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Are you considering a locale change that brings a vibrant mix of culture, history, and wonderful neighbors to your doorstep? Let's unravel the oft-overlooked gem, Cicero, IL. Nestled adjacent to the Windy City, Cicero offers small-town charm with big-city ease. From rich architectural heritage to mouth-watering culinary delights, this town will keep you intrigued. Our comprehensive Cicero relocation guide is your trusty roadmap to making a smooth transition to this enthralling town.

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What to Know Before Moving to Cicero

1. You May Find Yourself Saying "Cicero" More Often Than You Think

This quirky little town has an equally unique name that pays homage to the famous Roman politician and philosopher, Marcus Tullius Cicero. Though the ancient sage probably never expected to share his name with an Illinois suburb, Cicero's residents wear it with pride. And don't worry about pronunciation - it rolls off the tongue after you've said it two or three times!

2. The Land of Perpetual Festivals

Cicero has a festive spirit that never seems to die down. Every year sees a series of fantastic events ranging from ethnic festivities, cultural parades, traditional Midwestern cookouts, Christmas parades, and more. The town is most renowned for its elaborate Mexican Independence Day Parade every September, which draws visitors from all across the state.

3. Gourmet Food with a Latin Flair

Cicero's comprehensive collection of restaurants showcases its diverse food scene. With a strong Hispanic influence, you're sure to see a lot of Latin flavors on the menu. That said, whether you love tongue-tingling spicy foods or prefer your meals on the milder side, there is something for every taste bud. Don't forget to try the local staple, the Chicago-style deep dish pizza!

4. Say 'Hello' to Some Great Neighbors!

Cicero is a close-knit community with friendly residents who take pride in their hometown. The town respects its immigrant heritage, and this diversity helps create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. The year-round festivities are also a testament to the community's strong bond, fostering neighborly love and camaraderie.

5. The Ghost of Al Capone Might Just Be Your Neighbor

One interesting tidbit about Cicero is that it was once the playground for infamous gangster Al Capone. The city served as Capone's base in the 1920s, and while the man himself has long been gone, the colorful history of the prohibition era remains a part of the town's past. So don't be surprised if you encounter a couple of ghost stories around town!

6. Green Thumbs, Welcome!

Cicero may be a suburban town, but it certainly doesn't lag behind when it comes to green spaces. The town boasts numerous parks, each with its own distinct charm, landscaped gardens, playgrounds, picnic areas, and trees for shade. The Community Park, with its dynamic amalgamation of sporting facilities and open outdoor spaces, is a favorite among residents.

So there you have it, six fun and captivating reasons to plan a move to Cicero, Illinois. These points barely scratch the surface of what the town has to offer, but hopefully, they pique your curiosity enough to make yourself a 'Ciceroan'! Remember, moving to a new place is always an adventure, especially when the destination is as vibrant and unique as Cicero.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Cicero

Pros of Living in Cicero

Access to Vibrant Cultural Scene

Cicero is known for its cultural diversity, providing residents easy access to diverse cuisines, arts, and cultural events. This may provide a rich and vibrant lifestyle for those living in Cicero, offering plenty to explore and enjoy.

Close Proximity to Chicago

Cicero is located near the heart of Chicago, which is an economic powerhouse. The proximity to this city provides numerous job opportunities in various sectors, and also makes it easy to commute for work, entertainment or other amenities offered by Chicago.

Community Engagement

The sense of community is strong in Cicero that fosters camaraderie among its residents. Numerous festivals, events, and public activities take place all year round boosting community spirit.

Improved Public Safety

Cicero has been putting in efforts to improve public safety. From community policing to regular neighbourhood watches, measures are in place to ensure a safe living environment for its residents.

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to Chicago and some of the more momentous cities in Illinois, Cicero boasts an affordable cost of living. This includes affordable housing options, making it a great place for individuals and families alike to reside without breaking the bank.

Cons of Living in Cicero

Crime Rates

Despite improvement efforts, Cicero's crime rate remains higher than the national average. This is something potential residents need to consider when thinking about settling down in Cicero.

School System

Some believe that the educational system in Cicero leaves room for improvement. Potential residents with children may want to carefully research the local schools before deciding to move here.


While some take pride in Cicero's diversity, others may find it overwhelming. As such, it's important for individuals to fully research and understand the local culture before deciding to make the move.

Limited Green Space

Cicero is an urban community, as such it lacks extensive green space. Residents who enjoy outdoor activities may feel limited in terms of parks, hiking trails, and other recreational areas.

Noisy at Times

Cicero's close proximity to Chicago and its busy streets may also mean increased noise levels. This might not be desirable for those who prefer serene, peaceful environments.

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Is Cicero a Good Place to Live?

Cicero, IL is a great place to live because of its rich history, thriving local economy, and close proximity to downtown Chicago. It offers residents wonderful recreational parks, high-rated schools and a sense of tight-knit community life. With its diverse food scene and various festivals throughout the year, there's never a dull moment in Cicero, IL!

What Is Cicero Famous For?

