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Ready for a dash of something new on life's grand canvas? Set your sights on San Ramon, California! Our comprehensive relocation guide is set to whet your appetite for this not-so-hidden gem. Nestled within the heart of the San Ramon Valley, this charming city boasts mountainous scenery, first-rate schools, a business-friendly environment, and so much more. But, hold onto your hats! We're about to dive deep into what makes San Ramon not just a great place to visit, but also a fantastic place to call home. Welcome to the start of your exciting journey to San Ramon - where the extraordinary is simply everyday!

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What to Know Before Moving to San Ramon

1. Gasping at the Glittering Gorgeousness of Northern California

Yes, San Ramon has all of it! Situated in the San Ramon Valley of Northern California, this city is a real treat to the eyes - with shadowy mountains, rolling hills, beautiful parks, and flower-flocked paths. It's like living in a picturesque postcard! Not much for the outdoors? Fear not -- San Ramon offers a plethora of other entertainment options, including premium restaurants, shopping centers, and art galleries. This city is nothing less than a treasure trove of nature's bounty and civilization's finest.

2. Basking in the "Sunny Side Up" Weather

No need to worry about slipping on icy sidewalks or dressing up like an eskimo here. San Ramon boasts of mild, Mediterranean-type weather, pleasantly warm summers, and mild, semi-wet winters. So whether you're planning a summer barbecue or an autumn hike, the weather will be your true friend.

3. Rejoicing in the High Standard of Living

San Ramon is also recognized for its high quality of life. Schools in San Ramon are among the best in California. This city has an excellent track record for safety, making it the perfect option for families. And let's not forget - it's home to the headquarters of Fortune 500 company Chevron and the West Coast headquarters of AT&T. Top-tier education, safety, and employment opportunities - San Ramon checks all the boxes.

4. The Mystery of "Senor Ramon"

Here's a fun fact! San Ramon was initially known as "Limerick." However, the name was later changed, but nobody knows after whom the city was named. The most common version is that it was named after a native American vaquero (cowboy) who tended Mission San Jose's herd of sheep. This mystery is just a glimpse of the enigmatic charm this city holds!

5. Get Ready for the Wind Festival and the Art and Wind Festival!

San Ramon is famous for its Wind Festival, which occurs annually on the Sunday of Memorial Day. The festival features kite-flying competitions, magical wind-themed arts and crafts, and captivating wind-themed entertainment. Add in the vibrant Art and Wind Festival featuring the beautiful works of local artists and talented performers, and you'll never face a dull moment in this city.

6. The Unexpected Mediterranean Connection

Did you know San Ramon has a sister city in Spain? Yes, that's right! We're speaking about the beautiful city of Abalos, located in the famous wine-making region of Rioja. This connection came about due to the belief that Saint Raymond (San Ramon in Spanish), the patron saint of Abalos, was the same as the cowboy the town was named after. This has yet to be proven, but it hasn't stopped the two cities from forming a special bond filled with cultural exchanges and shared traditions.

So, pack your bags and let the captivating charm of San Ramon lure you onto a journey that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Happy moving!

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Pros and Cons of Living in San Ramon

Pros of Living in San Ramon

Excellent Schools

San Ramon is known for having one of the best school systems in the state of California. This high standard of education makes it an attractive location for families, providing students with a solid foundation and extensive opportunities for their future careers.

Low Crime Rate

The city of San Ramon boasts a low crime rate, resulting in a safe and secure living environment. This peace of mind can be a significant advantage for those with young children or for those looking to retire in a serene and risk-free community.

Affluent Community

San Ramon is recognized as an affluent community, with a high standard of living. This can be seen in the well-maintained public spaces, quality housing options, and excellent public services.

Recreational Opportunities

The city is home to a wide variety of parks, trails, and recreation centers. Furthermore, its proximity to both the beach and the mountains provides opportunities for a variety of outdoor pursuits, from hiking to water sports.

Strong Economy

San Ramon has a dynamic local economy with numerous job opportunities. Several major companies have offices in the area, making it an ideal location for professionals seeking career growth.

Cons of Living in San Ramon

High Cost of Living

The cost of living in San Ramon, especially in terms of housing, is considerably higher than the national average. This could make it challenging for individuals or families with a moderate or lower income to afford living in the area.

Potential for Earthquakes

San Ramon is located in California's earthquake zone. This risk, while relatively low, is something residents need to consider and be prepared for.

Traffic and Commute Time

Due to the economic emergence of the city, traffic and commute times can be lengthy, especially during peak hours. This can result in additional time spent on the road and may impact work-life balance.

Lack of Cultural Diversity

While San Ramon is a great place to live, some residents feel that there is a lack of cultural diversity in the city. This could potentially limit exposure to different foods, traditions, and experiences.

High Property Taxes

As a result of the city's affluence and high-quality public services, property taxes in San Ramon are relatively high. This additional financial burden may not be ideal for homeowners with tighter budgets.

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Is San Ramon a Good Place to Live?

