Moving to Arlington Heights

Welcome, eager explorers and savvy movers! We're delighted to serve as your trusty map on this fascinating journey towards settling in Arlington Heights, IL. A picture-book suburb, robust with charm and a dash of big city convenience -- Arlington Heights begs exploration. With a stunning cast of cultural amenities, top-tier schools, and restaurants too delicious to resist, it's more than a pit-stop. It's a destination. Dive into this comprehensive relocation guide, and let's discover together why Arlington Heights should be on top of your 'new home' list. Your thrilling suburban adventure starts now.

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What to Know Before Moving to Arlington Heights

1. The City Offers Excellent Schools

Did you know that Arlington Heights School District 25 consistently ranks among the top school districts in Illinois? The school district boasts a highly dedicated staff and a low student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1. So if you're looking for top-notch education for your little ones, this town definitely checks that box!

2. The Community Spirit is Infectious!

One of the aspects that is often overlooked about Arlington Heights is its deep sense of community. The town hosts countless community events throughout the year from summer block parties to winter ice skating events. The Farmer's Market and the annual Frontier Days Festival are must-see events. The strong community spirit here makes Arlington Heights more than just a town, but a home.

3. Accessible Transport Option

Whether you work in downtown Chicago or you're just a city lover, Arlington Heights has you covered. This pleasant suburb is served by Metra's Union Pacific/Northwest Line, which can whisk you into the Windy City in about an hour. And for those days when you prefer to drive, it's a simple 27 mile hop down I-90.

4. Do You Enjoy Horse Racing?

Get set because Arlington Heights is home to the Arlington Park Racetrack, one of the top horse racing tracks in the country. This track is not just for dedicated followers of the sport; even if you've never seen a horse race in person before, Arlington Park makes for an unforgettable day out. Just don't forget to wear your large hat!

5. The Unknown: 'Little Arlington'

Did you know Arlington Heights is also known as "Little Arlington"? This term was coined by the locals because the community stands as a unique blend between small-town charm and big-city convenience. This nickname embodies the town's spirit and gives you an idea of the lifestyle waiting for you here.

6. The Unknown: Historic Homes Galore!

For the history buffs out there, Arlington Heights has another surprise! It is home to a number of historic houses! The area is dotted with Victorian, Tudor, and Craftsman-style homes, many of which date back to the 19th century. So, residents are not just getting their own private living space, but they're also becoming part of the town's rich history.

In a nutshell, Arlington Heights, IL is an incredible place to put down roots, full of character and charm. Your quality of life will be complemented by top-rated schools, an intensive community spirit, accessible transit options to Chicago, iconic horse racing events, historic houses, and the balance of a small-town feel with the convenience of a large city. If these factors sound appealing, then pack your bags because Arlington Heights is calling out your name!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Arlington Heights

Pros of Living in Arlington Heights

Excellent Public Schools

Arlington Heights is known for its highly rated public schools which provide a quality education for students. The district has multiple Blue Ribbon schools, highlighting academic success, and this can be a strong selling point for families moving to the area.

Safe and Peaceful Residential Area

Residents of Arlington Heights enjoy a low crime rate, which contributes to a safe and peaceful environment. This suburb is known for its quiet, family-friendly neighborhoods making it an ideal place for those seeking a calm and secure residence.

Outdoor Recreational Opportunities

Arlington Heights offers various outdoor activities for residents of all ages. With several parks, golf courses, and biking trails, the town encourages and supports a healthy and active lifestyle.

Vibrant Downtown Area

The town boasts a charming downtown district that features unique shopping destinations, a variety of dining options, and a vibrant arts scene. The Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, and frequent community events offer plenty of entertainment to residents and visitors alike.

Easy Access to Public Transportation

Arlington Heights has robust public transportation options, including the Metra train station that provides easy access to downtown Chicago. This is an enormous benefit for residents commuting to jobs in the city, or those who enjoy the occasional trip to Chicago for entertainment or shopping.

