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Let's embark on a journey to the stunning Boynton Beach, Florida! Known for its sparkling turquoise waters, lush natural parks, and irresistible Southern charm, Boynton Beach is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. As you contemplate making this Floridian paradise your new home, our comprehensive Boynton Beach relocation guide is here to introduce you to the myriad of recreational activities, unparalleled real estate, and exceptional lifestyle that you could relish in. Dive deep with us into the allure of Boynton Beach, a place that perfectly marries oceanic tranquility with cosmopolitan hustle.

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What to Know Before Moving to Boynton Beach

1. Sunshine and Saltwater Galore

With a remarkable 230 days of sunshine each year, Boynton Beach won't disappoint the sun-worshiper in you! Not a fan of intense heat? Don't fret, the average high stops short of 90degF. And if you're a water baby, you're in luck. This oceanfront gem is known for its inviting coastline. You won't just be dipping a toe in; you'll be taking a plunge into the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic surf.

2. A Biodiversity Buff's Dream

Ever heard of Manatee Bay? Apart from having a cute name, it's also a habitat to dozens of marine animals, including its namesake gentle giants, manatees. Perfect for those who appreciate nature's abundance! It's also a bird watcher's delight, hosting a simply mind-boggling array of wetland birds. Pack some binoculars - You wouldn't want to miss this spectacle.

3. A Haven for Foodies

We're going to let you in on a little secret. Boynton Beach is home to some of the tastiest seafood in Florida, if not the country. Delight in the culinary offerings of numerous fine-dining restaurants and quirky, hole-in-the-wall institutions offering mouth-watering spreads. If you're adventurous, don't forget to check out the yearly Garlic Fest, which brings a host of garlicy gastronomical wonders to your plate!

4. A History Buff's Treasure Chest

You might not know this, but Boynton Beach is rife with history. The Schoolhouse Children's Museum and Learning Center, for one, is a fully interactive, hands-on museum dedicated to the history of education in South Florida. Originating from a schoolhouse built in the early 1900s, it's an intriguing place for history enthusiasts. There's always an adventure waiting around the corner, making Boynton Beach a history buff's utopia.

5. Convenience at your Doorstep

From grocery stores to beach gear shops, amenities abound in this charming city. Need to hit the gym? Yoga studio? It's got you covered. And just 15 minutes away from Delray Beach and 20 from West Palm, you'll have easy access to larger city amenities, arts, and entertainment. Some would say Boynton Beach is the perfect blend of small-town charm and big-city convenience. Could you ask for more?

6. A Hidden Gem for Art Lovers

Unexpected but true, Boynton Beach is a hub for artsy souls! The city has a vibrant art scene with the Art District at the heart of it. The district, being an epicenter of creativity, bursts with art galleries, studios, and public art installations. Additionally, the city's public art program brings art to nontraditional locations! Look around and find mesmerizing sculptures in parks or distinctive murals adorning public buildings. For art enthusiasts, it's like walking through an outdoor museum.

So, all things considered, Boynton Beach has got it all --sunshine, sea, history, convenience, gastronomy, and an artsy spirit to boot. This inviting beach-side city is ready to be your home away from home!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Boynton Beach

Pros of Living in Boynton Beach

Access to Beautiful Beaches

Living in Boynton Beach provides quick and easy access to some of Florida's most beautiful beaches. Spending days in the warm sand and swimming in the crystal clear water become a regular part of life and not just a vacation treat.

Year-Round Warm Weather

With a tropical climate, Boynton Beach residents can enjoy warm weather throughout the year. This allows for more outdoor activities such as water sports, fishing, and golfing, no matter what month it is.

Active Lifestyles

The city offers numerous parks, nature preserves, golf courses, and walking paths. This makes Boynton Beach a great place for those who enjoy leading an active lifestyle and spending time outdoors.

Wide Variety of Restaurants and Shops

Residents in Boynton Beach have access to a wide range of restaurants and shopping centers. From quaint boutiques to well-known retail stores, and from seafood eateries to international cuisines, there's something for everyone's taste and preference.

