Moving to South Fulton

Picture this: verdant landscapes accentuated by charming homesteads, a thriving business ecosystem, and a community that welcomes you with open arms - welcome to the allure of South Fulton, GA! A place where Southern charm meets modern living. As one considers a move to South Fulton, it's hardly just about relocation; it's about redefining your lifestyle. Absorb the fusion of culture, nature and progressive forward-thinking in this all-in-one sanctuary. Let's embark on this engaging journey together and unlock the secrets to an effortless move to South Fulton.

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What to Know Before Moving to South Fulton

1. There's Plenty of Green Space

South Fulton, GA is a haven for lovers of the outdoors. Located in the southern crescent of Fulton county, this city boasts a variety of parks including the Cochran Mill Park, Cliftondale Park and Welcome All Park. You'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a beautiful spot for a picnic, a leisurely walk, or an invigorating run.

2. Spectacular Housing Options

This treasure of a city offers diverse housing options to fit everyone's needs. You will find everything, from well-established communities with expansive estates, to new constructions with all the modern amenities. If it's affordable luxury you're after, South Fulton absolutely delivers!

3. It's Atlanta's Best-Kept Secret

Despite being one of Atlanta's up-and-coming neighborhoods, South Fulton isn't as well-known as its northern counterparts. As such, it has managed to preserve its tight-knit community feeling and rural charm, while still offering all the facilities one would expect from city living. It's a secret that current residents are happily discovering and holding onto.

4. South Fulton Has its Own "Cheers"

Remember the famed sitcom "Cheers" famed for its friendly neighborhood bar where "Everyone knows your name?" Well, look no further than the city of South Fulton! It's known for its warm and welcoming people who offer that pleasant, small-town vibe where it truly feels like everyone knows your name.

5. Education: Top-Notch Schools

If you have a young family or you are planning on starting one, great schools might be one of your priorities. South Fulton boasts some great schools, with a combination of public and private, all offering high-quality education. From the highly-ranked Langston Hughes High School to the well reputed Renaissance Elementary School, parents will certainly have peace of mind when it comes to their children's education.

6. Unknown Fact: South Fulton Has its Own Vineyard!

One of South Fulton's best-kept secrets and undiscovered gems is its own vineyard! The Wolf Creek Vineyard, a scenic and exquisite spot, gives wine lovers a chance to experience the taste of South Fulton with locally-grown wines. Enjoy wine tastings, winery tours and the tranquil vineyard views. This is surely not well known to many but makes life in South Fulton a toast-worthy experience.

In conclusion, South Fulton is not just a place to live, it's a wholesome way to live filled with experiences. To put it simply, it's a place where you can easily strike a balance between enjoying rural beauty and reaping the benefits of urban living. It's a spot where luxury housing, expansive parks, a strong community spirit, and quality education are within reach. Even better, it's a city where you can tour your local vineyard, sip on a glass of wine, and toast to your good fortune of being a part of such an amazing community!

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Pros and Cons of Living in South Fulton

Pros of Living in South Fulton

High Accessibility

In South Fulton, residents enjoy the benefit of having easy access to key cities with amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, and top-tier healthcare facilities. The city's convenient location also means less commute time to work or school and more leisure time for family and social engagements.

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to many parts of Georgia and the rest of the country, South Fulton offers an appealing option for budget-conscious individuals and families. With reasonably priced housing options, affordable grocery items, and lower-than-average utility costs, living in South Fulton makes economic sense.

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Recreation

South Fulton is home to beautiful parks, lakes, and a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Whether enjoying a picnic at Cliftondale Park, cycling Ben Hill Park, or fishing at Welcome All Park, residents have endless opportunities to enjoy nature's beauty.

Friendly Community

South Fulton is recognized for its friendly, welcoming community where newcomers are quickly made to feel at home. The friendly culture of the place coupled with events and neighborhood get-togethers, promotes a sense of belonging among residents.

Strong Local Economy

South Fulton boasts an economy with diverse industries providing ample employment opportunities. This vibrant local economy, boosted by the presence of numerous businesses, provides residents with stable job opportunities and economic stability.

