Moving to Framingham

Welcome to the thrilling prospect of starting anew in Framingham, MA! Picture a blend of bustling city life, charmed suburban calm, and ample natural beauty - an enticing mix, wouldn't you agree? This is no random location on the map, no mere pin dropped in Massachusetts. It's an exciting, avant-garde urban center with a delightful fusion of commerce and arts, dining and nightlife, education and career opportunities, all nestled within a community that's imbued with a captivating, small-town warmth. In our comprehensive guide, you are set to embark on a journey of discovery, about moving to Framingham. Onwards!

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What to Know Before Moving to Framingham

1. Your Wallet Can Breathe Here

Who doesn't love a perfect blend of affordability and quality? Moving to Framingham offers this combo! In comparison to other Boston suburbs, Framingham offers more affordable living expenses. From housing to daily necessities, a dollar usually stretches a bit further here. Plus, the quality of life you can enjoy while spending less is pretty amazing!

2. It's a Retailer's Paradise

The 'Golden Triangle' is not a Bermuda, rest assured, it won't swallow your wallet. This popular shopping district located in the heart of Framingham is filled with every retailer you need. From popular department stores to unique shops, you'll have no problem satisfying your shopping urge. And guess what? There's no sales tax on clothes in Massachusetts. Shopaholics, rejoice!

3. Framingham, The Town Of History

Framingham is not just a pretty face. It also has a rich history dating back to the 17th century. There's the Garden in the Woods, the nation's largest botanical garden focused on native plants, or the oldest surviving one-room schoolhouse in America, the Cushing House. History freaks, it's going to be a party every day!

4. A Melting Pot Of Cultures

Framingham is a diversity hub with a large chunk of the population comprising immigrants from Brazil, the Dominican Republic, India, and other nations. This multicultural environment creates a rich blend of different foods, festivals, and languages, giving Framingham a unique cultural heartbeat. Get ready to broaden your palate and learn a phrase or two in different languages!

5. Ready for an Unexpected Lift Off?

Yes, you read that right. One little known fact about Framingham is that it's home to 'The Spaceship', an intriguing building resembling a spaceship that was constructed in 1970. This out-of-the-world piece of architecture quickly became a landmark and stands as a testament to Framingham's peculiarity and charm. Getting an alien abduction insurance is not necessary though!

6. The Ecological Delight

If you thought Framingham is all about buildings and history, you're missing half the story. Framingham is a paradise for nature lovers as it's hoarding a generous number of open spaces and parks. The city offers over 400 acres of conservation land for outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, or just leisurely strolling. Plus, in summer, head to Lake Cochituate for a swim or boat ride. It's the perfect breathing space outside the busy city.

So there you have it! Six captivating reasons why Framingham, MA is an amazing place to move to. The balance between the urban and rustic, the mundane and extraordinary, and the cultural diversity it offers is simply enchanting. Moving here means signing up for a unique lifestyle, steeped in history, fun, and cultural richness. Don't forget your camera, your hiking shoes and of course, your phrases book! Ready for the adventure?

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Pros and Cons of Living in Framingham

Pros of Living in Framingham

Great Education Opportunities

Framingham is well-known for its high-quality education system. Schools such as Framingham State University and MassBay Community College offer excellent higher-education opportunities. The public schools are also highly rated, making the area a good option for families with children.

Rich Cultural History

Framingham is full of historical sites and museums that offer residents the chance to learn about the city's rich cultural history. Sites include The Framingham History Center and the Danforth Art Museum, which offer unique insights into the history and culture of the region.

Diverse Dining Scene

The food scene in Framingham is diverse and offers a variety of dining options, from Portuguese restaurants to Asian eateries. Whether you're vegan, a seafood lover, or have a sweet tooth, there's a restaurant to suit your tastes in Framingham.

Excellent Outdoor Activities

With parks like Cushing Memorial Park and the Garden in the Woods, Framingham offers plenty of outdoor activities, from walking and biking to bird watching. These green spots also provide the perfect setting for picnic outings and peaceful solitude.

