Moving to Pomona

Imagine, if you will, swapping your current view for the scenic shadow of the San Gabriel Mountains, the charm of Historic Downtown Pomona, and the promise of endless sunny days. Welcome to Pomona, California, a city that beautifully blends urban energy with suburban tranquility! As part of the Greater Los Angeles area, Pomona personifies what Californian living is all about, offering cultural richness, a thriving arts scene, and a unique blend of culinary delights. Embark on this journey with us, as we help guide you through the exhilarating process of moving to Pomona in our comprehensive relocation guide.

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What to Know Before Moving to Pomona

1. Artsy and Culturally Rich!

Pomona, California, fondly regarded as a 'gem' in Southern California, is renowned for its vibrant arts scene. This city houses the fabled Arts Colony, which serves as the epicenter of creativity featuring galleries, studios, and wall murals. The Second Saturday Art Walk is a must-visit as it showcases an exciting blend of art, culture, and street music. Plus, you never know, you might just find a masterpiece that'll look fab in your new Pomona abode. Give it a chance, it might just turn you into an art enthusiast.

2. The Land of Festivals

Dying for some fun? You're going to love it here. Pomona is known for hosting fantastic street festivals throughout the year. The highlights include the Pomona Night Market offering vintage goods, handmade items, and mouthwatering street food, as well as the Classic Car Show and the Music Festival. Get ready to throw your hands up in the air, sway to the music, and let the good times roll!

3. Your Taste Buds are in for a Treat

If you consider yourself a foodie, then brace yourself because Pomona doesn't play around when it comes to food. The city offers a wide range of culinary delights to tantalize your taste buds. From savoring scrumptious street tacos to treating yourself to delectable Asian cuisine, there's a spread of flavors hailing from every corner of the world. Plus, let's not forget the famous Farmer's Market held every Saturday, offering fresh, locally grown produce.

4. Southern California's Best Kept Secret - The Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show

Here is one for the 'fun facts' section. Pomona hosts one of the largest classic car shows in the country. What makes this event unique is that it's also a kind of a swap meet. Just imagine hundreds of rows filled with classic cars, spare parts, merchandise, and more. Whether you're a car enthusiast or not, the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show is something you should not miss. And who knows? You might even bring home a vintage auto.

5. Education Hub

Considered the intellectual heart of Pomona, the Claremont Colleges, a consortium of five undergraduate and two graduate institutions, provide ample educational opportunities and experiences. Cal Poly Pomona, one of California's top public universities known for its learn-by-doing philosophy, is also located here. Moving to Pomona might just awaken the geek in you!

6. Eccentric Neighborhoods and Affordable Living

Pomona encompasses a wide array of neighborhoods each with its distinct character and charm. From classy Victorian homes to modern condominiums, choice is aplenty in Pomona. What's more, while the cost of living is relatively higher compared to the national average, it is decidedly lower than most parts of California. So if you've always fantasized about living the California dream without breaking the bank, Pomona might very well make that dream come true!

What's not to love about Pomona? Moving to this city offers a chance to enjoy an artsy, spirited, and diverse lifestyle. With art galleries, street festivals, culinary delights, an iconic car fest, educational clout, and affordable California living, Pomona packs a punch! So buckle up and make a beeline for this colorful city - swoon-worthy Southern California living awaits you!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Pomona

Pros of Living in Pomona

Rich Cultural Heritage

The city of Pomona has a diverse culture and a rich history, providing residents with numerous opportunities for enrichment. The city is home to an array of museums, galleries, and theaters, as well as various festivals and events that take place throughout the year.

Access to Outdoor Activities

Located at the edge of the San Gabriel Valley, Pomona offers an array of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails. In addition, there are several parks throughout the city where residents can enjoy the beautiful California weather.

Education Opportunities

Renowned institutions like the California State Polytechnic University and Western University of Health Sciences are located in Pomona. The Pomona Unified School District serves the city, providing strong educational opportunities.

