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First impressions are crucial, and St Petersburg, nestled on Florida's sun-kissed Gulf Coast, sure knows how to make a striking one. Boasting an intoxicating blend of sandy beaches, pulsating nightlife, thriving arts scene, and a deep-seated sporting culture, it's nigh on impossible not to envision yourself living here. As you consider relocating to St Pete's, as it's fondly known, allow us to be your guide. This comprehensive St Petersburg relocation guide is crafted meticulously to help you get a hold of every necessary detail. Ready to embark on this captivating journey? But first, let's introduce our sunshine city!

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What to Know Before Moving to St Petersburg

1. The Sunshine Aplenty

If you're a sun worshiper, you're in luck. St. Petersburg, affectionately known as "The Sunshine City," holds a Guinness World Record for logging the most consecutive days of sunshine -- a jaw-dropping 768 days. We're talking about an endless summer atmosphere with average temperatures ranging from 50-90 degrees year-round. So pack up your favorite sunglasses and lots of sunscreens, they'll be your new best friends.

2. A Haven for Arts & Culture

Apart from its sunny disposition, St. Petersburg also has a vibrant arts and culture scene. It houses the world-renowned Salvador Dali Museum, which holds the largest collection of Dali's work outside Europe. The city's Central Avenue is jam-packed with some of the quirkiest and most extraordinary galleries you will ever see. Plus, it hosts gallery walks every second Saturday of the month where you'll get the chance to meet some of the artists behind these masterpieces.

3. The Food Scene Is To-Die-For

St. Petersburg boasts an eclectic mix of traditional southern eateries, swanky bistros, and health-conscious cafes. From delicious street grub to gourmet dining, the city's culinary landscape is as diverse as it gets. Foodies will appreciate the abundant fresh seafood and local delicacies like the famous grouper sandwich. Try not to drool too much in anticipation, pretty please?

4. Green Thumbs Rejoice

Did you know St. Petersburg holds America's first butterfly garden? Sunken Gardens, a century-old tropical garden in the middle of the city, boasts over 50,000 tropical plants and flowers. Additionally, butterflies from around the world flutter freely here, making it a paradise for gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers.

5. The Unusual "Vino-enthusiasim"

Here's another little-known fact about St. Petersburg - the city is borderline obsessed with wine, particularly Pinot Noir. So much so, they dedicate an entire week in May, called "Pinot in the Park," where wine enthusiasts gather for Pinot Noir tastings and revelries. If you're a vino lover, there's no better city to experience wine culture under the glorious sunshine.

6. You'll Need to Get Used to Roundabouts

Lastly, St. Pete's unique road system has a heavy emphasis on roundabouts. While these circular intersections might be a bit confusing initially, especially for Americans who are more familiar with the standard crossroad, they do bring traffic benefits. Roundabouts lessen the chances of severe crashes and keep the traffic moving relatively smoothly. So, mastery of navigating roundabouts would undoubtedly make you officially a St. Pete local.

In the end, Moving to St. Petersburg, FL, is about embracing a life lived at a slower pace under the glorious sunshine. It's about appreciating the fine arts, devouring scrumptious food, nurturing nature, drinking Pinot Noir, and smoothly navigating roundabouts just like a local. So, if this sounds like your dream lifestyle, then pack up those boxes and bid your old life goodbye - because St. Petersburg is eagerly waiting for you!

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Pros and Cons of Living in St Petersburg

Pros of Living in St Petersburg

Warm Weather

St. Petersburg is known for its year-round warm, sunny weather. This is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as visiting the beach, fishing, or kayaking, or for people who generally prefer a warm climate.

Rich Cultural and Arts Scene

The city is home to numerous museums, theaters, art galleries, and music events that cater to diverse interests. Places like the Salvador Dali Museum, The Mahaffey Theater, and the Morean Arts Center have something to offer to every art lover.

Beautiful Beaches and Outdoor Recreation

St. Petersburg is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The city's parks and numerous outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, and water sports, give residents plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature's beauty.