Cons of Living in Arlington Heights

High Cost of Living

The cost of living in Arlington Heights can be relatively high compared to the national average. While this reflects the high quality of life and services the town offers, it can be a drawback for those on a tighter budget.

Brutal Winter Weather

Like many locations in the Midwest, Arlington Heights has a harsh winter season. Snow, cold temperatures and icy roads can make travel tough and can be a significant change for those moving from warmer climates.

Limited Nightlife

Even though Arlington Heights has a vibrant downtown district, the nightlife is relatively quiet compared to larger cities. For those seeking a vibrant nightlife scene, this could be seen as a downside.

Potential for Traffic

With its trending growth and close proximity to Chicago, traffic can occasionally become congested, particularly around rush hour. This is something to consider for those with commutes or depend heavily on road transportation.

Relatively High Property Taxes

Arlington Heights, like many parts of Illinois, has relatively high property taxes. While this revenue funds community services, including the highly rated schools, it can be burdensome for homeowners and could be a potential disadvantage when considering moving to Arlington Heights.

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Is Arlington Heights a Good Place to Live?

Arlington Heights, IL is a great place to live because it offers a vibrant downtown area with an abundance of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. Plus, it boasts some of the best schools in the state and is renowned for its strong community spirit and beautiful parks. Not to mention, it's excellent public transportation network makes commuting a breeze!

What Is Arlington Heights Famous For?

Arlington Park Racetrack

One of Illinois' premier horse racing tracks, Arlington Park Racetrack, is located in Arlington Heights. Its thrilling race events and enchanting background make it an idyllic place for horse racing lovers and offer a unique entertainment experience in the city.

Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

For arts and culture enthusiasts, the Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, located in downtown Arlington Heights, is celebrated for its high-quality shows. The venue hosts approximately 45,000 patrons during its season that runs from September through June, each year.

Arlington Heights Memorial Library

The Arlington Heights Memorial Library not only serves as a public library, but it's also a community hub that brings together education, culture, and entertainment. It has been recognized with five-star ratings by the Library Journal, for its excellent customer service and diverse program offerings, a variety of nearly 1.5 million items for checkout including books, movies, and 3D printers!

Mitsuwa Marketplace

An encapsulation of authentic Japanese living in the heart of Illinois, the Mitsuwa Marketplace is the biggest Japanese supermarket in the Midwest. Here, you can not only shop for Japanese groceries but also enjoy Japanese cuisines at the food court, or partake in seasonal cultural events.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in Arlington Heights, IL is around 2.5% of the property's assessed value, which is higher than the national average of 1.1%. This local tax rate has gradually increased due in part to funding needs for public services and infrastructure maintenance.

Sales Tax

In 2023, the combined sales tax rate for Arlington Heights, IL is approximately 10%, which includes the state, county, city, and special district rates. The national average sales tax rate stands at about 7.12%, making the Arlington Height's sales tax rates relatively higher.

Income Tax

Illinois has a flat income tax rate of 4.95%, applicable to residents of Arlington Heights. While some states have a progressive tax system or no income tax at all, Illinois' flat rate sits in the middle range compared to other states across the US.

Housing Market

The housing market in Arlington Heights, IL remains stable compared to other parts of the US. As of 2021, the median home value stands at $348,000, while the national median is $281,370. Although this suggests a pricier market, it's crucial to note that Arlington Heights boasts outstanding amenities, good schools and low crime rates. As for renters, they can expect to pay around $1,550 monthly, slightly above the US median of $1,470. Overall, Arlington Heights offers a higher standard of living which might attract buyers or renters willing to invest a bit more.

