Roseville, CA (the largest city in Placer County), offers pleasant overall weather, affordable homeownership, high livability, family-friendly neighborhoods, stellar schools, varied recreation, and more. Located about 20 miles northeast of California’s capital city of Sacramento, Roseville is one of the top suburbs in the area, ideal for growing families, ambitious professionals, and retirees alike. To boot, it’s a Top 5 city in America for young adults under the age of 35 to buy a house.

Home to beautiful neighborhoods and friendly neighbors, the City of Roseville is a wonderful place to live in Northern California. It’s also 2–3 hours from some of the best ski resorts and mountain areas in the US. Relocating is a big decision and might cause some stress just thinking about it; luckily, you have many options among some of the most trusted Roseville movers to help you make the transition. Whether you want to move for the climate, housing affordability, proximity to everything, excellent education, or all the above, Roseville definitely checks all the boxes and then some!

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Living in Roseville, CA: What to Know Before Moving to Roseville

Roseville, located in Placer County, is part of the Sacramento metro area. With a population of about 135,000, it’s the 43rd most populous city in California. Offering quick commutes to Sacramento, Roseville is a pleasant alternative to living in the capital city, offering family-friendly, well-kept, and safe suburban living ideal for growing families and ambitious young professionals.

Pros and Cons of Living in Roseville


  • Low cost of living: Despite being higher than the US average (see ‘Cost of Living’), the city offers surprisingly affordable living expenses when compared to many other CA cities.
  • Affordable housing: Yes, it’s higher than the national average, but compared to cities like SF (with its median home value of nearly $1.4 million!), housing is relatively cheap here.
  • Top Sacramento suburb: Consistently ranked among the top suburbs in the Sacramento area, Roseville is a safe, clean, and welcoming NorCal city close to the state’s capital.
  • Temperate weather: Escaping brutal winters? You’ll love the change of pace. With zero snowfall, the area experiences mild winters while still offering gorgeous fall foliage.
  • Close commute: With the City of Sacramento only 20 miles (or less than 30 minutes) southwest of the city, commuters enjoy pretty quick travel while living in the cozy suburb.
  • Family-oriented: Got a family or plan on having one soon? The City of Roseville is a lovely area for raising little ones. It’s also a great place to live for people who love the outdoors.
  • Opportunities: From careers to outdoor recreation to shopping at Westfield Galleria to highly rated schools, Roseville checks a lot of boxes with a wide variety of opportunities.


  • Air pollution: The data doesn’t paint a pretty picture. According to a 2019 article by Roseville Today, the Roseville area is the fifth most polluted city in the United States.
  • Clogged highways: As one of the fastest-growing cities in the state (along with its many daily commuters), Roseville has seen a significant rise in traffic congestion over the years.
  • Hot summers: It averages 94°F in the summertime. For comparison, the state of California averages about 86°F. Winters can be somewhat chilly, with a January low of approximately 39°F.
  • Lack of parking: Depending on which part of the city you’re in, it can be challenging to find a parking spot. This issue seems to be getting worse with the population growth.

Is Roseville, CA a Good Place to Live?

Roseville is a wonderful place to live, especially if you’re looking for an affordable town, enjoy the outdoors, and prefer seasons other than the scorching hot summers and freezing winters experienced elsewhere in the country. With temperate weather year-round and a cost of living that’s lower than other places in California, Roseville offers the best opportunities for growing families with young children. It’s also home to friendly, welcoming people, incredible parks, dynamic schools, thriving businesses, and excellent transportation options that are easy on the wallet. Roseville is an ideal location for various lifestyles – living here is an adventure waiting to happen.

Tax Rates

  • Property tax: According to the Overview of Property Taxes by SmartAsset, the average tax rate is 0.931%. Average property tax is $4,655 (assessed home value of $500,000).
  • Sales tax: The state of California has a base sales tax rate of 7.25%. Added with local taxes, the 2020 minimum combined sales tax rate for Roseville is currently 7.75%.
  • State income tax: The state has ten separate tax brackets. Rates range from 1% to 13.3%. A taxpayer’s rate depends on income and filing status (single or married).

