Moving to Tracy

Picture this: a blend of suburban simplicity, rural charm, and the heartbeat of opportunity. Welcome to Tracy, California! A city where you can enjoy a swath of blue sky, mountain vistas, and a delightfully temperate climate. If you're considering a move, boredom won't be invited to your new Tracy address. Located in the San Joaquin Valley, Tracy is not only a haven for those seeking calm but also a magnet for those with an ambitious streak. Get ready to dive into our comprehensive relocation guide, as we unpack everything you need to know about transitioning to Tracy life.

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What to Know Before Moving to Tracy


1. Breath of Scenic Beauty

When considering a move to Tracy, California, prepare yourself for a treat of natural beauty. Tracy is known for its stunning landscapes, fertile farmlands, and gorgeous parks. From the tranquil water bodies at Tracy Oasis Marina to soothing vineyards and nature walks at Ramon Rios Winery, there\'s so much to marvel at. And let\'s not forget stargazing at the Altamont Pass Wind Farm; a stunning sight that nature lovers will relish.

2. Ever-Growing Community

Tracy is not your little-hidden gem anymore! It\'s a city that is constantly growing, attracting all sorts of people from artists to entrepreneurs. Downtown Tracy, in particular, has seen a revitalization with new boutiques, restaurants, and cultural arts scenes. However, despite this rapid growth, Tracy has managed to maintain its small-town charm which locals adore.

3. Wine Lovers\' Paradise

Let me let you in on a little secret... Tracy is a booming wine region. Unknown to many, Tracy is surrounded by several award-winning wineries. Wine lovers would delight in visiting the Windmill Ridge Winery or the McGrail Vineyards and Winery. It\'s the perfect city for you to swirl, sniff, sip, and savor some of the finest wines California has to offer.

4. Stellar Education Opportunities

Thinking of moving with your family? Tracy won\'t disappoint. It prides itself on having some of the best educational facilities in the state. With over 24 public schools, three private schools, and the well-reputed San Joaquin Delta Community College, the city\'s commitment towards delivering quality education is palpable.

5. Upbeat Festivals and Events

If you crave community vibes and love getting involved, Tracy offers a host of festivals and events, all year round. A most delightful surprise is the annual summer Tracy Bean Festival- a city tradition that includes a parade, carnival rides, and of course, beans in every dish! It\'s not your average city festival, believe me!

6. The Commute can be Tricky

Many residents of Tracy commute to the Bay Area for work and let\'s just say the rush-hour can be a tad bit challenging. But the stress can be lightened if you opt for the Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) train. The scenic views of the countryside might even make the journey to work, a pleasant one!

In conclusion, while packing up and moving to a new city always come with its share of challenges and unpredictability, Tracy, California might just roll out a welcome that\'s worth the effort. So, prepare yourself for the delightful small-town charm, evolving community vibes, scenic splendor, a wine lover\'s paradise and not to forget, the unique city festivities! Buckle-up for the exciting journey that Tracy promises to offer!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Tracy

Pros of Living in Tracy

Proximity to Major Cities

Tracy is favorably positioned in proximity to major Northern Californian cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. This location allows residents to experience the benefits of city life, including bustling job markets and cultural opportunities, while residing in a quieter, suburban setting.

Sense of Community

Residents often appreciate the strong sense of community in Tracy. The city organizes numerous community events throughout the year, which provide opportunities for socialization and celebration among the residents. This helps nurture a close-knit, friendly community environment.

Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

Tracy is surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty and offers various outdoor activities to its residents. These include hiking trails, parks, and boating on the Delta. These appealing outdoor options give residents ample reasons to enjoy nature and stay active.

Quality Education

Education is a high priority in Tracy, with numerous quality schools ensuring a good education for children. The city is served by the Tracy Unified School District, which boasts several schools recognized for their academic excellence.

Major Shopping Centers

Tracy is home to several major shopping centers, such as the West Valley Mall and Tracy Outlets. These hubs offer a wide variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options, providing plenty of shopping and dining destinations.