Cost of Living

Living in Arlington Heights, IL implicates a higher than average cost, relative to other U.S. cities. The cost of living index in Arlington Heights is 115.2, typical for a suburb of a major city like Chicago - it's notably higher than the national average of 100. This takes into account factors such as housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, and healthcare. Despite this, Arlington Heights offers considerable value in terms of safety, school quality, and local amenities, attracting many families and professionals.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Arlington Heights, IL experiences a continental climate characterized by moderate to heavy seasonal variations. Summers are typically warm to hot, with high temperatures averaging in the low 80s (degF). Winters, on the other hand, can be extremely cold, with temperatures often dropping below freezing. Arlington Heights also sees an average of 36 inches of precipitation annually, with snowfall common during the winter months. Natural disasters include occasional severe thunderstorms, flooding, blizzards, heatwaves, and less commonly, tornadoes. Despite the challenges associated with this dynamic weather pattern, the residents of Arlington Heights display resilience and adaptability, ensuring the city remains a vibrant and thriving community throughout the year.

Typical weather in Arlington Heights, IL

Economy & Job Market

- Health Care and Social Assistance

- Retail Trade

- Manufacturing

- Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

- Finance and Insurance

The economy of Arlington Heights, IL, has historically been quite diversified, spanning an exciting array of industries. Originally an agricultural outpost, the town later transformed into a bustling center for commerce and trade. This melange of old-world charm and modern industry permeates the current job market, where sectors such as healthcare and social assistance, retail trade, and manufacturing remain predominant forces. But we mustn't overlook the blossoming sectors of professional services, scientific research, and finance and insurance. The town has made a splash in the tech industry too, lending a digital edge to its picturesque suburbia.

If you're planning to springboard your career by moving to Arlington Heights, IL, there are a few key things to know. The employment rate here is quite robust, keeping stride with the national average. The retail sector has sprouted exciting job openings around the town center, while larger health and tech institutions dot the outskirts. Hunting for a job in the healthcare and social assistance sector is a safe bet, with growth anticipated to surge. Jobs in the retail trade sector could be a good option for those looking for part-time or entry-level positions. Don't shy away from tossing your hat into the finance and insurance ring, which has had a strong presence for years and continues to flourish. Exciting times are ahead in the pursuit of professional fulfillment in Arlington Heights, IL!

Traffic and Transportation

Welcome to Arlington Heights, IL, where the average commute time is a breezy 29 minutes! Our roads may get busy during rush hours, but it's nothing compared to the hustle and bustle of big city traffic. If you're someone who prefers to sit back and enjoy the ride, our Metra and Pace bus services have got you covered. Jump on them, grab a window seat and let someone else do the driving while you sit back with your favorite podcast or book. Are you more in the mood to fly? Our town is conveniently nestled approximately half way between O'Hare International Airport and Chicago Executive Airport. With easy access to these airports for all your air travel needs, you're never too far from your next adventure. So buckle up, or rather, sit back, and enjoy all the transportation options Arlington Heights has to offer!

What is the traffic like in Arlington Heights, IL?

Best Neighborhoods in Arlington Heights

1. Downtown Arlington Heights

If you're a lover of convenience, then Downtown Arlington Heights is your perfect match. This area is characterized by its walkability. It's teeming with a diverse range of restaurants, boutiques, and department stores which means you can take care of your shopping needs or eat out without ever needing your car! In addition to a bustling shopping scene, Downtown is also a hub for culture and events. The historical Metropolis Performing Arts Centre is renowned for hosting high-quality live shows. Best of all, the Metra train station right in the heart of the community makes commuting to Chicago a breeze.

2. Greenbrier

Oh, the allure of Greenbrier! Nestled in the northwestern part of Arlington Heights, this family-friendly neighborhood is a dream come true for peace and greenery lovers. Streets are quiet, lined with beautiful homes and the stunning Greenbrier Park spells out leisure and recreation for residents. It's perfect for picnics, a friendly game of baseball, or a relaxing afternoon walk. Plus, the local Greenbrier Elementary School is known for its top-notch education standards.

3. Scarsdale Estates

For a slice of luxury in a serene setting, Scarsdale Estates might just be the right pick. It's a small, tight-knit community peppered with lavish homes, large yards, and mature trees. The neighborhood is rich with history, as many residences date back to the 1920s. The annual Scarsdale Estates Fourth of July parade is something every resident looks forward to; talk about a community that knows how to party!

