Moving to Lexington

Get ready to saddle up and gallop into one of America's most charming cities, Lexington, KY. Known as the 'Horse Capital of the World', Lexington is a vibrant city where southern hospitality meets a fast-growing economy. From the picturesque rolling bluegrass landscapes, the deep-rooted horse culture, to the invigorating bourbon experiences, moving to Lexington is like embarking on an unforgettable adventure. Our comprehensive relocation guide is set to illuminate your path into the heart of this unique city, making your move as smooth as a sip of Kentucky bourbon.

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What to Know Before Moving to Lexington

1. Welcoming the Horse Capital of the World

If you're looking to trot into the Horse Capital of the World, you definitely should know this about Lexington, KY: Horses. Are. Everywhere. Literal horses, horse statues, horse murals! By moving to Lexington, you'll have more than 450 horse farms to visit, making it the perfect place to live for equestrian enthusiasts. So saddle up for an equine adventure!

2. Lush, Green Scenery for Miles

Think expansive, rolling green hills as far as the eye can see, adorned with the breathtaking beauty of old stone fences and horse farms. Lexington is in the heart of the Bluegrass region, and its lushness will be a refreshing sight every morning. The city's many parks, like the beautiful Arboretum, offer lots of opportunities for outdoor activities all year round.

3. A Homey College Town Vibe

Get swept up in the school spirit! Lexington is home to the University of Kentucky, and Lexingtonians are passionate about their Wildcats. This creates a cool college town atmosphere, replete with a lively sports culture, vibrant nightlife, and academic curiosity. Whether attending tailgate parties, sporting events, or cultural activities, there's something for everyone in this photogenic college town.

4. Lexington Is in Bourbon Country

It's not all about horses in Lexington. The city is also known for its bourbon, offering many distilleries that host tastings and tours. It's said that bourbon tastes better in Kentucky because of the limestone water, and you won't find a lack of places to test this theory in Lexington. Bourbon lovers, this city is your spirits sanctuary!

5. Traffic Secrets of a Local

Now for the unique and lesser-known tips: traffic in Lexington operates on hub-and-spoke system. Picture spokes of a wheel coming out from the downtown area. But there isn't a beltway circling the city, which means in most cases, to get to another spoke, you need to go downtown first. Newcomers might find it odd, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be navigating like a true Lexingtonian.

6. Name Game: Streets Vs. Roads

Lastly, your GPS might get a little confused in Lexington. That's because in this city, "streets" run from north to south, while "roads" run from east to west! Sounds a little perplexing, right? But don't worry--once you understand this quirky system, it actually makes navigating this charming city a breeze.

Moving to Lexington, KY offers more than traditions and the enchanting charm of the south. It is a place with a surprisingly metropolitan vibe, bursting with big city amenities, booming with a youthful college town spirit, and brimming with southern hospitality. Add to that the green allure of the Bluegrass State and the delightful quirks that make Lexington unique, and you've got yourself a fantastic place to call home. Embrace the captivating culture, the stunning landscapes, and that distinctive bourbon flavor--you are in Lexington now!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Lexington

Pros of Living in Lexington

High Quality of Life

Lexington, KY, is often recognized for its high quality of life. The city boasts a blend of big-city perks and small-town charm, making it an ideal home for various lifestyles. Despite its relatively small size, Lexington is rich in culture, food, sports, and entertainment options, providing residents with a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

Education Opportunities

Lexington is home to some top-notch educational institutions like the University of Kentucky. This offers people of all ages, especially young adults and their families, a wealth of academic and cultural resources. The presence of the university also brings many sporting events and cultural activities to the city.

Outdoor Recreation

Lexington is known for its beautiful landscapes, horse farms, and parks, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts via its hiking, biking, and horseback riding venues. The nearby Daniel Boone National Forest and the Kentucky River offer additional recreational opportunities with picturesque scenery.

Affordable Cost of Living

Despite being a bustling city, Lexington has a relatively affordable cost of living that typically falls below the national average. From housing and groceries to healthcare and transportation, expenses tend to be manageable, making the city an attractive option for families, retirees, and young professionals alike.

