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Ready to dive into the world of Southfield, MI? A town adorned with sleek architecture, a bustling job market, and top-notch education, Southfield seamlessly stitches together the vivid charm of a small town with the dynamic vibe of an urban city. This quintessential Michigan town with its warm community is not just a place to live, it's a lifestyle waiting to be discovered. Fasten your seatbelts as we shift gears into what to know about moving to Southfield, in our comprehensive relocation guide.

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What to Know Before Moving to Southfield

1. A City with a Pulse

Southfield, Michigan, is more than just a suburb of Detroit - it's a city unto itself. Laced with green spaces, nature parks, fitness centers, and an impressive variety of cuisines and dining options, Southfield is a city which paints the perfect picture of urban, suburban and rural life. If you're looking for a city that's rushing with life at every corner, but still has the homey feel of a small town, Southfield is it.

2. A Shopping Enthusiast's Paradise

For avid shoppers, Southfield will feel like a little slice of heaven. From the Mediterranean Market, which stocks all types of Mediterranean delicacies, to the regional West Twelve Mile Road shopping district and the Evergreen Hills shopping area, there's plenty to keep shopaholic residents occupied. And yes, the rumors are true - Southfield is home to one of the few remaining Hudson's department stores, where you can experience retail history first-hand.

3. Land of the Free (Parking)

In a twist that's often unusual for urban areas, Southfield is renowned for its abundant free parking, even downtown. So, you can say goodbye to endless driving in a bid to find a parking spot, mightily feeding meters or fretting over expensive parking garages. This convenience is a stress-reliever and time-saver, making daily commuting and errand-running a breeze.

4. The Biggest Little City

Although Southfield isn't a massive city, it still punches well above its weight, housing over 100 Fortune 500 companies within its radius, thereby earning the nickname "office park." If you're an aspirational professional looking to rub elbows with heavyweights, this city is indeed a hidden gem. Yet, with this bustling industry scene, it manages to maintain its small-town feel and a sense of tight-knit community.

5. Arts and Culture Centerstage

Southfield isn't just about work and the outdoors; it's also home to a thriving arts and culture scene. The city is home to the Park West Gallery, the largest privately-owned art gallery in the world, and the Southfield Public Library, which boasts of unique features like a contemporary art exhibit on the third floor, and an auditorium that hosts events varying from informative lectures to splendid concerts.

6. The Southfield Lathrup Village Farmers Market

Many people don't realize that every summer and fall, Southfield opens the Southfield Lathrup Village Farmers Market, where the entire community gathers for fresh produce brought in from local farms, homemade goods, artisanal crafts and so much more. It's a city tradition that's been around for over a decade, and it truly adds a special charm to the local culture of Southfield.

In essence, Southfield, Michigan is an eclectic mix of a thriving economy, diverse food scene, abundant shopping opportunities, all coupled with its dedication to arts, culture, and communal harmony. Whether you're planning to move or merely contemplating a visit, Southfield is a city that's sure to enamor you with its spirit - from the free parking to the Farmers Market, and everything in between!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Southfield

Pros of Living in Southfield

Excellent Recreational Opportunities

Southfield boasts over 780 acres of parkland along with a multitude of recreational activities for all ages. With more than 50 miles of hiking and biking trails, several golf courses, and many family-friendly events throughout the year, there is always something to do outdoor.

Highly Rated Schools

Southfield is home to several highly rated public, private, and charter schools. The local school system is committed to providing quality education and has several programs geared towards fostering academic excellence.

Strong Sense of Community

Southfield has a close-knit community feel to it, despite being a fairly large city. The city hosts regular community events such as farmers markets, parades, and festivals, fostering a sense of togetherness among residents.

Great Employment Opportunities

Southfield is centrally located in the Detroit metro area, making it an attractive location for several Fortune 500 companies. These companies provide many employment opportunities for residents in a wide range of industries.

