Moving to Pompano Beach

Begin an exhilarating journey as we delve into the vibrant life waiting for you in sunny Pompano Beach, Florida! Nestled comfortably between Miami and Palm Beach, this seaside gem has a plethora of attractions that might just make you see your moving boxes in a new light. With our comprehensive relocation guide, you'll get an insider's scoop on everything you need - from residential areas to favorite local haunts. So, are you ready to soak up Pompano Beach's eclectic charm while planning your move? Let's set the ball rolling!

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What to Know Before Moving to Pompano Beach

1. Beach Life is the Best Life

For sun-worshippers, surf-dudes, and shell-hunters, Pompano Beach offers a thrilling array of sandy fun. The calm, warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean make this city a paradise for all kind of water sports, including boating, swimming, and, of course, fishing - Pompano Beach is known as "The Heart of the Gold Coast" after all!

2. The Underwater World is at your Fingertips

The city is named after the Pompano fish, which once swam abundantly in the city's waters, hinting at the area's rich marine life. Aside from that, Pompano Beach boasts a number of offshore and inshore wrecks which makes it a top snorkeling and scuba diving destination. You can explore fascinating marine life right off the coast, making your oceanic adventures extra-special.

3. Welcome to the 'Warm heart of Florida'

The weather at Pompano Beach, like much of South Florida, is tantalisingly tropical. Expect average highs in the 80s year-round. This makes Beach life rather lovely as you can truly experience endless summer. Make sure to pack light, breezy clothes. Don't forget your flip flops and sunscreen, you'll need them!

4. Culture, Art, and Heritage: A City of Surprises

Pompano Beach may be small, but its culture scene is mighty. Renowned for its thriving arts district, it's a fantastic place to soak up some culture, featuring stunning murals down streets, galleries, and one of the country's top-rated amphitheaters. Historical sites include the Kester Cottages and the City's Historical Museum, making Pompano Beach a cultural treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

5. Hidden Beverage Scene

This might come as a surprise but Pompano Beach has a unique and refreshing craft brewing scene that most people are unaware of. It is host to a variety of breweries, from the well-established to the up-and-coming. For those with a penchant for craft beverages, Pompano Beach's breweries offer a different kind of tasting tour. Bottoms up!

6. You May Have Neighbors with Fins

This is something not many people know, but Pompano Beach's waters are home to multiple species of dolphins. Sightings are not uncommon and local tour operators offer eco-tours that aim to educate visitors about these intelligent and playful marine inhabitants. Living in Pompano Beach could mean a chance to share your sunrise views with these beautiful creatures.

In conclusion, moving to Pompano Beach, Florida, is an adventure waiting to happen. From discovering vibrant coral reefs and wreck dive sites, to exploring the city's burgeoning beer scene, there's a multitude of unique experiences awaiting all who venture to this charming city. Whether you're a beach lover, an adventurous spirit, a culture vulture, or a craft brew enthusiast, this seemingly little city is big on life. In Pompano Beach, every day feels like a vacation.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Pompano Beach

Pros of Living in Pompano Beach

Calm Beach Lifestyle

Living in Pompano Beach allows for a relaxing, coastal lifestyle, with numerous opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, beach volleyball, and water sports. The beach scene is less crowded than more well-known Florida beach cities.

Outdoor Activities

With a warm, sunny climate almost all year round, there's plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities. Jogging, biking, fishing, boating, and golfing are popular activities among residents of Pompano Beach.

Rich Cultural History

Pompano Beach offers a rich cultural history with a number of local community events, carnivals, food festivals, and parades --such as the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival and holiday parades--that locals look forward to each year.

Great Dining and Shopping

Pompano Beach boasts many shopping centers and dining spots with food options from around the globe. There are also local farmer's markets that sell a variety of fresh, locally grown produce, seafood, and handmade goods.

Affordable Cost of Living

Cost of living in Pompano Beach is notably cheaper compared to several other beachfront cities in the state. This makes it a more affordable choice for people looking to enjoy coastal living without breaking the bank.