Horse Capital of the World

As the "Horse Capital of the World", Lexington offers a unique culture centered around equestrian events, horse farms, and racecourses. The horse culture is deeply ingrained in the city's history and lifestyle, attracting horse lovers from around the globe and contributing to a rich cultural landscape.

Cons of Living in Lexington

Limited Employment Opportunities

While Lexington boasts a stable economy, there is a limited variety of job opportunities outside of the education, healthcare, and horse industries. Those seeking to work in more specialized fields or industries may find options somewhat restricted compared to larger, more diverse cities.

Traffic and Infrastructure

Despite its smaller size, Lexington can have prominent traffic during peak hours. Also, as the city continues to grow, some residents have raised concerns about the aging infrastructure and its ability to support the expanding population, potentially leading to overcrowding and increased traffic woes.

Weather Variability

The weather in Lexington can be unpredictable with notable seasonal extremes. While this offers a variety of climates for residents to experience, it can also lead to challenges like navigational difficulties during winter storms or uncomfortably hot and humid summers.

Limited Public Transportation

Public transportation in Lexington is present but not as robust or extensive as other cities. Those relying on public transit to commute or navigate the city may find it inconvenient or limiting, especially those without personal vehicles.

Proximity to Major Cities

While surrounded by beautiful landscapes, Lexington's distance from other major cities could be a potential drawback. Those who enjoy regular trips to large metropolitan areas may find the travel times lengthy. As such, it may not be the best fit for those looking for bustling city life just around the corner.

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Is Lexington a Good Place to Live?

Lexington, KY is a great place to live because it offers a unique blend of Southern charm, lively arts scene, and stellar education system. Not to mention, the city is renowned for its horse farms, bourbon distilleries and college sports, providing a medley of fun activities. Plus, residents get to enjoy four distinct seasons, bountiful green spaces, and a low cost of living - how wonderful is that?

What Is Lexington Famous For?

The Horse Capital of the World

Have you heard of a place fondly called "The Horse Capital of the World"? Well, that's Lexington for you! Home to around 450 horse farms, Lexington is internationally recognized for its long history in thoroughbred breeding and racing, encompassing icons like Keeneland Racecourse and the Kentucky Horse Park.

The Birthplace of Bourbon

Or as we like to call it, 'liquid gold'. Lexington, situated in the heartland of Kentucky, boasts some of the most revered distilleries in the world. Offering the Bourbon Trail, it invites aficionados of this smooth spirit to experience the culture, heritage and, of course, the taste of America's native spirit firsthand.

University of Kentucky

Go, Wildcats! Lexington is the proud home to the University of Kentucky, one of the country's top public universities known for its rigorous academic programs as well as its vibrant athletics scene. Whether it's the pursuit of knowledge or the thrill of a basketball game that excites you, UK has both in abundance.

The Bluegrass Music's Roots

Music lovers, gather round. Lexington holds a rich place in the narrative of Bluegrass music, a genre intrinsically tied to the state of Kentucky itself. With numerous music festivals like the Festival of the Bluegrass, and music halls celebrating this foot-stomping genre, it's an absolute paradise for anyone with an ear for a banjo and a fiddle.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

The property tax rate in Lexington, KY as of 2023 is approximately 1.15% of assessed home value, which is notably higher than the national average of 1.07%. However, Kentucky's homestead exemption can significantly reduce the taxable value for qualifying homeowners.

Sales Tax

Residents of Lexington, KY experience a flat state sales tax rate of 6% as of 2023, with no additional local sales tax. This rate falls below the median sales tax rate in the US, which sits around 7.12% including state, county, and city taxes.

Income Tax

As of 2023, Kentucky operates on a flat income tax rate of 5%, which applies to Lexington residents. The flat rate system, where all income levels are taxed at the same percentage, results in a simpler tax system than many other states but can draw criticism for a perceived lack of progressivity.

