Moving to Ontario

Welcome to your essential guide to moving to the vibrant heartland of Ontario, CA. Find yourself entranced by the intertwining allure of dynamic city life and serene natural beauty. Don't just explore, become a part of the infectious energy of Ontario's thriving arts scene, and the warmth of its diverse cultures. Let's embark on a thrilling journey as we unravel everything you need to know about relocating to the beautiful gem that is Ontario, CA. Every adventure, dear reader, indeed begins where the comfort zone ends!

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What to Know Before Moving to Ontario

1. The Ultimate Blend of Small-Town Charm and Urban Amenities

Looking for that idyllic blend of small-town charm and urban amenities? Ontario, CA is a hidden gem of Southern California that strikes the perfect balance. Nestled just east of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, this city offers peace and tranquillity without sacrificing access to top-notch amenities and conveniences. With a historic downtown, stunning vineyards, and breathtaking parks, Ontario delivers on the promise of a cosy, community-oriented environment without the isolated feel that can come with rural life.

2. The Enchanting Local Wineries

You might not associate California's Inland Empire with wine making, but Ontario surprises wine lovers the world over with its local vineries. Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant is a popular establishment, offering a sizable selection of handcrafted wine coupled with a gourmet dining experience. Pair your favorite Chardonnay or Cabernet with some mouthwatering filet mignon and feel your stresses disappear. A visit to Ontario without wine tasting would be a sin!

3. Umpteen Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

Whether you're an adrenalin junkie, a yoga enthusiast or a dog-walking aficionado, Ontario has a spot for you. With numerous parks, hiking and biking trails of all difficulties, and dedicated spaces for yoga, there's no way you'll have a moment of boredom. Box Springs Mountain Reserve is a local treasure, boasting 15 miles of fantastic trails for hiking and horse-riding. Ontario's outstanding range of outdoor fun can convince even the most entrenched couch potato to head outdoors and embrace nature.

4. The 'Not-So Known' Ontario Planes

Here's a little nugget from our bag of Ontario surprises - make sure you check out the Planes of Fame Air Museum. This lesser-known attraction is home to an array of historic aircraft, dating back to World War II! It's a must-visit for history enthusiasts or anyone with a passion for aviation. Some of these planes are still airworthy and you might even catch them soaring over Ontario's sky during special events!

5. Education Options Are Worth Checking

For families or students considering Ontario, it's worth noting that this city in San Bernardino county boasts excellent educational institutions. The Chaffey Joint Union High School District is the fourth largest non-unified school district in California, and Chaffey College, a community college, remains one of the top choices for higher education in the region. It's never too late to pursue further studies when in Ontario!

6. The Secret Tunnel Under Ontario

Our last bite from Ontario's uniqueness bag is about a 'secret' tunnel, an underground passage known to only a few. 'Whispering Lakes', a golf course in Ontario, hides more than just sand bunkers and golf balls; it harbors an underground pedestrian tunnel. Believe us; you won't find this gem on just any travel guidebook! The tunnel was built for golfers wanting to avoid crossing busy streets but has evolved into an intriguing spot for those looking to explore lesser-known aspects of Ontario.

In conclusion, Ontario, CA, is a city of surprises, charm and ample opportunities waiting for those looking to start a new chapter in their lives. The right blend of small-town feel with urban amenities, a buzzing wine scene, fantastic outdoor activities, coupled with some unique gems, makes Ontario an appealing choice. So pack your bags, and don't forget to keep exploring!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Ontario

Pros of Living in Ontario

Diverse Cultural Scene

Ontario, CA is known for its diverse and vibrant cultural scene. Its rich history and multicultural demographic ensure an assortment of cultural events, festivals, and cuisines. There are numerous museums, galleries, live theater, and music performances throughout the year that cater to a wide array of interests.

Outdoor Activities and Natural Beauty

Ontario boasts a multitude of options for outdoor enthusiasts. From parks and hiking trails to beautiful lakes, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Its close proximity to natural wonders like the Niagara Falls also offers residents easy access to world-class sights and experiences.

Excellent Healthcare System

The healthcare system in Ontario is highly advanced, providing top-tier medical services. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) provides coverage for many health services, ensuring that residents receive quality and affordable medical care.