Cons of Living in South Fulton

Traffic Congestion

One of the downsides to living in South Fulton is dealing with heavy traffic, particularly during rush hours. This could be a hindrance for those used to a smoother commute and can sometimes affect punctuality for work, school, or other important appointments.

Lower-than-average School Ratings

While there are some exceptions, overall, the public schools in South Fulton have lower ratings compared to the national average. This might be a drawback for families moving to South Fulton with children in their school-age years.

Higher Property Taxes

While cost of living is generally affordable, homeowners in South Fulton may find property taxes to be higher than some other places. This could be a potential financial burden for homeowners, especially those living on a tighter budget.

Weather Variations

South Fulton's weather can be quite varied, with summers being hot and humid, and winters cold. While some people might prefer these changes in climate, others might find adjusting to these weather patterns challenging.

Safety Concerns

Although efforts have been taken to improve safety in South Fulton, crime rates are still higher in some areas compared to other parts of Georgia. Therefore, potential residents should take into account safety concerns when considering a move to South Fulton.

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Is South Fulton a Good Place to Live?

South Fulton, GA is a great place to live because of its vibrant community, access to a variety of outdoor recreational activities, and its close proximity to the bustling city of Atlanta. Not only are there numerous local amenities and a robust housing market, the education system is also quite commendable. So, whether it's the cultural richness, lively festivals, or the peace and quiet you seek, South Fulton, GA has got you all covered!

What Is South Fulton Famous For?

Unique Community Initiatives

The city of South Fulton takes an active role in nurturing its community. It's known for hosting several impactful and creative events like 'Suspend the Purge', a program designed to provide young adults with the information and opportunity to resolve outstanding warrants without fear of arrest. Fun and engaging, these initiatives put South Fulton on the map as an empathetic and forward-thinking city.

Famous Golf Courses

South Fulton is a playground for golf lovers! The prestigious Wolf Creek Golf Course, recognized for its perfectly manicured layout and challenging gameplay, resides in this city. Its reputation attracts golf enthusiasts from far and wide, adding to the charmed life in South Fulton.

A Wealth of Natural Beauty

The city of South Fulton offers its residents the best of both worlds--urban living amidst stunning natural landscapes. With the serene beauty of Chattahoochee River and many lush parks, South Fulton is a breath of fresh air for nature lovers. It's a testimony to the city's commitment to preserving its natural heritage while progressing forward.

The City's Major Contributions to Arts and Culture

South Fulton is a crucible of arts and culture. With events like the popular Old National Country Fair, Jazz in the Park, and various art galleries, the city has a vibrant cultural scene. These contributions highlight South Fulton's role in promoting arts and culture, making it stand out as an artsy haven!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the Property Tax rate for South Fulton, GA is around 1.2%. Although this is significantly lower compared to the national average of 1.07%, it is a touch higher than the Georgia state average of 0.91%.

Sales Tax

South Fulton, GA's Sales Tax rate in 2023 resides at about 7.75%. This is marginally above the national median of 7.12% and also surpasses the Georgia state average of 7.3%.

Income Tax

Georgia's income tax for residents in 2023 is a marginal tax system with 6 brackets ranging from 1% to 5.75%. Although this is fairly on par with the national average, it's worth noting that Georgia has one of the mid-range state income tax rates in the country.

Housing Market

South Fulton, GA exhibits an attractive housing market, characterized by lower than average home prices and rent rates. As of 2021, the median home value in South Fulton stands at circa $200,000, substantially lower than the national average of $285,000. Rent prices average at approximately $1,200, which is again lower than the US national median of $1,650. Despite these lower costs, South Fulton enjoys a more stable market with better predicted growth. Whether buying or renting, South Fulton warrants consideration for those seeking value in their living arrangements.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in South Fulton, GA is relatively moderate compared to other cities in Georgia. It falls below the national average, making it an affordable area. The housing costs are a significant factor in the cost of living. Though affordability can fluctuate based on specific neighborhood and individuals' lifestyle, on average, South Fulton is a more affordable place to live as compared to other major cities in Georgia.