Vibrant Nightlife and Dining

St. Petersburg offers a variety of options for nightlife, with a mix of classical theaters, live music, pubs, and high-end cocktail lounges. The city's dining scene is also diverse, offering all types of cuisines to please every palate.

Friendly Community

St. Petersburg is known for its friendly, welcoming community. The city's residents are often active and sociable, participating in community events and creating a welcoming environment for newcomers.

Cons of Living in St Petersburg

Summer Heat and Humidity

While the warm weather is a major draw for some, the summer months in St. Petersburg can be extremely hot and humid. This may be uncomfortable for some, particularly those not accustomed to such conditions.

Hurricane Risk

Located on Florida's Gulf Coast, St. Petersburg is at risk for hurricanes. While the city is well prepared for such events, the risk is something to consider for potential residents.

High Cost of Living

Due to the city's popularity and desirable location, the cost of living in St. Petersburg can be higher than in other parts of Florida. Expenses like housing and amenities can be costly, making it a potentially expensive place to live.

Busy Tourist Seasons

St. Petersburg attracts a high volume of tourists, particularly during peak vacation times. This can lead to crowded beaches, long waits at restaurants and traffic congestion.

Limited Public Transportation

Public transportation options in St. Petersburg are somewhat limited. While the city has a bus system, it may not be as extensive or frequent as in larger cities. This means that having a personal vehicle may be necessary for getting around efficiently.

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Is St Petersburg a Good Place to Live?

St Petersburg, FL is a great place to live because of its diverse culture, year-round sunshine, and beautiful beaches. The city also boasts a thriving art scene, stunning parks and a wide range of culinary experiences to savor. In addition, the cost of living is quite affordable and the city is known for its community spirit and friendly residents.

What Is St Petersburg Famous For?

The Salvador Dali Museum

One of St. Petersburg's main claims to fame is The Salvador Dali Museum, which houses an expansive collection of surreal works by the renowned Spanish artist, Salvador Dali. Here, you can meander through a dreamlike assortment of Dali's paintings, sketches, and sculptures, encountering melting clocks and levitating elephants along the way. With its unique architectural design in form of a concrete box enclosing a glass entryway - a slice of the avant-garde!

The Gorgeous Beaches

You'll be hard-pressed to find a list of America's best beaches that doesn't feature St. Petersburg's! With white sugary sand and gentle waves, these beaches are a slice of paradise. From family-friendly Fort De Soto Park to the lively St. Pete Beach, these sun-soaked spots are perfect for water sports, lounging, fishing, or even just a picturesque sunset stroll.

The Sunken Gardens

St. Petersburg prides itself on The Sunken Gardens, a historic gem nestled in the heart of the city. This 100-year-old lush paradise is home to more than 50,000 tropical plants and flowers, cascading waterfalls, and exotic birds. The Sunken Gardens is a testament to St. Petersburg's tropical allure and a charming spot for a peaceful walk or an Instagram moment.

Vibrant Downtown Area

Downtown St. Petersburg is simply bubbling with life. This area is generously dotted with top-notch restaurants, artsy galleries, exceptional museums, trendy boutiques, and cozy coffee shops. In the evening, the downtown scene comes alive with a variety of music venues and bars offering everything from classical performances to indie rock shows.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the average property tax rate in St. Petersburg, FL stands at around 0.98%, comparatively lower than the national average rate of 1.07%. This effectively means that for a home with a value of $200,000, residents would expect to pay about $1,960 in property tax per year.

Sales Tax

In 2023, St. Petersburg, FL maintains a combined sales tax rate of 7.00%, which is the same as the Florida state average. When compared to the national average sales tax of 7.12%, St. Petersburg's sales tax rate is marginally lower.

Income Tax

In line with Florida's state policy, St. Petersburg has no income tax as of 2023. This is in contrast with the average state income tax rate in the United States, which sits at around 4.6%, providing considerable tax savings for residents.

Housing Market

The housing market in St. Petersburg, FL has seen remarkable growth compared to other parts of the US due to its popular beaches and retirement communities. It offers diverse home styles and prices, attracting both local and out-of-state buyers. As of 2021, the median home sale price is about $285,000. For renters, you can expect median rents to be $1,200 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. Despite the increased demand, St. Petersburg remains affordable compared to larger coastal cities, providing opportunities for investors, home buyers, and renters alike.