Employment Opportunities

Being the most populous province in Canada, Ontario hosts a wide array of industries and businesses offering a diverse range job opportunities. This includes thriving sectors such as technology, manufacturing, finance, and education.

Quality Education System

Ontario provides a high-quality education system, with a wide range of public and private schools, colleges, and renowned universities. This ensures all residents have access to the learning and training opportunities needed to achieve personal and career growth.

Cons of Living in Ontario

High Cost of Living

Compared to other Canadian provinces, living in Ontario can be relatively expensive. This high cost of living is driven by factors like housing, utilities, and transportation. However, some parts of the province are more affordable than others.

Cold Winters

Ontario is known for its harsh winters with heavy snow and extremely low temperatures. Such conditions may be discomforting, requiring proper winter gear and potentially leading to increased heating costs during the cold months.

Traffic Congestion

Like many populous regions, Ontario experiences traffic congestion, especially during peak hours in urban areas. This can result in longer commute times and occasional delays.

High Taxes

Ontario has one of the highest tax rates in Canada. Both sales tax and income tax are steeper compared to other provinces, which can be a downside for individuals and families depending on their income bracket.

Overcrowding in Urban Areas

As the most populous province in Canada, certain urban areas in Ontario can sometimes feel overcrowded. This can lead to factors like housing shortages and increased competition for resources and services.

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Is Ontario a Good Place to Live?

Ontario, CA is a great place to live because of its rich history, beautiful landscapes, pleasant climate, and fantastic entertainment options. The city boasts an array of outdoor activities, shopping centers, and gastronomical delights, ensuring there's always something to enjoy. With its excellent schools and a strong sense of community, Ontario, CA is a welcoming and vibrant place to call home.

What Is Ontario Famous For?

The Ontario International Airport

One of the largest and busiest airports in Southern California, the Ontario International Airport serves millions of passengers each year. It's a significant hub for both freight and passenger flights, making it a major contributor to Ontario's economy.

Ontario Mills

A shopper's paradise, Ontario Mills is one of the largest shopping malls and outlet centers in all of California. Boasting more than 200 stores, shoppers can find great deals on everything from high-end designer goods to everyday staples.

The Graber Olive House

The Graber Olive House is not only the oldest existing olive packer in the United States, it's also the site of some seriously tasty olives. Founded in 1894, the olive house offers tours that allow visitors to explore the beautiful historic buildings while learning about the process of producing olives.

Toyota Arena

Known for hosting top-notch entertainment, the Toyota Arena is a multi-purpose venue that's host to a variety of events each year. From concerts featuring big-name artists to exciting sporting events, this bustling venue provides a constant stream of entertainment for Ontario residents and visitors.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Ontario, CA, the property tax rate is generally around 1.1% of a property's assessed value, which is relatively high compared to the national average, but is lower than in other parts of California. Some areas in the US, such as Hawaii, have lower property tax rates, while New Jersey rates are higher on average.

Sales Tax

The combined sales tax rate for Ontario, CA, as of 2023, is 8.75%. This is higher than the average combined sales tax rate of approximately 7.12% across the United States. Tennessee, for instance, has one of the highest sales tax rates at 9.55%, whereas Oregon has no sales tax.

Income Tax

California has a progressive income tax which can range from 1% to 13.3%, depending on income levels. Ontario residents, like all Californian citizens, pay some of the highest state income tax rates in the nation. There are seven states in the US, including Texas and Florida, where residents do not pay income tax.

Housing Market

The housing market in Ontario, CA exhibits higher property prices compared to the national average in the U.S. Median home values stand at approximately $443,600 - considerable compared to the median U.S. home value of $266,104. Renting is equally steep with median rent settling around $1,925, exceeding the U.S. median of $1,062. While Ontario presents a robust housing market with promising returns, both renters and buyers need to tread with caution and prepare for the somewhat inflated costs experienced in this region.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Ontario, CA is somewhat lower compared to other California cities. Prices of housing, utilities, and groceries are less expensive in Ontario; however, healthcare and transportation might be a tad higher. These comparative rates depend strongly on the area within California you're contrasting Ontario with. More upscale areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles would indeed carry a significantly higher cost of living. Summarily, Ontario provides a more economical option for residents and businesses seeking the benefits of a Californian location without the exorbitant price tag.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Located in Southwestern California, Ontario experiences a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Average temperatures range from the mid-40s in winter to the high-90s in summer. Annual rainfall averages about 15.11 inches, with February being the wettest month. Despite the overall predictable climate, Ontario isn't exempt from natural disasters. The region is prone to occasional earthquakes due to its proximity to several significant fault lines, including the infamous San Andreas Fault. Wildfires are also a considerable risk, often sparked by the arid conditions and strong Santa Ana winds from the desert. Another seasonal hazard includes flash floods typically occurring during winter storm events. Ontario residents benefit from clear, sunny days for much of the year but should remain vigilant for these natural disasters.