Al Capone's Former Stomping Ground

Let's start with a bang! Cicero, IL was once the operations center for none other than famed gangster Al Capone. This notorious figure moved his headquarters to Cicero following the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, giving the city a pinch of illicit historical flavor.

Hawthorne Works Historic Site

Cicero harbors a rich industrial history, as showcased by the Hawthorne Works. Once a large factory complex for Western Electric, it was here that a series of influential worker productivity studies known as the Hawthorne Experiments were conducted.

Chodl Auditorium

This landmark venue with distinct architectural design is a popular spot for concerts and events. Named after Morton East High School's first principal, William B. Chodl, this auditorium adds to Cicero's cultural charm and stands as a testament to the city's importance on education. You can check the Chodl Auditorium's upcoming events here.

Birthplace of the Twinkie

You heard it right - Cicero is the sweet birthplace of the classic American snack, the Twinkie! The beloved cream-filled cake has its roots traced back to a Continental Baking Company factory in this city. Indulging in a Twinkie might just count as sampling local cuisine here!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate for residents of Cicero, IL is approximately 2.13%. This rate is significantly higher when compared to the national average of 1.07%.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Cicero, IL in 2023 is 9.75%, inclusive of the state, county, and city rates. This is among the highest in the country, as the national average stands at about 7.12%.

Income Tax

In 2023, the income tax rate for Cicero, IL is a flat rate of 4.95% for all taxpayers, regardless of income level. This is in contrast with many other parts of the U.S., which implement progressive tax systems where tax rates increase with income levels.

Housing Market

In Cicero, IL, the housing market presents unique opportunities for buyers and renters alike. The median home value is $149,300, significantly lower than the national average. This affordable pricing makes it an appealing destination for buyers seeking a cheaper alternative to the expensive Chicago downtown property market. For renters, the average rent is around $1,000 per month which is also below the national average. However, potential residents should take note of the area's high property tax, which stands at an average rate of 2.13%, higher than the national average of 1.08%.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Cicero, IL is relatively lower compared to other cities in the US. Housing, being the major contributor, tends to be more affordable here. However, it's worth noting that healthcare and groceries are slightly above the national average. Overall, this town offers a balance for those seeking a quieter life close to major urban amenities in a financially-accessible setting.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Cicero, IL, experiences a typical midwestern climate distinguished by four distinct seasons. Winters can be quite freezing, with temperatures often dropping below zero and recurrent snowfall. Summers are pleasantly warm, with temperatures typically rising to the mid-80s. Spring and fall provide transitional weather, sometimes unpredictable but generally moderate. As with much of Illinois, Cicero is prone to a variety of natural disasters. Perhaps the most significant risk is tied to tornadoes, given Illinois's position in Tornado Alley. Severe thunderstorms and flash floods also present occasional challenges, particularly during the tumultuous spring and summer months. Furthermore, Cicero faces potential risk linked to seismic activity from the New Madrid Seismic Zone, although significant earthquakes are relatively infrequent. Despite these risks, Cicero is armed with robust emergency management systems ensuring the community's resilience.

Typical weather in Cicero, IL

Economy & Job Market

* Healthcare and Social Assistance

* Education

* Manufacturing

* Retail trade

* Construction

Ask anyone who knows a thing or two about Cicero, IL and they'll probably say "a place with a rich industrial history," and they're not wrong! Leading the economic charge historically, Cicero found itself steeped in the goodies of landing strips and chewing gum factories, painting it with a dashing coat of industrial charm. Fast forward to modern times, Cicero has diversified its economic color palette considerably. Now, you see a vibrant mix of healthcare, social assistance, education, manufacturing, and retail trade, giving the place a bit of an economic facelift.

So you're thinking about making the big move to Cicero? Great! You'll find that Cicero has a better employment rate than the US average, setting you off on a good foot at finding your next job. Healthcare and social assistance offer the most opportunities, and are welcoming new talent with open arms. Looking for something else? There's a smorgasbord of other industries such as education, manufacturing, and retail trade, all lined up to make your job hunt a little more interesting. And for those of you labor-loving, tough-as-nails kind of folks, construction is still alive and well, and is always in demand for skilled workers. So come and get your slice of the employment pie in this historical yet forward-looking town.

Traffic and Transportation

Feelin' the need for speed in Cicero, IL? Buckle up, we've got the scoop on your daily commute! The typical road warrior in Cicero navigates the urban roadscape for about 30 minutes each way. But hey, who needs car karaoke when you've got public transport? Cicero is 'on track' with easy access to both Metra trains and Pace buses. Wild about the 'L'? We're just a hop, skip, and a jump from Chicago's famous elevated subway. If you're more about wings than wheels, O'Hare International (located in nearby Chicago) keeps global jet-setters grounded. But don't worry, domestic divas, we're also within touching down distance of Midway Airport. Welcome aboard Cicero! Our fun commute puts the 'transit' in 'transitory'!

What is the traffic like in Cicero, IL?