Cultural and Community Events

Boynton Beach has a vibrant community with a full calendar of cultural and community events. The annual Seafood Festival, the Holiday Boat Parade, and weekly Farmers' Markets, among others, enhance the sense of community and provide fun activities for people of all ages.

Cons of Living in Boynton Beach

High Cost of Living

Living expenses in Boynton Beach can be quite high compared to the national average. This not only includes housing but also healthcare, groceries, and transportation, making it a potentially tough place for many people to live comfortably on a tight budget.

Tourism Crowds

Being a popular tourist destination, Boynton Beach can become crowded, particularly during peak vacation times. This could lead to overcrowded beaches, long waits at restaurants, and increased traffic.

Hurricane and Storm Risk

Located in South Florida, Boynton Beach is susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms. These natural disasters can cause disruptions to daily life and potentially significant property damage.

Insects and Wildlife

Due to the humid climate, Boynton Beach has its share of bugs and wildlife. Residents often have to deal with mosquitoes, ants, and other pesky critters. There's also occasional encounters with more exotic creatures such as alligators and snakes.

Limited Job Opportunities

While there are certain industries that thrive in Boynton Beach, there could be limited job opportunities for certain specialties. It may not be the best place for everyone's job prospects, especially for those in less prominent industries in the area.

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Is Boynton Beach a Good Place to Live?

Boynton Beach, FL is a great place to live because of its bountiful natural beauty, serene beaches, and array of entertaining activities. With ample sunshine all year round and a lively local dining scene featuring fresh seafood, life here easily morphs into a permanent vacation. Top it all up with a friendly community and you can see why many choose to call this tropical paradise home!

What Is Boynton Beach Famous For?


The Boynton Beach Inlet

One of the most popular attractions in Boynton Beach, the Inlet provides visitors with a tranquil site for fishing and boating. Not only this, but it also offers superb views of the Atlantic Ocean, making it a must-visit for anyone looking for a serene spot to unwind and enjoy nature at its best.

The Schoolhouse Children\'s Museum & Learning Center

A learning space like no other, The Schoolhouse Children\'s Museum & Learning Center harks back to historical classrooms, providing a fun, hands-on facility that both educates and entertains children. With an array of exhibits and programs on offer, it\'s an ideal space for kids to explore and learn.

Bedner\'s Farm Fresh Market

When it comes to shopping fresh, Bedner\'s Farm Fresh Market is the place to visit. This market is renowned for delivering farm-to-table produce, offering a variety of fruits and vegetables, honey, homemade ice cream, and other locally sourced products, bringing you the very best Boynton Beach has to offer.

Green Cay Wetlands and Nature Center

For nature enthusiasts, the Green Cay Wetlands and Nature Center is a must-visit spot. This nature park, featuring a 1.5-mile boardwalk and nature center, provides an immersive experience into Florida\'s unique wetland ecosystem. You can indulge in birdwatching, or simply take a leisurely walk amidst natural beauty.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

The property tax rate in Boynton Beach, FL for 2023 has been set at 1.9%, which is slightly higher than the national average at 1.07%. This tax is paid yearly by owners of homes, land, and commercial real estate within the city limits.

Sales Tax

The state of Florida has set the sales tax rate at 6%, plus the discretionary sales surtax of 1% for Boynton Beach, making a total of 7%. This combined rate is below the median national figure by quite a significant amount, which is about 7.12% in 2023.

Income Tax

Interestingly, Florida is one of the few states in the US which does not levy a state income tax. This significantly lowers the total tax burden for residents of Boynton Beach, FL, compared with the national average of federal plus state income tax in the US in 2023, standing at 24.3%.

Housing Market

The housing market in Boynton Beach, FL exhibits favorable conditions for both renters and buyers. While the city's median home value of $315,899 is above the national median, properties are still more affordable compared to many coastal regions in the U.S. Rent prices are relatively stable, with a median of $1,707 per month. Boynton Beach offers a diverse range of properties, from waterfront condos to spacious single-family homes, making it an attractive market for various demographic groups. As an added benefit, the city boasts a robust economy and a desirable location along Florida's southeastern coast.

