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Picture this: waving palm trees, sunsets painting the Pacific, and a laid-back coastal vibe - welcome to Oxnard, California! Nestled midway between buzzing Los Angeles and serene Santa Barbara, Oxnard is more than just an overlooked gem. It's a place where strawberry fields meet sandy beaches, combining the best of small-town charm with glimpses of city allure. If you're considering a big move, our in-depth Oxnard relocation guide will become your trusty companion, packed with insider tips and practical advice to make the journey less daunting and definitely more exciting!

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What to Know Before Moving to Oxnard

1. The Year-Round Coastal Weather Should Be Your Top Reason to Love Oxnard

Trade your winter coats and snow boots for sunscreen and flip-flops when you make the move to Oxnard! This city's Mediterranean-like climate offers mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers, just right for beach days all year round. The average temperature during winter hardly ever dips below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, while in summer, it comfortably hovers around 75 degrees. The pleasant weather is undeniably one of the greatest pleasures of coastal life in Oxnard.

2. Savour the Best of Fresh Produce at the Oxnard Farmers Market

The Oxnard Farmers Market is a must-visit, especially if you relish fresh and locally grown produce. Held every Thursday, the market is renowned for its farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and other products, many of which are organic. Aptly located in Plaza Park, in the middle of downtown, the market is also an excellent place to sample baked goods, gourmet food, and fresh flowers from local growers. Few experiences say 'welcome home' like a picnic basket full of farmers market delights!

3. Oxnard's Cultural Scene Speaks Volumes about its Rich History

Are you fascinated by history? Then Oxnard won't disappoint. The city's heritage can be traced back through various cultural and historic attractions. Pay a visit to Heritage Square for a delightful collection of meticulously restored homes from the turn of the 20th century. Don't miss the annual Strawberry Festival or the fun-filled Salsa Festival! But here's the kicker: Oxnard is home to world-class museums. From vintage automobiles at the Mullin Automotive Museum to a stunning array of art at the Carnegie Art Museum - Oxnard's cultural scene is colorful and diverse.

4. Water Sports Enthusiasts, Welcome to Paradise!

Water-loving folk, prepare to immerse in the plethora of opportunities Oxnard offers. Nestled by the coast and with the Pacific Ocean as its backyard, Oxnard affords residents an array of water activities. From beach lounging to deep-sea fishing, surfing to sailing, scuba diving to kayaking - Oxnard is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Channel Islands Harbor, a working harbour just minutes away, offers endless recreational activities and is known as the "Gateway to the Channel Islands National Park".

5. Oxnard is the Unexpected Capital of California Strawberries

Here's the inside scoop: Oxnard is the unsung hero when it comes to strawberries in California. Surprised? So are most people! Due to its fertile soils and perfect climate, Oxnard is home to one of the largest strawberry productions in the state. It's also famous for the annual California Strawberry Festival held in May - a vibrant event celebrating the luscious fruit. The festival features strawberry-themed food and drinks, live entertainment, and contests. Here's another fun fact: the strawberry fields in Oxnard stretch across more than 6,500 acres in the area!

6. Oxnard Boasts a Unique Rural Charm within an Urban Setting

One of the most remarkable aspects about Oxnard is its charming blend of urban and rural lifestyles. Oxnard has managed to maintain a delicate balance of growing city infrastructure along with vast agriculturally rich farmlands, giving it a unique rural appeal amidst a buzzing urban backdrop. It's not unusual to see row upon row of scenic, open farmland just a short drive away from a downtown filled with modern amenities, shopping districts, and culinary delights. This creates an interesting dynamic that sets Oxnard apart from many Californian cities.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Oxnard

Pros of Living in Oxnard

Proximity to Beautiful Beaches

Oxnard is located on the breathtaking California coast, offering residents easy access to beautiful sandy beaches. Ideally for beach lovers, the possibility to enjoy beachside activities, sun, surf and sand all year round can be a major lifestyle bonus.

Mild Weather

If you enjoy warm, mild weather, Oxnard's Mediterranean climate will appeal to you. The city sees plenty of sunshine and has moderate temperatures throughout the year. You can expect winters to be balmy and summers to be pleasantly warm rather than excessively hot.

Agricultural Riches

Oxnard is known for fertile farmlands that produce a variety of crops, especially strawberries. You're in for a treat if you appreciate fresh and locally sourced food. In fact, Oxnard hosts a vibrant yearly Strawberry Festival that is a significant local event.