San Ramon, CA is a great place to live because of its outstanding educational facilities, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant community. It features a plethora of outdoor activities, wonderful cuisine, and many exciting cultural festivals throughout the year. In addition, the weather is fantastic all year round, making the roaming hills and beautiful parks all the more enjoyable every day.

What Is San Ramon Famous For?

Art And Wind Festival

Each year, San Ramon hosts a vibrant Art and Wind Festival on Memorial Day weekend. This fun-filled event features spectacular hot-air balloons, captivating kite-flying, art exhibitions, entertainment, food, and a kid's play area. It's a dazzling display of creativity and a stunning performance of aerodynamics!

Performing Arts Scene

San Ramon is home to an impressive repertoire of performing arts activities, hosting everything from theatrical productions to concerts. The Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center and the Front Row Theater are buzzing with performances that cater to all tastes - be it musicals, dramas, or concerts.

Parks And Nature

San Ramon is a green oasis with more than 60 parks, where residents and visitors alike can enjoy the great outdoors. Whether your interests lie in hiking, picnic-ing, or simply relaxing in nature, gems like the Las Trampas Regional Wilderness and Central Park offer an enchanting escape.

Ties to Tech Giants

Though it's not Silicon Valley, San Ramon has made a name for itself in the tech world. The Bishop Ranch Office Park is home to major companies like Chevron, AT&T, General Electric, and IBM. Not only does it provide opportunities for a flourishing career, but it also highlights San Ramon as a significant spot on the tech map.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the average property tax rate in San Ramon, CA is approximately 1.16%, which is slightly below the national average property tax rate of around 1.2%. However, due to the high property values in San Ramon, the actual amount paid in property taxes can be significantly higher than the national average.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in San Ramon, CA as of 2023 is about 8.25%. This is relatively high compared to the average sales tax rate in the United States, which ranges from 4% to 7%. So, purchases in San Ramon can be a bit more expensive due to the higher sales tax.

Income Tax

The income tax rate in California can be as high as 13.3%, which is the highest state-level income tax in the U.S. Therefore, residents in San Ramon, CA can expect to pay a higher share of their income in taxes compared to residents in most other states.

Housing Market

The housing market in San Ramon, CA is notably more expensive than the average US city, reflecting its high desirability and economic prosperity. The median home value in San Ramon is approximately $1.1M, significantly above the national average of $240K. Renting is also higher than national figures, with median rents at nearly $3K a month compared to the national median of $1.2K. While prices are steep, residents benefit from exceptional schools, low crime rates, and high-quality amenities. Both buyers and renters who value these qualities may see the high cost as a rewarding investment.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in San Ramon, CA is notably higher than the national average. Housing expenses, key contributors to the high cost of living, are significantly higher than most American cities. While utility costs are comparable, transportation and groceries are more costly. Yet, ample job opportunities in thriving tech and business sectors justify these costs. However, compared to other Californian cities like San Francisco or Palo Alto, San Ramon offers relatively affordable, high-quality living.

Weather & Natural Disasters

San Ramon, California, enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which promises warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Average temperatures range from 50degF in the coldest month of December to 89degF during the peak of summer, July. The city receives an annual rainfall of approximately 23 inches, the majority of which falls between November and March. The pleasant weather encourages residents to take advantage of the area's abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. However, San Ramon is not immune to natural disasters and experiences occasional earthquakes due to its location in the seismically-active California. Fire hazards are a concern during the hot, dry periods; a result of the Mediterranean climate. Yet, with its well-managed disaster response plan, the city is adept at facing such challenges. All in all, San Ramon's climate, while somewhat risk-prone, largely contributes to the high quality of life enjoyed by its residents.

Typical weather in San Ramon, CA

Economy & Job Market

* Technology

* Finance and insurance

* Healthcare and social assistance

* Professional, scientific, and technical services

* Retail trade

San Ramon, CA is best known for its technicolor economy, which is as vibrant and diverse as a peacock's feather! Historically, its charm lay in farming and ranching but the city has shape-shifted into a tech and finance powerhouse over the years, making these its top industries today. The city is especially noted for housing the headquarters of the multinational technology company, Chevron, as well the West Coast operations of AT&T. Ample opportunities also hover in the healthcare, social assistance, and professional services sectors. Retail trade has also bloomed, matching the city's burgeoning population and demand over the years.

Packing your bags for San Ramon, CA? Well, dear reader, catch your hats! Know that you are moving to a city with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. At a tiny 2.8% (almost half of the national average), it's bright news for job-hunters! The lure of San Ramon is, of course, its high-paying tech and finance jobs. However, if you're a non-techie, don't worry. You can whistle along to the tune of opportunities in healthcare, professional services, and retail as well. The city's shopping scene is sizzling so retail is an area worth exploring. So slip on your job-hunting shoes and get ready to delve into the diverse job market of San Ramon!

Traffic and Transportation

Good news, travel-savvy friends! You'll find navigating the byways of San Ramon, CA, isn't very taxing. The average commute here is a breezy 24 minutes, a nippy five minutes less than the national average. Not a fan of driving? No stress! BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) has got you covered, whisking you off to your destination in a jiffy. And for all you eco-warriors, the County Connection bus network services the wider San Ramon Valley area. Now, ready for the best bit? Oakland International Airport is just 40 minutes away! That's right -- in under an hour, you could be jetting across the globe or greeting a friend from afar. So grab your suitcase, it's time to enjoy San Ramon's seamless travel experience.

