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Welcoming you to the charming allure of Redwood City, California - a place that effortlessly bridges tranquility with industry. Known for its stunning landscapes and flourishing tech scene, moving to Redwood City is an appealing notion for many. Our comprehensive relocation guide is your golden ticket to a seamless transition, helping you navigate the engaging community spaces, captivating dining options, and rapidly growing business opportunities. Let us accompany you on this exciting journey as you discover the unique quirks, remarkable gems, and playful energy that makes Redwood City your potential new home.

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What to Know Before Moving to Redwood City

1. The Climate is Simply Wonderful

If you're someone who enjoys mild weather, then you're going to love Redwood City. With its motto of "Climate Best by Government Test," it boasts average temperatures that fluctuate between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. The city has a Mediterranean-type climate with long, warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The best part? You get over 250 sunny days a year!

2. A Flair for Festivals

Redwood City certainly knows how to throw a party! Famous for its numerous festivals and events, the city is always buzzing with activity. From the summer movie series in Courthouse Square and Music in the Park, to the Salsa Festival and Oktoberfest, there's an event for every taste. It's a great way to immerse yourself in the vibrant community culture.

3. The High Cost of Living

It's no secret that living in California can be quite pricey and Redwood City is no exception. With its desirable location in the heart of Silicon Valley, the cost of living here is significantly above the national average. Housing is the major contributor, with home prices and rent rates on the high side, but groceries, healthcare, and other essentials also tend to cost more.

4. The Digital Time Capsule

Here's an unusual and little-known fact about Redwood City - it's home to the only digital time capsule in the world! Hosted by the Redwood City Public Library, the Digital Arts Program created a virtual environment where community members can contribute to a shared digital time capsule. It's a unique and innovative way for individuals, families, and organizations to share their stories and preserve the city's history.

5. Educational Opportunities

A city that puts a premium on education, Redwood City is home to high-performance public and private schools. There's also the Canada College, which offers a variety of two-year programs and a University Center with bachelor's and master's degree programs through three universities.

6. Loads of Outdoor Recreation

Ready to step out and get moving? Outdoor enthusiasts get their fill in Redwood City. The city is home to several parks and preserves that have extensive hiking and biking trails. The Pulgas Water Temple , a beautiful monument surrounded by gardens, is worth a visit. Plus, the marina and waterfront offer water-based fun, from paddleboarding to sailing.

In conclusion, moving to Redwood City, CA promises to be an unforgettable experience. As you navigate the high cost of living and immerse yourself in its vibrant community and outdoor activities, you're bound to enjoy your time in this incredible city. It's not just a city of natural beauty, great weather, and stunning landscapes, but also an innovative and spirited community that warmly welcomes newcomers. Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Redwood City

Pros of Living in Redwood City

Excellent Weather

Redwood City is famous for its remarkable weather complemented by an average of 255 sun-filled days a year. This climate favors outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and more, thereby ensuring residents stay active and healthy.

Diverse Culinary Scene

Redwood City offers a diverse culinary experience with a wide array of multicultural cuisine. From mom-and-pop eateries to upscale dining establishments, residents can satisfy any culinary urge.

Vibrant Arts and Culture

Art enthusiasts will appreciate Redwood City's vibrant arts scene, with several theater groups, art galleries, and public art installations. The city also provides many cultural events, including music festivals and farmers markets, providing plenty of entertainment options.

Tech Employment Opportunities

Being part of the Silicon Valley, Redwood City is home to numerous tech companies which offer a wealth of employment opportunities. Its robust economy and high job growth make it a great place for professionals seeking career development.

Outdoor Recreation and Natural Beauty

Redwood City's natural beauty is highlighted by its numerous parks, beaches, and hiking trails. These outdoor spaces offer residents plenty of recreational activities while enjoying California's breathtaking landscapes.

Cons of Living in Redwood City

High Cost of Living

The cost of living in Redwood City is significantly higher than the national average. This high cost extends to nearly all aspects of life here, from housing to groceries, which can be a challenge for new residents.

Traffic and Commute Times

Traffic can often be heavy in Redwood City, especially during peak commuting times. The long commute times may add stress and reduce the time you have for other activities.


Due to the increase in population, Redwood City can feel overcrowded. Longer lines, crowded public facilities, and a noise increase are some of the inconveniences that come with a high population density.

Limited Housing Supply

There's a high demand for housing in Redwood City due to its economic prosperity and desirable living conditions, leading to a limited housing supply. It can be challenging to find the right accommodation at an affordable price.

High Property Taxes

Property taxes in Redwood City are relatively higher than in most parts of the country. This is something to consider, particularly for those planning to buy a home in the area.

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Is Redwood City a Good Place to Live?

Redwood City, CA is a great place to live because it boasts a vibrant downtown area with an array of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options, not to mention the charming, tree-lined neighborhoods. The city also offers a good balance between suburban comfort and urban convenience, with easy access to parks for outdoor recreation and top-rated schools for families. Plus, it has an inviting climate, often having the "best climate in the world" by government standards, making it perfect for those who enjoy sunshine and mild temperatures all year round.