Typical weather in Ontario, CA

Economy & Job Market

* Ontario, CA's economy relies heavily on the logistics and transportation industry due to the presence of the Ontario International Airport.

* The technology sector is vibrant in this city, with many tech firms and start-ups calling Ontario home.

* Retail trade boasts a strong presence, fueled by numerous shopping centers and retail districts.

* Manufacturing is another significant sector, with the city hosting a variety of manufacturing firms specializing in products ranging from food to machinery.

* Healthcare services are vital, comprising a large portion of the local job market with multiple hospitals and healthcare facilities in the region.

Ontario, CA's economy is diverse and robust, with roots deep in California's growth story. The city originally thrived as an agricultural hub, particularly with citrus production. However, these days, it's more than just oranges and lemons. With the presence of the Ontario International Airport, the logistics and transportation industry have played a significant role in shaping the current economy. Simultaneously, the vibrant tech scene, numerous shopping centers, and various manufacturing firms show how much the city has evolved over the years. Not to forget the robust healthcare sector, which has cemented its place as a crucial part of the local economy.

If you're planning to move to Ontario, CA, and are looking for a job, you'll be pleased to hear the city has a solid employment rate. It had an unemployment rate of around 4.9% as of early 2021, which is quite competitive. The logistics and transportation industry is a significant employer due to the presence of Ontario International Airport. For tech enthusiasts, there's a vibrant start-up scene, so if working in an exciting, fast-paced environment is your dream, you'll feel right at home. If retail is more your scene, the many shopping centers and retail districts are constantly on the lookout for talent. There are also plenty of opportunities in manufacturing and in the always essential healthcare sector.

Traffic and Transportation

If you're hustling in Ontario, CA, you're probably spending about 31 minutes in commute time. Yup, the allure of car karaoke on the 10 freeway is irresistible! But if driving isn't your speed, Ontario offers plenty of other options. This city is an absolute hoot when it comes to public transport. For those who adore that old-fashioned charm, the Omnitrans bus service is ready and roaring! Now if you're an itty-bitty bit of an adventurer and enjoy a birds' eye view of the city, LA/Ontario International Airport is waiting for you! Tucked between San Bernardino and Los Angeles, it's the ideal hub for air travel, without the labyrinth of LAX. Add in its easy access and attractive airlines, and voila! You're cruising through the clouds in no time. Ontario, CA: where your transportation fantasies come to life!

What is the traffic like in Ontario, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Ontario

1. Downtown Ontario

First on our list is Downtown Ontario. This neighborhood has a historic charm coupled with a modern city buzz, making it a great place to live for both families and young professionals. Downtown Ontario is best known for its amazing selection of restaurants, trendy boutiques, and a thriving arts district. Its cultural diversity is prevalent in its cuisine, from authentic Mexican to traditional Italian, it's a foodie's paradise. And, don't forget to enjoy the frequent farmers markets and street fairs!

2. Ontario Ranch

Next up is Ontario Ranch, a newly developed area that still maintains a small-town feel. Perfect for people who crave the modern convenience coupled with a community-oriented lifestyle. The neighborhood has plenty of beautiful parks, trails for jogging, and excellent schools, making it ideal for families. Plus, it's renowned for festive community events throughout the year that are sure to keep every member of the family entertained.

3. Colony

The Colony is a predominantly suburban neighborhood that offers a quiet, serene environment ideal for individuals who prefer a peaceful lifestyle. Known for its beautifully manicured landscapes and aesthetically pleasing houses, living here feels like a constant vacation. The Ontario Guasti Regional Park is a major attraction for families to enjoy picnics, fishing, or paddle boating. What's more, there's also a well-regarded winery close by, a must-visit for wine enthusiasts.