Strong Sense of Community

Framingham has a strong sense of community with frequent local events such as farmer's markets, summer concerts, and parades. This makes it easy for new residents to feel part of the community and form lasting friendships.

Cons of Living in Framingham

Traffic and Congestion

As with many populated areas, Framingham often experiences heavy traffic, particularly during rush hour. This can make commuting to work stressful and time-consuming.

High Cost of Living

The cost of living in Framingham is generally higher than the national average. This includes the prices for housing, groceries, and other essentials, which may prove financially challenging for some people.

Weather Extremes

The weather in Framingham can be significantly extreme, with very hot summers and cold, snowy winters. This can affect outdoor activities and cause seasonal inconveniences such as snow removal.

Lack of Nightlife

Although Framingham has some bars and evening entertainment spots, it lacks a thriving nightlife scene. This might not cater to everyone's entertainment preferences, particularly younger people looking for a vibrant night scene.

Crime Rate

While not extremely high, Framingham does have a crime rate that is slightly above the national average. This is something prospective residents may want to consider, particularly if moving with a family.

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Is Framingham a Good Place to Live?

Framingham, MA is a great place to live because it perfectly combines the charm of small-town living with the convenience of a bustling city. Commuting is easy with great train and bus links and there are plenty of green spaces for your weekend adventures. From the buzzing local farmers market to the exciting cultural festivals, life is never a dull moment in Framingham!

What Is Framingham Famous For?

Framingham Heart Study

This ground-breaking cardiovascular study started right here in Framingham in 1948. The Framingham Heart Study has contributed significantly to our understanding of heart disease, its risk factors, and how it progresses over time. It continues to make strides in cardiovascular research to this day.

Shopper's World

Nothing screams Framingham like Shopper's World, one of the first suburban malls introduced in the US. Established in the 1950's yet redesigned in the 1990's, Shopper's World offers a fun shopping experience with a history lesson on American consumer culture thrown in!

American Icon - the Dennison Manufacturing Company

Did you write a note today? Thank pioneer Dennison Manufacturing Company, the original makers of the ubiquitous "loose leaf" paper among other stationery essentials. Founded in Framingham, this company redefined how America communicated in written form!

Garden in the Woods

Last but certainly not least, Framingham is home to the beautiful Garden in the Woods. This place is a magical retreat for nature lovers, showcasing breathtaking landscapes of native plants. Plus, it's a great place for people of all ages to learn about conservation and the environment.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

The property tax rate in Framingham, MA as of 2023 is $16.38 per $1,000 of assessed value, which is slightly above than the state-wide average of $15.04 and higher than the nationwide average of around $15. For homeowners in Framingham, this could lead to higher overall property tax bills than homeowners in other parts of the country.

Sales Tax

As per 2023, Framingham enforces the statewide sales tax rate of 6.25%, without any additional local sales tax. This is equivalent to the US median, however, it is lower compared to cities like Chicago (10.25%) and Los Angeles (9.5%).

Income Tax

The income tax rate in Framingham, consistent with all of Massachusetts, is a flat rate of 5%. This makes it simpler compared to states with graduated income tax, but it's higher than the seven states in the U.S. that don't levy income tax at all.