Housing Market

The median home price in Roseville, CA, is currently $486,660. Though higher than the national median of $245,200, it’s significantly lower than cities like San Francisco’s median home value of a staggering $1.39 million. Unsurprisingly, 65% of residents own their homes. As for the rental market, the average rent price in Roseville is $1,754 per month for a 960-square-foot apartment (or $21,048 per year).

Here are the cheapest neighborhoods to live in Roseville:

  1. City Center of Roseville
  2. All American City Blvd / Pleasant Grove Blvd
  3. Douglas Blvd / King Rd
  4. Vernon St / Riverside Ave
  5. Cirby Way / Sunrise Ave

Cost of Living

According to the Cost of Living in Roseville by BestPlaces, L.A. has a cost of living index of 133.9. This index is higher than the nationwide average of 100.

Here are some examples of separate expenses (relative to the average of 100): Groceries (106.6), Health (94.7), Housing (200.5), Utilities (108.6), and Transportation (102.5). The median household income in Roseville is $81,119 per year. This median is higher than the US median of about $62,000.

Here are average monthly expenses in Roseville-Sacramento area (family of four):

  1. Housing = $1,086
  2. Food = $826
  3. Childcare = $1,053
  4. Transportation = $1,214
  5. Health Care = $1,079
  6. Other necessities = $771
  7. Taxes = $799
  8. Total = $6,828 per month or $81,937 per year

For comparison, let’s look at costs in San Francisco for two adults + two kids:

  1. Housing = $3,121
  2. Food = $998
  3. Childcare = $1,730
  4. Transportation = $1,114
  5. Health Care = $1,152
  6. Other necessities = $1,662
  7. Taxes = $2,593
  8. Total = $12,370 per month or $148,440 per year

As you can see, there’s a huge difference. Along with offering a more comfortable suburban lifestyle, Roseville is much more affordable than living in SF – as high as 48% cheaper!

Weather & Natural Disasters

Situated northeast of Sacramento, the City of Roseville sees mild winters and hot summers via a Mediterranean climate. It also receives more annual rainfall (21 inches) than the capital city.

Roseville sees pretty hot temperatures during July and August, with July experiencing an average high of 94°F and a low of 61°F. On the other end, the coldest temperatures arrive in December and January, with January seeing an average high of 53°F and a low of 37°F.

Despite very little to no snowfall, Roseville provides its residents with colorful fall foliage. This gorgeous autumn display precedes chilly, wet winters (by California standards). If you’re looking for some snowy adventures, there are several mountain areas and ski resorts within a 2- or 3-hour drive.

As for natural disasters, the list of risks includes fires, flooding, earthquakes, extreme heat, and windstorms. To be prepared, check out the city’s Emergency Preparedness resource.

Economy & Job Market

Roseville has grown rapidly over the years, opening up opportunities in suburban living and career choices. The unemployment rate is currently 3.0% (lower than the US average of 3.9%). Future job growth is expected to increase by 38% (higher than the national average of 33.5%).

The City of Roseville is dedicated to its citizens’ growth, both personally and professionally. To find out more, visit the city’s Economic Development resource.

As for major industries, these include management, business, science, and arts (which accounts for the majority of work in and around the community); natural resources, construction, and maintenance; production, transportation, and materials moving; sales and office; and service.

Here are the Top 10 employers in Roseville (Placer County):

  1. Adventist Health
  2. Composite Engineering Inc.
  3. Costco Wholesale
  4. Golfland Sunsplash
  5. Hewlett-Packard
  6. Kaiser Permanente
  7. PRIDE Industries
  8. EPMG
  9. Partners Mortgage
  10. American Pacific Mortgage

Need a hand finding a job in Roseville, CA? Here are some helpful online resources: CareerBuilder, CollegeRecruiter, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Job Opportunities – City of Roseville.

Traffic and Transportation

When it comes to public transportation, there are a few options in and around Roseville. These include Roseville Transit (providing commuter routes between Roseville and Downtown Sacramento) and Roseville Amtrak Station, as well as Sacramento International Airport (SMF). Ridesharing is another option, with popular services like Lyft and Uber operating in the Sacramento metro area.