Cons of Living in Tracy

Higher Cost of Living

While the cost of living in Tracy can be lower than some of the surrounding metropolitan cities, it still falls above the national average. Expenses such as housing, utilities, and transportation may be pricier here.

Traffic Congestion

Due to Tracy's proximity to large cities, commuters often have to deal with substantial traffic during peak hours. This can make commuting to and from work or appointments an often time-consuming endeavor.

Public Transportation

Public transportation options in Tracy are fairly limited compared to bigger cities. This lack of extensive public transit can make life difficult for those who do not drive or prefer not to use a personal vehicle.

Lack of Nightlife

For those who enjoy prolific nightlife, Tracy may seem a bit lacking. The city offers a quieter, slower-paced lifestyle with fewer late-night entertainment offerings than larger cities.

Hot Summers

In Tracy, summers can get pretty hot, with temperatures often well above average. While some residents enjoy the warm climate, for others, this might prove uncomfortable, particularly during peak summer months.

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Is Tracy a Good Place to Live?

Tracy, CA is a great place to live because of its safe neighborhoods, excellent school system, and ample recreational opportunities like beautiful parks and hiking trails. It offers a high quality of life with its warm, welcoming community, affordable cost of living, and easy access to major cities like San Francisco and San Jose. Plus, there's never a dull moment in Tracy with various local festivals, farmer's markets, and wine tasting events to enjoy all year round.

What Is Tracy Famous For?

Tracy's Historic Downtown Area

This charming district brims with small-town appeal despite its rapid growth into a bustling urban hub. The area houses a variety of unique shops, boutiques, and restaurants, offering locals a taste of Tracy's past with a contemporary twist.

The Grand Theatre Center for the Arts

Presenting a diverse array of performances throughout the year, this theater has become a celebrated hub of entertainment for the Tracy community. It offers a vast spectrum of creative mediums including visual arts, concerts, dance presentations, and educational programs. You can explore more about this place on the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts website.

Tracy Dry Bean Festival

An annual event that celebrates Tracy's agricultural heritage, the Tracy Dry Bean Festival offers fun for all ages. Activities include live music, bean cooking competitions, and a variety of food stalls featuring the versatile legume in delicious and innovative ways.

World's First Green Tracy

Tracy is known for its sustainable initiatives, earning it the title of the world's first Green Tracy. The city recycles an impressive amount of its waste, uses clean energy, and is dedicated to creating a future that is environmentally friendly and sustainable for generations to come. Learn more about Tracy's green initiatives on the city's government website.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

The property tax rate in Tracy, CA as at 2023 is around 1.31%, which is quite high compared to the national average of 1.07%. This rate is calculated as a percentage of the home's assessed value.

Sales Tax

In Tracy, CA, the total sales tax rate is currently 8.375% as of 2023. This is slightly higher than the national median sales tax rate which stands at 7.12%.

Income Tax

As of 2023, Tracy, CA charges a 9.3% income tax for earnings between $58,635 and $299,508. This is significantly higher than the national top tax rate of 37%, putting California as one of the states with the highest income tax in the US.

Housing Market

Tracy, CA exhibits a dynamic housing market often characterized by higher prices compared to other U.S regions. The median home value stands at approximately $570,000, noticeably higher than the national median. Rent is also on the steeper side, averaging $2,250 per month. Despite this, Tracy's robust amenities, low crime rate, and renown school system make it an attractive location. However, compared to other Californian cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, Tracy's housing market offers relatively more affordable and appealing options for both buyers and renters.

