Moving to Miami Gardens

Welcome to your ultimate guide on relocating to the vibrant city of Miami Gardens, Florida. We understand that moving can be daunting, but imagine settling down amidst verdant parks, bustling events, family-friendly neighborhoods, and a rich multicultural beat. Miami Gardens has mastered the art of living invigoratingly without sacrificing the charm of a tight-knit community. Get ready to immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms of this sun-kissed paradise. Your exciting Miami Gardens journey begins right here!

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What to Know Before Moving to Miami Gardens

1. Feel the Heat!

First things first, you should be prepared for the weather. Miami Gardens enjoys a tropical monsoon climate with a wet season (May to October) and a dry season (November to April). It's generally warm throughout the year, ideal for those who love sunshine and summer vibes. Remember to pack your swimsuit and sunscreen but don't leave out the rain jacket, thunderstorms are common and quite spectacular to watch.

2. Sports Central

If you're a sports fan, get ready to cheer on! Miami Gardens is home to the Hard Rock Stadium where both Miami Dolphins (NFL) and University of Miami football teams play. Not to mention, the city has also hosted several Super Bowls and the annual Miami Open tennis tournament. What's more, the city will host the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix from 2022.

3. Blossoming Art and Cultural Scene

Now this might surprise you. While Miami Gardens isn't as well-known as its celebrity sibling, Miami, for its arts scene, there's a considerable cultural movement brewing. The city hosts the annual Jazz in the Gardens festival, attracting artists and spectators from far and wide. Additionally, the Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Complex Amphitheater hosts numerous cultural events throughout the year. It's the perfect place to soak up some local culture.

4. Decadent Culinary Delights

Get ready to feast! Miami Gardens offers a unique blend of Caribbean and American cuisines. Let your taste buds travel from Caribbean jerk chicken to the Southern soul food at popular eateries like Lorna's Caribbean & American Grille. Plus, the city also hosts the annual Miami Gardens Wine & Food Experience - a true gustatory adventure!

5. A Botanical Gem!

And now for something a little out of the usual. Miami Gardens hosts the St. Thomas University's enchanting botanical garden - the Garden of Life. This hidden gem covers five acres and is dedicated to celebrating the unity of all life forms. Expect to be captivated by the lush landscapes, fantastic flora, and peaceful tranquility.

6. Economy on the Rise

While not as high-profile as Miami, Miami Gardens is attracting businesses and investors, so it's a place full of opportunities. Key industries include retail, healthcare, and educational services. It's not just about fun and sun in Miami Gardens; the city also offers promising prospects for employment and business ventures.

In conclusion, moving to Miami Gardens presents a unique fusion of tropical joys, sports enthusiasm, cultural vibrancy, and economic opportunity. Its rising status as a diverse and thriving community promises life filled with excitement and comfort. So whether you're a sports fanatic, a foodie, an art admirer or a budding businessman, you'll find plenty to love about Miami Gardens, FL. With its sunny skies welcoming you, you'll truly feel like you're living in a garden.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Miami Gardens

Pros of Living in Miami Gardens


Miami Gardens, like much of Florida, boasts a tropical climate which means warm, sunny weather throughout the year. This is ideal for outdoor activities such as picnics, beach outings, and family barbecues practically year round.

Access to Cultural Events and Activities

Miami Gardens is host to the annual Jazz in the Gardens event which attracts people from around the country. Moreover, being close to Miami, residents have easy access to art galleries, music festivals, sports events, and international cuisine.

Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the city's multiple parks and green spaces. Plus, Miami Gardens is just a short drive away from some of Florida's most popular beaches, making it a great location for beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts.

Community Diversity

Miami Gardens has a richly diverse community, which is reflected in its culture, cuisine, and events. This can be a great environment to broaden your horizons and experience different cultures.


Miami Gardens has a well-organized public transportation system that allows residents to navigate the city with ease. This comprehensive transportation network includes buses, trains and trolleys, reducing the need for private vehicles and saving on transportation costs.

