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Welcome to the gateway of the South - Louisville, KY! This city is not just famous for its iconic Kentucky Derby but also boasts a rich history, thriving arts scene, delectable Southern cuisine, and a cordial community. Whether you're attracted to its vibrant downtown lifestyle or the serene parklands, moving to Louisville promises an exceptional living experience. In our comprehensive Louisville relocation guide, we'll dive deep into everything you need to know about this charming Southern city. Buckle up for a captivating journey unveiling the finer points of life in Louisville, KY!

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What to Know Before Moving to Louisville

1. A Gateway to the South

Straddling the Midwest and the South, Louisville gives you the best of both worlds, y'all. This bluegrass state gem is not just known for its Southern hospitality, but also for its innovative, cosmopolitan edge. Whether you are a fan of bourbon or horse racing, Louisville is surely a place of varied tastes and interests. It's unapologetically Southern yet refuses to fit into any stereotype.

2. Home to the "Greatest Two Minutes in Sports"

Yes, we are talking about the legendary Kentucky Derby! The first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs is a glitz and glam affair that truly epitomizes the spirit of Louisville. But don't worry if you can't make it to the Race. Derby season is a two-week event filled with hot air balloon races, steamboat races, and tons and tons of pie. Consider buying a new hat, or start working on your millinery skills - they take their hat game very seriously here.

3. High on Spirits: Bourbon Country

If you like the occasional tipple, you're relocating to the right place. Louisville is the bourbon capital of the world and hosts the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Here you can access historic distilleries dating back to as early as 1783. It's not just about the drink, but the history and craft behind it. Pro tip: Remember, it's pronounced "bour-bin," not "bour-bawn."

4. Louisville Loves Local

Louisville is a paradise for shoppers and foodies who love to support local businesses. From the eclectic Bardstown Road to the vibrant NuLu district, the city offers a variety of locally owned stores, boutiques, restaurants, and craft breweries that capture the city's spirit. Not to forget, the city's farmers markets are a big hit amongst residents, providing fresh local produce all year round.

5. The "Unofficial" Fried Chicken Capital

While it's debatable whether it's the fried chicken capital of the world (we're looking at you, Nashville), Louisville certainly takes its fried chicken game up a notch. After all, it's the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The city is also home to some mind-blowing 'hot chicken' places, which serve up spicy, crispy deliciousness.

6. Distinctive Parks System

Here's an unknown gem: Louisville has one of the country's oldest and largest park systems. Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the mastermind behind NYC's Central Park, Louisville's park system offers scenic beauty without leaving the city limits. It's a unique chance to enjoy the four seasons, from the bright hues of fall to the picturesque snow in winter.

There you have it, six essential and somewhat unknown facets of Louisville that make it a diverse, vibrant, and welcoming place to call home. The "Gateway to the South" is more than ready to welcome you with open arms, a warm plate of fried chicken, and a glass of bourbon. What are you waiting for? Start packing!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Louisville

Pros of Living in Louisville

Rich Cultural Heritage

Louisville is steeped in history and traditions with Southern charm fused with Midwestern sensibility. It offers residents a chance to enjoy cultural festivals such as the renowned Kentucky Derby, museums like the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, and vibrant arts scene that includes ballet, opera, and theater.

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Activities

The city of Louisville is blessed with beautiful landscapes, including the picturesque Ohio River as well as various parks like Cherokee Park and Waterfront Park. These spots offer residents ample opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and picnicking.

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to many US cities, Louisville is fairly affordable and offers a lower cost of living. This is reflected in various expenses including housing, groceries, healthcare, and transportation that are generally lower than the national average.

Excellent Food and Beverage Scene

Louisville is known for its thriving food and drink scene. The city is famous for its bourbon and it's also home to a plethora of locally-owned restaurants serving delicious food ranging from traditional Southern comfort food to innovative global cuisines.

A Strong Economy with Job Opportunities

Louisville boasts a strong economy with diverse sectors such as healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and food and beverage. The city offers various job opportunities and is home to several Fortune 500 companies.