Cost of Living

Living in Boynton Beach, FL is relatively affordable compared to many other cities in Florida and the United States at large. The overall cost of living index is slightly below the national average. Key factors such as housing and grocery costs fall below the national average, making it an attractive place to live. However, healthcare and utilities expenses are slightly higher. These variations reflect a dynamic balance of costs that presents an appealing option for many families and retirees.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Boynton Beach, Florida boasts a tropical climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters. Average summer temperatures range from the mid-80s to the high-90s (Fahrenheit), while in winter months, temperatures hover around the mid-60s to mid-70s. The city experiences the majority of its average yearly rainfall of approximately 65 inches during the summer months, potentially leading to frequent thunderstorms. As it lies in a vulnerable coastal region of southern Florida, Boynton Beach is susceptible to natural disasters such as hurricanes, particularly between June and November, the official Atlantic hurricane season. However, despite these potential weather challenges, Boynton Beach's overall climate beautifully fosters its lush tropical landscapes, making it an attractive destination and living locale.

Typical weather in Boynton Beach, FL

Economy & Job Market

* Healthcare & Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Hospitality & Tourism

* Educational Services

* Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services

Boynton Beach, with its sparkling blue beaches gently lapped by warm, turquoise waves, is not only a great place for vacation but also an economic delight. Historically, this Floridian paradise was a hub for fishing and fruit growing industry, which set the stage for what is today a diverse and robust economy. Presently, the top industries in Boynton Beach include healthcare and social assistance, retail trade, hospitality and tourism, and education. There is also a good amount of jobs in professional, scientific, and technical services, and, taking a peek into the future, it appears the technology sector is likely to command a bigger share of the pie.

If you are planning to work a suntan while making your livelihood in Boynton Beach, you'll be greeted with good news. Compared to the US average, Boynton Beach's job market has seen an increased growth rate by 1.9% over the last year. Future job growth over the next decade is predicted to be 38.7%, which is higher than the US average of 33.5%. It's health care and social assistance sector is on the rise so if you're a health professional, your prospects are looking pretty peachy! Piqued your interest in Tech? Well, Boynton Beach's burgeoning tech scene might just be your ticket. So, pack that sunscreen, those resumes and let the delightful adventure in Boynton Beach, FL begin!

Traffic and Transportation

Hey there, sun-loving commuters! Boynton Beach, Florida, is not just about beach bumming and perpetual playtime! How do our hardworking citizens navigate their work-week, you ask? The average commute here hovers around 24 minutes, leaving plenty of time for sunrise surfing before punching the clock. When carpooling isn't an option, public transportation comes to the rescue with Palm Tran, the area's reliable bus service. And boy, those buses are prompt! Always up for a jaunt to far-off places? Palm Beach International Airport gets you airborne and off to your destination with ease! It's just a short hop from Boynton Beach. So there you have it, your guide to zooming around the beautiful Boynton Beach. Happy commuting!

What is the traffic like in Boynton Beach, FL?

Best Neighborhoods in Boynton Beach

1. Ocean Ridge

Welcome to Ocean Ridge, where you'll encounter a peaceful oceanfront neighborhood, with its stunning beaches and gorgeous natural beauty. If you love the beach life with a dash of luxury, then Ocean Ridge is the place for you. With the calming blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, to lush tropical foliage, Ocean Ridge is the perfect destination to enjoy nature at its finest. Offering snorkeling and fishing, this neighborhood is ideal for ocean enthusiasts.

2. Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is a lively area with a mix of charming, vintage houses and modern, renovated homes, filled to the brim with character. Settled between the vibrant Downtown Boynton Beach and delightful Delray Beach, Chapel Hill is ideally located. It's also a stone's throw away from Bethesda Hospital East, an added convenience for healthcare professionals or families with medical needs. Expect friendly neighbors, quiet streets, and a welcoming atmosphere.

3. Hunters Run

If you're an avid golfer or someone who enjoys living in well-established neighborhoods, put Hunters Run on your list. Home to magnificent golf courses featuring serene lakes and rolling fairways, this neighborhood knows how to impress. Besides golf, residents can enjoy tennis, social clubs, and fine dining all within the gated community. A sense of safety and camaraderie resonates throughout, providing an overall welcoming atmosphere.