Cons of Living in Miami Gardens

Cost of Living

While varying by individual lifestyle and needs, the cost of living in Miami Gardens may be considered high for some. This includes elements such as housing, groceries, healthcare, and utilities may be above the national average.


With the growing population and urban development, Miami Gardens can experience heavy traffic, especially during peak hours. This can be a downside for those commuting to work or school.

Hurricanes and Extreme Weather

Living in Miami Gardens means being at risk for extreme weather conditions, particularly hurricanes. This can result in potential property damage and may require additional preparations and considerations for homeowners.

Heat and Humidity

Though many love the warm tropical climate, the high temperatures and humidity during the summer months can be uncomfortable for some, especially those not accustomed to this kind of climate.

Crime Rate

As with most urban areas, Miami Gardens has some degree of crime. While the city takes measures to ensure safety, the crime rate is still something to consider when moving to this area.

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Is Miami Gardens a Good Place to Live?

Miami Gardens, FL is a great place to live because of its favorable climate, vibrant community, and unbeatable access to some of Florida's top amenities such as the Hard Rock Stadium and Sunny Isles Beach. The city is also known for its diverse food scene, outdoor activities and is recognized as a fun, progressive and dynamic city, providing plenty of opportunities for individuals and families to grow. With its rich cultural events such as the annual Jazz in the Gardens and proximity to Miami's energetic lifestyle, living in Miami Gardens is always an exciting adventure!

What Is Miami Gardens Famous For?

Super Bowl Entertainment

Who can talk about Miami Gardens without mentioning its connection to the Super Bowl? The city is home to Hard Rock Stadium that has hosted the Super Bowl multiple times. It's an on-going party of sports, entertainment, and culture whenever this city plays host.

Miami Gardens Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival

Every year, Miami Gardens transforms into a vibrant hub of music and culture during its famous Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival. With previous lineups including A-list artists like Lionel Richie, Chaka Khan, and Mary J. Blige, there's no better place to get down and groove.

The Calder Casino

Feel like pressing your luck? Visit the Calder Casino in Miami Gardens! With its variety of games - from slot machines to poker tables - and its pulsating nightlife, this attractions draws in both locals and tourists looking to have a good time.

Love for the Arts and Culture

It's not just about sports and gambling in Miami Gardens! The city also places high value on arts and culture. It's home to the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum and the Miami Gardens Historical Society Museum, which both highlight the rich tapestry of history, art, and identity of the region.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Miami Gardens, FL as of 2023, the property tax rate is around 2.05%, which is higher compared to the US average of 1.07%. The property value plays a significant role in determining the amount of property tax paid by each homeowner.

Sales Tax

The total sales tax rate in Miami Gardens is currently at 7%, as of 2023. This is relatively average compared to other areas of the US, where rates can range from 0% to more than 10% depending on the state.

Income Tax

Residents of Miami Gardens, FL benefit from the fact that Florida does not have state income tax, keeping more money in their pockets each year. Conversely, the nationwide average state income tax rate is around 4.6%.

Housing Market

In Miami Gardens, FL, the median home value is around $247,300, a growth rate that exceeds the national average. However, the property appreciation rate here lags behind other regions. Buyers enjoy relatively lower housing costs, with about 56% of residents being homeowners. As for renters, the average rent is approximately $1,440 per month. Miami Gardens is an increasingly popular place for real estate investments due to its robust employment opportunities and vibrant cultural scene.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Miami Gardens, FL is relatively high compared to other cities. Factors contributing to this include housing and transportation expenses, which are above the national average. However, healthcare costs are slightly lower than average. It's essential to consider these living expenses when contemplating a move to Miami Gardens, FL or any other city. Knowing these costs upfront can help in making an informed decision.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Miami Gardens, FL experiences a tropical rainforest climate with high temperatures and substantial rainfall all year round. Summers are hot and humid, lasting from May to October, often accompanied by frequent thunderstorms and occasionally, hurricanes. Winter months, November to April, although much drier, still maintain warm temperatures. Average annual high temperatures hover around 80-90degF, while lows rarely drop below 60degF. This makes Miami Gardens attractive for sun-lovers and beach-goers. Being in Florida's "Hurricane Alley," the city is susceptible to tropical cyclones. Occasionally, Miami Gardens experiences storm surges and coastal flooding brought by these violent systems. However, preventative measures and early warning systems are in place to help protect its residents and properties. Overall, despite the occasional threat of natural disasters, Miami Gardens offers a warm, tropical climate that is enjoyed by many.