Cons of Living in Louisville

Weather Variability

The weather in Louisville can be quite unpredictable with the potential for all four seasons in a single day. It can be very humid in the summer, while winters can be cold with occasional snowfalls.


Unfortunately, Louisville struggles with air and water pollution. The region's industrial activities have contributed to this issue, with occasional alerts for bad air quality days. Efforts are being made to improve this, but it remains a concern.

Traffic and Infrastructure

Like many cities, Louisville has challenges with traffic congestion, especially during rush hours. In addition, there have been concerns about the need for infrastructure improvements, including roads and public transportation.

Aging Population

Louisville has a significant proportion of residents aged 65 and above. While the city offers many programs and services for the elderly, this demographic trend could impact the availability of these resources and the city's labor market in the future.

Education System

Despite having some good schools and universities, the public school system in Louisville has room for improvement. There can be significant disparities in educational outcomes across different areas of the city and among different student groups.

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Is Louisville a Good Place to Live?

Louisville, KY is a great place to live because of its vibrant arts scene, distinguished bourbon heritage, and the world-renowned Kentucky Derby. The city offers a small-town charm with big city amenities including diverse culinary options, beautiful parks, and inclusive community spirit. Plus, the cost of living is quite affordable, making it a splendid place for families and young professionals alike!

What Is Louisville Famous For?

The Kentucky Derby

No mention of Louisville is complete without acknowledging its famous horse race, The Kentucky Derby. Held annually on the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs, this event is often referred to as "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports." From high fashion to Mint Juleps, the Derby offers a unique blend of Southern tradition and spectacle.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Are you a fan of baseball? Then Louisville, home to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, is a must-visit! This iconic baseball bat factory not only manufactures bats for major leaguers but also houses an interesting museum that exhibits the history of bat-making along with some of the world's biggest baseball legends.

Birthplace of Muhammad Ali

Louisville is renowned for being the birthplace of the late and great Muhammad Ali. Ali, often touted as 'The Greatest' boxer of all times, was born and bred in Louisville, and the city celebrates his legacy by hosting the Muhammad Ali Center - an award-winning museum dedicated to the life and values of the famous boxer.

Bourbon Distilleries

Known as the Bourbon City, Louisville embraces its whisky heritage with pride. With its plethora of distilleries that offer tours and tastings, bourbon enthusiasts will find themselves right at home. It's a golden opportunity to learn about the detailed distilling process and sample some of the world's finest spirits.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Louisville, KY as of 2023, the property tax rate is roughly 0.8% of the home's actual value. This rate is slightly lower than the national average property tax rate of around 1.1%.

Sales Tax

The sales tax in Louisville, KY is currently set at 6%, which is applied to most goods and services. Compared to other parts of the US, this is slightly lower as the national average sales tax rate hovers around 7.12%.

Income Tax

The state income tax rate in Kentucky, including Louisville, is a flat rate of 5% as of 2023. This is relatively low compared to the US average, as the majority of states with an income tax impose a higher rate, often ranging from 6% to 13%.

Housing Market

The Louisville, KY housing market displays unique characteristics. In comparison to other US cities, home values are remarkably affordable, with a median home value around $175,500 - significantly lower than the national average of $277,700. However, Louisville's home appreciation rates are on par with national averages, so homeowners can anticipate steady investment growth. Renters also enjoy pocket-friendly rates. The median monthly rent of approximately $1,100 is relatively lower than the national average of around $1,200, making Louisville an attractive haven for renters. With a promising mix of affordability and value appreciation, Louisville's property market offers opportunities for both buyers and renters.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Louisville, KY is currently lower than the U.S average, making it an attractively affordable place to live. Housing costs are significantly lower than many other American cities, with median property prices tracing at roughly half compared to the nation's average. Utilities and transportation are also less expensive, but healthcare costs hover around the national average. Overall, Louisville offers a comfortable lifestyle without the big-city price tag.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Located in the Ohio Valley, Louisville, KY experiences a humid subtropical climate characterized by four distinct seasons. Summer months are hot and humid, with average temperatures soaring into the high 80s (in degrees Fahrenheit), while winters are typically moderate with averages ranging from low 30s to mid 40s. The city enjoys a beautiful spring and fall, with ample sunshine and moderate temperatures. Louisville's weather can undergo rapid changes due to its position in the storm track of the US, accounting for its relatively high precipitation, at an average of 44 inches of rainfall per year. The city is also susceptible to natural disasters such as severe storms, tornadoes, and flooding due to its geographic location. Thus, while this dynamic weather pattern contributes to Louisville's lush landscape, it also necessitates readiness for diverse weather conditions and potential emergencies.

