Moving to Palm Bay

Welcoming you to the allure of sunny skies and a laid-back lifestyle, get ready to explore the ins and outs of relocating to Palm Bay, Florida! With intriguing tales of space exploration, inviting warm beaches, diverse wildlife, and a solid community spirit, the quintessential Florida city beckons. Our all-inclusive Palm Bay relocation guide is chock-full of essential insights, tips, and resources aimed at making your cross-country leap or simple sidestep into Palm Bay as hassle-free as possible. Buckle up for a journey to this inviting corner of the Sunshine State!

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What to Know Before Moving to Palm Bay

1. Welcoming the Sunshine

One of the most noteworthy aspects of relocating to Palm Bay, FL is the noteworthy availability of sunshine. With an average of 233 sunny days per year, Palm Bay beats the national average. The warmer climate brings a whole array of outdoor activities to engage in and enjoy. Sunbathing by the beach, swimming, fishing, golfing and trail hiking are all right at your fingertips. However, remember to always carry sunscreen to keep the sunburn at bay!

2. Lower Cost of Living

Next on our list is the cost of living, and this might bring a smile to many! Palm Bay's cost of living is significantly lower than the national average. Housing tends to be the most significant factor in the reduced cost of living, making it an attractive option for those seeking good, budget-friendly housing. Whether you're a retiree looking for a peaceful sun-drenched abode or a young professional seeking a new start, Palm Bay's reasonable cost of living is a huge draw.

3. A Haven for Nature Lovers

If you love nature, you're in for a treat. Palm Bay is known for its well-preserved natural landscape. Lush parks, wildlife sanctuaries and beautiful botanical gardens abound here. Turkey Creek Sanctuary, a prominent spot, offers visitors an immersive nature experience. Soaring palm trees, diverse animal species, and winding waterways make it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

4. Passionfruit - A Lesser Known Delight

This is where it gets a bit quirky. Passionfruit is a popular fruit here, celebrated with a dedicated festival every year - the Passionfruit Festival! At the festival, you can indulge in various passionfruit-based foods, drinks, and even skincare products. And you can try your hand at passionfruit picking--an exciting activity for both children and adults.

5. Anglers' Paradise

Palm Bay also happens to be a fisherman's dream. With a locale that boasts both freshwater and saltwater fishing spots, anglers are spoilt for choice. From Palm Bay's Indian River Lagoon, known for its robust Redfish and Snook, to the Stick Marsh, famous for its Bass fishing, you have it all. It's truly an Angler's paradise!

6. The Hidden Art Scene

Last but certainly not least, Palm Bay has a burgeoning art scene that often goes unmentioned. Small art studios and galleries can be found scattered throughout the city, hosting work from many local artists. The Foosaner Art Museum, although technically in neighboring Melbourne, is a short drive away and offers a fabulous collection of modern and contemporary art. And don't miss out on the local art festivals like the ArtWorks festival and the Melbourne Art festival, which celebrate the local creative community.

In a nutshell, sunny beach days, affordable living, nature havens, a unique local fruit, fishing opportunities and an emerging art scene make Palm Bay an exciting place to start a new chapter. So, if you've been contemplating a move, this friendly Florida city certainly merits your consideration.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Palm Bay

Pros of Living in Palm Bay

Outdoor Activities

Palm Bay offers a plethora of outdoor activities due to its location along the Atlantic coast. From pristine beaches for swimming and sunbathing to trails for hiking and biking, the opportunities for enjoying the sun and nature abound. Fishing is also very popular here with the Indian River Lagoon providing excellent fishing spots.

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to other coastal areas in Florida, Palm Bay has a much more affordable cost of living. Housing, in particular, tends to be more affordable here. This makes it an attractive place for those wanting to enjoy the Floridian lifestyle without incurring unusually high living costs.

Proximity to Major Cities and Attractions

Palm Bay is conveniently located near several major destinations in Florida. It's a short drive away from Orlando and Cape Canaveral, providing easy access to places like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and the Kennedy Space Center.

Good Career Opportunities

The city boasts steady economic growth with job opportunities in diverse fields. Palm Bay's economy is driven by sectors such as healthcare, education, and aerospace industry, offering a wide range of job options for residents.

