Moving to Livonia

Welcome to the wonderful world of Livonia, MI! This hidden gem, tucked just a stone's throw away from Detroit, offers an enticing blend of city life and suburban comfort. Our comprehensive Livonia relocation guide is brimming with tips on best neighborhoods, hot spots, local events, and insider insights that'll make your move as smooth and delightful as the city itself. Whether you're a first-time mover or a seasoned relocatee, we promise to make you feel right at home in the heartbeat of Livonia, MI. Buckle up and let's start this exciting journey!

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What to Know Before Moving to Livonia

1. Small Town Feel in a Big City Environment

There's no need to compromise between an intimate community and the bustle of a big city when moving to Livonia, Michigan. This Detroit suburb exudes a cozy small-town atmosphere that is perfect for those who cherish a sense of community and love knowing their neighbors. Yet, it refuses to skimp on the access to big-city amenities with an array of shops, eateries, and entertainment venues at your fingertips. Quaint or vibrant, there's a slice of Livonia for everyone.

2. Livonia Has an Invisible Lake

Here's something you probably didn't know. Livonia is home to a mysterious 'phantom lake'. Newburgh Lake is a man-made water body, originally created to solve flood problems, but it quickly became a local fishing hotspot. Despite its abundance of lush wildlife and serene waters, it is so cleverly tucked away that many newcomers often remain oblivious to its existence. Catch this elusive gem on a sunny afternoon for some quiet time amidst nature.

3. Excellent Public School System

For those with school-age children, rest easy. Livonia boasts an exceptional public school system that is consistently rated as one of the best in the state. The district's commitment to individual student success is evident in their multitude of honors programs, robust sports programs, and art opportunities. Both your children's education and extracurricular development are well-catered for in Livonia.

4. Farm Fresh Produce Aplenty

Got a craving for some farm-fresh apples or baskets of sweet Michigan cherries? The Wilson Barn Farmers Market is where you'll want to be. Active since 1919, this vibrant market is a popular spot among locals for its high-quality and variety of produce. It's held every Saturday from June to October, so mark your calendars, grab your eco-bags and prepare for a delicious stock up on freshness!

5. A Haven for Recreation Lovers

Livonia's splendid parks, trails, golf courses, and sports complexes make it a veritable haven for those who love outdoor fun. The community offers hundreds of programs for sports, fitness, and leisure at the Jack E. Kirksey Recreation Center. And for you golf lovers, Livonia has not one, not two, but three lush golf courses to choose from. Now, that's a hole in one!

6. Historical Charm Meets Contemporary Cool

In Livonia, you'll find historic charm peppered with a contemporary cool that results in an irresistible blend of old and new. Greenmead Historical Park showcases Livonia's vibrant past with historical structures dating back to the 1850s, whilst the city's modern shopping districts and intriguing spaces like the automotive-themed restaurant, Basement Burger Bar, offer a refreshing contemporary edge. Who knew history could be so hip?

So buckle up, future Livonians! Your exciting journey awaits. Whether you're finding that elusive hidden lake, shopping fresh produce at a century-old farmers market, or simply grabbing a funky meal at some cool local hangout, the calling of Livonia, Michigan beckons. True, Livonia might not be the most famous city in the nation, but you can bet your boots it's one of the most welcoming, diversified, and all-round enjoyable. Welcome home.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Livonia

Pros of Living in Livonia

Excellent Education Opportunities

Livonia boasts an excellent education system with highly rated public schools. This makes it a great place for families with children. The city is also home to Schoolcraft College, offering a range of higher education and vocational training opportunities.

Low Crime Rates

One of the biggest advantages of living in Livonia is the low crime rates. The city is generally safe and secure, which provides residents with peace of mind. The Livonia Police Department is very active and responsive, contributing to the overall safety of the community.

Great Recreational Facilities

Livonia, MI is home to a large amount of parklands and recreational areas. The city features a number of parks, walking trails, and sports facilities. Community centers and public pools are also available for residents.

Strong Sense of Community

Despite being the second largest city in Wayne County, Livonia has managed to cultivate a small-town charm with a strong sense of community. There are numerous community events held throughout the year, bringing citizens together, which fosters a sense of belonging among residents.