4. Mangrove Walk

In the heart of Downtown Boynton Beach lies Mangrove Walk. This charming, coastal neighborhood is filled with pastel-colored townhouses and a variety of local businesses including art galleries, restaurants, and cafes. It offers a vibrant, urban feel, yet with easy access to the tranquil Intracoastal Waterway. Plus, with the Boynton Harbor Marina within walking distance, it's a paradise for boating enthusiasts.

5. Canyon Lakes

Last but certainly not least, Canyon Lakes is a dream for families. This neighborhood is known for its warm and friendly, family-oriented vibe. Amenities here include a well-organized homeowners association, clubhouse, swimming pools, and sports facilities. On top of that, it's also close to Sunset Palms Elementary School, making it an excellent choice for families with school-age children. The scenic lakes and picturesque hiking trails just add to its appeal.

In conclusion, whether you're seeking stunning ocean views, a lively community, gated luxury, urban living, or a family-friendly atmosphere, Boynton Beach neighborhoods offer it all. Each unique in its own right, and all ready to welcome new residents with open arms. So why wait to start your adventure in Boynton Beach?

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Things to Do

Ah, Boynton Beach, Florida - a magical place where the sea salt dances in the air and the sun always graces us with an amazing tan. This corner of paradise offers more than just pretty beaches; it's packed with incredible nature trails, water adventures, aesthetic art districts, fantastic golf courses and food scenes that can make your taste buds break into a salsa dance. Here we go, fun lovers, this is your guide to the seven must-do activities in Boynton Beach!

1. Discover Underwater Treasures at Boynton Beach Dive Center

Whether you're a novice diver or a seasoned pro, Boynton Beach Dive Center offers spectacular diving trips to explore Florida's rich marine life. Here you can discover everything from vibrant coral reefs to exciting shipwrecks. Not your average beach day, but definitely an adventure to remember.

2. Hit a Hole-In-One at Quail Ridge Country Club

Quail Ridge Country Club is a treat for golf lovers. With two professional-grade golf courses, an array of dining options, and loads of social activities, it's a paradise wrapped inside a country club. The scenic surroundings make every swing better and every meal tastier!

3. Step into the Wild at Green Cay Nature Center and Wetlands

From a Boardwalk that winds through a diverse range of habitats to interactive exhibits, Green Cay Nature Center is an oasis of learning and nature. It's a must-visit for bird watchers, wildlife enthusiasts, and photo-hobbyists. Switch off your phone and tune into the soothing chorus of nature.

4. Dine and Wine at Two Georges Waterfront Restaurant

Two Georges Waterfront Restaurant provides a spectacular blend of scrumptious seafood, refreshing beverages, and breathtaking views of the marina. This dock-and-dine hotspot is where you'll find locals and tourists alike, all united by their love for good food and calming sea views.

5. Take a Stroll through the Boynton Beach Art District

Get lost among contemporary murals, eccentric sculptures and a series of art galleries in the dynamic Boynton Beach Art District. Indulge in your creative side and explore the artistic flair of local and visiting artists. It's off-the-radar for most visitors, making it a unique hidden treasure.

6. Uncover History at the Schoolhouse Children's Museum & Learning Center

Who says history needs to be boring? Housed in a historic school building, the Schoolhouse Children's Museum makes learning about the past fun with interactive exhibits, enriched play areas, and captivating storytelling sessions. It's a hidden gem most locals aren't even aware of, let alone tourists!

7. Unwind at the Hypoluxo Island

Nestled in the heart of Boynton Beach, Hypoluxo Island offers the perfect beach day away from the crowds. The white sandy beach, clear waters, and shady palm trees make it the ideal spot for a picnic, a book read or a blissful snooze - and you'll often have it all to yourself.

Fasten your beach hats, folks, because Boynton Beach is going to sweep you off your feet. From embracing your adventurous spirit under the sea to teeing off with elegance, the city offers a brilliant mix of activities to keep you hooked. Discover the rich art culture, dine at the waterfront, tune into nature or unwind at the beach - Boynton Beach is truly a slice of paradise wrapped in the Floridian charm. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime. See you on the beach!

Things to do in Boynton Beach, FL?

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