Housing Market

The housing market in Framingham, MA, shows a median home value of around $435,000 - considerably higher than the national average of $295,300. This makes Framingham a more expensive area to buy, although it reflects the wealthier demographic in the region. For renters, the median rent is about $1,691 per month, which is significantly above the US median rent ($1,062). Homes in Framingham have appreciated by approximately 7% in 2021, indicating a healthy and continually growing market. Potential buyers and renters should be prepared for competitive pricing and expect future monetary gain in this above-average housing market.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Framingham, MA is somewhat higher than the national average, though still affordable when compared to other major cities in Massachusetts. Contributing factors include the cost of housing, healthcare, and groceries. However, the higher cost is counterbalanced by the city's attractive amenities, excellent schools, and flourishing job market. Framingham offers a suburban feel with city-like conveniences, making it a desirable location. While it may be pricier than some areas, it offers a robust quality of life that may prove cost-effective in the long run.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Framingham, Massachusetts is characterized by a humid continental climate, experiencing all four distinct seasons. Summers are generally hot and humid with temperatures often soaring up to 85degF, whereas in the winters, the city witnesses cold, snowy weather with temperatures often dipping below 20degF. Autumn and spring tend to be milder and more comfortable. The average rainfalls are fairly evenly distributed throughout the year. Framingham also experiences a variety of natural disasters, with snowstorms, thunderstorms, and occasional hurricanes being the most common. Blizzards can also occur during the winter months, causing significant disruption. It's worth mentioning that Massachusetts is considered low-risk for earthquakes. Overall, weather in Framingham, MA can offer a variety of experiences depending on the season.

Typical weather in Framingham, MA

Economy & Job Market

Healthcare and Social Assistance

Educational Services

• Retail Trade


Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Framingham, MA, enchants with an economy as diverse as its history is rich. From majestic shoe factories to vibrant retail stores, Framingham has always been a place that fostered industries of all shapes and sizes. Into modern times, the area has adapted and evolved to house everything from healthcare systems and educational institutions to cutting-edge research labs. It has established itself as a regional hub for the health and education sectors, and businesses in these fields dominate the industries. However, its embedded retail past lives on, with retail industry also significantly contributing to the employment in the area. Not to forget, Framingham is also a hotbed for tech-savvies as the professional, scientific & technical service industry thrives in this digitally-forward city.

If Framingham, MA, marks the spot on your map of dreams, then surely, your job hunt might read like an adventure tale. The city currently boasts a relatively high employment rate, surpassing national averages and painting a promising landscape for any job seeker. The health care, education, and retail industries are some of the best sectors for finding work, where job opportunities abound like confetti at a victory parade! Alternatively, those big-brained job seekers in the realm of manufacturing, professional, scientific and technical services can expect to find a myriad of opportunities that match their specialties. So, whether you're planning to teach, research or retail your way to success, Framingham, MA, might just be your story's perfect setting.

Traffic and Transportation

Hey there, globetrotters! Don't let the quaint charm of Framingham, MA fool you. This city works wonders when it comes to getting you from A to B! While Framingham folks on average spend a breezy 30 minutes commuting, they always have the option of hopping on the comfy MetroWest Regional Transit Authority buses for their daily trips. For those craving a bit more hustle and bustle, the MBTA commuter rail whisks them away to Boston faster than you can say 'Clam Chowder'. Got a meeting in the Big Apple or a vacation on the West coast? Boston Logan and Worcester Regional Airports are your gateways to the skies, just a short drive away. Regardless of your destination, Framingham's got your traffic and transportation needs beautifully covered!

What is the traffic like in Framingham, MA?

Best Neighborhoods in Framingham

1. Nobscot

Get ready to be charmed by the windswept hills and quiet streets of Nobscot. This suburban neighborhood is a true gem full of distinct historical backgrounds. Frolicking around the Nobscot scout reservation or unwinding by the placid shores of Nobscot pond is considered an idyllic day for many residents. Not only this, but the area is dotted with small knick-knack stores, farmers markets, and cafes, creating a strong sense of community spirit that's hard to resist. Foodies, take note! Russo's, a local market/store in the area, is a must-visit for its amazingly fresh produce.

2. Saxonville

Saxonville, where community meets history! The cobblestone streets and well-preserved mill buildings bring a touch of New England's past to life. For folks who enjoy leisurely strolls, look no further than the Saxonville Falls and Carol Getchell trails, where Mother Nature outdoes herself. Small shops, local eateries, and delightful antique stores line the streets, providing a unique blend of old and new. At its heart, McAuliffe Branch Library and Athenaeum Hall serve as the community's cultural and educational resources.