Active Community

Pomona has a tight-knit, active community. Residents often participate in local events, volunteer programs, and community outreach initiatives that help keep the city safe and vibrant.

Location Convenience

Pomona offers easy access to major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles. Interstate highways, Metrolink rail service, and nearby airports make commuting or traveling easier.

Cons of Living in Pomona

Cost of Living

Like many places in California, Pomona has a high cost of living. Everything from rent to groceries can be relatively expensive compared to other parts of the country.

Traffic and Transportation

Like other parts of Southern California, Pomona struggles with traffic, especially on major highways during peak hours. While public transport is available, it may not always be the most convenient or efficient mode of transportation.


With a population over 150,000, Pomona can get crowded. Places like shopping centers, restaurants, and parks can get busy, especially on weekends and during special events.

Higher Education

While Pomona is home to a couple of universities, residents seeking a wider variety of higher education options may need to commute to larger cities nearby.

Air Quality

Like several cities in the Los Angeles area, Pomona experiences poor air quality at times due to pollution and, at times, smoke from wildfires.

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Is Pomona a Good Place to Live?

Pomona, CA is a great place to live because of its rich art scene, sunny climate and close proximity to multiple nature reserves and parks. Not only would you get to attend the famous Los Angeles County Fair held annually in the Fairplex, but you could also soak up local history at the Rail Giants Train Museum or the Wally Parks NHRA Museum. Surrounded by delicious cuisine, exciting cultural festivals and booming local businesses, life in Pomona, CA is a wealth of experience waiting to be explored!

What Is Pomona Famous For?

The LA County Fair

Pomona is home to one of the largest county fairs in the U.S, the Los Angeles County Fair, and it attracts millions of visitors annually. The fair offers attractions like carnival rides, animal exhibits, live entertainment, and a variety of food vendors. Find your thrill-seeking side on the roller coasters or enjoy a relaxed day taking in the animal shows, there's something for everyone!

The Historic Mission Inn

If you're a history buff, make sure to visit The Historic Mission Inn. This elegant Spanish Mission-style inn was built in 1929 and is adorned with stained glass windows, hand-painted murals, and stately archways. Not only does it offer sumptous dining and luxury accommodation, but it also provides a splendid trip back to the grandeur of the past.

Pomona's Art Colony

Known for its vibrant Arts District, Pomona is a hot spot for artists and art lovers alike. The heart of the district is the Pomona Art Colony, a close-knit community of artists who regularly open their studios to the public. Packed with galleries, murals, and artist lofts, it makes Pomona a city of great creative energy.

Auto Club Raceway

Rev your engines at the Auto Club Raceway, the oldest operating dragstrip in the U.S! This world-renowned raceway has been home to NHRA drag racing since 1961 and hosts the season-opening Winternationals and the season-closing World Finals. For motorsports enthusiasts, a visit to the raceway is a must.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

The property tax rate in Pomona, CA, as of 2023, is around 1.07% of the property's fair market value. This is moderately high compared to the national average property tax rate, which sits at about 1.07%.

Sales Tax

Pomona, CA, has a combined city and state sales tax rate of 9.25% as of 2023. This is considerably higher than the national average combined sales tax rate, which is around 7.12%.

Income Tax

For the 2023 tax year, California has a progressive income tax system that ranges from 1% to 13.3%. Pomona residents therefore have one of the highest top state income tax rates in the U.S, as the national average top marginal state income tax rate is closer to 5.3%.

Housing Market

The housing market in Pomona, CA is typically more expensive than most other markets in the US. The median home value currently stands at $461,500, significantly higher than the national median of $277,700. Home values have also witnessed a steady growth at a rate of 6.7% over the past year. Similarly, rental market isn't quite affordable with median rent price reaching $2,200, above the national median rent of $1,470. While this underpins an opportunity for home investment with potential high returns, it also implies increased housing costs for potential renters and homebuyers.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Pomona, CA is relatively lower compared to other Californian cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco. Housing is the most significant factor affecting this difference, with home prices in Pomona being considerably cheaper. Other expenses such as utilities, transportation, and groceries also tend to be less costly. However, compared to national averages, Pomona is still more expensive in terms of overall living costs. As such, while being a more affordable option within California, it may be pricier than other regions in the US.