Whether you’re commuting or just getting around the city, you’ll most likely need access to a personal vehicle. If you drive, you should familiarize yourself with major roads. These include Interstate 80 (east-west), which is the main route to Sacramento, and State Route 65 (north-south).

According to Walk Score, Roseville scores the following: 36 (Walk Score), 20 (Transit Score), and 61 (Bike Score). Infrastructure hampers walkability, and public transportation is relatively limited. On the bright side, the city has become more bikeable over the last decade or so.

As mentioned previously in the ‘Pros and Cons’ section, Roseville offers proximity to Sacramento and other parts of NorCal. Unfortunately, the city’s growth has led to traffic congestion. It also doesn’t help that the Sacramento area has some of the worst drivers in the nation. The city is trying to address these issues with new roadworks and routing that will make commuters happy.

What to Do

From outdoor adventures to topnotch shopping to award-winning golf courses, Roseville offers quite a lot. Plus, it’s a short ride to Sacramento (less than 30 minutes) and only a couple hours from mountain adventures and skiing. Simply put, there’s something fun to do for everyone!

Let’s start with top parks. Miner’s Ravine Bike & Walking Trail offers a nearly 8.5-mile in-and-out trail with the breathtaking Sierra Nevada as a backdrop. Maidu Regional Park sits on more than 150 acres. It has a historical site, museum, community center, library, and Veterans Memorial Rose Garden.

Want to check out the best destinations? Antique Trove, the largest center in NorCal for antiques and retro items, is in the heart of the city. Roseville Golfland Sunsplash is a family favorite with its thrilling rides and attractions, while the Maidu Museum & Historic Site provides a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the Maidu people.

As for sports, Roseville doesn’t have any major teams. Fortunately, its neighbor to the southwest offers several choices. Popular organizations among sports fans are the Sacramento Kings (NBA), Sacramento Republic FC (USL soccer), and the Sacramento River Cats (AAA affiliate of the San Francisco Giants).

As for other popular tourist destinations and local activities, Blue Line Arts is the go-to for art enthusiasts, and Skatetown Ice Arena is a popular spot for figure skating and ice hockey. Last but not least, the Carnegie Library Historical Museum showcases the history of Roseville.

Schools and Universities

Several school districts (three of which are among the Top 100 best districts in California) serve the greater Roseville area. These districts include Placer Union High School District (#39), Roseville Joint Union High School District (#49), Rocklin Unified School District (#53), Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District, and Roseville City Elementary School District. Overall, public schools in the city are highly rated.

Top public schools include Granite Bay High School, Rocklin Academy Turnstone, Rocklin Academy Meyers, Woodcreek High School, and Whitney High School. Are you interested in private education? Outstanding private schools include Adventure Christian School, St. Rose School, St. Albans Country Day School, Granite Bay Montessori School, and American Montessori Academy.

As for higher education, several colleges and universities surround Roseville. These institutions include California State University – Sacramento, Carrington College – Sacramento, MTI College, Universal Technical Institute – Sacramento, William Jessup College (Rocklin), and Sierra College (Rocklin).


According to Crime in Roseville by BestPlaces, the city has a property crime rate of 37.2. This rate is lower than both the US average of 35.4 and the Sacramento average of 46.9. The violent crime rate (including robbery, murder & non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, and aggravated assault) is only 14.1, which is lower than the national average of 22.7 and Sacramento average of 35.6.

Utility Providers

Before you move to the City of Roseville, you’ll want to get your utilities going by the time you arrive at your new place. Here’s a list of the major providers:

  • Gas & electric services: The three major providers for the City of Roseville are PG&E (800-743-5000), SMUD  (888-742-7683), and Roseville Electric (916-797-6937).
  • Water service: The city provides clean water. New customers can get more info on the City of Roseville Water Services by calling this number – (916) 774-5750.
  • Trash pick-up/recycling service: Roseville Solid Waste Utility (garbage) provides these services. For more information, call the following number – (916) 774-5780.
  • Internet/Cable service: Of course, there’s also internet and cable. The major providers include AT&T, Comcast (Xfinity), Consolidated Communications, and Verizon.
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Best Neighborhoods in Roseville, CA

Scoping out the top neighborhoods in Roseville ahead of your move? Check out our list of where to live in Roseville:

Diamond Oaks

Consistently ranked as one of the Top 10 best neighborhoods in Roseville, Diamond Oaks is our first stop. This community of 3,500 is bordered by Highland Reserve (north), Harding (east), Sierra Vista (south), and Old Hwy 65 (west). It’s about 2.5 miles or five minutes north of Downtown Roseville.