Year-Round Warm Weather

If you are a fan of warm weather, you will love Palm Bay. With its subtropical climate, Palm Bay offers warm weather throughout the year. This is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits or simply like to bask in the sunshine.

Cons of Living in Palm Bay

High Humidity

Palm Bay experiences high humidity for most of the year, which may not be comfortable for everyone. Humidity can make the heat feel more intense and can also contribute to potential issues with mold in homes.

Hurricane Risk

Located on Florida's east coast, Palm Bay is vulnerable to the impact of hurricanes and tropical storms. While the city is prepared for these natural disasters, dealing with evacuation orders, potential property damage, and post-hurricane cleanup can be stressful.

Limited Nightlife

While Palm Bay has plenty to offer during the day, the city's nightlife scene can be a bit lacking. If you're accustomed to vibrant night scenes filled with clubs, bars, and late-night dining, you might not find what you're looking for in Palm Bay.

Lack of Public Transportation

The public transportation system in Palm Bay isn't as thorough or convenient as in some other cities. Most residents rely on cars to get around, so plan on having a reliable vehicle available or be prepared for longer commutes.

Increased Traffic During Tourist Season

With its proximity to popular destinations like Orlando and Cape Canaveral, Palm Bay experiences an influx of tourists, particularly during the winter months. This seasonal increase in population can lead to longer wait times at local attractions, crowded beaches and heavier traffic.

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Is Palm Bay a Good Place to Live?

Palm Bay, FL is a great place to live because of its stunning natural beauty with miles of pristine beaches, scenic parks, and year-round outdoor activities. Plus, it has excellent schools, a low cost of living, and a vibrant community that values culture, sports, and arts. There's always something fun to do in Palm Bay, from exploring local delicacies at farmer's markets to participating in unique regional festivals.

What Is Palm Bay Famous For?

Space Coast

Palm Bay is considered part of the area known as the "Space Coast" - the region of Florida near the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral. Stargazers delight in the regular space launches that can be seen here!

The Turkey Creek Sanctuary

Nope, there's no feathers involved! But Turkey Creek Sanctuary is a fantastic location for nature enthusiasts. It's filled with beautiful trails, a boardwalk that winds over the creek, and a plethora of wildlife. A perfect destination for nature photographers or just a relaxing afternoon walk.

Close Proximity to Theme Parks

Orlando's world-renowned theme parks are just a short ride away from Palm Bay. This means residents and visitors can easily take a day trip to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, or SeaWorld, then retreat away from the crowds back to the calm of Palm Bay.

Fishing and Boating

Palm Bay's position on the eastern Florida coast makes it an ideal city for water lovers. With the Indian River Lagoon close by, residents enjoy fishing, boating, and a variety of other water sports. Who wouldn't crave a succulent fresh-caught fish dinner after a day at the shore!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

The property tax rate for Palm Bay, FL, as of 2023, is 1.17%. This is relatively lower compared to the national average property tax rate of 1.07%.

Sales Tax

As of 2023, the total sales tax rate in Palm Bay, FL is 7%. This is slightly above the US median sales tax rate of 6%.

Income Tax

Florida, which includes Palm Bay, does not have an income tax. This is a variance from the national average state income tax rate of 4.6% as of 2023.

Housing Market

In Palm Bay, FL, the housing market presents a more accessible entrance compared to other regions in the US. The median home value stands at approximately $185,000, significantly lower than the national average. The market health demonstrates steady growth, making it suitable for long-term investments. For renters, the median rent is nearly $1,200 per month, also below the national average. With residents appreciating a relatively low cost of living along with the growth potential, Palm Bay housing market holds appeal for both buyers and renters seeking value and stability.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Palm Bay, FL is considerably lower than many other cities, especially those within Florida's coastal regions. Palm Bay offers greater affordability with housing costs considerably lower than the national average, making it an attractive proposition. However, healthcare and transportation costs sit slightly above average. Nonetheless, the overall lower cost of living, combined with the appeal of Florida's climate and lifestyle, positions Palm Bay as a favorable option for both families and retirees.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Palm Bay, Florida, offers a subtropical climate with two main seasons: wet and dry. Wet summers and warm, dry winters are characteristic, with temperatures ranging from the low 70s in winter months to mid-90s during the summer. Climate is generally mild, making it an attractive locale for outdoor enjoyment. However, Palm Bay isn't immune to severe weather, often experiencing tropical storms, hurricanes, and rare cold snaps. The Atlantic hurricane season is from June to November, posing a threat of heavy rain, strong winds, and flooding. Another potential natural disaster includes wildfires, which can occur during periods of drought. Despite these potential challenges, Palm Bay's climate is typically tempered with sunny days and ocean breezes, making it an enticing destination year-round.