Weather & Natural Disasters

The climate in Pomona, CA is characterized by warm and dry summers in accordance with its Mediterranean climate. Winters are comparatively cooler and wetter, although the weather remains mild year-round, making it attractive for residential and recreational activities. The city experiences average high temperatures ranging from 68degF in winter to 90degF in the peak summer months. However, the proximity to the Pacific Ocean helps moderate the temperatures. In terms of natural disasters, Californian topography makes it susceptible to earthquakes. Pomona, located near the San Andreas Fault line, is no exception. It has also experienced incidents of wildfires due to dry atmospheric conditions and occasional high winds. Despite these occasional adversities, Pomona's agreeable climate is appreciated by its residents.

Typical weather in Pomona, CA

Economy & Job Market

* Educational Services

* Healthcare and Social Assistance

* Manufacturing

* Retail Trade

* Accommodation and Food Services

Pomona, California has a vibrant and dynamic economy with a rich history rooted in citrus orchards and winemaking, which has now evolved to encompass a wide range of industries. From education and healthcare to retail and hospitality, Pomona has a diverse landscape of economic sectors. The city is known for being the site of the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona), making educational services a significant contributor to its economy. Healthcare and social assistance services also form a significant part of the job market, with numerous hospitals, clinics, and community health centers located throughout the city. Manufacturing, while not as dominant as it once was, still has a significant presence, and the city's strategic location has made it an important hub for retail trade.

If you're planning on moving to Pomona and hunting for a job, it's good to be prepared to enter a competitive job market. The employment rate is slightly lower than the national average, but don't let that discourage you! Many opportunities are concentrated in the areas of education and healthcare, so those considering jobs in these sectors are likely to find a good deal of options. The retail sector also offers numerous job opportunities as the city continues to grow and develop, so be sure to keep an eye on the emerging retail industries. Keep in mind that networking is crucial in this city, getting to know the locals could be your winning ticket!

Traffic and Transportation

Hello there, adventurous soul! Ready to zoom through Pomona, CA? Let's buckle up and uncover its travel tidbits. Pomona is quite a charmer when it comes to transportation. The average commute time here is about 30.3 minutes which is only a smidgen more than the US average. Quite fair, don't you think? Pop onto one of the available public transit options like Foothill Transit, Metrolink Trains or Omnitrans; they're ready to whisk you across the city in a blink. If your taste rises above the ground, we've got Ontario International Airport and Brackett Field Airport, a general aviation airport to your rescue. With a basket full of options, getting around Pomona is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Ready to get, set, vroom?

What is the traffic like in Pomona, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Pomona

1. Downtown Pomona

If you have an affinity for the arts and a taste for local cuisine, Downtown Pomona is just for you. This district is the city's cultural hub boasting an abundance of murals and sculptures that adorn its streets. It's here that you'll find the Arts Colony, home to fascinating art galleries, and the vibrant Antique Row, shimmering with treasures from bygone eras. Coming alive in the night, Downtown Pomona caters to music lovers with its eclectic mix of live music venues. You are bound to feel the city's rhythm on every corner!

2. Westmont

Desire a bit of serenity in the hustle and bustle of city life? Westmont, with its charming tree-lined streets and quiet atmosphere, might be your cozy sanctuary. Known for its valley and mountain views, it offers abundant outdoor delights for nature lovers. The neighborhood is also home to Hillside Park, a quaint green space perfect for a picnic or an evening stroll. A close-knit community and family-friendly environment are the soul of Westmont, making it an ideal choice for individuals craving peaceful surroundings.

3. Lincoln Park

Think gracious villas, historical charm, and lots of greenery! Lincoln Park is a jewel of a neighborhood for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in history and design. As one of the oldest parts of the city, it oozes heritage and aesthetic appeal. Classic architecture reigns supreme in this area, keeping nostalgia alive. Along with its architectural features, the community supports one of the city's majestic parks, Lincoln Park, serving as a tranquil retreat for residents.