Established in 1976, Diamond Oaks offers lovely and safe suburban living perfect for raising kids. It features larger homes (1,200 to 4,100+ sq. ft.) currently ranging from $379,000 to $824,900.

Diamond Oaks Park is a favorite spot for soccer, softball, baseball, picnicking, BBQ, and other activities. There’s also Sierra View Country Club, a private golf course. And, of course, the downtown area is super close for shopping and more. The public schools are highly rated, and so are the gorgeous sunsets!

  • Population – Under 3,500 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $497,300
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $112,600
  • Rent Prices – $2,300 for 3BR place and $2,325 for 4BR place
  • Schools – Roseville High School, Catheryn Gates Elementary School, Vencil Brown Elementary School, Robert C. Cooley Middle School, George A Buljan Middle School

East Roseville Parkway

East Roseville Parkway, ranked among the Top 5 best neighborhoods in the city, is about four miles east of the downtown area. Bordered by Scarborough Dr (north), Sierra College Blvd (east), Rocky Ridge Dr (south), and Alan S. Hart Fwy (west), it’s one of the best dense-suburban communities.

Home to Sutter Roseville Medical Center and Stoneridge Elementary School, East Roseville Parkway is another great neighborhood for families. The community offers easy access to Interstate 80, and it’s home to several parks, including Harry Crabb Park, George Goto Park, and Piches Park.

  • Population – Under 17,000 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $461,800
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $105,400
  • Rent Prices – $1,620 for 1BR apartment and $2,500 for 3BR place
  • Schools – Stoneridge Elementary School, Granite Bay High School, Rocklin Academy Turnstone, Rocklin Academy Meyers, Whitney High School, Spring View Middle School

Highland Reserve

As a master-planned community, Highland Reserve sits on nearly 680 acres in north-central Roseville. It borders California State Route 65 (north), Pleasant Grove Blvd (east), and Old Hwy 65 (west), and is a little over 3 miles or five minutes north of Downtown Roseville.

Enjoy shopping, going out for drinks, and fine dining? This neighborhood is the place for you! Home to many families and young professionals – it was developed in 1996 – Highland Reserve features great shopping (Galleria Mall), sports bars (Dave & Buster’s), and restaurants, as well as an assortment of midsize homes.

Offering affordable housing, excellent commuter access, and tons of things to do, Highland Reserve is a fun and thriving neighborhood in Roseville, CA.

  • Population – Under 10,000 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $486,800
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $90,000
  • Rent Prices – $2,150 for 3BR place and $2,300 for 4BR place
  • Schools – Rocklin Academy Turnstone, Rocklin Academy Meyers, Whitney High School, Spring View Middle School, Ruhkala Elementary School

Johnson Ranch

Johnson Ranch, the third-best neighborhood on our list, is located about 4.5 miles southeast of downtown (or about a 10-minute drive). Bordered by Douglas Ave (north), Old Auburn Rd (south, and Johnson Ranch Rd (west), this neighborhood is home to many younger professionals.

With 62% of residents owning their homes, Johnson Ranch offers a nice selection of 3- to 5-bedroom single-family houses. Travel is made easy with Sierra College Blvd (north-south) and E Roseville Pkway (east-west) cutting through the neighborhood.

Johnson Ranch is home to Hillsborough Park, Lockridge Park, Johnson Ranch South Racquet Club (a welcoming, family-friendly neighborhood club), and Excelsior School (CA Gold Ribbon school). You can also find Maidu Regional Park just to the west and Granite Bay High School just to the east.