Cost of Living

Living in Tracy, CA is notably more affordable compared to other cities in California. Tracy boasts lower housing costs, which is the major factor in this difference. However, other costs like utilities, groceries, and healthcare are more or less on par with the rest of the state. The cost of living index in Tracy stands at 136.2, compared to the California average of 149.9, offering a more cost-effective lifestyle, especially for families and retirees. Hence, it paints a picture of a city that extends significant savings while still providing a high standard of living.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Tracy, CA, enjoys a Mediterranean climate characterized by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. It is located in the San Joaquin Valley, where the average temperature ranges from the low 40s in winter to around 90degF in summer. Rainfall is minimal, but most common between November and March, rarely exceeding 13 inches per year. Despite its pleasant climate, Tracy can also be susceptible to natural disasters. Of notable concern is earthquakes, given its proximity to several significant fault lines, including the infamous San Andreas. Less frequent, but still possible, are wildfires due to the region's extended periods of drought and heat. Despite these risks, the city's climate is generally considered comfortable and inviting, with significantly more sunny days than the national average.

Typical weather in Tracy, CA

Economy & Job Market

- Information Technology

- Healthcare

- Manufacturing

- Retail Trade

- Educational Services

Tracy, California is a booming area with a healthy economic mix and a vibrant job market. The traditional agricultural economy has given way to a more diversified economic structure. Its strategic location in California makes it a hub for logistics and distribution. Innovation is buzzing in the city too, with a robust Information Technology industry infusing tech vitality into what used to be farming soil. You also can't overlook the Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail Trade, and Educational Services industries that considerably contribute to Tracy's economic strength and job market dynamism.

Planning to move to Tracy, CA and worried about employment? Fear no more, friend! Although the national unemployment rate hovers around 3.6%, Tracy touts a much lower unemployment rate of 2.9%. The job market has increased by 1.4% over the last year and future job growth over the next decade is predicted to be 35.7%, which is higher than the US average of 33.5%. The sectors with the most job openings are Information Technology, Healthcare, and Retail Trade. So, grab your sunglasses and your resume, and get ready to dive into the sunny and spirited job market of Tracy, CA!

Traffic and Transportation

Get ready, Tracy, California has an invigorating commute experience filled with endless destinations and fun adventures. From the striking city scenes to the expansive farmland landscapes, this beautiful city ensures a traveling experience that sparks bliss. Have your minds blown! The citizens bring the enthusiasm, availing an average commute time of an energetic 35 minutes drive. Now, let's rev up your excitement with our astonishingly efficient public transportation system. Our roar-some Tracy Transit station offers perfectly scheduled buses to swiftly move across the city. Aren't we just electrifying? But, what if you're a high flyer? Zing! Tracy Municipal Airport is there for a smooth-to-landing flight experience. Or you can head to the nearby Modesto or Stockton airports and ride those friendly skies. So buckle up, Tracy folks! We've got your commuting options covered like cream on a bagel. Enjoy the ride!

What is the traffic like in Tracy, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Tracy

1. Hidden Lake

Top on our list is the tranquil, family-friendly neighborhood of Hidden Lake. Boasting peaceful surroundings and a secluded, tucked away vibe, it's named for its signature feature - a gorgeous, hidden lake. Residents here can enjoy amazing afternoon walks by the lake, or even the occasional peaceful fishing session. For nature lovers yearning for a serene living space, Hidden Lake calls your name. Schools in the vicinity are top-notch, making it a perfect choice for those nesting some precious little ones!

2. Edgewood

Edgewood is a dynamic blend of residential comfort and buzzing activity, offering both quiet lanes for peaceful living and bustling centers for social butterflies. It's perfect for those who want the best of both worlds. The neighborhood has a strong sense of community, amplified by numerous local events, farmers markets, and block parties. In Edgewood, you don't just live in a neighborhood; you become part of a thriving community.

3. Ellis Town

Ever dreamt of living in the past? Then Ellis Town may be your Californian time capsule. This charming neighborhood is known for its rich history that's reflected in its vintage styled homes and historic landmarks. But don't be fooled by its timeless appeal; Ellis Town also offers all the modern conveniences you'd need. The magnificent city parks and local museum provide plenty of exploration and entertainment for the history buffs among us.