Cultural Diversity

You'll get to enjoy life within a richly diverse community in Oxnard. This diversity is reflected in the city's food, community events, and neighbourhoods. Such a varied population ensures a wide array of cultural perspectives and experiences.

Outdoor Activities

Oxnard provides many opportunities for outdoor activities, thanks to its scenic landscape. Whether you're interested in hiking, fishing, water sports, or biking, there's plenty of space and natural beauty to enjoy.

Cons of Living in Oxnard

Cost of Living

Living in California can be pricey, and Oxnard is no exception. While it's not the most expensive city in California, the cost of housing and general cost of living is on the higher side, especially when compared to many other parts of the U.S.

Traffic and Commute

Like most of California, Oxnard can have heavy traffic during rush hours, especially on highways leading into Los Angeles. The commute time can be quite substantial if you work outside of Oxnard, which can be a significant drawback for some people.

Public Transportation

Oxnard's public transportation is not as efficient or reliable as in some other major cities. Depending on your location and travel needs, you may find that a car is necessary. The lack of robust public transit options may be a factor if you don't drive


Being an agricultural hub, Oxnard suffers from pesticide-related pollution. Moreover, air quality can be detrimental at times, largely due to traffic and industrial emissions.


While Oxnard has plenty of schools, their performance is not rated as high as those in some other parts of California. If you have children, or are planning to start a family, you may need to consider private schooling or be prepared to explore your options in surrounding areas.

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Is Oxnard a Good Place to Live?

Oxnard, CA is a great place to live because of its beautiful beaches, mild weather and delicious local food scene. Additionally, thriving industries, outdoor recreational activities like surfing and hiking and a rich cultural heritage further enhance the charm of living in Oxnard, making it an exciting mix of fun, adventure and opportunities.

What Is Oxnard Famous For?

Strawberry Festival

Every year, Oxnard hosts the California Strawberry Festival, which is a sweet celebration of California's favorite berry. Here, visitors can enjoy an array of strawberry foods, live music, cooking demonstrations, and even a contest for the best strawberry-themed hat!

Historic Homes

Oxnard is home to stunning historic homes, many of which belong to the Heritage Square. Walking through these beautifully restored Victorian and Craftsman homes truly feels like taking a step back in time.

Oxnard Beaches

Known for its breathtaking coastline, Oxnard offers visitors a chance to soak in the California sun at its pristine sandy beaches. Hollywood Beach and Silver Strand Beach are popular spots for swimming, surfing and spotting seals and dolphins.

Mullin Automotive Museum

For car enthusiasts, the Mullin Automotive Museum is a must-visit in Oxnard. It houses an extensive collection of vintage and classic French automobiles, which are sure to thrill anyone with an interest in automotive history.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Oxnard, CA, the property tax rate as of 2023 is approximately 0.86% of a property's assessed fair market value, which is below the national average of 1.07%. This makes Oxnard an attractive location for homeowners searching for lower property taxes.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Oxnard as of 2023 sits at 7.75%, which is slightly higher compared to the overall average US sales tax rate of about 7.12%. This slight increase may impact consumers' purchasing decisions, especially for big ticket items.

Income Tax

Oxnard residents are subject to California's state income tax rates which, in 2023, range from 1% to 13.3% depending on the individual's income bracket. These rates are among the highest in the United States, reinforced by California's progressive tax system which imposes higher tax rates for higher earners.

Housing Market

In comparison to the US average, Oxnard, CA's housing market depicts a higher trend. With a median home value of around $556,900 versus the national median of $231,200, buyers should anticipate steeper prices. Renters aren't excluded from this trend, with Oxnard's mean rent resonating at $2,153, while the US average is $1,470. However, Oxnard offers coastal living, access to quality amenities and strong job opportunities particularly in agriculture, manufacturing and transportation, justifying the elevated living costs. Therefore, potential residents must weigh these factors when considering Oxnard for their next home.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Oxnard, CA is relatively high compared to other cities. It is approximately 48% above the national average, primarily driven by high housing costs and transportation. While groceries and healthcare costs are almost on par with the national average, the price of utilities is slightly above average. However, compared to other Californian cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, living in Oxnard may be more affordable. The cost of living can significantly affect the quality of life and should be a primary consideration when planning to relocate.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Oxnard, California enjoys a picturesque Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Average temperatures fluctuate between the 60s and 70s Fahrenheit throughout the year, turning the city into a magnet for those who relish balmy weather. Warm Santa Ana winds and morning fog are part of the local weather flavor. Low humidity and blue skies are the dominant trend here, with over 270 sunshine-filled days annually. Despite this idyllic setting, Oxnard is not completely immune to natural disasters. The city is susceptible to wildfires in dry seasons and El Nino induced floods in wet years. The coastal location also exposes it to occasional tsunami threats. Earthquakes, a common occurrence in California due to its location on the seismic Pacific Ring of Fire, also pose risks to Oxnard.