Typical weather in Palm Bay, FL

Economy & Job Market

* Healthcare & Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Manufacturing

* Educational Services

* Accommodation & Food Services

In sunny Palm Bay, Florida, the economy has seen a progressive evolution from historically rooted industries towards more contemporary sectors. For many years, agriculture was the primary economic driver, with citrus farming leaving a tangy twist on the local economy. Manufacturing also held a strong presence with several companies developing space-related hardware - a legacy of Palm Bay's close proximity to the Kennedy Space Center. However, these days, the economy is a delightful cocktail of old and new industries. Today, healthcare and social assistance are blossoming, thanks to increasing investments in state-of-the-art facilities, while retail trade and education provide stability, continuing to grow and draw locals and transplants alike to their ranks. Food services and lodging are also thriving because hey, who doesn't want to savour the local cuisine amidst scenic ocean views?

But let's say you're rolling into Palm Bay with a U-Haul and dreams, where should you look for employment? Well, lucky for you, Palm Bay maintains a lower unemployment rate compared to the national average. So, there are plenty of opportunities for job seekers! Our advice? Aim towards the healthcare and social assistance sector. It's like the Florida sunshine - always there and always growing! Retail is another promising area, perfect if you have a knack for salesmanship or enjoy providing stellar customer service. And the education system is always on the lookout for passionate teachers ready to shape young minds. Jobs in manufacturing and the hospitality sectors shouldn't be overlooked either. So, grab your resume, pop on those sunglasses, and let's get job hunting in Palm Bay!

Traffic and Transportation

Heading to Palm Bay, FL? Buckle up for a breezy ride on the roadways of this charming destination. On average, Palm Bayers enjoy commute times that are music to any driver's ears - just 24.3 minutes! That's shorter than the national average! Now that's a sunrise drive to the office we can cozy up to. Don't fancy taking the driver's seat? No worries! Palm Tran public transit is ever ready to escort you around town, a smooth way to mingle with the locals. For the jet-setters and high-flyers, the nearby Melbourne International Airport is just 10 miles away and offers a variety of commercial flights. Let the sea-kissing breezes of Palm Bay accompany you on your journeys. In Palm Bay, transportation is not just about getting around, it's about the ride!

What is the traffic like in Palm Bay, FL?

Best Neighborhoods in Palm Bay

1. Lockmar Estates

Lockmar Estates is the Taj Mahal of Palm Bay neighborhoods. Known for its beautiful tree-lined streets and larger-than-average parcels, it is an ideal neighborhood if you're someone who values peace, serenity, and space. The vibe here is relaxed yet sophisticated. You'll find residents out and about enjoying the lovely weather, jogging, or cycling along the flat, scenic streets. The schools in Lockmar Estates are top-notch - perfect if you're moving with kiddos! Plus, with easy access to dining, shopping, and recreational facilities, Lockmar Estates is nothing short of a paradise within the city.

2. Bayside Lakes

Imagine living in a neighborhood where you step out of your house and are greeted by pristine golf course vistas or glimmering lakes. That's Bayside Lakes for you! This high-demand community boasts enchanting landscapes, top-tier athletic clubs, and dining facilities, and let's not forget the 18-hole golf course. Bayside Lakes fosters a family-friendly environment with lots of green spaces and parks for children to play, along with dedicated biking trails and nature paths. It's an idyllic place for those who love outdoor pursuits in a breathtakingly beautiful setting.

3. Palm Bay Colony

Perfectly nestled away, Palm Bay Colony is a charming neighborhood that offers a unique combo of affordability, community lifestyle, and amenities. The residents enjoy exclusive access to a gorgeous pool, clubhouse, shuffleboard courts, and much, much more. The vibe in Palm Bay Colony is akin to a perpetual block party with a strong sense of community. It's a welcoming neighborhood where you would feel at home right away.