  • Population – Under 11,000 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $564,500
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $105,100
  • Rent Prices – $1,400 for 1BR apartment and $2,180 for 3BR place
  • Schools – Granite Bay High School, Maidu Elementary School, Olympus Junior High School, Oakmont High School, Excelsior Elementary School

Olympus Pointe

Considered the #1 neighborhood in Roseville, Olympus Pointe is home to many professionals. Bordered by E3 (east), Douglas Blvd (south), and E Roseville Pkwy (west), the community is about four miles east of Downtown Roseville. 76% of residents own their homes.

The housing market is currently very competitive. A typical house sells around 1% lower than the list price in about 20 days. A particularly desirable home sells for list price in approximately a week.

As for key amenities and facilities, there’s Olympus Park (with playground, soccer field, baseball/softball field, and picnic area), Olympus Junior High, and Douglas Ridge Executive Plaza (professional office building). There’s also a large proposed park that will sit along Orvietto Dr.

  • Population – Under 3,500 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $478,800
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $112,500
  • Rent Prices – $1,440 for 1BR apartment and $2,145 for 3BR place
  • Schools – Granite Bay High School, Greenhills Elementary School, Maidu Elementary School, Olympus Junior High School, Oakmont High School

Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista, rated the #2 neighborhood in Roseville, is the most affordable neighborhood on this list when it comes to homeownership. Offering a sparse, suburban feel, the small community borders Alta Vista Ave (north), Atlantic St (southeast), and Roseville St (southwest).

With a median home value of under $350,000, Sierra Vista’s housing prices are a steal! No wonder nearly 70% of residents are homeowners. On top of that, the local schools rank well.

The neighborhood is home to Roseville High School (go Tigers!), Woodbridge Park, and Roseville Cemetery. Spanger Elementary is just to the north, along with Sierra View Country Club and Diamond Oaks Park. You’ll also find William L. Taylor Park to the south and Interstate 80 just to the east.

  • Population – Under 3,800 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $345,100
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $86,200
  • Rent Prices – $1,480 for 1BR apartment and $1,750 for 2BR place
  • Schools – Roseville High School, George A Buljan Middle School, Ferris Spanger Elementary School, Adelante High School

Stanford Crossing

Breaking the Top 5 neighborhoods in the city, we stop at Stanford Crossing. Home to many families and young professionals, the neighborhood offers an urban-suburban mix. It’s bordered by Stanford Ranch Rd (east) and State Route 65 (south), about 4.5 miles or 10 minutes north of downtown.

Like convenient shopping? The list of stores here is quite long: The Home Depot, Golf Galaxy, Guitar Center, Total Wine, Staples, Sprouts Farmers Market, Costco, Mattress Outlet, Les Schwab Tire Center, Cost Plus World Market, and the list goes on.

Along with a wide assortment of shops, Stanford Crossing shares its northern border with Melba & William Erven Park. It’s home to a concrete sea dinosaur and a popular play area.

  • Population – Under 8,100 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $528,100
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $89,700
  • Rent Prices – $1,600 for 2BR apartment and $2,000 for 3BR place
  • Schools – Rocklin Academy Turnstone, Rocklin Academy Meyers, Whitney High School, Spring View Middle School, Maria Montessori Charter Academy

Sun City

Sun City, located less than five miles southeast of Downtown Roseville, is known as a beautiful and friendly neighbor (particularly for retirees as it’s restricted to residents ages 55 and up). The neighborhood borders Blue Oaks Blvd (north), Pleasant Grove Blvd (south), and Fiddyment Rd (west).

If you like golf, Sun City is the right fit! It’s home to an award-winning golf course, Timber Creek Golf Course. Golf is such a big part of this neighborhood that it has designated cart lanes. Along with beautiful fairways, you’ll find an assortment of gorgeous trees, ponds, and creeks.

Are you looking to spend your golden years on the greens? Sun City is waiting to shine your path!

  • Population – Under 9,000 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $472,800
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $81,500
  • Rent Prices – $1,995 for studio and $2,395 for 3BR place
  • Schools – Woodcreek High School, Oakmont High School, Blue Oaks Elementary School, Barbara Chilton Middle School, Fiddyment Farm

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