Typical weather in Louisville, KY

Economy & Job Market

* Kentucky's famous Bourbon industry

* Manufacturing, including automotive and chemical production

* Health care

* Food and dining sector, boasting of a vibrant culinary scene

* The Agriculture sector, including horse breeding and farming

From its beginnings as a frontier fort on the banks of the Ohio River, Louisville, KY has grown to become the state's largest city and an economic powerhouse. Louisville's economy has a diverse range of industries with a vibrant mix of both old and newly emerging sectors. Historically, Louisville is known as the heart of Bourbon production, contributing to over 95% of the world's supply. Additionally, horses and Agriculture have played a significant role with Bluegrass State being a global front-runner in thoroughbred horse breeding and farming. On the modern front, Louisville has a thriving scene in manufacturing with prominent companies in automotive, appliance and chemical production sectors. The city is also a hub for health care institutions and is noted for its food and dining sector, which includes everything from world-class restaurants to innovative food tech companies.

Got plans to move to Louisville, KY? Great idea! You'll love the Southern charm mixed with urban amenities. When it comes to job hunting, there are certain things to keep in mind. Despite the occasional fluctuations influenced by the national economy, Louisville's job market has quite a promising trend. Unemployment rates in Louisville tend to be just around (or even below) the national average. The city has a strong job market with growth in numerous industries. As mentioned before, manufacturing and healthcare sectors hold a prominent status in this city. So, these sectors can be great areas to start your job search. But don't write off the bourbons and horses yet--jobs in hospitality, food and beverage industries, and agriculture might just be your perfect match too! So saddle up and get ready for a job hunt in the exciting city of Louisville.

Traffic and Transportation

Howdy, travelers! Welcome to Louisville, KY, a city where the average commute is a mere 24 minutes. You can zip across town faster than you can say, "I love Louisville!" Public transportation? We've got you covered! The Transit Authority of River City (TARC) has routes crisscrossing the entire metro, taking you where you need to go in a jiffy. If you're more of a flyer than a rider, gear up for some high-flying adventures! The Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport offers abundant flights, connecting us to the globe. Guess what? It's not just renowned for its aircraft, but it's also the hub of UPS's worldwide air network. So whether you're a local commuting to work, a visitor exploring our hot spots or a globetrotter flying in, traffic and transportation in Louisville won't disappoint you. How about a high five, Louisville style?

What is the traffic like in Louisville, KY?

Best Neighborhoods in Louisville


1. The Highlands

Known as the city\'s cultural epicenter, The Highlands is a vibrant and artsy neighborhood, offering a lively nightlife and a plethora of eateries and boutiques. From hip coffee shops to international restaurants, there\'s a taste for every palate. The Highlands is also home to several art galleries and theaters. For outdoor enthusiasts, Cherokee Park is a community favorite, offering hiking, biking and beautiful views. The neighborhood truly lives up to its motto: "Where the Locals Go".

2. Crescent Hill

Crescent Hill is a charming and historic neighborhood, oozing with early 20th-century charm thanks to its well-preserved architectural styles. Friendly and walkable, it boasts a thriving shopping scene with unique stores filled with antiques, books, and local art. There\'s a small-town feel in Crescent Hill, but with the amenities of a city - trendy restaurants, supermarkets, and a popular monthly flea market. Plus, it\'s home to the Peterson-Dumesnil House, a historic landmark that regularly hosts community events.

3. St. Matthews

If you\'re into shopping and entertainment, then St. Matthews might be just right for you! Known as one of Louisville\'s major shopping districts, it hosts several malls carrying everything from high-end fashion to independent local brands. St. Matthews also offers a variety of dining experiences, from trendy sushi spots to classic American grills. And don\'t forget the vibrant nightlife - pubs, live music venues and neighborhood bars await. Plus, it\'s just a stone\'s throw away from downtown.