4. Redbridge

Turn your living dream into a reality in Redbridge - Tracy's own heart of luxury. This upscale neighborhood is known for its impressive houses, manicured lawns, and, not to forget, its own local winery. Weekend escapades to the nearby vineyards and wine tasting sessions are common occasions here. Living here will offer an immerse you in a lively blend of comfort, style, and sophistication.

5. Elissagaray Ranch

Last, but definitely not least, welcome to Elissagaray Ranch! This charming neighborhood offers a unique community vibe with tree-lined streets, large yards, and beautiful homes. Close to top-rated schools and parks, it's a perfect choice for families. Friendly neighbors are an added bonus, creating a warm environment that's hard to leave. Its holiday decoration contests and summer barbecues are legendary, making this neighborhood an all-season delight.

In conclusion, Tracy, California is home to stunning neighborhoods, each offering its own unique vibe and community lifestyle. No matter your desires, there's a perfect spot in Tracy waiting for you to call home, whether it's the tranquility of Hidden Lake, the lively community of Edgewood, the historic charm of Ellis Town, the upscale luxury of Redbridge, or the picture-perfect Elissagaray Ranch. Adventure awaits in this Californian gem!

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Things to Do

Tracy, a picturesque city in the state of California, is a place that's rich in history with a vibrant community. The sun-soaked city has activities for all ages to enjoy and is surrounded by beautiful views. Here are the top seven things to do in Tracy to kick-off your new adventure and immerse yourself into the local community.

1. Dive into the History at Tracy Historical Museum

Start your adventure by immersing yourself in the city's history. The Tracy Historical Museum is the perfect place to do that, with its wonderful collection of photos, artifacts, and documents that tell the story of Tracy's past. It's an excellent opportunity to get to know the city from a historical perspective and marvel at the civic progress and evolution of Tracy.

2. Enjoy a Play at The Grand Theatre Center for the Arts

For the culture enthusiasts, The Grand Theatre Center for the Arts is a hub of creative vibrancy. Here you can watch a play, enjoy a concert, or even take part in an art class. The venue offers all forms of performing and visual arts under one roof, making it a must-visit place for arts lovers.

3. Wine Tasting at Ramon Rios Winery

A true gem of Tracy, Ramon Rios Winery is a small, family-run estate that offers some of the finest wines in the region. Spend an afternoon savoring the delicate flavors of a perfectly aged red or the refreshing taste of a crisp white, all while soaking in the breathtaking vineyard scenery.

4. Explore Nature at Tracy Oasis Marina-Resort

If you are an outdoor lover, then Tracy Oasis Marina-Resort is an ideal spot for you. This beautiful place offers fishing, boating, picnicking, and bird watching activities. The tranquil environment coupled with the gorgeous views of the Delta make it a peaceful retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle.

5. Have Fun at Hot Air Balloon Rides

Now, this is where things get really exciting! Go for a hot air balloon ride over Tracy's scenic landscapes. This enchanting experience lets you float through the California skies, providing a bird's eye view of the spectacular cityscapes and breathtaking wine country. Check out Balloon Rides Over California for booking and information. Truly an adventurous bucket-list-worthy activity!

6. Get Lost in a Book at the Tracy Branch Library

Are you an ardent book lover? The Tracy Branch Library is an underrated but charming spot. Packed to the brim with books of all kinds, this historic library is more than a hundred years old. The quaint surroundings make it the perfect place to spend an afternoon getting lost in a good book.

7. Shopping at Downtown Tracy

Lastly, take a stroll through Downtown Tracy, which brims with boutiques, specialty shops, and dining options for everyone. From vintage shops to high-end boutiques, there is plenty to explore and enjoy in this shopping district. Don't forget to indulge in some local food from the numerous eateries that line the street.

In conclusion, Tracy, CA, offers a delightful mix of historical, cultural, culinary, and outdoorsy experiences. It's a city that truly has something for everyone and is worth taking the time to explore and appreciate. Get out there and start checking these must-do activities off your Tracy, CA bucket list!

Things to do in Tracy, CA?

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