Typical weather in Miami Gardens, FL

Economy & Job Market

* Health Care and Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Accommodation and Food Services

* Construction

* Education Services

Miami Gardens, FL's economy has a rich and vibrant history, enriched by its diverse mix of industries. Its economic past can be traced back to the rise of South Florida's agricultural industry, with many residents employed in farms producing tropical fruits, and later shifting to the burgeoning tourism industry. In the present day, these roots are still visible, but the economy has diversified substantially. The largest industries now are health care and social assistance, closely followed by retail trade, accommodation and food services. The city also boasts a healthy construction sector, and a strong presence in education services, which brings together both the private and public sectors.

Are you contemplating a move to the sunny city of Miami Gardens, FL, and wondering about the job market? The first thing to note is that the unemployment rate in Miami Gardens is slightly higher than the national average, and job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be lower than the US average. However, don't let this discourage you! The city is home to several large employers, including the Miami Dolphins and Calder Casino. Many job opportunities arise in the health care and retail sectors due to its growing population. Particularly, jobs relating to care of the elderly are expected to grow. If you're considering a job in education, Miami-Dade County Public Schools is one of the top employers in the region. So, polish up that resume and bring your sunblock, because Miami Gardens awaits!

Traffic and Transportation

Welcome to the sunny city of Miami Gardens, FL, where tropical southeast breezes gently sway palm trees amid bustling traffic. Miami Gardens residents embrace an average commute time of 30.2 minutes, just a tad longer than the U.S. average but hey, there's plenty of gorgeous skyline to admire! The city provides several public transportation options, including Miami-Dade Transit buses and Metrorail offering a car-free, stress-less way to maneuver this vibrant city. Flights? Well, buckle up! We've got two major airports serving our area: Miami International Airport, just a hop, skip and a jump away and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is just up the road. Whether you're commuting by car, bus, rail, or by air, Miami Gardens welcomes you with brilliant sunshine, fresh ocean air, and a community that's always on the move. Your adventure starts here, in Miami Gardens, FL!

What is the traffic like in Miami Gardens, FL?

Best Neighborhoods in Miami Gardens

1. Scott Lake

Considered the crown jewel of Miami Gardens, Scott Lake is a vibrant neighborhood filled with a mix of young professionals, families, and retirees. The neighborhood is named after the picturesque Scott Lake at its center, providing a tranquil setting for picnics, canoeing, or scenic jogs. Scott Lake residents love their neighborhood's lush greenery, quiet streets, and the strong sense of community. Plus, if you're into golf, the popular Lake Monster Golf Course is just minutes away!

2. Carol City

Carol City is home to many families and is highly regarded for its diversity. Its charming residential streets are highlighted by a slew of mid-century, retro-style homes. Local parks, including Carol City Park and Rainbow Park, offer open spaces for exercise, kid-friendly play areas, and trails for afternoon strolls. Carol City is notably the home of Hard Rock Stadium, perfect for sports lovers who enjoy watching the Miami Dolphins' games or concerts.

3. Andover

Andover is a hidden gem in Miami Gardens. Here, residents relish in quiet, well-kept communities with plenty of family-friendly amenities and activities. Andover's appeal lies in its peaceful environment, with lots of green spaces perfect for leisurely afternoon walks or morning yoga sessions. The neighborhood uplifts its community spirit with annual events such as community yard sales and holiday decorating contests.