4. Germantown

Originally a haven for German immigrants, Germantown has blossomed into a hip and trendy neighborhood without losing its roots. You\'ll find a mix of trendy farm-to-table restaurants, traditional German eateries, and charming cafes nestled among the shotgun homes. The community is tight-knit and hosts several festivals throughout the year celebrating its German heritage. A popular spot for young professionals, Germantown is a great pick if you\'re looking for both tradition and trendiness.

5. Old Louisville

Step back in time with Old Louisville, a neighborhood that boasts the largest collection of Victorian-era homes in the United States. Its beautiful tree-lined streets, stunning architecture, and central fountain square make it the perfect place for history buffs. The area hosts the annual St. James Court Art Show and the Old Louisville SpringFest, two major highlights in the city\'s cultural calendar. With its ease of access to downtown and the University of Louisville, Old Louisville provides the perfect blend of old-world charm and modern convenience.

In conclusion, whether you\'re a culture vulture, a shopaholic, a foodie, a history buff, or someone who loves a good mix of old and new, you\'re bound to find a Louisville neighborhood that feels just like home. With their unique offerings and vibes, The Highlands, Crescent Hill, St. Matthews, Germantown, and Old Louisville continue to captivate locals and newcomers alike. So pack your bags and get ready to explore the city\'s best!

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Things to Do

Welcome to Louisville, KY, home to a diverse culture, historical landmarks, mouth-watering southern cuisine, and several underrated gems. Every corner of this captivating city boasts something interesting to explore. If you're new to the city, we've got you covered with a rundown of the top seven things you should definitely have on your list.

1. Take A Stroll Across The Big Four Bridge

Start your adventures in Louisville with a scenic stroll across the Big Four Bridge. Connecting Louisville and Jeffersonville, Indiana, the pedestrian bridge offers remarkable views of the Ohio River. After crossing the bridge, you can visit the Jeffersonville RiverStage, a floating stage that hosts several concerts and events throughout the year.

2. Explore The Kentucky Derby Museum

You can't miss the opportunity to visit the Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs. Discover the history and tradition of the world-renowned Kentucky Derby through interactive exhibits or take a historic walking tour of Churchill Downs.

3. Delve Deeper Into Louisville Mega Cavern

Popular yet somewhat unknown, the Louisville Mega Cavern is a unique underground adventure. Once a limestone mine, the cavern is now a tourist site offering adrenaline-pumping activities like zip-lining, a ropes course, and an underground bike park.

4. Dine at the Mayan Cafe

Every move to a new city warrants the exploration of the local cuisine. The Mayan Cafe, a local favorite, serves up farm-to-table Mayan dishes that will have your taste buds dancing with delight. The menu changes seasonally, so there will always be something exciting to try.

5. Experience the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Baseball fans, this one's for you! The Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is a must-visit destination. Take a guided factory tour to see how the famous Slugger baseball bats are made, and don't miss your chance for a souvenir mini bat.

6. Visit the Little Loomhouse

Now for a hidden gem! The Little Loomhouse, tucked away in southern Louisville, is a trio of historic cabins dedicated to textile arts. Here, you can discover the artistry that transformed weaving from a household necessity into an art form. This peaceful oasis also offers weaving and spinning workshops.

7. Sip Bourbon on the Urban Bourbon Trail

No Louisville experience would be complete without exploring the Urban Bourbon Trail. Visit some of Louisville's best bars, restaurants, and distilleries, sampling delicious bourbon along the way. Make sure to get your Urban Bourbon Trail passport stamped at each location to earn a commemorative gift!

With diverse offerings ranging from art, sports, cuisine, music, and even a surprise or two, Louisville, KY has a rich tapestry of experiences to explore. Whether you're searching for a thrilling adventure underground or looking to appreciate the fineries of bourbon, Louisville is ready with open arms and a vast array of attractions. Welcome home!

Things to do in Louisville, KY?

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