Cons of Living in Pompano Beach

Hurricane Risk

As with many Florida cities, Pompano Beach is at risk for hurricanes and tropical storms during the Atlantic hurricane season. Despite adequate preparation, there can still be damage to property and disruptions to daily life.

High Humidity and Heat

Pompano Beach experiences high humidity and high temperatures, particularly during summer months, which people who prefer milder climates might find challenging.

Limited Public Transportation

Although Pompano Beach has a basic public transportation system, options are somewhat limited. Most residents prefer to use cars for daily commuting.

Variation in Neighborhood Quality

The quality of neighborhoods in Pompano Beach can vary. Certain areas are beautiful, safe, and well-maintained, while others are less desirable. Thorough research is necessary to find the right fit.

Occasional Tourist Crowds

Despite being less crowded compared to other Florida beaches, Pompano Beach can still experience influxes of tourists during peak vacation seasons. This may lead to crowded beaches, queues at popular eateries, and traffic congestion.

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Is Pompano Beach a Good Place to Live?

Pompano Beach, FL is a great place to live because of its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and vibrant community. Known for its flourishing marine life and lively festivals, this city offers a blend of natural charm with a dash of cultural diversity. Whether you're a foodie, an outdoor enthusiast or someone who loves festivals, Pompano Beach has something fun for everyone!

What Is Pompano Beach Famous For?

The Annual Pompano Seafood Festival

Every year, seafood lovers from all around gather in Pompano Beach for the Annual Pompano Seafood Festival. It's a delightful event filled with succulent seafood, live music, arts and crafts stalls, and festive beach-side camaraderie. Come with an empty stomach, leave with a full heart and perhaps a lobster bib souvenir!

Sand and Spurs Equestrian Park

Who ever said Florida's all 'bout the beaches, clearly, never visited the Sand and Spurs Equestrian Park. Boasting 14 acres for horseback riding and 48 paddocks, it's a pristine paradise for horse enthusiasts. Trot, canter, or gallop, there's room for all abilities to explore and enjoy!

The Greg Norman Signature Pines Course

Fore! That's what you'll be shouting on the Greg Norman Signature Pines Course in Pompano Beach. Reputedly one of the best in South Florida, this immaculate course offers a challenging game for golfers of all skill levels. And with a design by the legendary Australian pro golfer Greg Norman himself, you'll be playing on a piece of history.

Pompano Beach Air Park

Have an exhilarating flying adventure at the Pompano Beach Air Park! From getting behind the controls of a plane with flight training programs to marveling at stunning planes and vintage aircrafts at the Pompano Beach Airpark museum, here is your chance to take flight. Trust us, the views are 'plane' amazing!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the average property tax rate in Pompano Beach, FL is about 1.08% of a property's assessed fair market value. While this is considered relatively high compared to the national average of 0.93%, Florida, in general, is known for having slightly higher property tax rates than most other US states.

Sales Tax

Pompano Beach, FL residences are subject to a sales tax rate of 7% as of 2023. This is slightly lower compared to the average US sales tax rate of around 7.12%, meaning residents spend a bit less on sales tax than in some other areas of the country.

Income Tax

Florida is one of the few states in the US that does not impose an income tax. Therefore, as of 2023, residents of Pompano Beach, FL, like all other residents of Florida, are not subject to a state income tax, which contrasts with the majority of US states that have a varying state income tax rate.

Housing Market

Pompano Beach, FL's housing market differs considerably from much of the U.S. With a median home price of $240,000 - which is higher than the U.S. average but lower than Florida's average - it can be more affordable for buyers. For renters, the average rent is around $1,100 monthly, slightly lower than other parts of Florida. However, due to year-round weather appeal and proximity to key locations, property appreciation tends to be higher in this area. Overall, Pompano Beach offers a vibrant housing market for both buyers and renters with prices that match its desirable location and potential investment return.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Pompany Beach, FL is slightly above the national average. However, compared to other major cities in the U.S., it is more affordable. Housing is the biggest factor in the cost of living difference. Prices for groceries and utilities are quite comparable to the national average. While some services like healthcare are relatively affordable, others like transportation are a bit higher. Overall, it offers a good balance of cost and lifestyle. The city's sunny beaches, exciting nightlife, and access to cultural and natural attractions make it a desirable place to live.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Pompano Beach, Florida, experiences a tropical rainforest climate, bringing hot, humid summers and warm, dry winters. Average temperatures sit comfortably between 60 to 90degF throughout the year, with coastal breezes offering respite from the tropical humidity. The region's wet season runs from May through October while the dry season lasts from November until April. As with much of Florida, Pompano Beach is susceptible to natural disasters such as hurricanes, occasionally leading to high wind conditions, heavy rains, and potential flooding. Sea-level rise and consequent coastal erosion also pose significant hazards. Despite these risks, the vibrant sunrises, gentle winters and predictably balmy climate create a generally benevolent and appealing weather experience.