4. Surrey Ridge

Imagine living in a neighborhood with a strong sense of community, well-kept homes, nearby schools, and an ample amount of green space - sounds idyllic, right? Well, that's what Surrey Ridge brings to the table! Residents often gather for social events at the Surrey Ridge Park District Fieldhouse, which is also perfect for those athletic at heart. Heritage Park, a sprawling green haven within walking distance, also offers an unforgettable outdoor experience.

5. Pioneer Park

Double the parks, double the fun! Pioneer Park, named after the luscious park it surrounds, is peppered with green space. Pioneer Park itself boasts a large playground, sports facilities, and even a swimming pool, while Recreation Park offers mini-golf and a community band that performs during the summer months. Adding to these amenities, bustling downtown Arlington Heights is just a short bike ride away. Trust us, you'll fall in love with the tranquil yet vibrant vibe of this neighborhood.

In conclusion, Arlington Heights offers something for every lifestyle and preference. Whether you're drawn to the hustle and bustle of Downtown, the suburban serenity of Greenbrier, the luxurious feel of Scarsdale Estates, the close-knit community vibe of Surrey Ridge, or the park-heavy oasis of Pioneer Park, your perfect neighborhood is waiting. Welcome to Arlington Heights, your new home!

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Things to Do

Welcome to Arlington Heights, Illinois! This charming village, known for its robust arts scene, lush parks, and exceptional dining, always has something going on to catch your interest. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, here are seven must-explore spots that will help you experience everything Arlington Heights has to offer!

1. Witness a live show at the Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

Are you a fan of theatre, comedy, or music? The Metropolis Performing Arts Centre hosts over 400 such performances every year, ranging from musicals to concert performances and stand-up comedy shows. Get dressed, snag that ticket, and prepare for an exciting night out!

2. Explore the Arlington Heights Memorial Library

For the bookworms out there, the Arlington Heights Memorial Library isn't your ordinary library. Voted 'Best Public Library in America' in 2020, this jewel reserves incredible resources such as books (of course), movies, video games, and more. They also host a variety of programs for all ages, from craft workshops to tech tutoring.

3. Enjoy a Day at Arlington Park

No trip to Arlington Heights is complete without a visit to the renowned Arlington Park. This premier racecourse hosts thrilling horse races throughout the year and has plenty of dining options for you to make a day of it. Even if you're not a fan of racing, the park's beautiful landscapes are worth visiting.

4. Take a walk down the Harmony Park Interactive Art Walk

Did you know Arlington Heights has an interactive art walk? Harmony Park, located in the downtown area, is home to an assortment of sculptures that are just as playful as they are beautiful. These aren't just to look at - they're designed to be touched, climbed on, and interacted with!

5. Dine at Mago Grill & Cantina

Looking for a palatable journey of flavor? Indulge in the authentic Mexican and Latin cuisine at Mago Grill & Cantina. Try the table-side guacamole and ceviche or their mouthwatering molcajetes. An energetic atmosphere combined with versatile menus, Mago Grill is sure to win your hearts (and stomach!).

6. Visit the Historical Society Museum

The Arlington Heights Historical Museum is a lesser-known gem, offering a glimpse into the village's past. The museum complex includes an 1882 Victorian home, a coach house, the original 1906 soda factory for the locally famous F.W. Muller Beverages, and a replica of a 1908 Banta house. Take a guided tour for a more immersive perspective.

7. Get Active at Lake Arlington

If you love spending time outdoors, head to Lake Arlington. Known for its recreational boating, fishing, and a 2-mile bike path, this park is a great place to unwind and embrace nature. In warmer months, you can rent paddleboats or sailboats to explore the lake in a leisurely fashion.

These are just a step-off point into what Arlington Heights has to offer. There's a marvelous mix of traditional and unique spots that make this village an engaging place to be. So don't wait, get out, and explore all that Arlington Heights has to offer - you won't be disappointed!

Things to do in Arlington Heights, IL?

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