Weather & Natural Disasters

South Fulton, Georgia, boasts of a humid subtropical climate, characterized by four distinct seasons; warm springs, hot and humid summers, mild falls, and cool winters. The annual high temperature averages around 72.3degF, while the annual low hovers around 49.9degF on average, providing a moderate, pleasant climate all throughout the year. Rainfall is distributed fairly evenly throughout the year, with the heaviest precipitation typically falling in March. Severe weather events such as thunderstorms are common, particularly in the summer. South Fulton can occasionally experience the impacts of tropical systems moving inland from the Atlantic during hurricane season. Winter weather events include occasional ice storms and snow. However, the region is largely free from extreme natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

Typical weather in South Fulton, GA

Economy & Job Market

* Trade, Transportation, and Utilities

* Professional and Business Services

* Government

* Education and Health Services

*Leisure and Hospitality

South Fulton, Georgia sits in close proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson World International Airport, which has helped shape the economy and drive its primary industries. The combination of access and location has led to Trade, Transportation, and Utilities being the largest industry in the area, supporting both local and regional commerce. However, South Fulton isn't a one-trick economic pony; the city is also a hotbed for Professional and Business Services, offering plenty of opportunities for workers of all experience levels. Public sector employment through local government roles is also significant, contributing to the diversity of South Fulton's economy. Flashback to history and you will find the city's roots in agriculture, which though not as prominent now, has played a vital role in shaping its economic trajectory.

Are you considering making a move to South Fulton anytime soon? Fabulous! You'll be pleased to hear that South Fulton's unemployment rate tends to ride below the national average, showcasing its vibrant job market. Whether you bring a background in Professional and Business Services or you're an expert in serving up some southern charm in the Leisure and Hospitality industry, South Fulton is brimming with opportunities. Plus, with burgeoning Education and Health Services sectors, teachers, health professionals and caregivers will also find a warm welcome here. Diversification in its economy makes South Fulton an ideal city for a job seeker like you, looking to paint your professional canvas with broad strokes or intricate details. Pack your bags and tighten your laces - South Fulton is waiting for you!

Traffic and Transportation

Welcome to the vibrant city of South Fulton, GA, where distance is just a concept and time's a fun daredevil, racing against the traffic! On average, our magnificent commuters spend an eclectic 35 minutes on their journeys - a time they often use to take in the mesmerizing Georgian countryside. But that's not all folks! We've got the brilliant MARTA public transportation to come to your rescue, with buses and trains ready to whisk you around the city. Quite the caped crusader, isn't it? Is the sky more your realm? We've got you covered! Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, merely a hop, skip, and jump away, ensures the whole world is at your (flight)tips. So buckle up, as South Fulton, GA takes you on a sweet ride into the world of smooth sailing commutes!

What is the traffic like in South Fulton, GA?

Best Neighborhoods in South Fulton


1. Camp Creek Marketplace

Are you a shopaholic who loves brunch meetings and morning yoga sessions? Then Camp Creek Marketplace is your paradise. This neighborhood is known for its bustling shopping district filled with everything from big-name chains to local gems that cater to all your shopping needs. It\'s a very walkable neighborhood, so feel free to leave your car at home and take a scenic walking tour to the nearest restaurants, cafes, and stores. Weekends in the area often involve yoga classes at local parks and farmers markets. At Camp Creek Marketplace, convenience meets tranquility.

2. Cedar Grove

If you are looking for a peaceful, family-friendly neighborhood with a close-knit community, Cedar Grove might be the right fit for you. Its tree-filled areas and beautiful open green spaces make it a fantastic place for families and outdoor enthusiasts. The people in Cedar Grove are known for their welcoming nature and community spirit, and there are always engaging activities and events happening around the neighborhood. Picture annual fall festivals, neighborhood cookouts, and little league games.

3. West End

Historic, vibrant, and full of character, West End in South Fulton, GA, is a neighborhood that wears its history on its sleeves. Boasting stunning historic homes, a rich cultural scene, and an eclectic mix of independent retailers, West End offers a unique blend of the old and the new. Art lovers will also rejoice in the neighborhood\'s ample art galleries and studios, and foodies will find a notable restaurant scene brimming with diverse cuisines. It\'s like living in a modern old-world.