4. Bunche Park

Bunche Park is noted for its warm and friendly neighborhood vibe. It's perfect for those who value a strong neighborly connection and family-oriented lifestyle. The centerpiece of this neighborhood is the Bunche Park, which provides local kiddos with a playground and sports field and doubles as a popular spot for community gatherings. The positive energy here is palpable, and the sense of unity expressed within the community is truly heartwarming.

5. Lake Lucerne

Teeming with small-town charm, Lake Lucerne stands out with its historic houses, cul-de-sacs, and mature trees draped with Spanish moss. The serene Lake Lucerne provides a gorgeous backdrop for morning jogs or sunset boat rides. This neighborhood not only offers a quintessential Floridian lifestyle but is also conveniently located, with accessible public transportation and an abundance of local amenities and attractions like shops, restaurants, and parks.

In conclusion, Miami Gardens is filled with unique neighborhoods that contain a delightful blend of lush greeneries, community-centric environments, family-friendly spaces, and a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're searching for quiet solitude or a lively neighborhood teeming with activities, these five neighborhoods in Miami Gardens can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. So, pack your bags and get ready to dive into the energetic culture, rich traditions, and sunny vibes of your new home in Miami Gardens!

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Things to Do

So you're moving to Miami Gardens, FL, and you want to find out what this vibrant city has to offer? You're in the right place! There's more to Miami Gardens than meets the eye. Here are the top seven things to do in the city that will help you discover its lively culture, unique attractions, and endless sunshine.

1. Visit Hard Rock Stadium

When in Miami Gardens, you can't miss the city's jewel--Hard Rock Stadium. Home to the Miami Dolphins, a day at this incredible sporting monument is something you'll never forget. It's not all about football though. The stadium also hosts world-class concerts, international soccer matches, and even grand spectacles like WrestleMania!

2. Explore Calder Casino

Feeling lucky? Head over to Calder Casino. Not only does this place offer the usual high-stakes gaming fun, but it also has weekly live entertainment and dining options. Don't forget to try your luck in one of their exciting slot machines or electronic table games.

3. Get Active at Rolling Oaks Park

Pack your picnic basket and put on some comfortable shoes for your visit to Rolling Oaks Park. This neighborhood gem is perfect for a quiet jog or a family outing. The park features a splash pad, fitness zone, basketball courts, and barbecue grills--a perfect setting for a sunny afternoon.

4. Try Authentic Carribbean Cuisine

Refuel with some delicious Carribean cuisine at local favorites like Lorna's Caribbean & American Grill or Chef Creole. The flavors are rich, and the atmosphere unique--you may just feel like you've landed in the Caribbean itself!

5. Discover Art at Yeelen Gallery

For a more off-the-beaten-path experience, make your way to Yeelen Gallery. This contemporary art gallery focuses on social and political issues through thought-provoking exhibits. It's a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of Miami's art scene and discover up-and-coming artists.

6. Visit The Historic St. Thomas University

This might come as a surprise, but St. Thomas University is a must-visit. Founded in Havana in 1946 and relocated to Miami Gardens in 1961, its stunning architecture and beautiful grounds have a rich history, making it an enlightening educational trip.

7. Unearth History at The Ancient Spanish Monastery

This secret gem tucked away in North Miami Beach is a short drive away. Brought piece by piece from Spain in the 20th Century, The Ancient Spanish Monastery offers a slice of medieval history. It's not only a peaceful escape from the city hustle but a fantastic spot for photo ops.

With each sunny day, you'll find that Miami Gardens is full of surprises and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. From cheering at the vibrant Hard Rock Stadium to exploring the tranquil Ancient Spanish Monastery, everyday life in Miami Gardens is anything but mundane. Get ready to soak up the Sunshine State lifestyle--Miami Gardens awaits you with open arms!

Things to do in Miami Gardens, FL?

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