Typical weather in Oxnard, CA

Economy & Job Market

* Agriculture: Once known as the "Lima Bean Capital of the World", Oxnard still has a strong agricultural industry, particularly in strawberries.

* Manufacturing: Oxnard, CA is home to multiple manufacturing businesses ranging from food processing to transportation equipment.

* Education: Several school districts and a community college offer numerous employment opportunities in education.

* Healthcare: The health sector is a major employer in Oxnard, with St. John's Regional Medical Center being among the top employers.

* Retail: With a number of shopping centers and stores in Oxnard, retail is a considerable part of the local economy.

Historically, the city of Oxnard thrived on agriculture, predominantly lima beans and sugar beets, earning it the reputation as the ""Lima Bean Capital of the World". Nowadays, while agriculture's role remains important, particularly in strawberries, the economic landscape of Oxnard has diversified. The manufacturing sector flourishes with many businesses ranging from food processing to transportation equipment. Besides, education and healthcare sectors have shown impressive growth, with local school districts, Oxnard College, and St. John's Regional Medical Center making crucial contributions to the economy. Not to forget, the world of retail also plays a significant role with numerous shopping centers scattered across the city.

If you're considering a move to Oxnard, it's certainly an eclectic mix when it comes to the job market. The city's unemployment rate tends to be slightly higher than the national average, but don't let that deter you. Often there are employment opportunities across a variety of sectors, with agriculture, manufacturing, education, healthcare, and retail being among the most prominent. It's also worth noting that many residents commute to nearby cities for work, so extending your job hunt to the surrounding areas like Ventura and Santa Barbara could bolster your prospects. Oh, and if you love strawberries, you're in for a treat! You might just land a job serving up the town's famous fruit in all its tasty forms!

Traffic and Transportation

Traffic in Oxnard, CA? Doable! The average commute time is less of a nail-biter at around 24.6 minutes, which is less than U.S. average. Zigzag through town with Gold Coast Transit, the largest provider of public bus service in Ventura County. Feel the breeze in your hair with a sun-kissed bike ride on the city's plentiful bikeways. Prepare for an exhilarating journey on the Pacific Surfliner by Amtrak - it gives you those railway romance vibes while heading to LA or San Diego. And when you're ready to spread your wings and fly? Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is only an hour away. There's also Hollywood Burbank Airport (formerly Bob Hope Airport) to toss you into the glamorous glitz of Tinseltown. So buckle up, Oxnard has your transportation covered and will fill your commute with California sunshine!

What is the traffic like in Oxnard, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Oxnard

1. Riverpark

Located in the northeastern part of Oxnard, Riverpark is one of the city's newer neighborhoods. Here, you'll find a vibrant community with an array of amenities such as shopping malls, schools, parks, and restaurants, all within walking distance. Riverpark is also home to The Collection, a 650,000 square feet outdoor shopping center that features trendy shops, upscale eateries, and a 16-screen cinema. It's the perfect balance between suburban living and the accessibility of an urban environment.

2. Hollywood Beach

If beachside living is more your thing, you'll love Hollywood Beach. Known for its pristine white sands, clean waters, and stunning views of the Channel Islands, Hollywood Beach offers a relaxing and slow-paced lifestyle. This oceanfront neighborhood is perfect for lovers of watersports, or anyone who wishes to be lulled to sleep by the calming sounds of waves. From quaint beach cottages to modern multi-story homes, the real estate in Hollywood Beach is as diverse as its residents.

3. Seabridge Marina

Another waterfront neighborhood, Seabridge Marina offers luxurious marina living. Here, you'll find stunning waterfront homes complete with private boat docks. The neighborhood also boasts walking paths, parks, restaurants, and retail shops. Should you love the water but prefer living inland, Seabridge is the neighborhood for you. You can spend a day sailing or paddle boarding, or take a leisurely stroll along the harbor to watch the sunset. Enjoy the best of both worlds in Seabridge Marina!