Robust Economy

Livonia has a robust local economy with plenty of job opportunities. It is home to numerous businesses and industries, which helps ensure high employment rates. This makes Livonia an attractive place for aspiring professionals and for those seeking stable careers.

Cons of Living in Livonia

High Property Taxes

One major downside to living in Livonia is the relatively high property taxes compared to other parts of Michigan. While residents gain access to excellent public services and amenities, these come at a cost reflected in property taxes, potentially straining budgets of some homeowners.

Limited Nightlife

While Livonia is a great place for families and retirees, it may lack the vibrant nightlife that younger residents or singles might be seeking. The city is more inclined towards a quiet, suburban lifestyle, limiting options for late-night entertainment.

Public Transportation

Livonia lacks a comprehensive public transportation system. While it is well connected by highways and roads, dependency on personal vehicles can be higher due to lack of convenient public transit. This can also increase daily commute times or make travel difficult for those without private transportation.

Higher Cost of Living

The cost of living in Livonia can be higher than the national average. From housing to groceries, residents might find everyday expenses to be more costly in comparison to other areas. This could potentially strain the budget of newcomers who are not anticipating these higher costs.

Weather Conditions

The weather in Livonia can be a drawback for some people. Winters can be harsh, with lower temperatures and heavy snowfall, making it difficult for those who are unaccustomed to such conditions. Additionally, the city doesn't have much variation in seasonal weather.

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Is Livonia a Good Place to Live?

Livonia, MI is a great place to live because of its safe, friendly neighborhoods, top-notch schools, and thriving local businesses. The city also boasts of a plethora of parks and recreational facilities providing a variety of activities for people of all ages. Plus, its convenient location makes it easy to explore and enjoy all the fantastic amenities that Michigan has to offer!

What Is Livonia Famous For?

Madonna University

Located in Livonia, Madonna University is a notable landmark known for its liberal arts focus and commitment to service learning. It has a diverse student body that brings a worldly perspective, making it an integral part of the community.

Greenmead Historical Park

A testament to Livonia's dedication to preserving history, this sprawling 103-acre park houses original and historic structures. The Greenmead Historical Park site hosts various events throughout the year, giving folks a delightful peek into the area's past.

Automotive Manufacturing

Livonia is home to a number of car parts manufacturing plants including the Ford Livonia Transmission plant, one of the cornerstones of the local economy. This sector fortifies Livonia's prominent role in Detroit's famed 'Motor City' automobile production legacy.

A Vibrant Food Scene

From family-owned delis to high-end steakhouses, Livonia's food scene offers a buffet of choices for foodies. Establishments like the Lebanese Grill and Thomas' Family Dining have helped put Livonia on the culinary map of Michigan.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in Livonia, MI is about 1.64%, which is comparatively lower than the national average of 1.07%. This means residents of Livonia pay a larger portion of their property value each year in taxes than many other Americans.

Sales Tax

Livonia, MI doesn't have its own city sales tax, the sales tax rate is the 6% state sales tax. Comparatively, the average sales tax rate across the U.S. is approximately 7.12%, making the sales tax in Livonia relatively lower.

Income Tax

Michigan has a flat tax rate of 4.25% on all income, so residents of Livonia are taxed at this rate for their income. Compared to the U.S. federal income tax system that scales based on income level, the Michigan income tax system can be beneficial or disadvantageous depending on an individual's income bracket.