Housing Market

The Lexington, KY housing market is currently somewhat competitive. As a mid-sized city with a high quality of life, housing prices here are relatively affordable compared to national averages. Median home prices in Lexington sit around $215,000, while typical US home values are approximately $287,148. However, expect a 0.7% decrease in housing prices within the next year. For renters, the average monthly rent is $902, significantly lower than the US median rent of $1,470. Lexington's close-knit community, thriving economy, and charming culture make it a worthwhile investment for homeowners and renters alike.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Lexington, KY is considerably lower than the national average and less expensive than many other cities. Housing costs, a significant factor in overall living costs, are notably reasonable. Compared to urban centers like New York or San Francisco, Lexington's affordability is striking. Even so, prices for goods and services remain competitive. This balance makes Lexington an attractively affordable choice for those seeking a lower cost of living without sacrificing quality or access to amenities.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Lexington, KY is situated in a humid subtropical climate zone, characterized by hot, humid summers and moderately cold winters. The average annual temperature is around 55degF, with July being the hottest month. Rainfall is fairly well distributed throughout the year, with the wettest month typically being May. Lexington is also subject to different types of weather extremes and natural disasters. While tornadoes are not common, they can occasionally strike, causing substantial damage. The city also experiences occasional bouts of severe storms, floods, and icy winter weather. However, Lexington's situation away from large bodies of water and its relatively mild climate compared to many parts of the country tend to keep its weather more stable year-round without extreme temperature swings.

Typical weather in Lexington, KY

Economy & Job Market

* Healthcare and Social Assistance

* Manufacturing

* Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

* Retail Trade

* Educational Services

Lexington, KY, often called the "Horse Capital of the World", has a diverse and robust economy. Known for its rich history in the horse racing and breeding industry, Lexington has transformed into a vibrant city with various economic sectors. The healthcare and social assistance industry is now Lexington's pride, employing a substantial part of the workforce. Shout-out to our hard-working nurses, doctors, and caregivers! But wait, there's more! Manufacturing, professional, scientific and technical services, retail trade, and educational services prove to be significant players as well. Add to that, it still holds a renowned reputation for its long-running thoroughbred horse industry and bourbon distilleries, which contribute to its diverse economy.

If you're thinking of packing your bags and setting off to Lexington, the city of bluegrass fields and warm smiles, job hunting should be a breeze! The city boasts low unemployment rates compared to the national average. So, you're stepping into a promising job market, buckaroo! Now, where to look for jobs? Well, the healthcare and social assistance sector is always on the lookout for more heroes. The manufacturing industry, too, is a burgeoning field, offering opportunities to our innovative and industrious buddies. You might want to consider the retail trade and education sectors as well. Who knows, you might find your dream job here. So say it with me, Lexington, here I come!

Traffic and Transportation

Traveling in, around, and out from "The Horse Capital of the World," Lexington, KY promises just as much fun as its nickname! Fancy a horse-drawn carriage perhaps? Kidding aside, you'll enjoy smooth rides as median commute times here are approximated at 21 minutes. Stay on track with the public transportation option, LexTran, which offers a robust route system around the city for an affordable buck per day. Park your horse ('74 Mustang counts too!) and join the city's bike-sharing program, making 'going green' truly fun and easy. If you're more of a high flyer, Lexington's Blue Grass Airport services major airlines for further forays. Despite occasional horse-crossing delays (we wish!), Lexington ensures you're always galloping along to your next destination!

What is the traffic like in Lexington, KY?

Best Neighborhoods in Lexington

1. Chevy Chase

First on our list is Chevy Chase, home to young professionals, families, and retirees alike. This is one charming, lively neighborhood offering an eclectic mix of restaurants, indie boutiques, coffee shops, and cocktail bars. Meanwhile, large shaded avenues brimming with bungalows and Cape Cod-style homes provide a quaint residential area that screams "community." If you love an active neighborhood with bountiful greenery and a quick walk to all your favorite weekend spots, Chevy Chase is for you.

2. Beaumont

When you're thinking "suburban living with city conveniences," you're thinking Beaumont! Perfectly manicured neighborhoods boasting modern, sprawling estates combine with extensive greenspaces and bicycle paths to make Beaumont a popular choice for families. A large shopping center loaded with major retailers and delicious eateries sit just at the edge of the neighborhood, meeting all your shopping and dining needs. Plus, convenience to the airport makes Beaumont a convenient hub for the frequent traveler.

3. Southland

Calling all vintage enthusiasts and history buffs - brace yourselves for the timeless charm of Southland. Characterized by its quintessential charm and history-defining mid-century houses, Southland boasts of a strong sense of community spirit, and a weekly farmer's market that is not to be missed. Rich with unique boutiques and vintage shops, Southland is the place to find that one-of-a-kind lamp or mid-century bar cart you've been hunting for.