Convenient Transportation

Southfield is conveniently located with easy access to major highways, making it easy to commute to nearby cities for work or leisure. The city is also served by an efficient public transit system, providing further convenience for residents.

Cons of Living in Southfield

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Southfield is higher than the national average. While this is offset somewhat by the high average income of Southfield residents, it may make things difficult for those with lower income levels.


With its central location and busy highways, traffic can be a problem in Southfield, especially during rush hour. Commuting times tend to be longer, and finding parking in the downtown area can be challenging.


The weather in Southfield can be a downside for some. Winters in Southfield are typically cold with lots of snow, which can make outdoor activities less appealing during those months.

High Property Taxes

Property taxes in Southfield are relatively high compared to other areas in the region. This might increase the overall cost of homeownership for many individuals and families.

Limited Nightlife

Southfield offers a lot in terms of daytime activities, but the city's nightlife scene is somewhat limited. For more vibrant nightlife, residents usually have to travel to nearby cities such as Detroit.

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Is Southfield a Good Place to Live?

Southfield, MI is a great place to live because of its high employment rate, premium healthcare, rich culture, and excellent education system. This bustling suburb offers a charming mix of peaceful residential life and a thriving commercial scene, providing the perfect balance for work and leisure. In addition, Southfield is brimming with numerous parks and recreational facilities ensuring you'll never run out of fun and exciting activities to do.

What Is Southfield Famous For?

Architectural Landmark - The Southfield Town Center

The Southfield Town Center, a collection of five golden skyscrapers, serves as one of the true architectural landmarks in the city. It houses a variety of businesses and restaurants. This compelling glass tower complex is visible for miles and embodies the city's thriving and forward-thinking spirit.

City of Southfield City Centre

In an effort to create an urban downtown in the traditionally suburban area, Southfield initiated the Southfield City Centre project. This mixed-use district encompasses a combination of office, retail, residential, and civic uses and aims to promote walkability and sustainability within the city.

Impressive Green Space - Civic Center Park

Situated at the heart of the city, Civic Center Park is a stunning 920-acre green space boasting a sports arena, swimming pool, and a golf course among many other facilities. It's a paradise for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, often being the hub of community gatherings and outdoor fun.

Cultural Hub - Southfield Public Library

Believe it or not, the Southfield Public Library is known across the region for being much more than a typical library. Hosting a vast collection of resources, it also acts as a dynamic community center with numerous programs and events, encouraging learning, cultural exchange, and community engagement.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, residents of Southfield, MI have a property tax rate of 3.12%. This is higher than the national average property tax rate of around 1.07%.

Sales Tax

Southfield, MI does not have its own specific sales tax, but rather applies the Michigan state sales tax rate of 6%. This is slightly below the average US combined sales tax rate, which is just over 7%.

Income Tax

Income tax for residents of Southfield follows the Michigan state tax rate of 4.25%. This is lower than the average state income tax rate in the US, which falls around 4.6% when factoring in both states with and without a state income tax.

Housing Market

The housing market in Southfield, MI offers significant value for both buyers and renters. It's notably more affordable, with the median home value being substantially lower than the national average. Also, rental rates reflect this affordability. However, price growth and housing demand in Southfield reveal a dynamic market, pointing to potential investment reward. Renters benefit from housing programs, like the Oakland County Housing Counseling Program, for affordable living, while buyers can leverage programs for first-time homebuyers. Noteworthy are city developments, which contribute to property value appreciation over time. However, buyers and renters alike should pay attention to Michigan's property tax rates, which are above the national average.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Southfield, MI is moderate compared to many other cities in the nation. Housing costs are relatively affordable, making it a popular choice for families and young professionals. However, the cost for goods and services, as well as healthcare, is slightly higher than the national average. Despite this, the cost of transportation and utilities are equivalent to the national average. This balance results in the overall cost of living in Southfield being manageable and attractive for those seeking suburban comfort with city amenities.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Southfield, Michigan enjoys a temperate continental climate that distinguishes all four seasons. Winters can be quite cold and snowy, with temperatures often dropping below freezing, while summers bring a warmth that is typically humid and ranges from 70deg to 80degF. Spring and fall offer a more moderate climate, characterized by refreshing winds and occasional rainfall. The city sees around 30 inches of rain per year and abundant snowfall during winter months. The risk of tornadoes in Southfield is lower than the national average, but the region isn't completely immune to them. Flooding is another form of natural disaster that can occur, particularly during periods of heavy rain or rapid snowmelt. Overall, Southfield experiences typical Midwestern weather and occasional natural disasters, yet offers a comfortable climate for its residents.