4. Armsley Square

Fourth on our list is Armsley Square, a neighborhood filled with architectural beauty. The area is celebrated for its picturesque, tree-lined streets, and an array of historic homes that afford it a unique charm. The community holds annual events like the Historic Homes Tour, showcasing the rich history of the community to residents and visitors alike. Armsley Square is also close to the city center, so you're never too far away from the action.

5. El Morado Court

El Morado Court, though small in size, brims over with character. A testament to Ontario's rich historical heritage, its streets are dotted with historic homes, many of which are listed on the Ontario Historic Register. This neighborhood impresses with its strong sense of community and friendliness. It's a quiet neighborhood offering public libraries, parks, and leisure amenities. You'll find a diverse mix of residents, which adds to its vibrant, welcoming atmosphere.

In conclusion, Ontario, CA is not just a city, but a collection of highly individual neighborhoods, each with its own charm, character, and lifestyle. With the historic, the serene, the suburban, the buzzing, and the modern all in one place, what's not to love? Whether you're a family, a young professional, or looking for peace and quiet, Ontario is sure to have a neighborhood that meets your needs, and hopefully, after reading this list, you've found your perfect spot!

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Things to Do

If you're contemplating a move to Ontario, California and are excited to uncover what the city has to offer, look no further. This vibrant, bustling city boasts a variety of activities for every kind of personality: from adrenaline junkies to culture vultures to foodies; there is something for everyone. Here are seven of the top things you can look forward to exploring in Ontario, CA.

1. Rev Your Engines at the Ontario Auto Speedway

This high-octane destination is a must-see for all car enthusiasts and motorheads. The Ontario Auto Speedway, a well-kept local secret, hosts regular motorsports events and has plenty of electrifying spectator experiences. Be on the edge of your seat, watch fast-paced, heart-pounding races and immerse yourself in the exciting world of motorsports.

2. Visit the Ontario Museum of History and Art

This fascinating institution is a great way for new residents to learn more about their new home. The Ontario Museum of History and Art has a large collection of artworks, photographs, and artefacts that shed light on the city's rich history and culture. Visit during the week or take advantage of their free weekend admission.

3. Enjoy a Show at the Ontario Improv

Unwind with a good laugh at the Ontario Improv. This popular comedy club offers nightly performances from legendary comedians and rising stars. Known for its great ambiance and fantastic food and drinks, it is one of the best places in town to have a bubbly night out.

4. Escape the Mundane at Trapped Escape Room

Experience a thrilling and unique adventure at Trapped Escape Room. Collaborate with friends, colleagues, or family to solve riddles and brain-teasers in order to escape from themed rooms within a given time. It's a great way to bond with loved ones and test your problem-solving skills.

5. Experience Farmer's Market at Cucamonga Guasti Regional Park

Every first Sunday of the month, the locals know to head to Cucamonga Guasti Regional Park for the fantastic farmer's market. The park itself is a hidden gem with fishing spots, picnicking spots, and a beach area. At the farmer's market, you can find a variety of fresh produce, locally-made food items, artisan crafts, and antiques, making it a wonderful place to spend a relaxed, sunny weekend.

6. Visit the Sam Maloof Foundation for Arts and Crafts

This is an artistic paradise hidden in plain sight. The Sam Maloof Foundation for Arts and Crafts celebrates the work of one of America's most respected craftsman, Sam Maloof. Tour his home and workshop, see beautiful examples of his unique furniture, and explore the gorgeous gardens. It's a local secret that any art lover would appreciate.

7. Wine and Dine at Restituo Orchard

A rustic, family-run restaurant nestled in a lush orchard, Restituo is well-loved among locals for its farm-to-table fare and fabulous wines. A visit here promises a warm, intimate dining experience accompanied by delicious meals prepared with fresh local ingredients. A definite must-try!

So there you have it - some of the absolute can't-miss activities in Ontario, California. Whether you're about to move or have recently settled in the city, be ready to leave no cultural stone unturned and to venture off the beaten path. Welcome to Ontario! Your adventure begins now!

Things to do in Ontario, CA?

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