4. Port Malabar

Port Malabar holds the allure of the old-world charm (established in the 1920s) with the vibrance of modern amenities. The neighborhood is peaceful and quiet, with friendly residents and a dog-friendly attitude. Port Malabar is quite spacious, allowing a lot of room for gardening enthusiasts and outdoor activity lovers. Its prime location makes it a hot spot for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Relocating to Port Malabar is like getting the best of both worlds - an old-world charm and a modern lifestyle.

5. Turkey Creek

If living in the lap of nature is your thing, then Turkey Creek is your place to be. This scenic neighborhood gives direct access to the stunning Turkey Creek Sanctuary, offering an abundance of wildlife, walking trails, a boardwalk, and a canoe dock. Life is quite peaceful here - it's common to find residents casually walking, jogging, or kicking back and bird-watching. For a neighborhood so close to nature, Turkey Creek doesn't skimp on modern luxuries, with a range of eateries, golf courses, and shopping centers. So, if you're someone who likes to balance wilderness and civilization, Turkey Creek is the best bet!

To wrap it up, each neighborhood in Palm Bay has a unique charm and offers a different take on the 'Florida lifestyle'. Whether you are a family-focused couple, a nature lover, a golf enthusiast or someone who appreciates a laid back, close-knit community spirit, there's a neighborhood waiting just for you in beautiful Palm Bay. So, pack your bags and let the Sunshine State vibes hit you!

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Things to Do

Are you new to Palm Bay, Florida and looking for something fun to do? Look no further! This slice of Sunshine State paradise offers a lot of fun activities and numerous sightseeing spots that are sure to satisfy your entertainment needs! Whether you love to feel the sand between your toes or you're a nature junkie with a knack for adventure, Palm Bay has something to splurge your heart on. So let's dive into the top seven things to do in Palm Bay.

1. Castaway Point Park

As the name suggests, this is your literal escape from the many hustles and bustles of city life. The park is perfect for fishing, picnicking, or just watching the sunrise while having an early morning coffee. Kids will love the pirate-themed playground, and it's an awesome spot for catching sight of dolphins and manatees.

2. Turkey Creek Sanctuary

Get your boots ready and charge your camera, you're going bird-watching! The Turkey Creek Sanctuary offers 1.5 miles of boardwalks and jogging trails taking you through lush hammocks, pine flatwoods, and sandy beaches. It's a haven for over 160 species of birds, various species of mammals, and reptiles.

3. The Majors Golf Club

Known as one of the best golf courses in Brevard County, The Majors Golf Club is a must-try for any golf enthusiast. It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner; the course's tee sets can be tailored to your skill level. When finished, celebrate your win (or mourn your loss) with a meal at the clubhouse restaurant.

4. Andretti Thrill Park

This is where adrenaline junkies meet their fix. Andretti Thrill Park offers a plethora of activities that include go-kart racing, mini golf, paddle boating, and even an arcade. It's a one-stop-shop for family entertainment and certainly a must-visit on a long weekend.

5. Zunum Aero

Looking for something off the beaten path? Then head on to Zunum Aero, an aviation startup aiming to revolutionize regional travel with electric air taxis! Getting a behind-the-scenes look at this cutting-edge technology is undoubtedly a thrilling opportunity for tech enthusiasts out there.

6. Yellow Dog Cafe

This has to be Brevard County's best kept secret. Hidden along the scenic Riverside Drive in Malabar, the Yellow Dog Cafe offers mouthwatering surf 'n turf amidst a romantic riverside setting. The restaurant's delightfully quirky atmosphere really sets the mood for a relaxing gastronomic adventure.

7. The Annual Seafood and Music Festival

Last, but certainly not least, is the Palm Bay's Seafood and Music Festival. Held annually, it's a vibrant celebration of the city's two loves: seafood and music. Expect live concerts, delectable seafood dishes from all around the world, and an unforgettable party atmosphere. Visit the Palm Bay official website for the festival dates and more information.

There's no doubt that Palm Bay, Florida is full of many enjoyable activities for anyone and everyone. Whether you are a thrill-seeker, a foodie, a nature lover, or a leisure traveler, this city has something to offer you. So, go on and unravel the magic that is Palm Bay!

Things to do in Palm Bay, FL?

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