Cost of Living

St. Petersburg, Florida offers a somewhat lower cost of living compared to other cities in the United States. The overall cost of living index in St. Petersburg is 98, which is slightly lower than the US average of 100. The affordable housing options significantly contribute to its lower cost of living. However, other everyday expenses such as groceries, utilities, and healthcare stand close to the national average. While certainly more affordable than larger cities such as New York or San Francisco, residents may still find St. Petersburg more costly compared to many mid-western or southern cities.

Weather & Natural Disasters

St. Petersburg, FL boasts a warm, tropical climate, making it a haven for sun-seekers. With hot, wet summers and mild, dry winters, the city offers an average annual high temperature of 82 degrees F and an average low of 66 degrees F. Sunshine brightens nearly 361 days of the year, earning it the nickname "The Sunshine City". Despite its charm, St. Petersburg is prone to a number of natural disasters. As a coastal city in Florida, it is susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms. The city also experiences occasional flooding due to heavy summer rains. It is worth noting that despite these potential hazards, St. Petersburg's climate and weather draw visitors and residents alike, promising mostly sunny days and stunning Florida sunsets.

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Economy & Job Market

Healthcare and Social Assistance

Education Services, and Health Care and Social Assistance

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Finance and Insurance, and Real Estate and Rental and Leasing

Retail Trade

Everyone has to love a place that enjoys more than 300 sunny days each year, but St. Petersburg, Florida, stands out for more than just its weather. Traditionally, St. Petersburg's economy was primarily driven by tourism, not surprisingly given its stunning waterfront and vibrant cultural scene. However, over time the city has seen a diversification of its economy. Health care and social assistance and education services have become particularly significant, and St. Petersburg is increasingly becoming a hotspot for tech startups. The financial and real estate sectors have also remained strong while retail trade offers plentiful opportunities. "St. Pete's," as locals endearingly call it, is humming with energy and activity.

If you're planning on moving to St. Petersburg and need a job, bring your sunglasses and a positive attitude because the job market here is as friendly as the locals. Its unemployment rate is generally lower than the national average, and the city has seen recent job growth. Best areas to look for jobs include downtown St. Petersburg, where many health care, finance, and tech companies have offices, and Gateway region which is the city's fastest-growing business district. But wherever you end up working, you'll find St. Petersburg offers not just a job, but a lifestyle, where work-life-balance is not just a theory but a sunny, vibrant reality. How can it not be, with all those beaches to explore after work?

Traffic and Transportation

If you're traveling in St. Petersburg, FL, your trusty steed of steel (or rather, your car) would take on average about 23.6 minutes to gallop from work to home or vice-versa. Now, if you're not keen on maneuvering through St. Pete's scenic roads, there are public transportation options. Hop aboard the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) buses that frequently prance around the city and beyond. There's also a charming downtown looper trolley for shorter rides - you'll feel like you've taken a spirited jaunt back in time! Got a budding desire to conquer the skies? You're in luck as two airports service the area. Primarily, we have the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport for your domestic desires, and Tampa International Airport if you've got more exotic, international aspirations. And the best part, they're both just a stone's-throw away. So pack your bags, your journey through beautiful St. Petersburg awaits!

What is the traffic like in St Petersburg, FL?

Best Neighborhoods in St Petersburg

1. Downtown

If bustling city vibes are your thing, Downtown St. Petersburg is the place to be. Packed with art galleries, trendy boutiques and sumptuous dining options, downtown offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle, with something always happening. Stroll along the picturesque waterfront, catch a show at the Mahaffey Theater, or immerse yourself in the vibrant arts scene at the Dali Museum. It's safe to say, Downtown is truly the heart of the city.

2. Old Northeast

Historic charm meets modern-day conveniences in Old Northeast. As one of the city's oldest neighborhoods, it's filled with beautifully preserved structures, making every walk a trip down memory lane. But don't mistake it for a sleepy hollow. Exciting amenities are just around the corner. Cafes, boutiques, and various festivals such as the Candlelight Tour of Homes make this neighborhood alive and inviting. And yes, you're just a few steps away from downtown and the waterfront.