What Is Redwood City Famous For?

Climate Best By Government Test

You may have spotted signs displaying this old motto around Redwood City. The phrase originated from a climatology test conducted by the United States and German governments that declared this city has one of the best climates in the world, a combination of Mediterranean and subtropical traits indeed!

The "Little Manila"

No, you haven't accidentally taken a trip to the Philippines. Redwood City is often called the "Little Manila" due to its dense Filipino community. Delightful Filipino bakeries, churches, and establishments are sprinkled throughout, making it feel like a slice of Manila in America.

High-Tech Industry Hub

If you want to rub elbows with tech-savvy people, look no further! As part of Silicon Valley, Redwood City is home to numerous tech industry giants, startups, and innovators, including the headquarters of Oracle Corporation. This city pulsates with technological advancements and innovation.

Historic Fox Theatre

Something's always afoot at Fox Theatre! Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this iconic Redwood City venue hosts exciting performances year-round, from international music concerts to local theatre productions. Its classic, art deco style architecture is a visual treat for residents and travelers alike.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Redwood City, CA, the property tax rate averages 1.16%, slightly lower than the national average of 1.2%. The exact amount a homeowner pays depends on the assessed value of the property.

Sales Tax

The sales tax in Redwood City, CA as of 2023 is 9.25%, which is higher than the national median of 7.3%. This tax is applied to most goods and services purchased within the city.

Income Tax

As for income tax, California has one of the highest state income tax rates in the country, with a maximum rate of 13.3%. However, the rate varies depending on the individual's income level, with lower earners paying a smaller percentage.

Housing Market

The housing market in Redwood City, CA significantly differs from other parts of the US. Median home prices are around $1.4 million, vastly exceeding the US median. High demand, limited inventory, and vibrant technology industry contribute to these high prices. Renters face high costs too, with median monthly rent at $3,243. Despite this, Redwood City offers high quality of life and access to Silicon Valley job opportunities. Both buyers and renters should ensure their financial stability before moving into this competitive market.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Redwood City, CA is relatively high compared to many other cities. The overall cost of living index is substantially higher than the national average due to several factors, such as housing costs, which are significantly higher than most American cities. Other factors, like transportation and grocery costs, are also moderately above the average. In contrast to some nearby cities like San Francisco and San Jose, however, Redwood City can be slightly more affordable. Despite these factors, many residents find the high standard of living and amenities it offers worth the cost.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Redwood City, CA, is known for its favorable Mediterranean climate, boasting mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. Average temperature usually ranges from 44degF in winter to 82degF in summer, offering a delightful mix of weather conditions. It receives approximately 20 inches of rain annually, most of it falling during winter and early spring. Despite its charm, Redwood City is not immune to natural disasters. Wildfires, earthquakes, and occasional heatwaves pose risk. The area is located in the San Francisco Bay region, prone to high seismic activity. In addition, summer and autumn may bring high risk of wildfires due to hot, dry winds and drought conditions. Nonetheless, the city is equipped to manage these situations and offers an appealing balance of enjoyable weather and stunning natural beauty.

Typical weather in Redwood City, CA

Economy & Job Market

* Technology and Software Services

* Health Care and Social Assistance

* Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

* Retail Trade

* Education Services

Energetic and lively Redwood City, CA is a buzzing hive of economic activity with a deep-rooted history in technological advancement. Once a center for shipbuilding and lumber, this vibrant city has undergone a profound transition, with technology and software services now forming the backbone of its economy. Major tech firms like Oracle, Evernote, and Electronic Arts add a shiny high-tech veneer to the city while healthcare, retail trade, and professional services round out this diverse economic landscape. The Bay Area's renowned spirit of innovation has also penetrated the education sector, making it a pivotal part of the Redwood City economy.

If you're planning on joining the Whistle Stop Town, be sure to bring along your A-game, as the job market here is just as dynamic as the economy itself. Employment rates in the city often surpass national averages, indicative of a robust and thriving job market. Opportunities abound especially in the dominant tech and healthcare sectors, while retail and professional services also offer a fair share of potential. And if you're inclined towards academia, don't worry! The city's innovative educational services sector is always on the lookout for fresh talent. So no matter your area of expertise, Redwood City is sure to have a place for you!

Traffic and Transportation

Getting around in Redwood City, CA is a total breeze...most of the time! Typically, the average commute time here balances out at around 29.3 minutes. Not bad, right? If you're not a huge fan of sitting in traffic, you'll be overjoyed to know we have some pretty decent public transport options! Caltrains are a popular choice, whisking commuters from Redwood to San Francisco in about an hour. SamTrans buses are also swooping around town offering another solid option. Let's say you're feeling fancy and need to travel further afield; say hello to San Francisco International Airport just 17 miles away. Planes, trains and automobiles... Redwood City has transportation down to a fine art!