4. Phillips Ranch

As one of Pomona's newer neighborhoods, Phillips Ranch offers a unique blend of suburban comfort and cosmopolitan flair. Its rolling topography offers unrivaled views of the entire Pomona Valley. It hosts several high-end restaurants and shopping centers, including the popular Phillips Ranch Plaza. The neighborhood also boasts lavish parks like Phillips Paw Park, a pet-friendly park with lush green environs. Despite its modern ambience, Phillips Ranch maintains a close community vibe that fosters genuine connection and socialization among its residents.

5. Ganesha Hills

Perched high on hillsides and often shrouded by beautiful mist in the mornings, Ganesha Hills makes you feel like you are living in your personal cloud nine. It presents a stunning panorama of Downtown Pomona and beyond. Home to the Fairplex, the venue of the renowned Los Angeles County Fair, the spirit of celebration is always aloft in the air. The neighborhood is entrenched in natural beauty with abundant trails weaving through the hills, making it an adventurer's delight.

In conclusion, Pomona is a city of beautifully diverse neighborhoods, each carrying its own unique charm and ambiance. Whether you are drawn to the cultural vibrancy of Downtown Pomona, the serene living of Westmont, the historic aesthetic of Lincoln Park, the cosmopolitan flair of Phillips Ranch, or the scenic beauty of Ganesha Hills, Pomona caters to a wide array of preferences. Happy neighborhood hunting!

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Things to Do


Welcome to Pomona, a vibrant gem of Southern California! An unexpected blend of urban buzz and suburban tranquillity, the city offers several unique ways to make you feel right at home. Wine tasting rooms, cultural experiences, and beautiful parks are just a few examples to start. So, let's take a journey through the top 7 things to do in Pomona!

1. Visit the American Museum of Ceramic Art

Be prepared to have your mind blown away as you dive into the fascinating world of ceramic art. The American Museum of Ceramic Art hosts an amazing collection of ceramic pieces that range from ancient times to modern days. Their exhibits are often rotated, so there's always something new and exciting to see!

2. Dive Into Latino Heritage at the Latino Art Museum

The Latino Art Museum is a celebration of Latin American culture and heritage. It showcases traditional and contemporary art, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, and photography from artists across Latin America. If you're into arts and culture, this should definitely be on your list.

3. Get Nostalgic at Classic Car Shows

For auto enthusiasts, Pomona's Classic Car Show is a must-do! A hub for vintage grills and engines, it welcomes car lovers and collectors to appreciate the beauty of automobiles from bygone eras. Whether you're an automobile aficionado or not, coming face-to-face with these moving pieces of history can be quite a thrill.

4. Wander in the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Discover California's native flora at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, one of Pomona's loveliest outdoor spaces. It's an amazing place to get lost for a few hours, admiring the stunning plants and flowers, and perhaps even spotting a few local critters along the way.

5. Go on a Thrilling Escape Room Challenge

For an adrenaline-pumping experience, try one of the most engaging and fun escape rooms in Pomona, the Fox in a Box. There's something inherently exciting about racing against the clock to solve brain-bending puzzles with your friends or family.

6. Taste Wine at the Glass House Winery

Often overlooked by common travel guides, the Glass House Winery deserves more attention than it gets. Located in the heart of the city, this family-run winery offers taste-bud tantalizing wines and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

7. Discover Hidden Street Art

Last, but by no means least, is hunting for hidden street art in the city. Pomona's landscape is speckled with a variety of colorful murals and graffiti hidden in back lanes, alleys, and obscure corners of the city. Exploring these art-filled venues can be a fun, and possibly artistic, adventure.

There you have it - 7 top things to do that should get you started on your Pomona journey! Explore these options and you'll soon find that you've just scratched the surface of this charming city's offerings. What's known is just a fragment of the city's bloom; there's a world of hidden treasures in Pomona waiting to be found.

``` Things to do in Pomona, CA?

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