Typical weather in Southfield, MI

Economy & Job Market

* Healthcare and Social Assistance

* Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

* Educational Services

* Retail Trade

* Manufacturing

When you think of Southfield, MI, you might not immediately think bustling commerce, but you certainly should! Throughout history, the town has created a diversified economy that has evolved with the times. Initially known as a fertile agricultural area, Southfield sprouted into a thriving manufacturing center, but the pivot didn't stop there. The stage of farmlands has now been replaced by skyscrapers housing enterprises in health care and social assistance, professional, scientific and technical services, and educational services. The city continues to grow, now also boasting a burgeoning retail trade industry. Blessed with high-quality schools and colleges, it continues to produce a well-educated workforce, supporting bigger and better business.

For those considering a move to Southfield (and why wouldn't you, it's more happening than a triple espresso in a chess club!), you'll find the employment rate pretty darn impressive, with unemployment rates typically lower than the national average. Lucky you! With a diversified economy, opportunities abound in numerous sectors. However, you might want to particularly consider health care or professional services, where demand is high and the opportunities are rich. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, the city is also remarkably supportive of startups and provides a conducive environment for thriving businesses. So, pack up your ideas, your dreams, and your favorite coffee mug, and make your career move to Southfield!

Traffic and Transportation

Moving around in Southfield, MI is quite the breeze, despite the traffic! The average commute time here is about 22.3 minutes, wagging its tail slightly below the US average of 26 minutes. Now that's some brisk shuffling around, wouldn't you agree? For those who'd rather leave the driving to someone else, we've got you covered. Southfield offers SMART bus services, providing cozy rides to Detroit and several neighboring communities. Whether you're off to work or just gallivanting around town, it's your faithful commuting companion. Let's not forget about flights, globetrotters! Southfield is merely a hop, skip and a jump away from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, just over a half hour's drive. It's your gateway to the world or your welcome mat if you're arriving home. So, whether by wheels or wings, transportation in Southfield has got you covered!

What is the traffic like in Southfield, MI?

Best Neighborhoods in Southfield

1. Downtown Southfield

If you are all about vibrant city life, Downtown Southfield is the place for you! Its alleyways are brimming with delightful cafes, inventive fusion restaurants, and charming specialty shops. But it doesn't just stop at its bustling gastronomic scene; Downtown Southfield is also the city's cultural hub. It's home to the Park West Gallery--a famous art gallery showcasing works from all over the world--and the Southfield Public Library, an architectural gem that serves as the heart of the city's literature and learning scene. Plus, with its high-rise condos and modern townhouses, living here puts you in the heart of all the action.

2. Magnolia Neighborhood

If you're someone who values tranquility and picturesque surroundings, you'll fall head over heels for Magnolia. Wrapped around the stunning Magnolia Park, this neighborhood paints a serene picture of suburban life with rows of charming mid-century homes and well-manicured lawns. You will also find a wide array of athletic fields, picnic spots, and quiet walking paths in the park, making it a perfect locale for families or those looking to explore outdoor recreational activities.