3. Framingham Centre

Midway between Boston and Worcester, Framingham Centre offers a blend of urban and suburban lifestyle. The neighborhood impresses with its tree-lined streets, impeccable Victorian and Georgian homes, and the serenity of the Framingham Common. The renowned Framingham State University breathes a youthful and vibrant vibe into the area. In addition, the Danforth Art Museum and Cushing Memorial Park, just a few steps away, offer excellent opportunities for cultural exposure and recreation.

4. Woodville

If there was ever a place where tranquility and charm meet, it's Woodville. Nestled away from Framingham's bustling streets, this quaint neighborhood is rich in New England charm. With Lake Cochituate to the east and Sudbury Reservoir to the west, Woodville offers outdoor enthusiasts a plethora of activities from boating to hiking. The Woodville Rod and Gun Club encourages a friendly community ambiance through various social activities for those seeking to connect and enjoy the great outdoors.

5. Pinefield

Framingham Baseball League games are also hosted here.

In the end, no matter which neighborhood you choose, you'll feel warmly welcomed into the Framingham community. Each with its unique charm and character, these five neighborhoods are just a glimpse of what Framingham has to offer. So, pack up, buckle in, and get ready to start your new life in this beautifully diverse city. After all, home is not a place, it's a feeling, and Framingham does not disappoint!

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Things to Do

Are you moving to Framingham, Massachusetts or planning a trip to this quintessential New England town? Well, you're in luck! From history to culture, outdoor activities to hidden gems, Framingham truly has it all. Slip on your favorite walking shoes, pack a hearty appetite, and come explore these top 7 things to do in this charming city.

1. Explore Garden in the Woods

If you're a nature lover, Garden in the Woods should be at the top of your list. It's a beautiful garden maintained by the New England Wild Flower Society. Wandering through the winding forest trails, you'll encounter rare and beautiful plants, gorgeous water features and stunning sculptures. Visit in the spring to catch the beautiful blooms.

2. Take a Trip into History at the Old Village Hall

Step back into the 1800s by visiting Framingham's Old Village Hall. Now a history museum, it offers a chance to dig deep into Framingham's past. Don't forget to check out the original jail cells in the basement for a unique journey back in time.

3. Enjoy Craft Beer at Jack's Abby Brewing

For beer connoisseurs, Jack's Abby Brewing is a must-visit. This family-owned craft brewery has made a significant name for itself in the craft beer scene. The brewery offers tours, tastings, and a full-service restaurant serving wood-fired pizzas and pretzels -- the perfect accompaniment to their flavorful lagers.

4. Visit the Amazing Things Art Center

If you're an arts enthusiast, consider going to the Amazing Things Art Center. It's a local hub for music, theater, and visual arts. The center is known for performing arts events and its vibrant art gallery. You might even find a painting or sculpture to take home with you!

5. Hike Cushing Park

Enjoy an invigorating hike at Cushing Park, an 80-acre space brimming with natural beauty. This location has an extensive trail system perfect for morning walks or jogging. These hidden paths are an overlooked gem even among locals, offering a tranquil escape from the city's bustle.

6. Check Out the Outrageously Themed Route 9 Diner

For a fun and unique dining experience, head to Route 9 Diner. This local eccentric diner serves classic American comfort food in a funky 50's retro setting. Devour their famous milkshakes or breakfast served all-day while you take in the nostalgia-evoking decor. A hidden gem, this place is under-the-radar for many locals and tourists alike.

7. Tour Framingham State University

Last but not the least, take time out to visit Framingham State University. Steeped in history, the campus is rich with striking architectural beauty. With dynamic performances, sporting events, and more, there's always something happening on campus. Soak up the vibrant spirit and collegiate charm that the university exudes.

So there you have it - a remarkable mix of outdoor activities, history, culture, and gastronomy to enjoy in Framingham. It's not just a place to live -- it's a place to experience, love, and relish. Whether a new resident or a frequent visitor, these highlights will make your time in Framingham all the more memorable!

Things to do in Framingham, MA?

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