4. Oxnard Shores

Similar to Hollywood Beach, Oxnard Shores is known for its on-the-sand homes, but it's also walking distance to the famous Channel Islands Harbor. You'll often see residents engaging in various water recreational activities, thanks to its calm, family-friendly "Mother's Beach". Residents have easy access to fresh seafood markets, chic beach shops, and diverse restaurants. Oxnard Shores indeed gives you the perfect seaside living experience without sacrificing the convenience of city life.

5. Downtown Oxnard

Looking for some historical charm? Downtown Oxnard, characterized by its unique architecture, palm-lined streets, and town square, Plaza Park, is your best bet. This neighborhood is known for its Christmas Parade, annual Salsa festival, and Thursday Farmer's Market. It's also the hub for arts and culture, with the Carnegie Art Museum and Oxnard Performing Arts Center located here. Downtown is the ideal neighborhood for those looking for an urban, culturally rich living experience amidst historic ambiance.

Wherever you decide to call home in Oxnard, rest assured that this city is filled with charm, diversity, and comfort. Each neighborhood offers its own unique vibe and lifestyle, from tranquil beachside retreats to bustling urban centers. This coastal city delivers all of the SoCal charm without the hectic pace of larger metropolises. So go ahead, find your perfect neighborhood, and embrace the delightful blend of sun, sand, and city that Oxnard offers. Enjoy your new journey!

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Things to Do

Welcome to Oxnard, a charming city of sandy beaches, delightful eateries, momentous festivals, and serene landscapes. Located by the coast in Ventura County, California, Oxnard is packed with attractions and activities that won't disappoint. If you're new to the city, here are seven top things to do and enjoy to truly immerse yourself into the Oxnard vibe. Don't worry, we've included a few hidden gems that only the most seasoned Oxnard locals would know!

1. Explore the Channel Islands National Park

First on the list is a visit to the nearby Channel Islands National Park. A ferry ride from the Oxnard harbor will transport you to this nature-rich destination. With opportunities for hiking, spotting rare wildlife or snorkeling in the kelp forests, it provides a great escape into nature's embrace.

2. Visit the Mullin Automotive Museum

If you're a car enthusiast, this is heaven for you. Famous for its collection of historic French automobiles, the Mullin Automotive Museum is a tribute to the art deco and the machine age - eras that have birthed exquisite car design. Please note that visits are by appointment only, so plan ahead!

3. Taste your way through the Oxnard Salsa Festival

Now, we're adding a little spice to your life. The annual Oxnard Salsa Festival is not to be missed - think live salsa bands, salsa dance lessons, a salsa tasting tent, not to mention an incredible selection of foods.

4. Discover Oxnard's Secret Garden

Here comes the first lesser-known gem. Polly's Nursery is a family-owned plant nursery with a hidden secret - it's also a magical garden that transports you into a modern-day Alice in Wonderland. With whimsical plant installations, it's a fun place to explore and strike a pose for the 'gram. The best part, it's entirely free!

5. Beach Bike Riding

What better way to explore Oxnard than by renting a bike and zipping along the majestic coastline? Stop by Wheel Fun Rentals, choose your two-wheeled ride, and set off for an Oxnard adventure. There's no better way to soak in the sun, surf, and sand.

6. Visit the Carnegie Art Museum

This museum is a historic Californian gem and a cultural institution dedicated to the presentation, interpretation, collection, and preservation of contemporary art. Aside from its alluring exhibits, the building showcases Classic Revival architectural styling, making the museum itself a work of art.

7. Find Serenity at the Blue Sky Center

Our final recommendation is one of Oxnard's best-kept secrets. Blue Sky Center is an eclectic community committed to revitalizing economies through creative business models. Located in a unique landscape offering memorable sunsets, Blue Sky provides an innovative rural escape, hosting art installations, outdoor murals, and special events - an out-of-the-box experience that's uniquely Oxnard.

There you have it, seven things to do in Oxnard that will immerse you into the true spirit and culture of the city. Whether it's having an adventure in the great outdoors, getting lost in beautiful gardens, relishing the buzz of a festival or exploring the hidden enchantments that lie within the city, Oxnard has something for everyone. Enjoy this hidden Californian gem, and make the most out of your Oxnard adventure!

Things to do in Oxnard, CA?

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