Housing Market

Livonia, MI boasts a robust housing market. The comparatively low median house value stands at $198,360, more attractive than the national average. A high homeownership rate of 85% signals stability. Most homeowners enjoy considerably low property taxes compared to others in the US. Renters too, find Livonia affordable with an average monthly rent of $1,052. Though the cost of living is slightly high, the educated workforce, low unemployment rate, and amenities contribute to a favorable quality of life, making both renting and buying appealing. Always examine housing market statistics before any decision, to ensure a wise investment.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Livonia, MI is relatively lower than the national average and other cities. Housing, transportation, and groceries tend to be more affordable. However, some expenses like healthcare and utilities are comparably higher. The overall lower cost contributes to a comfortable and economical lifestyle in Livonia, making it an appealing location for residency. Yet, it's essential to weigh the various costs based on individual spending habits and lifestyle needs.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Livonia, MI enjoys a four-seasons climate, characterized by warm summers and cold, snowy winters. Temperatures average between 17degF in January and 83degF in July. Fall presents beautiful colors as the tremendous wonder of nature unfolds. Spring welcomes blooming flowers and mild temperatures. As for natural disasters, Michigan experiences a range of risk, with snowstorms and blizzards in the wintertime being the most prevalent. Tornadoes are quite rare but still possible in Livonia, occurring usually in late spring through early fall. Flooding can also occur, typically in spring due to rapid snowmelt or during heavy rainfalls. Although they are infrequent, the earthquake risk in Michigan is not entirely nonexistent. Nevertheless, the charisma and beauty of Livonia's seasons regularly outweigh the occasional adversities, making it an engrossing place to live and visit.

Typical weather in Livonia, MI

Economy & Job Market

* Manufacturing Industry

* Health Care and Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Educational Services

* Accommodation and Food Services

Livonia, MI has a diverse economy with a rich history rooted in manufacturing, particularly auto-manufacturing, given its proximity to Motor City (Detroit). This industry continues to flourish today alongside other booming sectors. Health care and social assistance now make a big splash in Livonia, thanks to the city's several hospitals and medical centers. Retail trade also keeps the city bustling because who doesn't love a good shopping trip, right? Education services thrive due to a plethora of well-reputed schools and universities in and around the city. And let's not forget the accommodating and delicious food services industry - after all, we all have to eat!

For those considering a move to Livonia, MI, and are on the hunt for a job upon arrival - fear not! Like a gentle summer breeze, Livonia's employment rate is very comforting, currently standing at a healthy 95.2%. That's right, chance are pretty high you'll land a job here. While opportunities flow across various sectors, manufacturing and healthcare particularly stand out. If you fancy putting together car parts or caring for others, you might score big. But let's not forget the ever-growing retail, education, and food services sectors. Plenty of opportunities lie in wait - it's like a game of job-market bingo, and most players come out winners! You're sure to find Livonia's job market as charming as its cityscape.

Traffic and Transportation

Get the scoop on Livonia, MI's commuting scene! While the average journey to work is 24.6 minutes, we're sure you'll love the tree-lined routes. Need a break from driving? No problem! The Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) provides public bus services throughout the city. If you're more of an 'up in the air' type, you'll be glad to know that Detroit Metropolitan Airport, just a quick hop away, serves as a launch pad for national and international travel. Whether on land or air, Livonia's got you covered! This must be what they mean by life in the fast (and fun) lane!

What is the traffic like in Livonia, MI?

Best Neighborhoods in Livonia

1. Old Rosedale Gardens

Calling all history buffs and architecture enthusiasts! Old Rosedale Gardens in Livonia, MI, is just the place for you. This charming neighbourhood, dating back to the 1920s, is known for its uniquely constructed English Tudor homes. Each house's distinct design will leave you breathless and in awe of the craftsmanship. Beyond its stunning architecture, Old Rosedale Gardens boasts a tight-knit community. From Christmas light shows to summer block parties, social activities are year-round, making it easy to meet your friendly neighbours. Lastly, it's proximity to Levan Road shopping and dining spots make it a convenient choice.

2. Burton Hollow

If tranquil and serene surroundings are what you seek, welcome to the delightful Burton Hollow neighbourhood. Known for its spacious layouts, large backyards, and well-maintained mid-century homes, Burton Hollow provides the perfect setting for your family's next adventure. Close to top-rated schools and sporting clean, safe parks, this community is perfect for raising children. A notable highlight is the private swim club, the Burton Hollow Swim Club, making for plenty of family fun during the Michigan summers!

3. Castle Gardens

The enchanting Castle Gardens is the third pick in our list. Home to about 600 families, the communal spirit here is contagious. This charming neighbourhood is known for its active homeowner's association curating fun-filled social events year-round. Perhaps what sets Castle Gardens apart is its central park replete with playground swings, picnic benches, and even an ice-skating rink in winter. Parents can rejoice in proximity to some of Livonia's best schools. Plus, there are plenty of shopping and dining options nearby.