4. Downtown Lexington

Welcome to the heart of it all. Downtown Lexington is ideal for those drawn to the hustle and bustle of city life. With an array of fine dining restaurants, countless art galleries, and entertainment venues, this district is perfect for those craving culture coupled with urban convenience. Living downtown means you're only a quick stroll away from a palate-pleasing restaurant or a night at the opera - no reservation or ticket necessary!

5. Ashland Park

If you're looking for a neighborhood filled with historical charm, look no further than Ashland Park. This jewel of Lexington offers tree-lined streets flanked with stately mansions, charming bungalows, and single-family homes from the early 20th century. Known for its annual 4th of July parade, Ashland Park embodies a warm, close-knit community spirit that's hard to find elsewhere. Plus, the park's namesake, Ashland: The Henry Clay Estate, lends an unmistakable air of historic grandeur.

In conclusion, Lexington is a city filled with charm and character, from the chic urban life of Downtown to the vintage vibes of Southland and the peaceful suburbia of Beaumont. Each neighborhood offers its unique flavor, making Lexington a versatile, vibrant place to call home. No matter what you're looking for, Lexington has a neighborhood that will suit your lifestyle, adding a dash of bourbon-soaked Kentucky flair along the way. Now, isn't that worth packing up and moving for?

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Things to Do


Welcome to Lexington, the heart of the Bluegrass State! Whether you're moving here for work, school, or just for a change of scene, you'll find Lexington to be a charming city filled with exciting activities, vibrant culture, and mouth-watering cuisine. Here are seven must-see, must-do things that will help you get the most out of this unique city.

1. Experience the Thoroughbred Heritage at Keeneland Racecourse

Do you love horses? Or simply enjoy a great sporting event? As the Horse Capital of the World, Lexington offers the majestic Keeneland Racecourse. Dating back to 1936, this iconic site hosts world-class thoroughbred races every April and October. Even if horse racing isn't your thing, the scenic property is worth visiting just for a leisurely walk or a picnic.

2. Explore the Bourbon Trail

Bourbon is synonymous with Kentucky. Embark on a journey through the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and enjoy the exquisite craftsmanship and passion that goes into every bottle of bourbon. You'll have the chance to tour renowned distilleries, sample the finest spirit, and learn about the rich history of bourbon production in Kentucky.

3. Stroll Around the University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky, also known as UK, is not just a place for students. The sprawling campus is a gem of Lexington, boasting beautiful green spaces, cutting-edge sports facilities, and intriguing art exhibitions. Don't forget to catch a Wildcats basketball game at the Rupp Arena!

4. Discover Art at The Lexington Art League

With a mission to challenge, educate, and engage the community through visual arts, The Lexington Art League is a must-visit. It provides an excellent mix of contemporary and traditional art exhibitions. Got a creative streak yourself? Join one of their wonderful art classes.

5. Taste Lexington's Cuisine at a 'Secret' Spot: Corto Lima

Shhh... Here's a local secret: Corto Lima! This small Latin-inspired eatery is a gem on the Lexington culinary scene. From its minimalistic deco to its fusion cuisine [think Yucatecan Duck Mole and Mushroom Ceviche], it's an eclectic food adventure that should not be missed!

6. Bike Around Legacy Trail

Legacy Trail is a favorite amongst Lexington locals. This 12-mile-long route provides countless hours of family-friendly biking, jogging, or meandering, and it offers stunning rural landscapes and urban artwork. It's an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors while exploring the hidden corners of the city.

7. Visit a Hidden Oasis at McConnell Springs

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is McConnell Springs - a hidden natural oasis right in the heart of an industrial area. This 26-acre park is packed with natural beauty, including two springs, a sinkhole, beautiful walking trails, and a history lesson on Lexington itself.

And there you have it. Seven prime ways to experience Lexington, KY! Whether you dive into our rich horse racing heritage, savor our bourbon traditions, engage with the energetic university culture, geek over the art scene, enjoy culinary delights, appreciate nature through Legacy Trail, or find tranquility at McConnell Springs, you're in for a treat. Welcome to Lexington; we're thrilled to call you a neighbor!

' Things to do in Lexington, KY?

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