Best Neighborhoods in Cicero

1. Cicero Community Park

Starting off our tour de Cicero is the inviting Cicero Community Park neighborhood. With its famed eponymous park at its heart, this lively district is perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Families will appreciate the sports fields and playground in the park, while the more leisurely among us will adore strolling around the beautiful gardens that come to life during spring. Restaurants, coffee shops, and retail stores flank the park, providing a nice balance of nature and urbanity. The people here are welcoming and friendly, which will make you feel at home instantly.

2. Boulevard District

Next up, we visit the historic Boulevard District. This neighborhood truly has a unique vibe with its beautiful tree-lined streets and grand old houses. History buffs will revel in visiting the Hawthorne Works Museum and other local historical landmarks. And for your daily entertainment? You might find yourself at the Cicero Public Library, a three-story wonder stocked with books, CDs, DVDs, and even study rooms. Add in a mix of eclectic restaurants that cater to every palate, and you have a neighborhood that has something for everyone.

3. Grant Works

Delve into the heart of Cicero's industrial side in the Grant Works neighborhood. Once the home to Western Electric's mammoth manufacturing complex, this neighborhood is now a melting pot of residential and commercial spaces. If you are a fan of art, you'd love strolling around the artist lofts and studios that offer a dash of culture. The local diners and delis are the perfect places to grab a quick bite, and the residents here are known for their hardworking and friendly demeanor.

4. Dvorak Park

The fourth stop is the family-friendly Dvorak Park neighborhood. With the beautiful Dvorak Park being the neighborhood's key feature, this area is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The park includes a swimming pool, a playground, and sports facilities. These activities foster a strong community spirit, with barbecues and outdoor events being common, especially during summer. The area also boasts of some excellent schools and a kid-friendly atmosphere.

5. Morton College Neighborhood

Rounding off our list is the youthful and vibrant Morton College Neighborhood. Anchored by Morton College, Cicero's only community college, this neighborhood is characterized by its youthful energy and educational focus. It's not all study though. With energetic college crowds comes a trendy restaurant and bar scene. Plus, the neighborhood's proximity to other parts of Cicero means you won't have to travel far to explore. If you're looking for a dynamic neighborhood that never sleeps, this one's for you.

Concluding our tour, we are sure you've seen why Cicero can be your next big move. Each neighborhood we've visited has its unique vibes, and all of them are welcoming places for newcomers. Whether it's the tranquil park life, the cultural depth, the historic charm, or the youthful energy you are searching for, Cicero, IL has got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Discover your favorite neighborhood today!

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Things to Do


Revel in the charm of Cicero, Illinois! Located just a quick drive to the west of bustling Chicago, the town of Cicero is famous for its fascinating historical sights, recreational hotspots, and festive nightspots. Filled with hidden gems, this vibrant community offers much more than meets the eye! Here, we've compiled a list of the top seven things to do when you find yourself settling into this splendid city.

1. Visit the Hawthorne Works Museum

This quaint museum is a must-visit destination for history lovers. The museum chronicles the rich industrial history of Cicero, showcasing an impressive collection of exhibits on Western Electric's Hawthorne Works--a manufacturing plant that was operational from 1905 to 1983.

2. Try out the Famous Cicero Stuffed Pizza

Bite into the good life at Freddy's Pizzeria, Cicero's heavenly realm for pizza lovers. Its deep-dish delight, the famous Cicero stuffed pizza, will amaze you with its richness. Pair your pizza with a scoop (or two) of their scrumptious homemade Italian ice!

3. Discover the Town's Mob History at the Capone Trail

Join the community in embracing the infamous past of Cicero. The town was once home to notorious mobster Al Capone, whose presence still echoes through the streets. Take a walking tour following the Capone trail and get a glimpse into the not-so-pretty past that shaped Cicero.

4. Indulge in Cicero Community Park

Revel in the serene oasis that is Cicero Community Park. Go for a jog, take a leisurely stroll, participate in a game of baseball, or simply sit by the pond and enjoy the natural beauty all around. Also, keep an eye out for free yoga classes and open-air movie nights during summer!

5. Explore the Mystery at the Chodl Auditorium

Step into the lesser-known Chodl Auditorium-- a hidden historic gem which used to be the venue for high-profile band concerts in the '60s. Offbeat and intriguing, this place holds many stories stitched into its old yet majestic walls.

6. Enjoy a Night out at the Sportsman's Park

Saddle up for a thrilling night at the Sportsman's Park, where horse racing comes alive in all its glory. Whether you're an experienced bettor or a curious first-timer, this place offers something for everyone. After the race, visit their bar for a refreshing drink and indulge in the vibrant nightlife of Cicero.

7. Pamper Your Taste Buds at the Carnitas Don Alfredo

Last, but definitely not least, pay a visit to Carnitas Don Alfredo. This bustling eatery is famed for its authentic Mexican food. Their carnitas are unparalleled and are a local favorite!

So there you have it! From glimpses of the past to flavors of the present, from lush green spaces to exciting nightspots, Cicero is a treasure trove of experiences. Now that you have these insider tips, you're ready to dig into the best of what Cicero has to offer. Enjoy your time exploring and living in this vibrant community!

' Things to do in Cicero, IL?

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