4. High Point

High Point is where serenity meets sophistication. For anyone that values peaceful environs without sacrificing social opportunities, this is the place to be. Here, lush greenery and vast open spaces meet high-end dining and shopping destinations. The neighborhood boasts excellent schools, and there\'s also an array of parks and nature trails for outdoor enthusiasts, making it perfect for both singles and families. Having a quiet weekend barbecue or a party? High Point allows both with sophistication.

5. Jonesboro North

Offering a suburban feel in the heart of the city, Jonesboro North is an ideal neighborhood for those wanting the best of both worlds. Exceptional schools make this neighborhood great for families, and the thriving local business scene offers abundant job opportunities. In your downtime, enjoy the vast array of recreational activities and attractions right in the neighborhood, including several parks, a golf course, and even a historic theater. Jonesboro North is all about balancing work and play.

South Fulton, GA, is filled with diverse neighborhoods each with their unique personalities. Whether you\'re seeking a shop-filled urban hub, a quiet suburb, or a neighborhood rich in history, South Fulton has it all. These five destinations represent some of the finest living spaces in the city, offering a unique blend of shopping, culture, and community. Moving to South Fulton means opening the door to a world of exciting possibilities and a place that truly feels like home. So put on your adventure hat and welcome to South Fulton, GA!

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Things to Do

Ah, South Fulton, Georgia - this gem of a city beautifully nestled in the heart of the Peach State offers a little something for everyone. If you're lucky enough to be moving here, you are likely excited about all the new experiences that await you. Here are seven thoroughly engaging things you can do in South Fulton that will make you fall in love with your new hometown.

1. Immerse yourself in history at the Georgia State Railroad Museum

This isn't just any old railway museum. Take a step back in time to experience South Fulton's rich railroad history. Not only can you see antique locomotives and cabooses, but you'll also get the chance to ride on an actual steam engine at the Georgia State Railroad Museum. It's a fantastic day out for the entire family.

2. Discover Cascading Waters

South Fulton is famed for Cascading Waters, a lesser-known but entrancing walking trail. This oasis of serenity, characterized by its interesting group of cascading waterfalls, offers the perfect ambience for a nature walk. It's the ideal spot for those seeking some quiet "me" time or looking for a romantic stroll spot.

3. Test your golf skills at the Wolf Creek Golf Course

Offering an enriching experience for beginners to pros, the Wolf Creek Golf Course is a splendid place to tee off! The lush, rolling greens against the backdrop of Georgian beauty makes it an absolute treat for golf enthusiasts.

4. Find locally-sourced goodies at the Green Market

Sampling local produce is a must when in South Fulton. The Green Market is your go-to spot for a great variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, dairy, and more. It's a lovely way to support local farmers and enjoy the freshest produce while taking in the buoyant community spirit.

5. Embark on the Mystery Valley Golf Club Adventure

Another treat for golfers, the Mystery Valley Golf Club is notably less crowded, hence, a 'mystery'. This 18-hole championship course offers a fun and challenging game along with scenic views that are simply out of this world.

6. Explore Tom Lowe Shooting Grounds

For the adventurous souls, an exciting trip to the Tom Lowe Shooting Grounds is a must. Known only to a few locals, these shooting grounds offer a safe and exciting environment to learn and practice shooting skills. With professional guidance, even beginners can partake in the thrill.

7. Savor the delectable cuisines

No guide to South Fulton can be complete without a mention of its irresistible food scene. Treat your palate to the diverse local culinary delights that encompass a tantalizing array of Southern-style cooking, BBQ, European fare, and beyond.

There's an undeniable charm about South Fulton that captivates everyone who steps foot in the city. Whether it's the rich history, natural beauty, delightful food, or the surprises that pop up like Cascading Waters or Tom Lowe Shooting Grounds, there is always something exciting to do in South Fulton. Enjoy exploring your new hometown!

Things to do in South Fulton, GA?

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