What is the traffic like in San Ramon, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in San Ramon

1. Dougherty Valley

Leaders take note - welcome to the humble abode of many a high-powered exec. If you dream of rolling hillsides, peaceful trails, and world-class schools, Dougherty Valley may just be your cup of tea. It provides that desirable blend of living within nature without completely forgoing modern amenities. Plus, the city center of San Ramon is only a short drive away, making this perfect for those who crave tranquility at home but still value a night out in the city.

2. Windemere

Windemere is the family utopia you've been dreaming about - it's one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods, earning a well-deserved reputation for its top-rated schools and community spirit. Here you'll find picture-perfect soccer fields, beautiful parks, and countless family-friendly amenities and events. Living in Windemere gives you a close-knit community feel with all the benefits of a larger city.

3. Twin Creek

When you say hello to Twin Creek, get ready to say goodbye to those long traffic-induced headaches! Twin Creek's central location in San Ramon makes it a commuter's paradise. The residence is uniquely positioned to take advantage of highway access, BART stations, retail outlets, and local dining. It's perfect for the urban warrior who values convenience and connectivity while still desiring a touch of suburban charm.

4. Norris Canyon Estates

If grandeur was a neighborhood, it would be Norris Canyon Estates. This gated community boasts lavish homes on large lots that take full advantage of beautiful rolling hills views. Want to feel like you're living in your own secluded paradise while still being minutes away from city life? Norris Canyon Estates could be just the ticket. And did we mention the Clubhouse for residents that hosts numerous social events?

5. Gale Ranch

Welcome to the neighborhood where you'll never have to worry about your kids having a lack of playmates. Gale Ranch is a tight-knit, family-oriented community known for block parties, holiday parades, family movie nights, and annual events that will make you feel like you've stepped into a Norman Rockwell painting. With the fantastic school system and multitude of parks, you might find yourself never wanting to leave this neighborhood haven!

In conclusion, San Ramon is a city packed with diverse and captivating neighborhoods. Each neighborhood sings its own unique song and caters to different lifestyles and needs. Whether you're after a peaceful retreat, a convenient commute, a tight-knit community feel, or a touch of grandeur without the urban chaos, San Ramon offers something for everyone. We hope this guide aids you in your decision-making process as you scout around for your perfect neighborhood in the charming city of San Ramon.

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Things to Do

With a beautiful year-round climate and a reputation for safety and excellent schools, San Ramon, nestled in California's Contra Costa County, is more than just a typical suburb of San Francisco. From the bustle of active town centers to the tranquillity of nature reserves, this suburban gem is teeming with must-do experiences that captivate and entertain its residents.

1. Relish in the Beauty of Las Trampas Regional Wilderness

Encompassing over 5,342 acres, this wilderness area offers a breather from urban life with its natural beauty and myriad of outdoor activities. From hiking to horse riding, there's always something to do. A must-visit is the Rocky Ridge View Point, offering a breathtaking view of Mount Diablo and surrounding scenery.

2. Discover the Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center

Experience the magic of a live show at the Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center, a local cultural hub that hosts a variety of performances from plays to orchestra concerts. From big names in entertainment to rising local talents, this venue offers a perfect blend of performances to satisfy your cultural palate.

3. Venture to the Forest Home Farm Historic Park

Step back in time at the Forest Home Farm Historic Park, a 16-acre open-air history park. Discover the heritage of San Ramon and its agricultural history while wandering through the Victorian Glass House Museum or exploring the vintage tractors and farm equipment.

4. Visit the San Ramon Farmers Market

No week in San Ramon is complete without a visit to the bustling Farmers Market. Immerse yourself in the local culture and grab fresh, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and artisanal foods. Plus, it's an excellent opportunity to support local farmers and businesses.

5. Lose Yourself in the Collection at the Museum of the San Ramon Valley

Discover the rich history of the San Ramon Valley at this quaint local museum. Exhibits tackle everything from Native American occupancy to Spanish exploration, giving a comprehensive overview of the region's past. It's a perfect chance to learn about San Ramon's unique history.

6. Explore the Mysterious Secret Sidewalk

Oddly enough, one of San Ramon's unique attractions isn't in the city proper, but in neighboring Fremont. The Secret Sidewalk is a hidden attraction, a remnant of an old aqueduct that adventurous locals use as an offbeat hiking trail. Its combination of urban legend and beautiful views make it something of a local institution.

7. Relax at San Ramon Central Park

Finally, unwind at the San Ramon Central Park. With acres of green spaces, sports facilities, playgrounds, and the popular Central Park Amphitheater, it makes for a perfect family day out. Don't miss the water features and public art installations scattered around the park.

From a sneak peek into its historical journey to embarking on outdoor adventures, life in San Ramon brings the best of both worlds right to your doorstep. So, welcome to your new home in San Ramon, with appreciation for what it already offers and anticipation for the experiences yet to come.

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