3. Roseland Woods-Beverly Hills

Elegant brick homes, rich history, great schools, and a tight-knit community spirit: all of these are wrapped up at Roseland Woods-Beverly Hills. Here, residents can mingle with neighbors at the various community events or enjoy a peaceful walk down its shady, tree-lined streets. Plus, it's known for being the neighborhood where you can almost always spot a deer or two in your backyard!

4. Southfield Manor

As the name suggests, Southfield Manor comes with a touch of grandeur - and we're not only talking about the stylish mid-century homes! This well-established neighborhood is a slice of heaven for recreation lovers. Its centerpiece is the expansive Civic Center Park, complete with sports fields, picnic areas and even its own golf course. And after a day of play, you can indulge in a variety of dining options, with the local culinary scene offering international cuisines at its finest.

5. Green Dolson

Want a neighborhood with an authentic suburban vibe? Look no further than Green Dolson! With its wide streets, welcoming neighbors, and a variety of classic and innovative restaurants, this suburban oasis offers a unique blend of enjoyment and comfort. Envision lovely afternoons spent exploring the shops at Southfield Shopping Center or weekend family picnics at Green Dolson Park. And did we mention that the local schools are top-notch here too?

In conclusion, whether you're a sucker for city life, an outdoor enthusiast, or a family looking for a peaceful suburb, Southfield, MI has a neighborhood atmosphere that will suit everyone's lifestyle. From its buzzing downtown to its serene, tree-lined communities, Southfield is waiting to welcome you home!

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Things to Do

Welcome to Southfield, Michigan! Nicknamed 'The Center of It All,' Southfield lives up to its reputation. With a blend of modern amenities, unique histories, and beautiful nature, Southfield offers a host of enjoyable activities that guarantee a refreshingly different experience. What are some of the best things to do? Brace yourself as we dive into the seven must-do things in Southfield!

1. Explore The International Automotive Components Headquarters

Most people might not know that Southfield is home to the International Automotive Components Headquarters, where you can immerse yourself in the rich history of the automobile industry. Drill into the complexities of automotive manufacturing and enjoy exclusive tours durating special events.

2. Enjoy the Green at Beech Woods Park

As an oasis of calm amidst the bustling city, Beech Woods Park serves up several outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy a game of golf on the 9-hole course or prefer to relax in the picnic area, there's always plenty to do. The park also boasts hiking trails and a children's play area - an excellent spot for family outings!

3. Visit Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Just a short drive from Southfield takes you to one of Michigan's most unique attractions - Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum. It's an arcade like no other, complete with vintage video games, animations, and oddities collected over the years. Think of it as a trip into history with a fun twist!

4. Immerse Yourself in The Southfield Public Library

No visit to Southfield is complete without taking a trip to their fantastic public library. With over 150,000 items in its collection, a dedicated children's library, and multi-media rooms, it emphasizes Southfield's commitment to communal learning and cultural enrichment.

5. Dine at Bacco Ristorante

If you're a foodie, dining at the Bacco Ristorante is a must. This award-winning Italian restaurant serves delectable dishes inspired by local and Italian ingredients in an elegant setting. It's an unforgettable culinary experience.

6. Visit the Park West Gallery

An often-forgotten treasure is the Park West Gallery. Hosting an impressive collection of artwork worldwide, from contemporary art to unique sculptures, it's a haven for art lovers. The gallery often hosts live auctions, artist talks, and educational programs that are open to the public.

7. Revel in the City Centre Concerts

Every summer, Southfield's City Centre area organically transforms into an outdoor concert venue hosting an array of musical talent. Bring a blanket, grab a bite from local food trucks, and soak in the joyful atmosphere of community and music under the stars.

There you have it! Southfield offers more than just a beautiful environment; it is a vibrant community loaded with character. Whether delving into its deep-rooted automotive history, enjoying nature, devouring mouthwatering meals, or exploring its rich art and culture, Southfield guarantees a memorable experience. Now, it's time to unpack and plunge headfirst into the adventure that awaits in this unique city.

Things to do in Southfield, MI?

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