Typical weather in Pompano Beach, FL

Economy & Job Market

* Business Services Industry

* Tourism and Hospitality Industry

* Construction Industry

* Healthcare Industry

* Retail Industry

The lively city of Pompano Beach, Florida, has a vibrant economy that thrives on a mixture of both historic industry and modern innovation. Initially, popularized by agriculture -primarily associated with the 'pompano' fish- the city ensured its economic strength through strong ties to marine-related industries. Presently, the economic arena of Pompano Beach has graciously expanded to include the business services industry, the bustling tourism and hospitality industry (thanks to its stunning beaches and lively annual events) and the burgeoning construction industry. Additionally, the healthcare and retail sectors also have a significant footprint in the locality, contributing to the economic growth and job market.

Planning to pack up your bags for Pompano Beach, Florida? Excellent choice! While embarking on your job hunting spree, it's important to know that the sea-breezy city boasts a slightly higher employment rate than the national average. As of 2021, the city's unemployment rate is marginally less than Florida's rate, offering a competitive yet promising job market. The Business service sector and the Healthcare industry, being the trailblazers, offer numerous employment opportunities. The construction industry constantly seeks skilled workers, while the retail sector, driven by the city's strong commerce, perennially presents diverse job prospects. And of course, the vibrant tourism industry is always on the look-out for energetic individuals ready to contribute to the city's zestful hospitality. So tighten up your resume and get ready to dive into the bustling job market of Pompano Beach!

Traffic and Transportation

Oh, Pompano Beach, Florida, you sun-soaked, salty-aired marvel! Your citizens enjoy a breezy average commute time of just about 24 minutes, proving that life in the "Heart of the Gold Coast" is as swift as it is sunny. On the off chance you're not zooming around your Ferrari in your flip-flops, there's always Broward County Transit busses, providing affordable public transportation options across the town. And let's not forget the fabulous Pompano Beach Airpark, your springboard to the skies for private and charter flights. So whether you're on the ground or in the air, getting around Pompano Beach is as smooth as a fresh Florida orange juice! Here's to perfect navigation in this beachy paradise!

What is the traffic like in Pompano Beach, FL?

Best Neighborhoods in Pompano Beach

1. Beachway Estates

In the heart of South Florida's Gold Coast lies Beachway Estates, a quiet, residential pocket of paradise with unreasonably appealing charm. Picture tree-lined streets, single-family homes, and an encouraged sense of community. It's ideal for those seeking a suburban vibe without sacrificing proximity to the ocean--the Atlantic is just a five-minute drive away. For the active, Fern Forest Nature Center hails nearby with its walking trails and wildlife.

2. East Haven

For those looking for a mix of coastal charm and cosmopolitan flair, East Haven won't disappoint. Here, you'll find a vibrant mix of restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries, all within walking distance. It's a hub with a vibrant night scene, great local shopping, intriguing public art, and lekker seafood. The cultural diversity imbues the neighborhood with a global vibe that enticingly contrasts with its quintessentially Florida beach town feel.

3. Cypress Lakes

If you are the outdoor type or someone who shares a reverence for nature, Cypress Lakes could be perfect for you. It's where rural meets suburbia. With its proximity to the Everglades and other natural attractions like Butterfly World and Tall Cypress National Preserve, it offers a relaxed pace of life. The community is ripe with greenery and lakes, promising daily encounters with Florida's wildlife. The Golf Course is a bonus for golf enthusiasts!