What is the traffic like in Redwood City, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Redwood City


1. Downtown Redwood City

If you\'re moving to Redwood City and want to be in the heart of the action, Downtown Redwood City is the place to be. This vibrant neighborhood boasts trendy restaurants, lively cafes, and unique shops that cater to a diverse crowd. The Courthouse Square is often buzzing with outdoor concerts, community events, and movie nights. There\'s a definitive urban vibe here but with a distinct suburban calm that makes Downtown Redwood City a balanced choice for city lovers who also appreciate tranquility.

2. Emerald Hills

For those craving serene sights and winding trails, Emerald Hills is a dream come true. This neighborhood is home to Roy Cloud School and Stulsaft Park, the largest park in Redwood City. It\'s also close to both the Emerald Lake Country Club and the Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve, perfect destinations for nature lovers. Emerald Hills residents enjoy a quiet, relaxed lifestyle with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation - it\'s an ideal spot for families and outdoor enthusiasts!

3. Mount Carmel

Characterised by historic homes and tree-lined streets, Mount Carmel provides a charming, old-school vibe. The neighborhood hosts the celebrated Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and a number of small, cozy parks. What\'s more, it\'s merely a short drive from Downtown, offering residents a peaceful setup with quick access to bustling city life. Moving to Mount Carmel is like stepping into a time machine, where classic California aesthetics meet modern day convenience!

4. Redwood Shores

Waterfront properties, tech giants, lagoon views - welcome to Redwood Shores! This neighborhood is known for its attractive master-planned community featuring beautiful homes and apartments. Oracle\'s impressive headquarters are located here, making it a fantastic place for tech professionals. With extensive bike lanes, scenic trails, and numerous parks, Redwood Shores strikes the perfect balance between contemporary living and natural beauty.

5. Woodside Plaza

Finally, we have Woodside Plaza - a superb family-friendly neighborhood known for its strong sense of community. Residents of Woodside Plaza will tell you about its fantastic local shops, good schools, and welcoming neighbors. This neighborhood effortlessly exudes suburban peace and quiet, but ensures you\'re never far from necessary amenities. If you\'re moving with your family, this easygoing neighborhood might be the perfect fit for you!

Each of these five neighborhoods brings a unique flavor, set of amenities, and charm to Redwood City, CA. Whether you\'re seeking city excitement, suburban tranquility, or a balanced blend of both, you\'re sure to find a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle. Welcome to your new home in beautiful Redwood City!

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Things to Do

Redwood City, known for being the 'theater city' on the peninsula, is the hub of entertainment and excitement. The vibrant city, with its sunny weather and multi-cultural residents, has everything from theatrical performances to high-energy sporting events, and art festivals to serene hiking spots. Just moved to Redwood City? Brace yourself for a roller coaster of fun, excitement, and exhilaration. Here are the top 7 things you cannot miss out on!

1. Get Astonished at the Fox Theatre

Start your exploration of the city with the historic Fox Theatre. Its regal appearance captures the passerby's attention, and the performances have the same effect on your senses. From plays, musicals, dance performances to magic shows, there is always something enchanting happening on stage!

2. Chart the Unexplored at the Pulgas Water Temple

An off-the-beaten-path treasure, Pulgas Water Temple, is a sight to behold. Adorned with beautiful Greek columns and inscriptions, it is where the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir System ends. A peaceful site for a picnic while relishing the stunning architectural splendor is something you cannot miss in Redwood City.

3. Refuel at the Redwood Grill

After an adventurous day, satiate your hunger at Redwood Grill. The eatery is famous for its traditional American food with a twist. Try their quintessential burgers, accompanied by a glass of cold local brew for an authentic taste of Redwood City.

4. Step into the Past at San Mateo County History Museum

Rekindle your love for history at San Mateo County History Museum. Housed in a former courthouse, the museum presents an interactive timeline of the area's history, including the Gold Rush era and the growth of Silicon Valley.

5. Traverse the Trails at Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve

If you love nature, Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve is your place to be. Unwind in nature's lap and hike the picturesque trails that offer panoramic views of the San Francisco Peninsula.

6. Immerse in Music at Music on the Square

If you're in the city between June and September, you're in for a treat! Every Friday night, downtown Redwood City comes alive with free concerts at Music on the Square. Music ranges from Latin and blues to rock and pop; there's something for every music lover!

7. Take a Secret Stroll at Cordilleras Creek

For a unique, somewhat-secret outdoor experience, stroll along the Cordilleras Creek. This hidden gem offers a serene, quiet escape from city life amidst lush greenery and chirping birds. Don't forget to keep an eye out for the Egrets and Blue Herons!

Redwood City is indeed a city sprinkled with vibrant shades of culture, history, and nature. Whether you're a resident or just visiting, these top 7 things will make sure your experiences in Redwood City are unforgettable! Happy exploring!

Things to do in Redwood City, CA?

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