midtown is your go-to place! With its numerous nightclubs, breweries, and lifestyle venues, this neighborhood exudes a vibrant and energetic aura. There's always something to do in Midtown, whether it's checking out a new band, browsing through weekend flea markets, or discovering a new favorite dish at the food festivals.

Even amidst this lively hubbub, Midtown keeps its residents close to nature with its beautiful parks and green spaces. The seamless blend of city life excitement with serene spaces makes it an attractive place for modern city dwellers.

5. Downtown St Joseph

Downtown St Joseph brings together the best of work, play, and lifestyle under the same roof. Offering a rich mix of shopping spots, art galleries, theaters, and restaurants, there's something for everyone in this neighborhood. Iconic landmarks like the Missouri Theater and its historic architecture lend a unique charm to the area.

The sense of community here is palpable. Downtown often organizes block parties, art exhibits, and food drives that everyone can participate in. If you prefer an urban residence that offers the convenience of modern amenities and a community spirit, Downtown St Joseph is a stellar choice.

In conclusion, St Joseph is a town with diverse neighborhoods, each waiting to tell its own unique story. Depending on your lifestyle preferences, you can choose from serene historical quarters, lively city hubs, or vibrant art-centric communities. But no matter where you choose to reside, one thing you can count on is the warm and welcoming spirit of every St Joseph neighborhood. So, pack your bags, and get ready to make some wonderful memories in your new home.

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Things to Do

Welcome to St Joseph, MO - a city bursting with charm, history and culture! Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or a foodie, you'll find there's plenty to discover in this vibrant city. So let's dig a little deeper and uncover seven of the top things you must do as a newcomer.

1. Step Back in Time at the Jesse James Home Museum

Immerse yourself in the dramatic past of the notorious outlaw Jesse James at his home museum. This is where James was fatally shot by Robert Ford in 1882 - a significant event in American history. Wander through the reconstructed home to uncover more exciting tales of Jesse James' life and death.

2. Rejuvenate Yourself at Krug Park

Need a breath of fresh air? Then, head to Krug Park, renowned for its serene beauty and tranquil ambiance. Take a leisurely stroll around the lagoon, have a picnic, or explore the abundant flora - it's an idyllic escape from city life!

3. Delight in Local Delicacies at Boudreaux's Louisiana Seafood & Steaks

One for the foodies now! When the hunger pangs hit, make your way to Boudreaux's Louisiana Seafood & Steaks, an authentic Cajun-style restaurant in the heart of the city. Indulge in some mouthwatering jambalaya or crawfish etouffee and let your taste buds dance with joy!

4. Uncover Hidden Gems at the Glore Psychiatric Museum

This one is a bit offbeat! The Glore Psychiatric Museum, situated within the grounds of the St. Joseph State Hospital, offers a unique and somewhat eerie glimpse into the history of mental health treatment. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely an experience that's as fascinating as it is unsettling.

5. Catch a Show at the Missouri Theater

Who doesn't love a good show? And, if you're in St Joseph, don't miss the opportunity to catch a performance at the beautifully restored Missouri Theater. From concerts to ballet, there's sure to be something to cater to all tastes - check out their event schedule and book your night out!

6. Explore the Quirky Side of Art at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art

Located in a stunning 1930s mansion, the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art houses one of the finest collections of 18th, 19th, and 20th-century American art. But what makes it particularly intriguing is their diverse collection of offbeat folk art, a must-see for all the art enthusiasts.

7. Discover a Little known Wonder: the Wyeth-Tootle Mansion

Last but by no means least! Explore the three-story gothic mansion known as Wyeth-Tootle Mansion. Overlooking the Missouri River, this architectural wonder provides a stunning view of the city and beyond. Travel back in time with its exhibits that portray St. Joseph's notable history from the frontier era through the early 20th century.

There you have it, seven must-sees and must-dos in St Joseph! Each provides its unique flavor, spinning a tale of history, culture, and beautiful backdrops that are quintessentially St. Joseph. Whether it's adventures in nature, indulgences in food, dives into history, or a walk down the art lane- they're all waiting for you here!

Things to do in St Joseph, MO?

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