4. Devon Aire

Looking for a mix of suburban serenity and city convenience? Then Devon Aire might just be the dream neighbourhood for you. Known for its well-maintained brick homes and tidy yards, it boasts of tree-lined streets and a multitude of parks. Devon Aire Park, a favorite amongst residents, features tennis courts, a play area, and an open space for your four-legged friend. The neighbourhood's accessibility to major commuting routes and enthusiastic homeowners association adds to its charm and convenience.

5. Windridge Village

Finally, we present Windridge Village, a peaceful enclave perfect for kids and adults alike. The homes here are beautifully kept, with spacious yards and striking mid-century construction. Running through the heart of the community is the serene Bell Creek, immaculately lined with mature trees. The neighbourhood's location also makes it a convenient choice, with easy access to highways and a variety of amenities. With top-notch schools in the vicinity, Windridge Village definitely takes a spot on our list!

In conclusion, Livonia offers a diverse array of neighbourhoods from tranquil and serene to bustling and community-oriented. These five neighborhoods - Old Rosedale Gardens, Burton Hollow, Castle Gardens, Devon Aire, and Windridge Village- each hold unique ingredients that contribute towards making Livonia a perfect blend of big-city advantages and suburban charm. Pack your bags and let Livonia welcome you to your new home with open arms!

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Things to Do


Whether you're moving yourself, your family, or just visiting Livonia, MI, there's something for everyone in this delightful Detroit suburb. With its family-friendly neighborhoods, sprawling parks, and vibrant cultural scene, you'll soon find that it's a place that feels just like home. Check out these seven must-do activities that will help you to explore and appreciate your new surroundings.

1. Step back in time at Greenmead Historical Park

No exploration of Livonia is complete without a visit to this sprawling historical park. Playing host to a number of 19th-century homes, among other buildings, take a step back in time and lose yourself in the lessons of history. From exploring old farmhouses to immersing yourself in the workshops of days gone by, you'll never be short of cultural education at Greenmead.

2. Enjoy the outdoors at Hines Park

This popular park boasts over 15 miles of scenic trails, perfect for hiking, biking, or lazy strolls. Those interested in sports will appreciate the numerous soccer, baseball, and tennis facilities available while others may prefer a quiet picnic or BBQ at one of the park's choice spots. And if you visit during the winter, make sure to indulge in some splendid tobogganing and ice-skating sessions!

3. Meet the animals at Maybury Farm

Just a short drive from Livonia, Maybury Farm gives you a lush, green break from city life. This working farm is a hit with kids and adults alike for its barn tours, wagon rides, and especially the various friendly farm animals waiting to make your acquaintance. Learn about farming practices, interact with the wildlife, or simply escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while.

4. Gaze at the stars at the Cranbrook Institute of Science

Livonia is within easy reach of this fantastic science center, which houses its very own planetarium. Come and learn about the cosmos at this world-class facility. Once you've stared into the great beyond, you can marvel at the T-Rex skeleton and explore the Institute's extensive collections of minerals, anthropological artifacts, and more.

5. Indulge your adrenaline at the Escape Game Room

Prepare for an hour of thrill and excitement as you scramble to solve puzzles, decipher codes, and uncover secrets in this increasingly popular escape room game. It's a fun and unique way to spend an evening with friends or family, testing your wits while working together as a team.

6. Grab a bite at Bates Burgers

This spot may not be on every guide's restaurant list, but Bates Burgers is a local culinary gem. Known for its tasty sliders and nostalgic 1950s diner vibe, a meal at Bates is just as much about experiencing Livonia's history as it is about satisfying your taste buds!

7. Visit the Livonia Civic Center Library

This might not seem unique until you learn about the library's public art pieces. Known for its beautiful bronze sculptures by Marshall Fredericks, the garden is a peaceful place where you can enjoy art and nature side-by-side. Inside, you can find a wealth of resources, participate in community events, or simply pick out a book and relax.

In conclusion, Livonia isn't just another Detroit suburb. It's a city with its own vibrant personality and hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff, a culinary adventurer, or a lover of art and culture, Livonia offers you a rich selection of experiences. Begin your journey in this wonderful city, and you'll see why so many people call it home.

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