3. Grand Central District

The artistically inclined will fall head over heels for the Grand Central District. Known for its eclectic mix of retro shops, art galleries, and creative eateries, it serves as the city's cultural hotspot. Every visit to the district is a feast for the senses, thanks to the murals adorning the buildings and the artisanal goods on offer. Grand Central is also home to the LGBTQ Pride parade, making it an inclusive and dynamic setting.

4. Snell Isle

If you're seeking a piece of paradise, look no further than Snell Isle. This upscale neighborhood offers a tranquil suburban vibe, complete with manicured lawns and palm tree-lined streets. You can enjoy golfing at the Snell Isle Country Club or visit the famous Sunken Gardens. With its waterfront views and accessibility to downtown, it's no wonder Snell Isle is one of St. Petersburg's most desirable neighborhoods.

5. Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake strikes a perfect balance between relaxation and activity. Anchored by its 56-acre public park, the neighborhood radiates a sense of community. From its dog parks, playgrounds, and baseball fields, to the beautiful lake at its center; it's a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. It's also home to Huggins-Stengel field, which once served as the New York Yankees' spring training facility. Crescent Lake combines a peaceful environment with a touch of sporty spirit.

Whether you're looking for the dynamism of a bustling downtown, the tranquility of a lake-view park, or the cultural richness of an artsy district, St. Petersburg has a neighborhood just for you. Each area has its unique charm. So, when you're considering a move, make sure to visit each one of these to find your perfect fit. One thing is certain; life is never dull in St. Pete!

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Things to Do

From the sun-kissed beaches to engaging art museums and expansive public parks, St. Petersburg, FL offers a plethora of activities full of fun and adventure. Whether you're moving to the city or are already a resident there, here is a list of seven top things you must experience.

1. Visit The Dali Museum

The Salvador Dali Museum is an art-lover's paradise. This stunning museum houses the most extensive collection of Dali's work outside of Europe. From mind-bending surrealism to awe-inspiring sculptures, this museum promises an unforgettable immersive art experience.

2. Picnic at Vinoy Park

Vinoy Park, situated along the downtown waterfront, offers jaw-dropping views of Tampa Bay. This sprawling park is perfect for a peaceful afternoon picnic, sunbathing, or a leisurely stroll amidst the century-old tropical palm trees.

3. Explore the Sunken Gardens

For a refreshing escape from city life, delve into the exotic atmosphere of the Sunken Gardens. This century-old botanical paradise is home to more than 500 varieties of tropical plants and an impressive butterfly garden, providing a serene environment for relaxation and exploration.

4. Dine at The Mill Restaurant

Located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, The Mill Restaurant offers a top-notch culinary experience. Their southern-inspired menu fused with international flavors will tantalize your taste buds. And don't forget to try their famous watermelon bruschetta for an unexpected tantalizing treat!

5. Flutter around at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

This one's a little off the beaten path. Boyd Hill Nature Preserve is a hidden gem offering 245 acres of natural beauty. Housing over 150 species of birds, countless butterflies, and a variety of wildlife, it's the perfect spot for nature photography or simply respite from the city's hustle and bustle.

6. Experience Live Glassblowing

Moving onto another lesser-known activity, you can witness the mesmerizing art of glassblowing at the Morean Arts Center's Hot Shop. Watch live demonstrations and even make your own piece, offering a unique and interactive cultural experience.

7. Shop at the Saturday Morning Market

Every Saturday, the largest farmer's market in the Southeast U.S. takes place in St. Petersburg. Here, you can savor local delicacies, buy fresh fruits and veggies, and browse handmade crafts by local artisans, soaking in the vibrant community atmosphere.

In conclusion, St. Petersburg, FL is filled with diverse activities and attractions, catering to different tastes and preferences. It offers the right mix of urban charm, beach life and hidden gems, ensuring that your move to this city will be filled with delightful discoveries. So, why wait? Jump right in and start exploring!

Things to do in St Petersburg, FL?

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