4. Harbor Village

Harbor Village, an upscale neighborhood, is an oasis for boating and fishing enthusiasts. It's located along the Intracoastal Waterway, with many homes offering private dockage. The ready water access allows residents to easily enjoy boating, paddleboarding, and kayaking. Pompano Beach Fishing Pier is "shore" to offer a catch, while the amphitheater hosts regular concerts and events for residents. The mix of luxury homes, mid-century moderns, and contemporary condos offers a plethora of architectural delight.

5. Cresthaven

Townhouses, condos, and sprawling single-family homes give Cresthaven its character. Graced by a sense of relaxed affluence and family-centered appeal, Cresthaven is a top-notch pick for those seeking restful living. It's close to the city's shops, schools, and Pompano Community Park, thus ensuring daily errands are a breeze. Being family-focused, the neighborhood hosts an array of family-oriented events and activities, meaning there's always something to enjoy.

Pompano Beach is a tropical getaway that, amazingly, you can call home. Each neighborhood carries a unique personality, catering to a range of lifestyles. There are pockets of calm for the peace-seekers, bursts of urbanist charm for the city lover, and waterfront vistas for those who yearn for the touch of the tropics. But no matter what, they all secure a spot under the sun-drenched Florida skyline. Welcome to Pompano - paradise awaits!

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Things to Do

Immerse yourself into the sunny, sandy, and sizzling city of Pompano Beach in sunny Florida. Whether it's diving into the Atlantic, scrumptious local eats, or strolling through nature parks, the city offers countless unique activities waiting to be discovered. Grab your beach hat and flip flops--we're going on a Pompano Beach romp--check out these 7 top things to do as a newbie in the city!

1. Dive into the Blue Abyss at Shipwreck Park

An underwater graveyard may score high on the spook-o-meter but invites unique thrill-seeking experiences for deep-sea adventurers. Shipwreck Park in Pompano Beach, hosts over 16 dive-worthy shipwrecks and boasts a 324-foot tall oil platform, making it a national hotspot for diving and snorkeling. Remember to pack your courage and waterproof camera!

2. Cook Up Sea-delights at Pop's Fish Market

Next, showcase your cooking prowess with the freshest fish on the block. Pop's Fish Market, a quaint family-owned business since 1957, sells fresh seafood supplied by their own fleet of boats. Perfect for those aromatic Florida cookouts overlooking the beach.

3. Discover Hidden Treasures at Hillsboro Antique Mall

Indulge in some retail therapy with a twist at Hillsboro Antique Mall. It offers a fascinating selection of nostalgic goodies, antiques, collectibles, and vintage items. Who knows, you might stumble upon a hidden 20th-century gem!

4. Take Delight in the Butterfly World

Experience a colorful flutter of serenity at Butterfly World. As the largest butterfly park in the world, this vibrant sanctuary hosts over 20,000 butterflies and birds from around the globe. A peaceful stroll here would mollify the stress of moving!

5. Savor Timeless Beauty at Sample-McDougald House

Take a step back in time by visiting the Sample-McDougald House, a stark contrast to modern Pompano Beach. This Century-old Southern Pine house offers a peek at Florida's architectural history and pioneer life. Guided tours and regular events keep this locale vibrant and engaging.

6. Join the Pompano Beach ArtWalk

For those with a penchant for painting and poise, the monthly Pompano Beach ArtWalk is unmissable. This free event showcases local artists, crafters, and musicians on the streets of Pompano Beach. Slake your art thirst while supporting homegrown talent!

7. Mingle with Locals at The Sunday GreenMarket

Last, yet far from least, immerse yourself in the local scene at The Sunday GreenMarket. The place is brimming with an abundance of locally-sourced produce, artisan goods, baked stuff, and gourmet food items. It's the perfect spot to mingle with locals, pick up fresh goods, and soak up the warm Florida sun!

So, you're all set for your Pompano Beach adventure! Adjacent to the hustle and bustle of South Florida's metropolitan area, this city charms with its small-town vibe yet thrives with modern flair. With diverse attractions to explore and hidden gems to discover, stepping into Pompano Beach life will be nothing short of a delightful escapade. Enjoy!

Things to do in Pompano Beach, FL?

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